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I'm Back ...
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100 SHADES of Foundation ...
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  • sabrina sommers
    sabrina sommers Minute ago

    I’ve always wanted to know what colorful bottles those are in the background.. does anyone know?

  • Ella Angel
    Ella Angel 5 minutes ago

    I can't stop smiling, your husband is amazing, Tati ♡

  • Susan Darby
    Susan Darby 8 minutes ago

    I remember when there were no such things as eyeshadow primer, face primer, bronzer, highlighter or contour. I bet lipstick primer will be next. Then they will tell you that it is a MUST because your lipstick will stay twice as long... They keep coming up with new things for the $$$ and now people have a full face of super glam makeup that takes two hours to apply. LOL

  • Morwen1978
    Morwen1978 10 minutes ago

    I'm almost sure that I've seen this in AliExpress... And of course it was much cheaper 😂 Yep, I was right. It's available there. Less than 3$...

  • Emster Beauty
    Emster Beauty 16 minutes ago

    Tati please do an updated makeup palette declutter video! I would love it!

  • Denise Frost
    Denise Frost 18 minutes ago

    I found the contour tool on eBay. UK its between 2-3 pounds

  • Simona Pilatova
    Simona Pilatova 22 minutes ago

    I think it a useless tool .. mmm

  • Jenn MUA
    Jenn MUA 24 minutes ago

    I don’t know if I’m going crazy tell me if I’m wrong , but I think she’s reviewed this before🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Cara Johnston
    Cara Johnston 33 minutes ago

    stupid.. they are just robbing people who are just trying to learn makeup

  • Lori Hamblin-Longoria
    Lori Hamblin-Longoria 37 minutes ago

    I’d like ideas on color shades for different hair and skin tones: What lip colors look best for Skin which leans more red undertones vs pink undertones? Best mascara shades for skin and eye color.

  • Laura Smith
    Laura Smith 39 minutes ago

    Excellent placement of Metallic 😁

  • Angela Turner
    Angela Turner 41 minute ago

    Tati I’ve noticed that you typically highlight the tip of your nose. I have seen probably 70/30 people who highlight/those who don’t on other channels, etc. My nose isn’t as short as yours or upturned. Mine is straight and symmetrical. For someone like me do you think that adding highlight to the tip of the nose if flattering, or should I skip that step?

  • Anasha Bezuidenhout
    Anasha Bezuidenhout 42 minutes ago

    Please make a video where you show the different ways to contour you nose (like where you show for eg. to make your nose long or thinner, etc) ❤️🤗

  • Mikaylah Fogarty
    Mikaylah Fogarty 45 minutes ago

    You two are so sweet! Makes me feel so much better after surgery!

  • Sammi S.
    Sammi S. 46 minutes ago

    $55 for a brush 😱😱

  • Kris
    Kris 47 minutes ago

    Ok, at minute 4.30, you are showing your face and mentioning everything that’s “wrong” with it and I’m thinking, what are you talking about?? You looked just beautiful at this point. Ok, I will continue to watch now 🤣

  • AVictoryRoll Vintage
    AVictoryRoll Vintage 47 minutes ago

    Personally I wouldn't get it for $20 but as for a Christmas gift for someone beginning in make up and any need a stocking stuffer it's perfect

  • Lucielle
    Lucielle 48 minutes ago

    The first makeup "review" where I actually have the products, wowiee

  • Veritaserum
    Veritaserum 51 minute ago

    Now we know we can't leave tati alone with a pot of contour 😂

  • Lainey Parker
    Lainey Parker 54 minutes ago

    Omg my boyfriend loved this !!! Wishing he had a channel !!!! This helped alot !! Using those codes tonight !!

  • Lucas Morcerf
    Lucas Morcerf 54 minutes ago

    Close your eyes. Who’s talking? 😂

  • Natasha Duckett
    Natasha Duckett 59 minutes ago

    U can buy one on Ebay for £3 😉👍

  • tirtunemdouq
    tirtunemdouq Hour ago

    Tati please...please...where is this shirt from??????

  • Nienke C.
    Nienke C. Hour ago

    Might be a good tool for some people. The price is a total ripoff though. You can buy this on aliexpress for about 1,50

  • Rubab Atiq
    Rubab Atiq Hour ago

    You are right its to much money for this weird tool

  • Jero Batinga
    Jero Batinga Hour ago

    Honestly, I kind of like the heavy application and color of the bronzer because I can actually see where the application begins and from there I can follow how she blends the product. For demonstration purposes it works for me. Of course in real life I'll use tge proper color for me.

  • Emma Watson
    Emma Watson Hour ago

    I think you look much younger and prettier without the contour! Your nose looks much better without it.

  • Shineizzle
    Shineizzle Hour ago

    You people who keep complaining about "I think you wear to much makeup!!! You're pretty when you wear less" do you also go to baking channels and says "you're using too much sugar!!"? You all are really lame

  • Isha Jain
    Isha Jain Hour ago

    Tati sucks at contouring

  • Maggie Homen
    Maggie Homen Hour ago

    You should totally do a contour video showing how to contour different shapes of faces, noses, etc. Kinda like a teacher moment. Would be cool!

  • Selma Eggs
    Selma Eggs Hour ago

    I do think it’s pricey but it could be helpful. I have some contour ‘guides’ I bought in primark for £1.50 😂 they don’t have the ear hook though. I also like experimenting with the drag technique of using a postcard/ library card ect, I always freehand my nose. I would kinda like to try this tool though so it’s one to think about.. 💖

  • mlm2167
    mlm2167 Hour ago

    It’s neat but I wouldn’t buy it. 🤷🏻‍♀️💗🙏🏽💁🏻‍♀️ Mia

  • Smita More
    Smita More Hour ago

    I like that for cheekbone look really nice😍👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • LivInOz
    LivInOz Hour ago

    What are you wearing on your body Tati? Your skin looks amazing!

  • Jimi Leriak
    Jimi Leriak Hour ago

    Tati: who buys a 90$ lipstick??? Me: you tati, you just bought it and made a video about it 😂😂

  • Cindy Zeng
    Cindy Zeng Hour ago

    Ok this tool is so unnecessary 😂

  • KETOmania
    KETOmania Hour ago

    Just got my Smashbox foundation today!!! And I LOVE IT!

  • Paola Arreola
    Paola Arreola Hour ago

    that was alot of contour powder 😮

  • Jake Allen
    Jake Allen Hour ago

    Stop trying to make fetch happen!

  • Sara Ulrich
    Sara Ulrich Hour ago

    Those cheekbones are so high that the whole intro I thought you already contoured

  • Desiree Victoria

    Ur a person who really doesn't "need" contour but ur makeup looks so complete with it and it gives color and more structure

  • Shania M
    Shania M Hour ago

    The tool looks like a nicely shaved sideburn

  • Leah Miller
    Leah Miller 2 hours ago

    My ears are not even. I also feel a lot of people are the same way. Practicing is a lot cheaper! Still gorgeous Tati! Your gorgeous with or without contour! 💕

  • Rache Lav
    Rache Lav 2 hours ago

    Contrary to apparently everyone else in the comment section, I prefer the contoured side and I think you look beautiful and snatural🤓💕

  • Dawn Kelly
    Dawn Kelly 2 hours ago

    Tati: I'm so hot! Also Tati: I think I'll wear a long-sleeved shirt today.

  • L R
    L R 2 hours ago

    “My body, my choice to have a nose job” but also “I personally don’t like when people have a harsh line”

    • stillnotstill
      stillnotstill Hour ago

      L R yeah? She's not going to people who have a harsh line and complaining and accusing, like people do with her so

  • Nicola White
    Nicola White 2 hours ago

    Tati. Your top in this video ❤️ your eye shadow in this video ❤️ your highlight in this video❤️ you are so lovely and you and your videos are amazing!!

  • eleni lela
    eleni lela 2 hours ago

    If you watch Ru Pauls Drag race Every drag queen uses a piece of cardboard paper to do the exact same thing.

  • Terry Buys Stuff
    Terry Buys Stuff 2 hours ago

    When doing the nose she whispers "oh God no" ha ha, totally agree!!

  • Lady Bunny
    Lady Bunny 2 hours ago

    Just had me smiling like a dork this whole video! So cute!

  • 3opihi808
    3opihi808 2 hours ago

    Tati 💕 you are beautiful WITH and WITHOUT makeup ... do what ever makes you feel happy..

  • Christina Waite
    Christina Waite 2 hours ago

    This video is so pure and fun 😍

  • maria el
    maria el 2 hours ago

    that chanel side is actually better than the maybelline

  • Winner
    Winner 2 hours ago

    This product seems more of a hassle, than helpful.

  • Shrimpy389
    Shrimpy389 2 hours ago

    I love your uncontoured nose. It's so cute and button-y. It's a word. LOL

  • Drew Pach
    Drew Pach 2 hours ago

    Its not about the shade of the contour Its about that unnecessary product

  • Laurel B.
    Laurel B. 2 hours ago

    I'm sorry Tati, but I think your not contoured side flatters you more. Your face is thin and well cut, so a bit of blush compliments you totally, but that's about it.

  • Bo bo
    Bo bo 2 hours ago

    Dont see a difference you just look darker...

  • sarina belford
    sarina belford 2 hours ago

    I have that top in a nude colour

  • I Love Eyeshadow
    I Love Eyeshadow 2 hours ago

    The contour really warms up your face!!!!

  • Teri Bussard
    Teri Bussard 2 hours ago

    I also agree with what others have said. Your cheekbones are already fabulous and you look great without the contour. It reminds me of that saying "less is more."

  • Teri Bussard
    Teri Bussard 2 hours ago

    I kind of like it. I'm interested because I stink at contouring.

  • Alexandra Madero
    Alexandra Madero 2 hours ago

    If I need assistance with my contour or winged eyeliner I'll use a small index card. I do like the idea this though for beginners.

  • Zhexian Zeng
    Zhexian Zeng 2 hours ago

    always love the unboxing stuff, feel very relaxing and having a lot of fun. Needed for more!!!

  • Alice Righi
    Alice Righi 2 hours ago

    you DID IT! :) :) soooo cute! love this!

  • Catherine Hester
    Catherine Hester 2 hours ago

    I don’t even know what it is but I’m so excited!!!!

  • Saleena Guerrero
    Saleena Guerrero 2 hours ago

    Hi Tati! This actually reminds me of the cat eyeliner tool. I paused the side by side and agree with most people, you're gorgeous and don't need contour, but it does elongate your face and thin your jawline. It's a pretty cool trick! And if it makes you happy and feel good, then you do you ❤️

  • Sabrina Alvarez
    Sabrina Alvarez 2 hours ago

    I actually thinks it’s a really cool and helpful tool!! I’m gonna get myself one now!! Also, the comparison between your contoured/natural face is crazy! Contoured side definitely makes you look younger for some reason!!! Much love beauty!!😘😘😘

  • Hidee ER
    Hidee ER 2 hours ago

    Hmmm... another goofy tool - don’t need it. But I love the color of the blushed you used. What was it?? Use it again in another video and call it out.

  • Myra Moore
    Myra Moore 2 hours ago

    Tati, you do whatever you feel is right for you. Your eyes looked beautiful.I just love all your videos. You never disappoint. Love you

  • TheEntelexeia
    TheEntelexeia 2 hours ago

    The lighter side, I think, looks better on you. HOWEVER, you do you Tati <3

  • Dawn Kelly
    Dawn Kelly 2 hours ago

    That foundation is not worth $68. It didn't wear well enough.

  • gabriel enderle
    gabriel enderle 2 hours ago

    Wait, r u contouring or bronzing? I’m confused. Lol

  • Super trooper
    Super trooper 2 hours ago

    Anyone know what brand the sponge is?

  • Mariah Guerrero
    Mariah Guerrero 2 hours ago

    You look like a super model!! So pretty!!

  • Felicia Adinda R
    Felicia Adinda R 2 hours ago

    I need tips for blending eyeshadow, contour, pretty much all the makeup that needs blending. I'm so bad at blending omg 😭

  • Jennifer Dowell
    Jennifer Dowell 2 hours ago

    Can u pls review Lady Gaga's make-up line??

  • Jill S.
    Jill S. 2 hours ago

    Too much $ for that

  • Jessica Sage
    Jessica Sage 2 hours ago


  • Vannie
    Vannie 2 hours ago

    Wow i used to idolise Jessica Alba growing up. Now, I'm so happy for her success, family and legacy.

  • Cherry Lane Monroe
    Cherry Lane Monroe 2 hours ago

    Innovative, creative, yes. BUT TOTALLY UNNECESSARY! I would not spend my money on that sill gadget.

  • Lilla Hrmn
    Lilla Hrmn 3 hours ago

    These youtube ads are so annoying, I had like 5 😞 anyway, love you Tati, you look gorgeous as always 😍♥️❤️

  • wraaa
    wraaa 3 hours ago

    Complains about excessive PR packaging but literally in EVERY video she is either drinking water from a disposable water bottle or that carton of coffee. Get your priorities straight and do the world a favour by opting for reusable options

  • Carina Boughton
    Carina Boughton 3 hours ago

    Metropolis pallet review please!

  • Karmen Pearson
    Karmen Pearson 3 hours ago

    Does anyone know the sponge Tati is using?

  • Hunter Marie
    Hunter Marie 3 hours ago

    I love you no matter what your tan looks like

  • Hunter Marie
    Hunter Marie 3 hours ago

    Tati makes me want to CONTOUR I swear you make it look so amazing

  • Ally Franco
    Ally Franco 3 hours ago


  • Maja Müller
    Maja Müller 3 hours ago

    She looks like a real goddess

  • Sarah L
    Sarah L 3 hours ago

    I definitely don’t think this tool is necessary-but more power for those that think they may need it, not for me though, freehand is the best

  • Eka Febriyanti
    Eka Febriyanti 3 hours ago

    You should do your own channel!!!!🤗🤗🤗

  • Tirzah Umana
    Tirzah Umana 3 hours ago

    I’ve been afraid to fully contour, so this seems like a promising tool.

  • Exiene Lofgren
    Exiene Lofgren 3 hours ago

    I know too many people in retail who’d scream that people put sweaters on hangers. Fold them as that sweater don’t look cheap.

  • Momma2thewilds
    Momma2thewilds 3 hours ago

    I'm not a beginner but I would buy this to try it. Who knows, it could take my makeup to the next level.

  • Kathleen Zottarelli
    Kathleen Zottarelli 3 hours ago

    Sorry i think you look much prettier without all the contour. 😍

  • matte kiti :3
    matte kiti :3 3 hours ago

    Need practice for every New thing you do.

  • Lydia Johnson
    Lydia Johnson 3 hours ago

    I'm skeptical about it working for everyone, and it only seems to work for the cheeks. It's not worth $20.

  • Kathleen Coomans
    Kathleen Coomans 3 hours ago

    6 minutes in and Tati is still yapping and nothing happening....

    PRITU PATEL 3 hours ago

    Foolproof 🤣

  • Nicole M
    Nicole M 3 hours ago

    Jaw and nose you can feel the bone usually but im not a thin gal so it would be good for the cheeks if people are havinf a hard time finding the contour.