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  • SA7
    SA7 Hour ago

    1:25 Hazard in the background lol

  • Lucas Vigneron
    Lucas Vigneron Hour ago

    1:21:Nobody saw Benzema put a big slap on Jovic 🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Barnaby Bananas
    Barnaby Bananas Hour ago

    Courtois used to be a pretty good. Madrid was the downfall for him. I feel bad for Real Madrid. Sold a top gk navas

  • Shiv kiev
    Shiv kiev Hour ago

    Who is after 3 0 lose

  • mishthefish2
    mishthefish2 Hour ago

    Bruh he died coming to madrid

  • Shiv kiev
    Shiv kiev Hour ago

    I'm think areola wil be 1# and courtois #2

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan Hour ago

    We were good WE WERE GOOD now we have a giraffe at goal

  • Karen Long
    Karen Long Hour ago

    area 51 tomorrow

  • Blue Ignition
    Blue Ignition Hour ago

    Benzama with that Nintendo switch. Nice.

  • The_joker3100
    The_joker3100 Hour ago

    So it’s a remake of the karius video? Love you mate, but this wasn’t your best work

  • Chaoscreeper456
    Chaoscreeper456 Hour ago

    1:12 Neymar in the plane 😂

  • Mehedi hasan Sizan

    He is so bad its appaling.

  • Dávid Szabó
    Dávid Szabó Hour ago

    F2 jeeeeee

  • I NotFunnies
    I NotFunnies Hour ago

    1:10 whys benzema holding a nintendo switch

  • Farhaldiniho Vids

    GK:De Gea LB:Robertson RB:Trent Alexander Arnold CBS:Van Djik and Maguire CMS:Pogba and De Bruyne CDM:Kante RW:Salah LW:Hazard ST:Aguero

  • gaming midget dawg

    Les go N.Ireland

  • The guy that says bullshits!

    HAHA MADRID 😂😂😂!

  • Spuncky :v
    Spuncky :v Hour ago

    A day in the life of Messi ???

  • Bluestrike12
    Bluestrike12 Hour ago

    Dude I feel bad for Courtois man

  • creative name Creative name

    Karius: I’m the worst keeper Courtois: hold my ..... oh stupid beer! Credit to @ Ehiokioya Joshua Uyiosa. Just wrote this to spread a joke to everyone.

  • Jesus Ricardo
    Jesus Ricardo Hour ago

    1:13 who else spotted neymar

  • M. bislimi
    M. bislimi Hour ago

    Steal one get one for free got me deadd ...

  • rizky ramadahani

    Navas, sarabia and angel de maria, who them defeat real madrid of ex real madrid ago😅😅😅

  • Pablo Guti 19
    Pablo Guti 19 Hour ago

    I think he safe more things in the video that in real life LOL

  • KING 95
    KING 95 Hour ago

    For Belgium 40 clean sheets in 76 games!!! 🦁

  • Maciek AHA
    Maciek AHA Hour ago

    The worst goalkepper on real Madryt history

  • sandy chico
    sandy chico Hour ago

    Anyone notice neymar in the back of the plane? Xd

  • F Rizki
    F Rizki Hour ago

    dean do ronaldo morning routine

  • Devesh Mittal
    Devesh Mittal Hour ago

    Nice video

  • creative name Creative name

    I haven’t heard Navas’ voice since Real Madrid won 2-1 against Barca. If you didn’t know Messi said “can I chip him?” And Navas said “No you can’t”

  • Oce1ot
    Oce1ot Hour ago

    Anyone else realized Neymar was in the Real Madrid plane?

  • Eziquiel Vasquez

    Good thing that Java’s left

  • Sagir Tukur
    Sagir Tukur Hour ago

    what a stupid mad florentino perez bringing courtouis and sell navas what mad and bad thinking fuck

  • lone WOLF
    lone WOLF Hour ago

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  • wano No kaiser
    wano No kaiser Hour ago

    Courtois at Chelsea: ultra instinct Courtois at real: yamcha vs cell

  • Kukhanya Pakade
    Kukhanya Pakade Hour ago

    Yo Dean U know the drill 1 messi 2 ronaldo 3 neymar 4 mbappe 5 cavani

  • Crafkin
    Crafkin Hour ago

    1:21 Hazard reading about bulimia💀

  • DA 8
    DA 8 Hour ago

    Next time make to 10 attackers midfielders and defenders and goalkeepers in your way please thank you

  • Preussen 06
    Preussen 06 Hour ago

    But the 3-0 was the stupid defense (Varane is getting as Bad as Luis)

  • Lemmy Koopa gamer

    3:00 that actually made me sad

  • MikWo Wolny
    MikWo Wolny Hour ago

    Zidane: Courtois is first goalkeeper. Navas: Stupid coach.

  • Seif Gaming
    Seif Gaming Hour ago

    I feel rely bad for courious tbh

  • Aadam Muhammad
    Aadam Muhammad Hour ago

    Everyone was laughing at karius 2 champions league ago

  • Karthi.S
    Karthi.S Hour ago


  • Luis Enrique
    Luis Enrique Hour ago

    Yeeeees!!! Keylor finally speaks! 😆❤️ Also, feel a little bad for Courtois, I know he sucks but Real Madrid sucks more for keeping him instead of Keylor :(

  • mimo 201
    mimo 201 Hour ago

    i feel sad for him didn't laugh

  • Andrei Chincesan

    Courtois is shit

  • Dusan Soskic
    Dusan Soskic Hour ago

    I know he is not that good but i dont know i like him so much

  • Prathmesh Chhabra

    A day in the life ZLATAN!

  • NextGen Otaku
    NextGen Otaku Hour ago

    Everyone's hating thibaut courtois but he is just not in form rn just give him a 2nd chance

  • Joseph S 1599
    Joseph S 1599 Hour ago

    That is not how you spell his first name, it is Thibaut

  • Rohan Kumar Thakur

    Poooorr Courtois 😓😓😓

  • Lovely Emerald
    Lovely Emerald Hour ago

    What did jovic say though 1:18 😂

  • VaderBG
    VaderBG Hour ago

    A day in the life of Zlatan

  • David . L
    David . L Hour ago

    1:13 is that neymar in the back 😂😂

  • Luis Aranda
    Luis Aranda Hour ago

    1:13 neymar

  • Rowan 9
    Rowan 9 2 hours ago

    1:13 NEYMAR??!!

  • Rania Abbas
    Rania Abbas 2 hours ago


  • Lechyro Accord
    Lechyro Accord 2 hours ago

    Uuh celebitytoons pls

  • Aksel Alper
    Aksel Alper 2 hours ago


  • Ian Green
    Ian Green 2 hours ago

    please do a video. " A day in the life of Pukki. "

  • RaZe Aldo
    RaZe Aldo 2 hours ago

    I mean everyone has their bad time and courtois id not the one to ‘bully’ cause he has been one of the best for a long time

  • Ważka na luzie
    Ważka na luzie 2 hours ago

    For Courtois everything is stupid.

  • R7 HD
    R7 HD 2 hours ago

    1:54 G - A - Y 😂

  • Ranjeet Kaur
    Ranjeet Kaur 2 hours ago

    Kane retire

  • Marcell Lengyel
    Marcell Lengyel 2 hours ago

    Thx now i feel bad for him😔

  • The Epicprogamer 761

    Real Madrid can still make it to the Last 16

  • The Console Genius
    The Console Genius 2 hours ago

    Do a day in a Life of de gea

  • Samuel Kirkwood
    Samuel Kirkwood 2 hours ago

    1:13, at least letting Tibo handle the plane would have avoided that embarrassment last night

  • Sameer
    Sameer 2 hours ago

    "Check your nose,fam" my fav part😂😂 This is the best vid of 442oons ever❗❗✔

  • Arielik
    Arielik 2 hours ago

    StUpId ToOsTeEr

  • Luca barreiro luca
    Luca barreiro luca 2 hours ago

    Real Madrid made a BIG mistake by selling Navas

  • Lovro Majić
    Lovro Majić 2 hours ago

    I kinda fell bad for Courtois

  • Flame Skull
    Flame Skull 2 hours ago

    1:13 neymar on the plane

  • Anparasie Sasikaran
    Anparasie Sasikaran 2 hours ago

    Why your doing 👶shark

  • Apurv Vyapari
    Apurv Vyapari 2 hours ago

    Finally, the best show is back! Please keep it going.

  • Cool Junior
    Cool Junior 2 hours ago

    Thanks for do it

  • aerytful
    aerytful 2 hours ago

    Thibo is a nervous wreck, Nervous wreck, Nervous wreck, Zizou kept him and sold Navas the Costaricaen, Good one Zizou!

  • kOeN GeRrItSeN
    kOeN GeRrItSeN 2 hours ago

    Who is also wachting in 2029

  • Aggisack
    Aggisack 2 hours ago

    I didn’t know Benzema had a Nintendo Switch!🤣

  • Stuart Robinson
    Stuart Robinson 2 hours ago

    Tibo Caughtno

  • Enigma
    Enigma 2 hours ago

    Is that NEYMAR in the back on 1:13 ? 😂

  • Dimitrios Karras
    Dimitrios Karras 2 hours ago

    Olympiacos vs Tottenham Hotspur video?

  • Lejon1313
    Lejon1313 2 hours ago

    The refree was worse than the 2019 UCL Final

  • Kwame Milanya
    Kwame Milanya 2 hours ago

    Jovic probably wanted to play 1:20

  • Yolanda Moreno
    Yolanda Moreno 2 hours ago

    I thought that the penalty miss of the day was when Reus failed that penalty against Barca

  • Hammad Tahir
    Hammad Tahir 2 hours ago

    Shouldnt have left chelsea 😂😂😂😂😂

  • انا اسطورة ليش لان المخرج عاوز كذا

    In the plane why karim is playing with a nintendo switch😂

  • Teato0o
    Teato0o 2 hours ago

    Since no one is mentioning it, why was Neymar at the plane with Madrid??? 😂

  • Miguel Pereira
    Miguel Pereira 2 hours ago

    Make parody of joao felix pleaseeeee

  • Michelle Carroll
    Michelle Carroll 2 hours ago


  • August Thuesen
    August Thuesen 2 hours ago

    Did anyone else see Neymar at 1:13

  • Demon StaR 7
    Demon StaR 7 2 hours ago

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  • M. G.
    M. G. 2 hours ago

    Benzema plays Nintendo Swich

  • hudson- odoi
    hudson- odoi 2 hours ago

    1:20 LOL Benzema hitting someone at the back

  • notJAY
    notJAY 2 hours ago


  • Scratchin' Samurai
    Scratchin' Samurai 2 hours ago

    When you let Iker go after all he's done for you,you deserve it.

  • Fran Pringle
    Fran Pringle 2 hours ago

    0:42-0:43 Sergio Ramos: "Where is mine ?" "That's appalling !"

  • saguna siddheshwari
    saguna siddheshwari 2 hours ago

    Gotta feel bad for Courtois at the end there. Lol, poor guy.

  • Fran Pringle
    Fran Pringle 2 hours ago

    0:28-0:35 Luis Suarez: "Ramos slapped me around the face. Ow !" Arturo Vidal: "Disgrace !" Sergio Ramos: "In your face !" Luis Suarez: "I'm going to bite you !" Lionel Messi: "Don't mention his race !" Lionel Messi: "That bitch slap was appalling !"