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The Graham Norton Show
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Graham Norton LOVES Benedict CumberbatchGraham Norton LOVES Benedict Cumberbatch
Graham Norton LOVES Benedict Cumberbatch
6 месяцев назад
Graham Norton LOVES Tom HiddlestonGraham Norton LOVES Tom Hiddleston
Graham Norton LOVES Tom Hiddleston
6 месяцев назад

Комментарии • 17

  • alucardfu2
    alucardfu2 2 года назад

    My little graham, you will not loose the nipples!!!

  • Lilli J
    Lilli J 2 года назад

    when does the new series begin??

  • Michael Jebodiah Springfield
    Michael Jebodiah Springfield 2 года назад

    Love these clips, but it always bothers me how loud the 'outro' music is at the end, It seems almost double that of the audio actual segment

  • London Real
    London Real 2 года назад

    About time YOU were the guest, Graham...we're waiting for you!

  • chikys5
    chikys5 2 года назад

    Please invite Colin Morgan to the show

  • Laura Johnstone
    Laura Johnstone 2 года назад

    Love you Graham ! Best celeb talk show on the planet . You are a master at engaging your guests and your research team is brilliant too .I'm so happy I can download full episodes on RUclip ...they usually become available on Tuesday of the following week . Funny, smart and real. Keep up the great job . Canadians love you !!!

  • Lynne Heal
    Lynne Heal 2 года назад

    Brilliant shows thank you for sharing many videos

  • Patrick Emanuel
    Patrick Emanuel 2 года назад

    I don't understand why there are only clips. What is the issue with posting full episodes???

  • Christopher Mcgill
    Christopher Mcgill 2 года назад

    one of the best shows on the planet !!! makes me laugh everytime x

  • Sam Harper
    Sam Harper 3 года назад

    please get Kate Beckinsale on...

  • sbslick17
    sbslick17 3 года назад

    best talk show ever.I,m a grumpy ceo running a medical instrument mfg co. after watching a few clips i find my self smiling and feeling good for the first time in years.Signed --guilty pleasures in Canada- cant get enough of it!

  • Catherine Juras
    Catherine Juras 3 года назад

    Invite Jennifer Lawrence to the show!

  • djclintonk
    djclintonk 3 года назад

    I only watch The Graham Norton Show for Graham Norton. I don't care about the celebs.

  • Ethan John
    Ethan John 3 года назад

    hello graham love the show

  • Maria C Alonso
    Maria C Alonso 3 года назад

    May I know why BBC Latinoameria in Argentine, have change the emission of GRahm Norton show? The new schedule is too early for those who works. Please, reconsider the new time. Please!

  • Carlos Ferreira
    Carlos Ferreira 3 года назад

    May I know why we can't use iPlayer to watch the episodes anymore? :(

  • J Fox
    J Fox 3 года назад

    great show, but why cant you put full episodes on here instead of clips

    • UserDude
      UserDude 2 года назад

      Yeah they should upload every season except for the one on air! Then start uploading episodes monthly or so after the airing was over... I'd subscribe and watch! these clips are too short to be entertaining enough, I can't eat if I'm busy browsing videos. hence they have no point but stand as mood ruining spoilers to the full episodes.