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  • Thai Win
    Thai Win 18 minutes ago

    If gas in California gets cheaper I'll be happy.

  • William Mackay
    William Mackay 21 minute ago

    I’d probably just get the base engine with the handling package, for $3000 less. It’s still 300 horsepower, after all.

  • dunhillsupramk3
    dunhillsupramk3 Hour ago

    fun fact "MB-Tex" was forced into research by Hitler.... so next time you're feeling all smug that your car has a "vegan seats" know that it was because of a dictator who was very racist and ignored other ppl human rights based on skin color and sexual preference....

  • Ed
    Ed Hour ago

    God I hate that front... why did they ruin the last gen :(

  • The Raven
    The Raven Hour ago

    the V8 in the 350 is not the same as GT ...

  • Pedro Vallecillo

    Looks like a kia

  • vocalpatriot
    vocalpatriot Hour ago

    Ethanol, proof that the government does not give a hoot about the citizens.

  • Gkoulidis
    Gkoulidis 2 hours ago

    The Xenomorph + Kia + Mazda + Porsche

  • TravFDY🔥
    TravFDY🔥 3 hours ago

    Two things: 1. If you're really interested in this car, find a low mileage 2015-2017 Ecoboost and put the Ford Performance Power Pack ($550) on it. The performance will be similar, if not better, and you'll save $20,000. 2. I laughed out loud because she's not happy with the exhaust note but then goes on to down talk the V8 because you can't use the power everywhere. If you want an improved exhaust note, you have to go with the V8! I've owned both. You don't have to use the power all the time to enjoy the V8. Just cruising around and hearing the sound, even in stock form, is far superior to the Ecoboost.

  • DC Legion
    DC Legion 5 hours ago Europe they are going from 38 k to 49 k euros

  • Idylchatter
    Idylchatter 5 hours ago

    Ice cream trucks were way ahead of the curve.

  • Kapilan Vishnu
    Kapilan Vishnu 7 hours ago

    When mentioning CO2 from animal agriculture, its important to point out the impact of methane: a 25-100x more potent greenhouse gas. Animal agriculture is by far the leading cause of climate change, but is not often talked about.

  • Ryomichi
    Ryomichi 10 hours ago

    Why are we complaining? Think of it like a ringtone for a phone, so rumbletone for a car. Tesla is not a conventional car manufacturer anyway. It is treated almost like apple of car world. If people hate fake sound, why do their phone makes fake ring sounds through its speaker?

  • Timothy Neu
    Timothy Neu 10 hours ago

    Your explanation of Vegan Interiors is very good! It helped me stop my thought process from thinking these Interiors are for pretentious Vegan assholes! GG Cooley!

  • fercho kn
    fercho kn 11 hours ago

    DISLIKE con todas sus letras

  • 501_Ron
    501_Ron 11 hours ago

    Basically " I dont like it but I'll recomend it "

  • rob wells
    rob wells 12 hours ago

    ❤Tesla plz❤

  • Jay K
    Jay K 12 hours ago

    Does it have auto rev matching?

  • gardengirl1962
    gardengirl1962 12 hours ago

    How tall are you Tim? As I watch this video it looks like you have to duck your head down to slide into the seat of the model 3 Tesla. I'm just trying to find the most comfortable Tesla to enter and exit height wise and width as I am a bigger man. I'm typing on my wife's you tube page, so I'm not garden girl. grins...

  • nsbioy
    nsbioy 13 hours ago

    Leather is a pretty crappy luxury material. Good fabric or wool would be so much better. Toyota Century does wool.

  • courtney Vegan
    courtney Vegan 14 hours ago

    Vegan for the win. Can't stop us.

  • Miss July
    Miss July 14 hours ago

    They need to upgrade that interior ASAP. Honda looks now like a cheap brand compared to Subaru.

  • Dennis Xu
    Dennis Xu 14 hours ago

    Don't care for leather or faux leather. Just give me my comfortable cloth seats.

    • xxzxcxxmetwin
      xxzxcxxmetwin 6 hours ago

      Dennis Xu especially when it’s a hot day. Leather seats get so hot

  • Hintonbro
    Hintonbro 17 hours ago

    VW! Put the plaid back into the GLI !!

  • Dick Saunders
    Dick Saunders 19 hours ago

    Tesla and it's reputation are the target of disinformation (lies) by the auto and oil industries around the world to protect their businesses! Steam locomotive producers American and Baldwin used this tactic against the electric and diesel electric units coming to market in 1950!

  • Ted Murfree
    Ted Murfree 20 hours ago

    Mustangs shouldn't be sold with anything but that coyote motor right now f'ng amazing

  • LHG86
    LHG86 21 hour ago

    Dumb comment, Interior wise there really aren’t that many more things more important then your stereo system. That is of course with respect to the Amenities you expect. Gotta love when they throwout comments just for the sake of having something to say.... it’s below you Mr. Cooley... your great but hope this doesn’t become a trend.

  • deertan
    deertan 21 hour ago

    Soooo... How does it drive? How does it handle? 0-60? MPG? How's the top work? Not much of a review... I'll wait for Savagegeese. 😁👍

  • lhateG00GLE
    lhateG00GLE 21 hour ago

    Intrrior and exterior is fugly... Especially center dash

  • Tim Silvers
    Tim Silvers 22 hours ago

    I agree about the sound. It needs improvement.

  • EJ Tech
    EJ Tech 22 hours ago

    Literally a video about tire shine. Proof that we will watch almost anything that has Cooley in it.

  • julius jones
    julius jones 23 hours ago

    She’s super sexy she needs some BBC

  • Francis Motta
    Francis Motta 23 hours ago

    The Porche All day... unless of course you don't have 200 grand...

  • hellcat1988
    hellcat1988 Day ago

    A buzzy little 4 banger in a mustang is just hilarious. Especially with that price.

  • David Webster
    David Webster Day ago

    This E63 is not anything different than past AMGs in regards to appearance and styling vs the normal E class. To the untrained eye it's hard to see the difference....not sure this needed special attention in this video....but hey...its your video.

  • DangerousDan
    DangerousDan Day ago

    For a new car, this is good value and performance for the money.

  • Michael Schuenemann


    • Kapilan Vishnu
      Kapilan Vishnu 7 hours ago

      funny considering people with diets high in animal products have the highest rates of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, certain types of cancer, etc.. Go vegan and do it right, you're golden. Eat a lot of meat, dairy and eggs and the consequences will be inevitable.

    • Alexander Mehta Pistritto
      Alexander Mehta Pistritto 13 hours ago

      Found the cattle man

  • Rob L.
    Rob L. Day ago

    You really can't go wrong with anything on the MQB platform. I love my Audi S3.

  • Matt Doyle
    Matt Doyle Day ago

    Most expensive red convertible without the engine you really want. Perfect boomer spec.

  • CanadianWhiskey

    I personally think they are ruined the mustang again. Not a fan of the design at all.

  • Thereallybadvideographer

    Roses are red Violets are blue Brits love jags And so do you

  • DGgaminguniverse313

    I like it but it's too much for a 4 cylinder pony car opt for the base Ecoboost

  • Kevin Barry
    Kevin Barry Day ago

    Never a big fan of the mustang, but if I was going to get one, that would be the way I would do it

  • Michael Polera

    Geez just get a GT

    • Thanos
      Thanos 23 hours ago

      Michael Polera true but people be too broke to refill a v8 twice a week

  • Nilesh Kumar Routray

    Awesome review

  • Nilesh Kumar Routray

    I love sedans and hatchbacks in my country India SUVs are expensive and difficult to use in jammed roads and tight parking

  • doccyber
    doccyber Day ago

    1095 for delivery and destination charges. Where is this car built? Mars?

  • Nilesh Kumar Routray

    It sounds like fart.....does that mean it's pretty bad engine sound.....not AMG or shelby crackle sound

    • Nilesh Kumar Routray
      Nilesh Kumar Routray 23 hours ago

      @Thanos lot of companies tune cars engine sound maybe they didn't do it here

    • Thanos
      Thanos 23 hours ago

      Nilesh Kumar Routray i am inevitable.

    • Thanos
      Thanos 23 hours ago

      Nilesh Kumar Routray what im trying to say is that why expect it to sound like a shelby or amg in the first place knowing the value of the car

    • Nilesh Kumar Routray
      Nilesh Kumar Routray 23 hours ago

      @Thanos i thought you died of iron man's snap anyway i didn't say they add an amg or shelby engine to it, i am not that dumb i just asked if the crackle sound is so bad that it sounds like fart.

    • Thanos
      Thanos 23 hours ago

      Nilesh Kumar Routray u really think theyre gonna add a shelby engine or an amg engine to a 34,000 dollar car lol...

  • Sergio B
    Sergio B Day ago

    I wonder what would happen if they “transplanted” this engine to an MX-5 Miata 🥳

    • rob wells
      rob wells 12 hours ago

      a nice car now cursed by Henrys Revenge 😁

    • Akil Hodge
      Akil Hodge 23 hours ago

      Crazy fun I'm guessing

  • Brian Lingden
    Brian Lingden Day ago

    Why do people not like this show? Watch it with a free mind, it's a very good show!

  • Steve Amabile
    Steve Amabile Day ago


  • Familie Prinz
    Familie Prinz Day ago


  • Ryan Basdeo
    Ryan Basdeo Day ago

    RS motor and a manual. I can't hate I don't, not, like it.

  • Aziz Mehmet
    Aziz Mehmet Day ago

    Wow cheeky camera man we finally got a glimpse of her butt and a nice one at that jokes aside great energetic review thanks Emmy....

  • Ryan Siffledeen

    *Escape not Ecscape.

  • Jim Harris
    Jim Harris Day ago

    Great review. I'm still on the fence as there is only 2 grand difference at the dealers around here.

  • Damsith Marasinghe

    superchargers is better

    • R Collinge
      R Collinge Day ago

      It would still have that FART Can sound !

  • salmonline
    salmonline Day ago

    @ 0:37 - Poop?

  • Rick T
    Rick T Day ago

    Yap, me too, don't like the exhaust; to me, it sounded like an old MG exhaust with a leak... LOL 😂

    • R Collinge
      R Collinge Day ago

      My MGB sounded alot better, almost like a small block V-8 , but it was a Abarth system.

  • Tim Sherwood
    Tim Sherwood Day ago

    The metal in vehicles isn't vegan. Animal fats and oils are routinely used in the wire drawing and steel rolling that creates the raw materials for vehicles. These fats and oils provide necessary functions in production and would otherwise be thrown away. This practice also reduces waste.

  • Joel Bosso
    Joel Bosso Day ago

    Remember when 300+ hp/tq was a lot? lol...times have changed. I’d like to drive this car myself. It’s oddly intriguing.

  • thunde100
    thunde100 Day ago

    Dam what's the price on a GT?!

    • Jim Nicholson
      Jim Nicholson Day ago

      $35.6K plus extras add $1095 for destination.

  • Blake Swan
    Blake Swan Day ago

    So Ford charges more for an engine they should have been giving you all along. Crazy. Hard pass on this fart machine

    • Rick T
      Rick T Day ago

      Ah! Yes! "Fart"! that's what it sounded like.

  • Michael Owen
    Michael Owen Day ago

    Biggest question in my mind is, has Ford upped their game in terms of interior fit and finish? Will it squeak and rattle it’s way over every bump and road imperfection?

    • Jordan Hilman
      Jordan Hilman 21 hour ago

      I own a 2012 GT with 65,000 miles on it. I have upgraded suspension also. No interior squeaks or rattles.

    • Thanos
      Thanos 23 hours ago

      Michael Owen on what mustang have you experienced that?

  • Sam Winston James

    I have a 2016 same color. Its a weekend car for me, I have 25,000 miles on it :(. What u should have covered is how usable the trunk space is with the roof down. I have no qualms with this car, its fun to drive and I wont drive it with the roof up (thank God I live in Florida).

  • readyxxi
    readyxxi Day ago

    honda sucks

  • The Car Crazy Guy

    Hot hatch all the way..

  • Bong Lim
    Bong Lim Day ago

    Any car that dynamically drives like a GTI but doesn't look kike a Golf is better car for me Great review

  • Noel Santos
    Noel Santos Day ago

    First! I’m wanting this VW.

  • Melvin Ray Spence III

    4 liter but they are still calling it 63???

  • Dave Riley
    Dave Riley Day ago

    That is NOT a 30 degree slope. It is a 30 percent slope, which is a measly 16.7 degrees. It takes a 58% grade to be 30 degrees. Since you have also misinformed viewers that Teslas have a bad reputation for winter driving, I'll stop watching now at 02:15 before you attempt converting Celsius to Fahrenheit.

  • Capt. George
    Capt. George Day ago

    I eat vegans.

  • sadman hoque
    sadman hoque Day ago

    Fisker Karma did this decades ago, not even new wood

  • Faiyaz Rahman
    Faiyaz Rahman Day ago

    When I’m choosing my $125K sports sedan, I’m looking for a $100K. Lol

  • DigitalYojimbo

    80% less c02, I bet you they took all the c02 emitted by the cow and put it against leather; none against the other uses of the cow, meat, milk or other uses.


    B.C. Explode show. Or B.C. BULLCRAP ! Exploded into an 8+ minute wack job about PARANOIA ! And still didn't solve the 60 second problem of storing ass fuel !


    The front is too low to the ground... It will be flooded when it rains a little... the car needs a lift..

  • Nick Chavez
    Nick Chavez Day ago

    Best car for under $35k , it’s like a bmw in the back and an Evo in the front . I love mine

  • Edward Woodward

    God that Viper is a beast. If there were no Mustangs, make mine Viper. And yeah yeah, Porsche. But I mean, come on, it’s a Porsche. Legendary. Not even entirely certain why that car is in this vid. Lol. Might as well have tossed a La Ferrari in too, just for good measure.

  • R B
    R B Day ago

    Good tip thank you

  • FastLikeUNO
    FastLikeUNO Day ago

    Headlights giving me a KIA K900 vibe, nothing wrong with that!

  • lajya01
    lajya01 Day ago

    After the first road kill with a small animal, the car won't be so vegan anymore

  • Mark-Angelo Famularcano

    Needs more subtlety on targeting a specific audience. But cool car! I like the newer minivans

  • Braulio R.
    Braulio R. Day ago

    There's no truly better way to do this. Faux leather is good because we like leather for its suppleness and luxuriousness as well as how it comfortable it is, not because you want to brag about the fact that your car seats are covered in dead, chemically-treated animal skin. As such, there shouldn't be anything wrong with a synthetic, less-expensive, vegan solution to this because we care about those aforementioned qualities, not where it comes from. On the other hand, if you killed a cow to eat it, you might as well use all of it, including its hides and skin.

  • Steve Armendariz sr

    The fire extinguisher, they be messy I like using a 2 liter bottle of coke, it doesn’t make a mess, and works very well, and is cheaper than the fire extinguisher, just punch a tiny hole in the cap, point at fire and shake fire gone

  • Aidan The Lover Boy O'Dwyer

    the big no nos heavier expensive diesel costs more slow low hp slightly louder engine engine tends to vibrate more minor no nos slightly costlier maintenance cost slightly smokier slightly more odourous harder to start with a cold engine fuel injection only need to fill up on expensive ad blue too the only TWO advantages crazy ridiculous torque fuel efficiency

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith Day ago

    How are the tail lights redesigned.

  • yass123
    yass123 Day ago

    Shots fired at Kevin

  • Teremei
    Teremei Day ago

    Love that orange.

  • fer na
    fer na Day ago

    This is not an electric car.

  • Sergio Marinizer

    I like gringos that really likes Mexico and Mexicans they know what’s up haha 🤣👍

  • ncstate220
    ncstate220 Day ago

    Mazda, Kia, is that you???? This is an oversized Ford Focus, lets be honest. FORD is really banking on the non-Sadan method but at that price point for the Escape and how fugly it looks, go home FORD you're drunk!!

  • Dallas Browning

    Hopefully it's not as underpowered as the 08 Type S was.

  • Sam Baise
    Sam Baise Day ago

    This is so idiotic. You have to have a balance in everything. We're talking about leather seats folks. Is this a lifestyle or a lesson in extreme fanaticism?

    • Sam Baise
      Sam Baise Day ago

      @Karol Bała What people say and What people do is two different things. To truly give up every animal-based product is far more restrictive than most people can fathom or are willing to do.

    • Karol Bała
      Karol Bała Day ago

      Sam Baise I’m not vegan by any means (not even close) but it makes sense if you’re a vegan person.

  • stegomon
    stegomon Day ago


  • AJ Alger
    AJ Alger Day ago

    This is an Onyx edition and where's the turbo?!

  • roguedogx
    roguedogx Day ago

    2:00 I assure you, I am not one of them.

  • Rob Grant
    Rob Grant Day ago

    MPG MOFO.. WTF 👎👎👎

  • cuong phan
    cuong phan Day ago

    Why don't you explain how is this CR-V Hybrid system works ? and secondly what take them so long...!

  • Dark Wind Ruler

    I personally like the push button gear selecter in CR-V, it frees up spaces so you can easily adjust climate control buttons without the interfere of traditional shifter.(Especially in Park where traditional shifter get in the way of climate control buttons) and finally they add wireless phone charger, and that area just below shifter can finally place a cellphone there.