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Not Even French
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  • Searchman212
    Searchman212 Hour ago

    So I learned from this video that for the French, the A is an E sound for the English. So do they say Anglish?

  • Christophe Desrumaux

    Bonjour il y a des gens qui parlent français???😮😮

  • Rawhiti
    Rawhiti 4 hours ago

    The table thing is so true. Since moving to the city Ive never seen such a lack of knowledge around customs, tikanga, and just general maori culture. I had a lecturer sit on the table in front of me several times, I felt so uncomfortable. So If you move here please learn about it as well as general native history.

  • Serge Carletti
    Serge Carletti 5 hours ago

    Je La Belle Brune Candice pourquoi tu ne créée pas une chaîne RUclip ou tu racontes tes déboires ou tes joies d être en France ca serai géniale

  • C Koslow
    C Koslow 6 hours ago

    Your house is so lovely! Congratulations.

  • Aizat Saleh
    Aizat Saleh 9 hours ago

    Someone should've mentioned about the 500 euro bill. Now I'm stuck here like an idiot. ):

  • Scooter Clips And Vlogs

    I’m from Australia but for the last few months I’ve been talking to a lot of Americans and now they’re accent is normal to me 😂. I also have a lot of Kiwi family so they’re accent is “normal” so for me Aus, US and Kiwi accents are “normal” and I don’t hear a lot of any differences.

  • Simon A
    Simon A 11 hours ago

    TL;DW: it's the foreigner who are rude.

  • Serge Carletti
    Serge Carletti 11 hours ago

    Bravo pour ton français oui tu as parfaitement raison il faut l'oreille et la mémoire aussi pour toutes les langues bravo tu progresse CONTINUE

  • Serge Carletti
    Serge Carletti 11 hours ago

    Moi je t adore et ton accent est délicieux reste commes tu est une très belle femme et belle personne

  • Serge Carletti
    Serge Carletti 11 hours ago


  • Malphacentaury
    Malphacentaury 17 hours ago

    paris est une ville trés dense, Paris en France : 21.154 habitants / Km², il est logique que vous y rencontriez ces inconvénients, en plus des 33 millions de touristes qui viennent la visiter par an!

    • Malphacentaury
      Malphacentaury 17 hours ago

      pour la derniére remarque, paris n'est pas prés de la mer, vous ne pouvez lui reprocher, c'est la géographie... sinon pour repondre a vos désidératas, on aurait mis la capitale a marseille, brest , dunkerque, ou cherbourg....

    • Malphacentaury
      Malphacentaury 17 hours ago

      c'est totalement vrai sur la proprété a paris... bien que c'est une capitale relativement propre, manque de cendrier, manque de toilettes public... des choses a améliorer la dessus!

  • Susan Collier
    Susan Collier 17 hours ago

    Hello,I just got back from Paris. I was there for 10 days. After watching many of these type videos before going to Paris. I decided I was not going to dress "French",I was going to dress comfortable. "To much stress", I said. Well...when I arrived, I was surprised to see Parisian Women wear Nike sport shoes with Dresses, and wear sport clothes(leggings) T-shirts with Logos on the front, walking everywhere in Paris. Anytime of the day and night. At Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Airplanes, Trains and the even at the famous shopping malls. All of them speaking French, that's how I knew. I did not see one White Blouse! lol.So ladies don't stress. Jeans, T-shirts, Nikes etc. are OK."WEAR YOU" and what's good for YOU. By the way, it was Fashion Week. :)

  • Carol Rogers
    Carol Rogers 17 hours ago

    Your attitude towards when to call it quits is very mature and sensible.

  • Carol Rogers
    Carol Rogers 17 hours ago

    I forgot to also salute your hard work and perseverance.

  • Carol Rogers
    Carol Rogers 17 hours ago

    You've managed to captivate this 62 year old lady, way over in S. E. Massachusetts, USA. You have the ability to inspire and educate viewers of different ages from different cultures. Your life experiences, your knowledge and your charm keep us all engaged. Thank you.

  • Carol Rogers
    Carol Rogers 18 hours ago

    Congratulations, Rosie! Well deserved!🌹

  • Susan Collier
    Susan Collier 18 hours ago

    OMG! I watched several of these type videos before visiting Paris for 10 days. Parisian women dress like American women! Logo t-shirts,Nikes ,adidas ,leggings. All ages! Restaurants,Bars, Metro to name a few.. I was so relieved because before I went I said "BS I'm wearing what I want." I took a white blouse,but never wore it. I did not see one French woman wear a White blouse,not even to work! So American women of all ages you will fit in.

  • Sherry Vogel
    Sherry Vogel Day ago

    I appreciate the honesty of your channel. You have shared what I would deem negative realities about living in Paris but the way you phrase your thoughts gives no clue to YOUR personal views. The way you present life in France allows the individual viewer to evaluate the facts and decide for themselves if each bit of info is a plus or a minus. You have also shared the advantages of your expat adventures too but that’s the easy part😂.

  • Dilorano
    Dilorano Day ago

    what about if I', just a high school junior who wants to study in France (literally anywhere). Any tips on how to find free bachelor degree progrmas in France? So far I haven't been able to find any.

  • ben nichols
    ben nichols Day ago

    Stop voting for communists and climate morons.

  • Mathi - Plume
    Mathi - Plume Day ago

    A things about the "vending machines" for condoms: because the machines are outside, they suffer all temperatures changes. It is not very good for the condoms and they will be of less good "quality" that the ones you can buy in supermarkets or pharmacie so be careful !

  • Arteys World
    Arteys World Day ago

    Je viens de Bretagne, en France, mais je vis aux États-Unis à l'heure actuelle.

  • Ashley Davis
    Ashley Davis Day ago

    Tbh that dress code is like New York Vs South Florida. We see pajamas in stores all the time in SoFlo

  • Trí Nguyễn minh

    Beautiful Girl

  • LiaMeiSoma
    LiaMeiSoma Day ago

    Je n’avais jamais réalisé que les lardons c’était du bacon ! Je croyais que le bacon qu’on avait en France c’était les tranches rondes ! 😂

  • Malphacentaury

    bonjour petite précision sur la climatisation, parfois nous faisons remarquer un dés-inconvénient, genre c'est une plaie pour moi, avec des phrases qui sont des extrapolations, en gros c'est plutôt certainnement ceci : je vous mets en noir sur blanc ce que cela signifie.... bon tu vas l'a fermer ta clim... c'est désagréable, bordel de M...! c'est une façon sous entendu de dire le désagrement et non qu'on tombe souvent malade , ou avoir la peur de l'être.

  • Timothy Shipley

    I'm from the US. I've been wanting to go to New Zealand since I was in high school!

  • jon pol
    jon pol Day ago

    Chefs in New Zealand are underpaid I was working in Lake Tekapo as a sue chef and the workers at the gas station on the lowest-paid wage were 1 dollar higher to what I was getting please tip us.

  • maya jarrah
    maya jarrah Day ago

    As an expat in Paris you had helped me a lot , I really love you you great soul.

  • Jin Malik
    Jin Malik Day ago

    What's the song at the intro?

  • Zareh Dermenjian

    it's kind of funny that Americans make big deal of every thing that is out of USA habits. Those gestures are universal gestures not only in France but out of France as well, such as Armenians, Arabs, Turkes , Greeks, etc would use these same type of gestures, but for some reasons Americans are far away of being universal, therefore, they make such videos on u-tubes, and it's not their fault, they only know America and one language.

  • Chenel Bateman

    My name's marea and I'm from nz

  • Marie B
    Marie B Day ago

    Congratulations on buying your first home! From someone who wants to but their own home, I think it's fantastic and beautiful. I hope you have many lovely memories here.

  • Leode Siefast
    Leode Siefast Day ago

    It is funny the arrogance of the French. They have forced their language on Europe for the past 1000 years. Hence the lingua franca term. Once English became dominant they became severely defensive. Sorry France. You invaded England in 1066. Yet we beat you ultimately and returned it 10 fold.

  • Seize and Fumble

    Your house is lovely! I'm a Wellingtonian living in Japan with mu husband. We'd love to buy back home but it seems soo difficult.

  • Dorina Gatteaut

    Félicitations !!! Keep up the great work. So happy for you, really !

  • Saurav Das
    Saurav Das 2 days ago

    I live in India and none of this surprises me (except the fat-shaming). XD

  • Cuscatlecos sv
    Cuscatlecos sv 2 days ago

    Yo aprendo ingles y al mismo tiempo aprendo frances 😌

  • Sharon McCue
    Sharon McCue 2 days ago

    Your shoes are so well done. Great job and congratulations!

  • carlybb
    carlybb 2 days ago

    Congrats Rosie!! Quite a milestone. I followed your new account too. Looking forward to more content from you!

  • Manonb travels
    Manonb travels 2 days ago

    Good job ! You definitely deserve it, you make great videos and are super consistent. Love this video and how honest you got. :)

  • Lisa Settari
    Lisa Settari 2 days ago

    Hi Rosie! Thanks for all your inspiring content! Just wondering how to best get in touch if I have a bunch of random questions I'd love to see addressed in future videos? Thanks!

  • Joe Glenn
    Joe Glenn 2 days ago

    le mot 'horreur' c'est un peu difficile a prononcer a cause des 'r's

  • The01t
    The01t 2 days ago

    The rude people who live there?

  • Metta-Hut Travel's
    Metta-Hut Travel's 2 days ago

    Don’t forget Box of birds & lunchon sausage ( Aussie’s call it Devon ) ( Yanks call it baloney ) do they have it in France.😆

    JASON C 2 days ago

    last one is the only thing i need

  • ariki tuhiwai
    ariki tuhiwai 2 days ago

    we dont even have big earth quakes or tsunamis compared to other countries

  • ariki tuhiwai
    ariki tuhiwai 2 days ago

    you guys should stop polluting the planet then

  • ariki tuhiwai
    ariki tuhiwai 2 days ago

    again not our fault our houses cost more than yours you are just poor people

  • ariki tuhiwai
    ariki tuhiwai 2 days ago

    weather changes all over the world u idiot

  • ariki tuhiwai
    ariki tuhiwai 2 days ago

    it not our fault people who live in nz are richer than u

  • Kaewkor Sucharitchan

    Welcome back and happy for you and your other half! What part of Welly are you in though? I live in Wadestown:)

  • Jean Aubuchon
    Jean Aubuchon 2 days ago

    Anticonstitutionnellement. Wich basically means that goes against the constitution. Anticonstitutionally is the English wort for it, I believe.

  • Khyang Khyang Chowdhury

    Any kiwis like me just feeling rats rn

  • SplatM4n
    SplatM4n 2 days ago

    I think the reason tourists think that we are rude is probably because we act more, “dramatic” “strict” than people such as from the United States. It is a bit more complicated than this but this is what I think is the reason why they think we are rude.

  • Danny Roy
    Danny Roy 2 days ago

    As a Brit I do understand the restaurant situation. It's because, if I get a meal that is super expensive, and my friend gets something really cheap, it's not fair to expect them to have to pay more, just because I was greedy and bought tons of stuff. Also, that person might be tight for cash, so it saves them the embarrassment of having to say "Actually, I can't afford to pay that". They just pay whatever they can afford. No embarrassment, no arguments. :)

  • Nadine Allen
    Nadine Allen 2 days ago

    Beautiful little home, welcome to the neighbourhood. Lucky to get such a sunny place in Wellington.

  • No Name
    No Name 3 days ago

    I'm french

  • QueenTakesKing !
    QueenTakesKing ! 3 days ago

    congrats! love your videos and you look so pretty!

  • Aditya Rugge
    Aditya Rugge 3 days ago

    Congratulations from India ✨🎊

  • Romane Quillet
    Romane Quillet 3 days ago

    I love the name "Not Even French" :) Every time I talk about your channel, I say "how cool is the name ?" :)

  • tuntiacka
    tuntiacka 3 days ago

    I am so happy for you. Wishing you all the happiness in the world.

  • Melodieinuk
    Melodieinuk 3 days ago

    On pourrait rajouter: ne pas respirer trop fort, cela peut irriter ton voisin, dire absolument Bonjour avant de s'adresser à quelqu'un. Essayer de parler en Français avant l'anglais. Etre coquette même pour acheter ta baguette et apporter une pâtisserie, un gâteau, le plateau de fromage à un dîner.

  • kerouac2
    kerouac2 3 days ago

    Nice honest video but I couldn't take my eyes off your artificial plucked eyebrows. If you keep doing things like that you are going to start looking like those Japanese robot girls.

  • Rick Chollett
    Rick Chollett 3 days ago

    Congratulations from Texas!

  • Estina Atienza
    Estina Atienza 3 days ago

    in the end of the school year am go to new zealand i'm dad go to new zealand so i'm next

  • Ryma Mffk
    Ryma Mffk 3 days ago

    Please I would like to ask you a question could I teach there in France with Ielts diploma ?

  • Nancy Oppegard
    Nancy Oppegard 3 days ago

    Rosie, Congratulations on your 100K well deserved! I've enjoyed many of your videos from Paris and NZ and believe you have a huge career ahead of you. My two daughters visited NZ in their early teens and have nothing but fond memories of that great experience. They are both close to 50, now, and we still pour over the photos from the trip. My oldest daughter has been to Paris several times and loved everything about it, so with her stories and YOURS, I'm loving your videos. Congrats, also, on your new home; it is charming, just like YOU. Enjoy your life...I know you will !!!

  • Kimberley Harrison
    Kimberley Harrison 3 days ago

    Hey Rosie! I have a few questions which I would love to ask you about if possible? Working in france is there sick leave, superannuation and maternity leave paid to you? And are the people jn france accepting of different cultures in the workplace? I'm in melbourne but i would love to move to france in the next few years.

  • Emmeline Lerwen
    Emmeline Lerwen 3 days ago

    Vous êtes sûres d’avoir mis le grappin sur des français ? 😂 nan pcq a la St Valentin ou pour célébrer un truc aussi important qu’un diplôme on fait tous un petit quelque chose même si c’est juste un bouquet de fleurs (Le Pizza Hut m’a achevé, mon dieu quelle horreur) et si un mec (ou une fille hein) me dit un jour « tu fais pas bien le ménage » il/elle a de fortes chances de se prendre le spray à vitres en pleine poire, non mais 😂 par contre le côté « direct » et un pudique, ça oui, c’est plutôt vrai, mais c’est dans La mentalité française de base en général. Bref, vos hommes ne sont pas français ce sont des goujats c’est tout 😂

  • Kate
    Kate 3 days ago

    Well deserved, huge congratulations!

  • cesso91
    cesso91 3 days ago

    Dream house!!!

  • Rebekah Tregurtha
    Rebekah Tregurtha 3 days ago

    I am planning my first trip to Europe and your video popped up on the suggested videos list. As I am from New Zealand I found your video very funny. Thanks!

  • English Muffin
    English Muffin 3 days ago

    I lol’d when you mentioned how long it took to find sour cream in France, because I-moved to Finland & experienced the exact same problem! Took me about four years to figure it out, they have so many creams & dairy here.

  • Ava Peanut
    Ava Peanut 3 days ago

    I came here from a Australian vs American vid but I'm. Maori I'm a kiwi from nz lived here my whole life and yeah this sounded weird lmao

  • Aurora Rose
    Aurora Rose 3 days ago

    Hip, hip, horray!!!😃🎉🍻

  • bhk110
    bhk110 3 days ago

    I find you and Dominique to be hilarious together! I could listen to you both critique varios countries's fashion every day.

  • bhk110
    bhk110 3 days ago

    So nice to see 2 down to earth girls from different countries getting on so well. Love the entire concept of this channel!

  • Meta M
    Meta M 3 days ago

    Congrats!! Amazing!

  • Living the Dream 710

    That's amazing congratulations!!!! I'm just trying to hit that 1000 subscriber mile stone

  • Sara Meli
    Sara Meli 3 days ago

    I find that some of these are just basic manners. But thank you for putting this together! Had no idea about the bread on the table bit.

  • Daniel Noble
    Daniel Noble 3 days ago

    Auckland peeps??

  • Daniel Noble
    Daniel Noble 3 days ago

    Anyone else watching this, kiwi???

  • Tamara Bossler
    Tamara Bossler 3 days ago

    Bravo 👏🏼 Happy for you , you earned it

  • Fabian MATAIHAU
    Fabian MATAIHAU 3 days ago

    i just luvvvvvv "La vie en Rosie" but still "Not even French" is good

  • Fabian MATAIHAU
    Fabian MATAIHAU 4 days ago

    Congratulations, Félicitations

  • Andrew Cutler
    Andrew Cutler 4 days ago

    Very cute house.

  • Sarah Newton
    Sarah Newton 4 days ago

    Well done!!!!

  • marine w
    marine w 4 days ago

    Congrats! Your work is great and I agree with the yt letter ;)

  • Christina V
    Christina V 4 days ago

    Your French culture videos are so awesome!!!

  • odeus predrinn
    odeus predrinn 4 days ago

    un grand bravo ! oui tes analyses sont souvent pertinentes, tu es honnête dans tes commentaires....c'est parfait! allé on se dit à la prochaine? pour les 200k?

  • Maya Hani
    Maya Hani 4 days ago

    congrats you deserve it💕

  • Swisser
    Swisser 4 days ago

    Congratulations! Well derserve! 👏👏👏💕💚

  • Helen Smith
    Helen Smith 4 days ago

    You were starting to sound like the Julia Roberts speech from "Notting Hill" for a minute there.

  • Bruno Jean-Baptiste

    Don't know if somebody already commented on that but sitting down is actually good for your health. It allows men to empty their blader more successfully witch helps preventing prostate cancer.

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis 4 days ago

    “The Life of Rosie” 🙂 Whether in France or New Zealand there are always adventures with Rosie ❣️

  • Antoinette Emily
    Antoinette Emily 4 days ago

    Huge congratulations on 105k subs Rosie, you deserve every one of them and more! I remember discovering your channel in my video suggestions right after filming my kiwi slang video and was so excited to discover another kiwi RUclipr living abroad. Boy did your channel grow fast! I love these relaxed chatty videos, makes me just wanna come over and hang out with you ❤️

  • Bruno Jean-Baptiste

    I totaly agree with you. That's why I avoid Paris whenever possible. Even though these issues also occur in the suburbs. Love what you do by the way. Continues comme ça.

  • E. ATregoat
    E. ATregoat 4 days ago

    Rosie I adore your honesty and freshness. I'm not surprised people watch you because you are a delight.