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  • lachyh1ll
    lachyh1ll 42 minutes ago

    What if you can’t eat vegetables I can’t eat vegetables it doesn’t go down my stomach and makes me really sick for a week or so , I have bad acne have any other good food for me it would mean the world because I don’t want to go to school because of my acne I get teased so I would like to go to school and have a clear face eventually

  • Resumes San Antonio
    Resumes San Antonio 51 minute ago

    Turmeric, onion and tangerine or orange made into a juice (spring water) helps with acne. 1 cup 5 days a week.

  • Abdulrahman Khaled
    Abdulrahman Khaled 2 hours ago

    Veganism is a lie:)

  • SteVen Summers
    SteVen Summers 6 hours ago

    I've never even had jackfruit. I basically live in in uncultured, carnist rich food desert. I do love me some Dave's Killer Bread. The Power Seed is my bread of choice. Their bagels are fire as well, especially the Boomin' Berry👌

  • John 213
    John 213 11 hours ago

    all those beans are serious gas makers... how do you avoid farting all day long.

  • Fiona Watson
    Fiona Watson 18 hours ago

    Thank you for taking the time to list all ingredients and macros. That is super helpful. I'm new to plant based eating and love your videos.

    REPPIN TIME FITNESS 19 hours ago

    I gotta try this

  • Kleo3392
    Kleo3392 20 hours ago

    So you were running at ~6:30 per mile. Very impressive, but you should really do sprints for conditioning if your goal is to build muscle.

  • TAREQ Islam
    TAREQ Islam 22 hours ago

    I had boxcars, used a 10 dollar derm roller for 3 months, once each week and only applying aloe era afterwards.... Now I've seen awesome results

  • Christina Ayu Rosmaningtyas

    I'm on 3rd week of accutane and I feel so desperate seeing my face because my acnes worsen and everytime I wash my face, my acnes always popped up. My face is super duper dry, painful and very red right now. I have been wondering to stop my accutane after 1 month but after seeing your video, I feel better and hoping to see best results like you did.

  • Dalvin Kaur
    Dalvin Kaur Day ago

    Wooow u.hard work for u skin good u i salute u.

  • chi108misfit
    chi108misfit Day ago

    I like it how your donuts match your shirts

  • Fiukatz
    Fiukatz Day ago

    nice! next step get rid off the plastic

  • FaZe Reaper
    FaZe Reaper Day ago

    Hay man honestly what i do is just only have 2 meals a day and no snakes no nothin just whatever is on the table but not like pizza or eanything greacy much i usually make a salid and shit like that and try eating vegetables but things that f with my brake outs is dairy sugar and a soup calld maruchan in like a plastic cup and shit and really eanything greacy much

  • Kenny G
    Kenny G Day ago

    Acne is caused by a chronic low-grade strep infection. Strep feeds on toxic heavy metals, eggs and gluten.

  • Evan Eat's
    Evan Eat's Day ago

    I ate some cookies on pizza & washed it down with bathwater.

      PAPA BEAR 19 hours ago

      Bathwater??? You noob. Toilet water is .more hardcore.

  • Cesar Burgos
    Cesar Burgos Day ago

    Whatever men the way you get acne is by masterbating touching your face and being dirty stop lying fool

  • Tamara Robbins

    I saw your video a year or more ago and cried like a baby😢. Looking at you today makes my heart smile ☺️☺️☺️☺️ I'm so happy for you❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ryan Hackett
    Ryan Hackett Day ago

    I am happy to see anyone who is thriving on a diet that they enjoy. I really thought I was during my 5 years of veganism. My comment might be a bit contrarian to most here but I just wanted to leave a type of comment that I wish I saw years ago and that is to try all diets before finding what works best for you. Veganism had me feeling stuck in that identity. I'm nearly a year now into my high protein, high fat, low carb, diet, yes, animal fats and meat. In my research, is the diet that made us human and there are many people coming forward with studies that show it's a benefit way of eating for many people.

  • jazmine goodine

    Can we get a hair routine from you dude ?

    • Brian Turner
      Brian Turner 19 hours ago

      Hahah yah maybe I’ll do an updated one, I have one from a while back :) (“my morning routine”)

  • SoyBoy
    SoyBoy Day ago

    I knew that sh** was gunna happen. You gotta remember most of the workers could give no fu***

  • CallMeSkitz
    CallMeSkitz Day ago

    Hey I’m 13 and about to take acutane. I’m scared it’ll stunt my growth. Anyone know about this?

  • Nutrient Dense King

    kinda ironic cause you eat like a peasant slave

  • Nayops 18
    Nayops 18 Day ago

    3:20 What I’ve been doing.

  • yoyoneel45
    yoyoneel45 Day ago

    I'm actually under Accutane and I had watched your video before the treatment, I've just watched it again because it feels good to see that someone understand me and went through the same stuff. Thank you for this video bro <3

  • Sammy-Marie Grimm

    Yum yum yummy food😋

  • Joey Marchese
    Joey Marchese Day ago

    Did you get your ends trimmed while growing it out?

  • Joazrita Zaleha Yusof

    U look like Chris Pratt

  • Jorge Fruit
    Jorge Fruit 2 days ago

    Thank you for the cable machine tip! I’ll try that asap. Btw, what’s your favorite chickenless Nuggets brand? I haven’t tried Whole Food’s ones yet...

    • Jorge Fruit
      Jorge Fruit 17 hours ago

      Brian Turner thanks Brian! Have you tried the Whole Foods brand chickenless patties yet?

    • Brian Turner
      Brian Turner 19 hours ago

      Glad you liked that! And the Whole Foods is my fav at the moment to be honest 😁

  • Zaldy Delicano
    Zaldy Delicano 2 days ago

    your such an inspiration bro..keep believing..

  • Zaldy Delicano
    Zaldy Delicano 2 days ago

    your such an inspiration bro..keep believing..

  • Caps
    Caps 2 days ago

    Yo Brian, I have been thinking about getting fit and I know whey protein is a good supplement but since it has dairy I fear I may break out, Any great substitutes for it??? Thx

    • Brian Turner
      Brian Turner 19 hours ago

      Yeah definitely, whey protein scientifically increased sebum production and therefore acne too! The plant based proteins won’t do that, the one I use is BRIAN10

  • MiguelAngel Jimenez


  • Ceem Play
    Ceem Play 2 days ago

    Never stop eating

  • kokoro nagomu
    kokoro nagomu 2 days ago

    some of those meals looked great. the jackfruit, did you get the young/unripe jackfruit (trader joes has it in cans) and then you rinse it and smash all the hard parts and use it in recipes. break apart the big pieces and seeds, add a little tamari and some bbq rub and let it sit for a bit to soak in before you dry fry it and then add the bbq sauce, cook until it caramelizes. i like a jackfruit ''crab/lobster'' salad spread with old bay (trying to find/create a salt free alternative) chopped onion, celery, pickles with some juice, tiny bit of finely shredded carrot and a little cooked and mashed potato as a binder and to soak excess liquid and extend the vegenaise and a little sprinkle of nutritional yeast. they can be breaded and air fried for ''crab'' cakes. i love peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, i'm not a fan of sweet things. pickle juice is great in potato salad or the above jackfruit salad spread or to drink. i ferment my own pickles (low salt as my husband has high blood pressure). the last batch of pickles i made had sun dried tomatoes, onion, carrot and hot pepper slivers.... good stuff.

  • Yur Jhr
    Yur Jhr 2 days ago

    I have a few deeps scars, but mostly shallow discoloration.

  • Prince Eliseo
    Prince Eliseo 2 days ago

    Thanks, definitely gained a sub! Bro I’ve been looking for different recipes, it’s so hard to be vegan without knowledge on what to eat, but who knows maybe I’ll make a vegan recipes video as well this inspired me

  • GoodMood :P
    GoodMood :P 2 days ago

    looks like an oak tree or something. You just gotta chop it down bro.

    • Brian Turner
      Brian Turner 19 hours ago

      So many people saying oak tree, that’s crazy!

  • Christina Glows
    Christina Glows 2 days ago

    tasty... i want that brekkie. sad we don't have purple carrot here!

  • DtheDude
    DtheDude 2 days ago

    Thank you

  • Furkan Can Kılıç

    Hello Brian! I just wanted to tell you that today I'm exactly at the point where you were. I'm 21 years old and I just started my accountane treatment. Before I had my acnes all over my face. I was just a sad fat guy who eats all the junk food he can get on his hands. I lost 45 pounds with a nice diet program that I've done on my own. I don't have any saggy skin thanks to all the runnings that I've done during the weight loss months. I kept on my ideal weight for about 8 months and I started to hate myself again because I have this skinny fat body shape with man boobs ( the type that appears only when you take your shirt off). So I was so dedicated to improve myself more and actually doing it right! The day I applied for the gym was the day my doctor diagnosed me with cyctic acnes and gave me accountane. So THANK YOU SO MUCH for this vlogs I'll watch them all and maybe I could send you some of the photos and vids that I will record for you to share it. Again thanks a lot for helping me when I mostly need it. Greetings from Istanbul, Turkey.

  • ViewsThruMe
    ViewsThruMe 2 days ago

    Vegan for 3 years... Feel amazing. I can objectively say that I am miles healthier than 99% of people.

  • Straight Vedge
    Straight Vedge 2 days ago

    I got 2 boxes of those dark bars for $12 on the discount rack at Ralph's. 🙌

    • Brian Turner
      Brian Turner 2 days ago

      They are the best bar out there 🔥🔥🔥

  • Onazio Shumate
    Onazio Shumate 2 days ago

    One meal is near my calorie surplus. I mean the 2nd meal sky rockets my carb intake. Would that cause fat gain?

  • FilongIsGod 15
    FilongIsGod 15 2 days ago

    So just a cup of whey cause acne ? Well shit i just bought it and if i dont use it all the money will be wasted

  • Jacob Joyce
    Jacob Joyce 2 days ago

    How long do you guys think his hair was on day 1? Half inch? 1 Inch? I started with a 0 completely buzzed so my stages are a lot different

  • FilongIsGod 15
    FilongIsGod 15 2 days ago

    If a cup of Whey a day bad ?

  • James D
    James D 2 days ago

    That thing you asked us to identify -- that's a plant of some sort. Glad to help!

  • Jessicat
    Jessicat 2 days ago

    love the chickies! the brown Ameraucana looks just like one of my babies Piper who sadly died earlier this year

  • Rashon Phillips
    Rashon Phillips 3 days ago

    Im making this tonight

  • Moupriya Banerjee
    Moupriya Banerjee 3 days ago

    You are saying there is no calorie in potatoes ?

  • poopy_fingers
    poopy_fingers 3 days ago

    2.3 miles at 6:30 pace? the video looks like youre running at like 10 minute pace. ima say no way you ran 6:30 pace.

  • Decent Vegan
    Decent Vegan 3 days ago

    Looks good! We're using our leftover jackfruit to make Jackdogs and planning on revolutionizing the hotdog game out here in Hawaii. Nice passion fruit setup too🤙

  • Eden Heath
    Eden Heath 3 days ago

    Pickles are unreaaaal. I might have to make that jackfruit burger, but I've never cooked it at one either.

  • Sven Onymous
    Sven Onymous 3 days ago

    Amituofo and Blessings! Thanks for the protein fluf tip👊 Never thought about that😂

  • Matthew Ritchens
    Matthew Ritchens 3 days ago

    This was great bro. Thank you

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson 3 days ago

    I live right over in Colorado, so I'm usually able to find a lot of the exact foods from your videos. Pretty sure I've seen that salsa (gotta try it) and that veri teriyaki is the bomb diggity!

    • Brian Turner
      Brian Turner 2 days ago

      You’ll love the salsa and they teriyaki sauce is amazinnng!

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 3 days ago

    loved this video!!

    FUNNY VI DEOS 3 days ago

    Hello brother . I really wanna thank u . Your tips for acne is working. I gave up on all the dairy products but I don't have enough money to buy PROTIEN and stuff so I'm eating egg whites for protein . I LOVE YOU brother your vdos helped me a lot . . PS- it took me 4/5 months to figure out all the food that's good for me by your told "trial and error" method.

  • Jess Vegan
    Jess Vegan 3 days ago

    Brian, I love your videos you are so real in what you do in all your videos which makes it easier for viewers to relate to them. Please keep up what your doing!

  • Rhiannon Rings like a bird in flight

    I have a blind pimple, it doesn’t hurt but I just hate SEEING it

  • Jae The Vegan
    Jae The Vegan 3 days ago

    The plant based chicken is made for flexitarians. Not for vegans. I dont want to eat it if it's fried in the same oil as meat. A separate fryer would be helpful for all parties.

  • ElChico114
    ElChico114 3 days ago

    Be honest.. how many times are you going to the bathroom for number 2?

  • Marc Calado
    Marc Calado 3 days ago

    dude that's a tree lol

  • Elliottseeeth B
    Elliottseeeth B 3 days ago

    That show was Huang's World, Fresh of the Boat is a sitcom

  • One Fast Dean
    One Fast Dean 3 days ago

    Hey bud! I love how you think and what you do but I came here for "Why I left SD?" title. In essence, I got much more but WHY did you leave SD and are you going back?

  • Erik Quevedo
    Erik Quevedo 3 days ago

    How many calories did you eat in all that? Just curious.

  • A S
    A S 3 days ago

    *Bro please get a haircut , all that hair is hiding your handsomeness*

  • AmbyRxse
    AmbyRxse 3 days ago

    I love watching your videos, they're so real and relatable. I feel like I'm watching a video of one of my friends I've known forever just hanging out at home 😁 hope you guys are enjoying the little bit of "cooler " weather we're getting out here ✌❤

    BKC CHANNEL 3 days ago

    I wish someday i can have a happy face like you do

      BKC CHANNEL Day ago

      @Unknown i'll pray for you, i believe someday and somehow you will have that happy face

    • Unknown
      Unknown Day ago

      Me too , I wish ...

    • Unknown
      Unknown Day ago


  • Matt Bond
    Matt Bond 3 days ago

    Do a review of carnivore and anti vegan Frank Tufano's "don't bench press video". Lol

  • Cassandra Parra
    Cassandra Parra 3 days ago

    I had to pause this video to write this when you said you never had chiliquiles in your life, like don't you live in SD, aren't you around hispanics, like who are you? Alright, i'm going to finish this vid because im a big fan <3

    • Brian Turner
      Brian Turner 2 days ago

      Hahaha I’ve tried so many things but never ventured into chiliaquiles! I know, it’s embarrassing haha

  • Ronnie M
    Ronnie M 3 days ago

    Yup that’s a weed!! Same at my house lol I just get a saw and cut it down but looks like yours is blocked by that fence 😩

  • Snxwy
    Snxwy 3 days ago

    What happens if you wash your face and then it falls off?

  • Acunza
    Acunza 3 days ago

    Seeing your lovely lady with blue hair, reminded me of a dream I had last night where I woke up with bright blue hair! I couldn't spy the plant growing too well, almost wanted to guess it was hemp as I know they grow big. Whatever you do, be sure to show the plant some love. Since your creamy spaghetti video with the Tofu I have had the same...using pinto beans this time to blend for creamy protein joy! Have you tried Tarragon? I love adding it to mine and it is...Tina Turner...haha Simple the Best...Like You Mr Turner and your very watchable videos. Always well edited and appreciated for those extra filmmaker skills.

    • Brian Turner
      Brian Turner 3 days ago

      Wow such a comment!! Glad you love the pasta! I’ll have to search about tarragon! :)

  • Weirdunclebob V
    Weirdunclebob V 3 days ago

    What's that at the end? "Team Beyond the Week. Seeee (mumble?!)" "Lift heavy or die (somethingsomething?) mofo." Heard it hundreds of times and just can't make it out!

    • Brian Turner
      Brian Turner 3 days ago

      CT (his name) then he says lift heavy or die mirin (admiring) :)

  • Andrew P
    Andrew P 3 days ago

    I love the vegan chicken nuggets. Always get it when I grocery shop

  • a a
    a a 3 days ago

    These are expensive.

  • P C
    P C 4 days ago

    Dam crazy how much you and your sister look like

  • Jack Rowlands
    Jack Rowlands 4 days ago

    “Am I level 99 vegan yet mom?” 😂😂

  • Danny
    Danny 4 days ago

    Dudeeeee 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

  • ForRealSun 77
    ForRealSun 77 4 days ago

    Yo Brian, how old are you?

    • Brian Turner
      Brian Turner 3 days ago

      I think I’m 26 😂 birthday is on September 23

  • suku chougala
    suku chougala 4 days ago

    Your brother and sister is also vegan? And what about your parents?

    • Brian Turner
      Brian Turner 3 days ago

      Nah I wish, they have a lot more plant based foods now but not 100%

  • Diana Hughes
    Diana Hughes 4 days ago

    Pretzel buns are the best. I like BBQ jackfruit and the other flavors. I never liked pickles, but they are starting to grow on me. I do tend to like stuff with vinegar in it. Pickled veggies like banana peppers are really good, as well as pickled carrots and celery. I also really like hot sauce and I will drown those meatless nuggets in it. So good lol.

    • Brian Turner
      Brian Turner 3 days ago

      PretZel buns are the best!! Haha much love Diana

  • Wildfilm Productions

    you have changed so much, it's crazy, I subscribed right when you first started veganism

  • Hotep Imho
    Hotep Imho 4 days ago

    passion fruit = vegan egg?

  • Hinata_ 65
    Hinata_ 65 4 days ago

    Hey brian do have any good recommendations for cross fit shoes and which crossfit shoes last longer??

  • Nicole Beckford
    Nicole Beckford 4 days ago

    was going to order from them but their meals are very high in calories and fat

  • Alethea P
    Alethea P 4 days ago

    wow i love this! u get to the point and actually have something useful to say!!!!!!! btw nice skin :)

  • Mel
    Mel 4 days ago

    How can you pick from those puppy faces!!? So cute... Pickle Juice all the way, used to love it as a pickleback shot! Mmm... Gimmy, gimmy, more, lol. Loved the singing accompaniment. ;P Thanks for the entertaining & info rich vid you two

    • Brian Turner
      Brian Turner 3 days ago

      Pickle juice for you too?! Hahaha nooooooo

  • tracy dotson
    tracy dotson 4 days ago

    Husband says he thinks it's an Oak tree.

    • tracy dotson
      tracy dotson Day ago

      @Brian Turner he said the leaves look the same and the trunk was pretty large. Apparently they can grow up to 48 inches a year. He may be wrong but best guess.

    • Brian Turner
      Brian Turner 3 days ago

      An oak tree?! Woaaahhhhhh how?

  • MrTJHookah
    MrTJHookah 4 days ago

    I was never a big plant based yogurt guy but I recently tried that coconut yogurt and it was bomb. I got like 8 of them on my next grocery trip.

    • Brian Turner
      Brian Turner 3 days ago

      I loved it! I’m not a yogurt guy either

  • Tony Lopez
    Tony Lopez 4 days ago

    Mulberry tree not sure if that is the right spot for such a big tree.

    • Tony Lopez
      Tony Lopez 4 days ago

      I would dig it out in winter when it loses leaves.

  • The Truth
    The Truth 4 days ago

    a "Vegan King"? That's an oxymoron lol

  • Wendi Froedge
    Wendi Froedge 4 days ago

    Okay, I’m convinced. Going to try the pretzel buns. And I thought the protein fluff was pretty!

    • Brian Turner
      Brian Turner 3 days ago

      Hahah thanks, it would’ve been good with a blue smoothie or something :)

  • Ryan Devens
    Ryan Devens 4 days ago

    i love this stuff bid bog! keep it up

  • Rachael Isabell
    Rachael Isabell 4 days ago

    That weed looks like an oak tree to me!

  • Iris
    Iris 4 days ago

    He’s got a chickeeeeeen 😍

  • deshieldstf
    deshieldstf 4 days ago

    15:41 PAUSE AT SAMMY'S FACE! Hahaha, you guys are awesome

  • Krista_Blissvibes
    Krista_Blissvibes 4 days ago

    Awesome video! I use forks over knives meal planner. Even though I have tried food delivery services before. Your food looked good! I am not a fan of pickles lol