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  • Amanda Hatchell
    Amanda Hatchell 47 seconds ago

    Can you imagine the smell in that house to not be able to smell a decomposing animal

  • Nature Boy Entertainment


  • matte kiti :3
    matte kiti :3 4 minutes ago

    I was born even tho my mom used birth control pills and 2 condoms. I'm a stubborn baby lol

  • Flower GemsGirl
    Flower GemsGirl 8 minutes ago

    Tell the aunt to go sit in the car! What a witch! Second bride, should have left the mother in-law behind. 2 mothers is hard enough, 3 is a crowd!

  • Byron Dial
    Byron Dial 10 minutes ago

    Omm she aint the skinniest woman

  • Michelle White
    Michelle White 10 minutes ago

    1:40 ouch...

  • Jon Wright
    Jon Wright 10 minutes ago

    And they say white people our crazy.

  • Darla Looney
    Darla Looney 13 minutes ago


    WESTERN CANADIAN! 14 minutes ago

    Did it ever come to these people's minds to pick up the baby off the floor???

  • Spook s
    Spook s 15 minutes ago

    why do they force them to go over budget, so unprofessional

  • john tran
    john tran 18 minutes ago

    did it happen when they get older ? Cause if they had it since a kid till adult that is really stressful and depressing. And plus i think insurance does not cover that since they consider that more of a cosmetic like plastic surgery than necessary. You gotta be rich to do this cause i”ll be couple hundreds just for a few spots.

  • Splatter Tale
    Splatter Tale 18 minutes ago

    :-: I love seeing the black heads being removed *without* blood Ewwwww 😨😷 I hate seeing blood I'm like afraid of seeing blood I have a phobia of it.... What's the phobia called?

  • Deepshikha sarkar
    Deepshikha sarkar 20 minutes ago


  • Leo Hochman
    Leo Hochman 20 minutes ago

    Caught a sucker on the line? Ha! Look at you Laura. You truly think that Aladin and you are gone be together with a long a happy marriage?

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes 23 minutes ago

    they were awesome before this stupid makeover . you are supposed make them more beautiful , isn't there somebody who knows the job

  • Jose Gama
    Jose Gama 24 minutes ago

    So u going pregnant ur daughter for him

  • Heidi Clark
    Heidi Clark 24 minutes ago

    I love casts but i hsve never had one i just want one SO BAD.

  • Spook s
    Spook s 24 minutes ago

    why do they always make them go over-budget!!!

  • Lindsthestudent
    Lindsthestudent 24 minutes ago

    The Honeymoon must have been at Motel 6😅

  • cc
    cc 26 minutes ago

    Idk if that's real

  • Destiny Rodriguez
    Destiny Rodriguez 26 minutes ago

    I would neverrrrrrr

  • Echø
    Echø 27 minutes ago

    Award for the best Jeff the Killer cosplay goes to...

  • crystal holsey
    crystal holsey 28 minutes ago

    She acts like it’s dr.nows fault that she is overweight

  • DatOof
    DatOof 28 minutes ago

    Oh good lord Thats just horrible.. That’s disgusting

  • Alina Soto
    Alina Soto 28 minutes ago

    Why the hell did they leave the baby on the floor

  • Em.D
    Em.D 29 minutes ago

    Bruh the sound effects are so unnecessary

  • Kani
    Kani 29 minutes ago

    Kelsey needs to understand that she can’t be on everyone’s side

  • Kani
    Kani 29 minutes ago

    Kelsey needs to understand that she can’t be on everyone’s side

  • Kani
    Kani 29 minutes ago

    Kelsey needs to understand that she can’t be on everyone’s side

  • Kani
    Kani 29 minutes ago

    Kelsey needs to understand that she can’t be on everyone’s side

  • Kani
    Kani 29 minutes ago

    Kelsey needs to understand that she can’t be on everyone’s side

  • Kani
    Kani 29 minutes ago

    Kelsey needs to understand that she can’t be on everyone’s side

  • Kani
    Kani 29 minutes ago

    Kelsey needs to understand that she can’t be on everyone’s side

  • Lucky Stars
    Lucky Stars 29 minutes ago

    He's the adult version of Dennis the Menace

  • Alex Garl
    Alex Garl 29 minutes ago

    Some of this people would be great for a freak show or America got talent.

  • Kevin Lombardo, Jr
    Kevin Lombardo, Jr 30 minutes ago

    This woman is absolutely amazing, she spends little to nothing for an endless supply of food and what she doesn't need she give to charity. She is honestly a hero

  • Parker Redmon
    Parker Redmon 31 minute ago

    she could lowkey become a transformer

  • Luv Monster
    Luv Monster 32 minutes ago

    Can I just say tho... she has the most GORGEOUS blue eyes!

  • Katie Mathews
    Katie Mathews 36 minutes ago

    One of my friend in my class, her mom had her tubes tied and she had three kids after that and then got them removed. Now she has 4 kids.

  • Ləv Yərˈself
    Ləv Yərˈself 38 minutes ago

    She might have to use head & shoulders for mouthwash. lol

  • Tee Tenkro
    Tee Tenkro 38 minutes ago


  • Lindsthestudent
    Lindsthestudent 38 minutes ago

    Green wedding dress? Huh?

  • Cazlyn alexis
    Cazlyn alexis 39 minutes ago

    Yikes. I cringed so much while watching this

  • Insta madisonlemmons
    Insta madisonlemmons 40 minutes ago

    Post more of these I love them

  • Aehso B
    Aehso B 41 minute ago

    Off topic but these are some fine ass women

  • Darkwolf 349
    Darkwolf 349 41 minute ago

    Imagine being that cat and dying from so much stuff and bad environment

  • The Hentai Connoisseur
    The Hentai Connoisseur 45 minutes ago

    Nigga said 💀

  • Pretty Bird
    Pretty Bird 45 minutes ago

    Doctor Pimps is soft😭💕💕💕

  • MsUn PC
    MsUn PC 48 minutes ago

    Dr. Lee has her whole CYSTem in place.

  • Eriel Datuin
    Eriel Datuin 49 minutes ago

    Wonder how much lido was needed for this one...

  • Alex Garl
    Alex Garl 49 minutes ago

    Then people say just Japan is full of weirdos.

  • Mykee Wattz
    Mykee Wattz 53 minutes ago

    Why is their one fucking steak for everyone and why the fuck is she and he cutting it like shit? THE FUCK BITCH?

  • Jahnaya Washington
    Jahnaya Washington 53 minutes ago

    Fucking Annie And David LMFAOOO

  • angel impress
    angel impress 55 minutes ago

    So disrespectful racist bitch

  • Echø
    Echø 55 minutes ago

    That's enough RUclip for today

  • Panda boy
    Panda boy 56 minutes ago

    I can’t tell what’s worse, the weight or he plays fortnite

  • Shelby LeVell
    Shelby LeVell 57 minutes ago

    Ximena is adorable💖

  • MsUn PC
    MsUn PC 58 minutes ago

    I guess he had milk in his knee and all the walking around churned it into cottage cheese.

  • Dark World {Pain Forever}

    😂😂Dang.. that was gonna be a #Diamond if you kept it any longer ..😂😂😂

  • abigail gittens
    abigail gittens 59 minutes ago

    I want god to send me a man like him to just give me money. Cause he rell doltish

  • ihas deathrose
    ihas deathrose Hour ago

    he must be

  • Im Bored
    Im Bored Hour ago

    Them freaking out and praying for Palo and just screaming is hilarious 😂

  • Eric Perez
    Eric Perez Hour ago

    When you realize you pay for Rice Krispie treats😒

  • Mzz bitty
    Mzz bitty Hour ago

    Ugh horrible dress...Adds sparkly belt, it's absolutely beautiful. Yes. 😑😑

  • Jeon Ji-Eun
    Jeon Ji-Eun Hour ago

    Pumpkin sleeping in the interview even when her momma being heart felt lol

  • Elizabeth Winkelman

    It’s Romany. Geez.

  • Emelin Aranda
    Emelin Aranda Hour ago

    Who made this Job it looks the worst job ever...will for me because I don't like girly stuff and all that I'm just a tomboy and I don't know why I'm watching this video. It makes me scream to that woman and feels like I want to slap her.

  • Im Bored
    Im Bored Hour ago

    OMG they are actually the same person..the actors are the same thru out the entire video well the first video for sure

  • kean Trespeses
    kean Trespeses Hour ago

    Its disgusting but satisfying as well.

  • Jannatul Ferdous

    happy family.....🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Chase Paxton
    Chase Paxton Hour ago

    "That's fine dining mother" I like that

  • Hobostarr180
    Hobostarr180 Hour ago

    She's pretty rad! She has a yt channel too :)

  • hafifah
    hafifah Hour ago

    Lol i kinda like the doctor's expressions 😂😂

  • pam0626
    pam0626 Hour ago

    I don’t like the way TLC edits her videos at all. It’s too quick and they rush through all of the meticulous detail that makes the procedures so interesting to watch in the first place. It was so much better when she had her own camera person filming the procedures. Bigger isn’t always better.

  • paul Kylee
    paul Kylee Hour ago

    She believes what she believes

  • MsUn PC
    MsUn PC Hour ago

    These are gross but I still can't stop watching her pop huge pimples.

  • A C
    A C Hour ago

    Y’all got to stop giving up y’all dreams just to please a man.

  • creacol
    creacol Hour ago

    That wasn’t even a joke when she referred to the horse taking off. What is going on?

  • Helen H
    Helen H Hour ago

    5:29 lol

  • Winter Sky
    Winter Sky Hour ago

    Oh my lord

  • Mother May I
    Mother May I Hour ago

    Grandma’s necklace is so beautiful!

  • MrHoppers002
    MrHoppers002 Hour ago

    1:04 victor thinking... i hate my life. :D

  • Kote Alvarado
    Kote Alvarado Hour ago

    Darcy porque buscas pareja en el extranjero...

  • Timide Williams
    Timide Williams Hour ago

    I went from Pimple popping to thumb jacking. Wtf?

  • Jaynita Coleman
    Jaynita Coleman Hour ago

    Stupid. You know damn well you are not suppose to be ridding rides while pregnant. Stupid ass

  • Jessica De Rosa
    Jessica De Rosa Hour ago

    Colombian girl dont have any felling for him

  • John
    John Hour ago

    The problem here is not the house. Clean it up and a couple of months later it will be the same if not worse. This woman needs some serious help if anything can be done at all with her. She needs to be hospitalized and the house completely gutted and rebuilt.

  • Jessica De Rosa
    Jessica De Rosa Hour ago

    Alan is not 29 , he is so destroyed

  • nguyent8565
    nguyent8565 Hour ago

    Why do these girls look old...

  • Savanna Winter
    Savanna Winter Hour ago

    He’s mad that they’re blaming video games... but he’s blaming them... wtf😂 it’s his own fault. He chose to eat. Simple

  • Selena Lamothe
    Selena Lamothe Hour ago

    I love her. i know how hard food can be. addictions can't be stopped so easily. they make our food so addicting. its a drug. we have to be careful. God please please help her to overcome this in jesus name i pray AMEN. i said what i said.

  • Claud
    Claud Hour ago

    Me November 1st

  • Mary Cooper
    Mary Cooper Hour ago


  • G Darko
    G Darko Hour ago

    She got her problems but love her or hate her you still watch her Leave her be

  • Freda Yancey-Brown

    She stood him up in Mexico...and he’s still sending her money...he’s 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄off off

  • Andrea Guerrero
    Andrea Guerrero Hour ago


  • adriennalovescandy

    That guy that eat plastic he's saving the turtles🐢🐢🐢

  • Cooking Mama
    Cooking Mama Hour ago

    Best gRaNdMa EVER!

  • Desteney Martinez

    *steps on a cockroach* Her: And I oop!!! Cockroach: I’m I a joke to you!!!!

  • Caden Birrell
    Caden Birrell Hour ago

    I love recommended things I was watching shroud and this popped up