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  • Oof im_dead
    Oof im_dead 43 seconds ago

    Omg honestly y'all needa stfu about them let them do them and they ain't need nun of your business @babydaniellao HMU if you think different 🤣 haters =🤢🤮 supporter's =💯💙💪🏾

  • Leslie Leslie
    Leslie Leslie Minute ago

    Selena doesn’t miss Justin or the relationship. What hurts her is the toxic relationship and the toxic person moving on way too fast knowing damn well he shouldn’t. Knowing he was the toxic energy in their relationship and for him to all of a sudden be like “hAiLy yOUrE mY evRyThinG... iM sO iN lOvE wiTh yOu hAiLey” blah blah. Here Selena is trying to work on her self and be happy and then she sees the guy who hurt her so much act like nothing happened and trying to be in love and marrying someone else. WHILE THE WHOLE WORLD RUBS IT IN HER FACE WHEN SHE IS TRYING TO FORGET AND LIVE. Shit, I’d make a song too.

  • LeiLamb
    LeiLamb 4 minutes ago

    To name your child "True" is like opening a door that welcomes all bullies to walk into. Girl:She's such a $×*&€! Other girl: That's so TRUE! True: I swear, I didn't! Seriously?...Nobody stopped that real quick the moment she thought her name was meaningful to her own(momentary) truth?

  • ItsChristelle 11
    ItsChristelle 11 7 minutes ago


  • Kato Erb
    Kato Erb 9 minutes ago

    I also believe he went insane.. Blacked out.

  • Kato Erb
    Kato Erb 13 minutes ago

    Im an intuitive and while watching this i felt a very big block of frustration.. For the truth was not revealed like it should be and the Lives lost... I think they are frustrated over the lies and that he got away with it. There still need be healing. That is just what i felt.

    ƖM ԼƠƧƬ 13 minutes ago

    logan would destroy jake, and so would ksi

  • Jay Nguyen
    Jay Nguyen 15 minutes ago

    wow cardi looking like shit in that vlog lol

  • Nathan W
    Nathan W 16 minutes ago

    The guy asking the questions is terrible....

  • Mitchei - Ann Longakit
    Mitchei - Ann Longakit 16 minutes ago

    What do you want Hailey? You have Justin already. Just shut your mouth.

  • The Dovakhiin
    The Dovakhiin 19 minutes ago

    Lool Logan was scared to fight Jake but Jake was ready for it

  • dreamy dini
    dreamy dini 22 minutes ago

    Love hailey so much. I do respect a marriage

  • Mehzabin Aziz
    Mehzabin Aziz 27 minutes ago

    She reacts like a bitch

  • lily o
    lily o 27 minutes ago

    kanye selling jail shoes

  • The savage Brothers
    The savage Brothers 27 minutes ago

    More then 2 peopel miss him more then 1000000000000000 peopel miss him 😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😔 my mom told me and I was like really then I went to my room and I cried 1 he was so caring 2 he was so strong 3 he was only 20 20 I can’t I just can’t 😞 👇🏻

  • Jitesh Patel
    Jitesh Patel 40 minutes ago

    why is your sweater tucked inside your jeans ??? someone needs some style pointers girlllllllllll lol

  • Cactus Queen
    Cactus Queen 41 minute ago

    Ya he looks high look at his eyes

  • Cactus Queen
    Cactus Queen 42 minutes ago

    Ok I love Logan not in a weird way but like he looks high in this video or he kinda looks like a stalker

  • ZiZi YAA
    ZiZi YAA 48 minutes ago

    That was Staged was it??......well if it was that was some Good acting Brodie

  • Cheri Ashley
    Cheri Ashley 55 minutes ago

    Wow seriously? This is what all the buzz is about?? Wow.

    HUMANYK OOF 56 minutes ago


  • Nena j Pachec
    Nena j Pachec 57 minutes ago

    Well,if it something happens to Selena it will be hailey’s fault for what she said 👈🏻 👮‍♂️👀🙏🏻?

  • Jo Alves
    Jo Alves Hour ago

    Foi assim que ela fez com o Justin, enquanto não agarrou não sussegou 🙄

  • Aesthetic Noodles ùwú

    Sia. S: she I : is A : Amazingly awesome.

  • Dominic Fuller
    Dominic Fuller Hour ago

    I hate our youth

  • marta dendo
    marta dendo Hour ago

    Ugly hailey.😨🤮🤮

  • Sue Heart
    Sue Heart Hour ago

    The Bibers deserve sick kids to respect sick poeple...

  • Koa 47
    Koa 47 Hour ago

    Damn my boi look exhausted

  • Abram Cortes-Meza

    That would be awesome to see both jake and Logan boxe each other

  • Rome_lbbh
    Rome_lbbh Hour ago

    RUclip really put this on my recommendations 3 months later after I’ve been done mourning 🥺

  • May Lanche Gevero

    HollywoodLife is boring without Ali. Loveyou girl! 😘

  • jere_ king1
    jere_ king1 Hour ago

    And that i've been watching them since day 1

  • Yepac Shakur
    Yepac Shakur Hour ago

    This seems more like a CW show then an actual movie lol

  • jere_ king1
    jere_ king1 Hour ago

    u guys shouldn't believe everything they say on social media and that the real truth will eventually come out and ill always stick with the ace family even if i'm the only fan left, and that most people will lie on social media not everybody but still. LOVE ACE FAMILYYYYYYYYYYY

  • Lilleypad11
    Lilleypad11 Hour ago

    Booo on this clickbait. She is not pregnant an Hollywood life you dismissed. Goodbye!!

  • Daniel M Connolly

    Kinda think Billie is Billy. 🧐

  • Maturely Disapointing Member of Society

    I watched the unfiltered video....its disgusting and I feel sick for it. That poor girl, that should happen to no one. Her sister is disgusting...and didnt care at all.

  • Adamarie Herrera

    Kylie Jenner has been ruling the World! She's a QUEEN!💜

  • Christina VERO17
    Christina VERO17 2 hours ago

    The bracelet thing got me laughing so hard it's ridiculous.😂🤦

  • Elizabeth Liz
    Elizabeth Liz 2 hours ago

    Not gonna lie that bracelet thing is a bit stupid & I'm not falling for that . (PR)

    • Christina VERO17
      Christina VERO17 2 hours ago

      Same here, is gonna take much more for me than just a ridiculous braclet to believe this relationship is real or not at all.🙄😂😂

  • Mr Gotham
    Mr Gotham 2 hours ago

    Don’t know who’s gonna win between Logan and KSI, but I’m pretty sure both would destroy Jake.

  • Luke Triton
    Luke Triton 2 hours ago

    why the dad never got custody at all and the way ay said no proves something is wrong there.

  • You Said What? Nani?

    Turtles said= 💀

  • kong xiaoli
    kong xiaoli 2 hours ago

    Selena Gomez dropped her new song Lose You To Love Me and she also admits the song related her ex boyfriend Justin Bieber. Almost immediately after the song came out, Hailey Baldwin post her Instagram story to reveal what song she was listening to, and it happened to be “I’ll Kill You” by Summer Walker. Maybe Hailey’s post was directed toward Selena. www.dianjinwa.cn/video/53255.html

  • Kim Gow
    Kim Gow 2 hours ago

    If the notebook is Justin favorite its definitely not about Hailey I cld only picture that with Selena and their past smdh Stupid

  • Zandria Hastings
    Zandria Hastings 2 hours ago

    Larsa is too old for this mess

  • watch meh nae nae
    watch meh nae nae 2 hours ago

    Jake doesent have his robotic arm remember that

    • Koa 47
      Koa 47 Hour ago

      I mean you need to be a dumbass to believe that in the first place

  • yui fujita
    yui fujita 2 hours ago

    Kristen Stewart may be pretty on the outside, but she is a disgusting person on the inside.

  • ange yan
    ange yan 2 hours ago

    Granny Hailey is jealous😆😆

  • Mirian Montoya hincapie

    Felicitaciones a selena por su gran balada, loca y grosera la mujer de Justin cree que le va a durar mucho su felicidad . Los papeles tambien se invierten. Animo selena mujer guerrera te admiramos eres lo maximo.

  • Memer OwO
    Memer OwO 2 hours ago

    its not even that good 😤😂

  • Urwah Qedwai
    Urwah Qedwai 2 hours ago

    This is why people commit suicide everyone bullies Hailey for everything she does it was probably just a coincidence that she posted that plus wtf would she be listening to her husband's ex's music

  • Brooke Burney
    Brooke Burney 2 hours ago

    How her eyes perfecto if there are ALWAYS paparazzis like that’s y ari’s vision sucks

  • Florence Lungu
    Florence Lungu 2 hours ago

    I wil nvr gt used to e fact that selena n justin r nolonger a thing,,sry hailey

  • Brooke Burney
    Brooke Burney 2 hours ago

    U know the drill Rise and shhiiinnnneeee!

  • Brooke Burney
    Brooke Burney 2 hours ago

    Ik u don’t want to hear this buuut Rise and shiiiiiiine!!!!!!

  • Brooke Burney
    Brooke Burney 2 hours ago

    Yoooooo Why everyone so obsessed with kardashians

  • Pat Barnes
    Pat Barnes 2 hours ago

    ❤ the Wests !!!

  • LifeWithEllie
    LifeWithEllie 2 hours ago

    Hailey gotta stop like damn your already marrieddddddd women leave Selena alone you skunt 😭😭🙄🙄

  • Liza Abella
    Liza Abella 2 hours ago

    Just eww only idiots idolize that 🐍 ass

  • Riyad Abedin
    Riyad Abedin 3 hours ago


  • fanny septiany
    fanny septiany 3 hours ago

    Selena always win, Hailey is just a loser.

  • Xōchipilli602
    Xōchipilli602 3 hours ago

    Is she still dating that Arab man ?

  • Kara Morning
    Kara Morning 3 hours ago

    Khloe is a damn IDIOT. Who in their right mind would even consider her advice on men?

  • Amanda Gough
    Amanda Gough 3 hours ago


  • Authentically Amanda

    I wonder who did Kylie’s boobs? Clearly an implant, can clearly see that, but they look good!

  • Hailey Walton
    Hailey Walton 3 hours ago

    AWEEE the bracelets thing is literally so cute❤️

  • Joanna Marie
    Joanna Marie 3 hours ago

    Hailey leave Selena alone, we know you know you're a rebound, but there's no point hating your husband's real love, it's not her fault justin doesn't love you that much.

  • Daniel Eilertson
    Daniel Eilertson 3 hours ago

    What do you mean? Is it too late now to say sorry? Where are you now when I need ya? Exactly. You should go and love yourself.

  • Pat Lewis
    Pat Lewis 3 hours ago

    He got himself blacklisted. He can try to be in tyler Perry movies

  • Shanalee Ayee
    Shanalee Ayee 3 hours ago

    I swear the reach is so far they girl probably was just listening to the song and thought it was a vibe and all these people who wants to find every reason to hate the girl you don’t know any of them calm your self and go find yourself a partner

  • its not me
    its not me 3 hours ago

    Logan would destroy jake

  • daquavis
    daquavis 3 hours ago

    ... uhm she’s been posting summer walker for weeks because she just came out with the album.

  • your bestie
    your bestie 3 hours ago

    Ew the white girl really tryna speak like the kardashians.

  • Elizabeth Bradshaw
    Elizabeth Bradshaw 3 hours ago

    Hailey check yourself

  • PuppetMasters BAPS
    PuppetMasters BAPS 3 hours ago

    Before you decide to fight fix your mic

    THE REAL 3 hours ago

    interview a real artist like THE REAL 💪🏼

  • Erc
    Erc 3 hours ago

    And now ‘Problem’ has a billion views

  • Vinny Brown
    Vinny Brown 3 hours ago

    The kardshians are their own race cause they definitely ain't human

  • Yasmine Eltaji
    Yasmine Eltaji 3 hours ago

    Looks at this video no not real this fake no never Ellen ...and in the end I was right

  • Danika Mae Dicang - Terrado

    And she already responded that it wasn't shade but you know... 😏 She didn't have any reason to post sth like that in the first place. It's not like she's going through sth.. So yeah hard to believe it wasn't on purpose,besides she did it too like other people. Talk about someone who goes to church 😒 thank you, next!

  • Evil Freddy
    Evil Freddy 3 hours ago


  • CJ aka DirtyBrit
    CJ aka DirtyBrit 3 hours ago

    It is about JB. Lyrics talking about 2 months give it away

  • Ever Abby. H
    Ever Abby. H 3 hours ago

    H is a attention seeker

  • boogie lollipop
    boogie lollipop 4 hours ago

    it's official that nothing in those two r natural

  • Jok3rs Wild
    Jok3rs Wild 4 hours ago

    Eventually we will fight! Biotch no you ain’t! Lol

  • Juana Carrillo
    Juana Carrillo 4 hours ago

    She will always be jealous of Selena, girly you are marry is there something you want to say?

  • Arieunna Clark
    Arieunna Clark 4 hours ago

    Rule number 1 “if about Selena @ her so WEEE can see” Rule number 2 “ if u heard shit that didn’t come Selena then don’t believe it” Bc I hate a BICHHH who like to post shit and before you see it she delete it and when we come for Haliey she get to switching up like “y’all I really didn’t mean.” With the sorry tweet on Twitter 😑

  • Psycxdxlic
    Psycxdxlic 4 hours ago

    “So rubbery and comfortable” HOW IS RUBBER COMFORTABLE 🤡🤡🤡

  • Don
    Don 4 hours ago

    This RUclip channel is kissing ass lol 😂

  • Sree Gorty
    Sree Gorty 4 hours ago

    hailey: breaths people: OMG SHE’S BREATHING THATS SO TOXIC AND CRUEL

  • Ale_2305
    Ale_2305 4 hours ago


  • Brittany Fox
    Brittany Fox 4 hours ago

    Im not mad all the funs that are mad they just jealous that they are not in her please this is the most stupidest thing that fans are mad about they just need to get over herself Cry a river build a bridge and get over it

    • Brittany Fox
      Brittany Fox 4 hours ago

      Love you Kylie Jenner and The rest of the family

  • ProudtobeaCanuck
    ProudtobeaCanuck 4 hours ago

    you fucking fake humanitarian hoe hahahaha

  • Annissa Charlery
    Annissa Charlery 4 hours ago

    1:48 - kylie eye surgery 👍

  • esti srinastiti
    esti srinastiti 4 hours ago

    Perasaan gitu mulu, cari perhatian dengan menyinggung orang terus minta maaf. Kasian istrimu lah kalo kamu kyk gitu terus. Grow up!

  • Tiera O’Neal
    Tiera O’Neal 4 hours ago

    Rise and shine 🌞🌞🌞

  • Pamela Balian
    Pamela Balian 4 hours ago

    This is all like porn. It’s so funny that now actually main stream actors and everyone go off of what their fans say. This is what Brazzers did in 2013. I’m glad that main stream and adult films are now on the same exact level. So glad no one is special anymore been fighting for that for a long time

  • Pamela Balian
    Pamela Balian 4 hours ago

    Is it there ?

  • Pamela Balian
    Pamela Balian 4 hours ago

    Omg this is all like porn now. Who should work with who used to be Sex workers now youre all whores. I approve xx