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Home Alone 3 Pitch Meeting
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Bad Sonic Was On Purpose
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Frozen 2 Pitch Meeting
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Disney+ Pitch Meeting
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  • End C30
    End C30 3 hours ago

    If you dont have a hard copy of this star wars holiday special you ain't a star wars fan...🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Suus Overgaauw
    Suus Overgaauw 3 hours ago

    frozen is based of

  • RGC Tech
    RGC Tech 3 hours ago

    This guys voice sound disinterested in this video.

  • Levanknight
    Levanknight 3 hours ago

    So the joker is dangerous to people near him (in the comics and movies) and the people who play him

  • Warren Lehmkuhle
    Warren Lehmkuhle 3 hours ago

    Nerds also love Latin. I mean, in my case, he is right.

  • Rick Carpentiere
    Rick Carpentiere 3 hours ago


  • Mister Tee
    Mister Tee 3 hours ago

    Solution: gunships and rocket launchers.

  • Manubibi Walsh
    Manubibi Walsh 3 hours ago

    Well... if parents are gonna get pissed off about colonization being discussed then honestly, they should go back to school and learn how trashy white people have been throughout history to native people all over the world. I'm white, and I know that happened, and I still don't feel personally attacked because I'm a grown up woman who can not think about herself and put herself first every second of my life. White people fucked over other people. Deal with that.

  • Zack Grey
    Zack Grey 3 hours ago

    Hey Ryan....I was searching for you just now

  • Pentatonix IsMySourceOfHappiness

    *baby yoda want fruit gummy*

  • chad best fighter
    chad best fighter 3 hours ago

    congrts on another misinformed and just terrible video keep it up screen rant

  • Trolling snowflake leftist 24/7

    About all I need of the movie.

  • •glitched Ally•
    •glitched Ally• 3 hours ago

    I had a doll with button eyes, i think that was cute... The i watch Coraline and this doll still scare me to this day...

  • Matt Attack
    Matt Attack 3 hours ago

    Seen it twice

  • Tri Ho
    Tri Ho 3 hours ago

    Is the emoji s representing stardust?¿

  • Titus james
    Titus james 3 hours ago

    2:45 i would like u to take that back and apoligize to michael scott immediately

    VIVIDSNOW PROJECT 3 hours ago

    We need to see something about Kix the last surviving Jango clone

  • minski76
    minski76 3 hours ago

    We're gonna put a guy in a helmet in one of the cartoons who will reappear in the next movie and hardly say a word and everyone will love him and eventually we'll create a whole show around a guy in a similar helmet and the fans will go nuts.

  • Davy Owens
    Davy Owens 3 hours ago

    I haven't watched frozen 2 yet but I'm watching this because I haven't watched it

  • Jekahog
    Jekahog 3 hours ago

    Which one was the very pitch meeting?

  • Yash Pandya
    Yash Pandya 3 hours ago

    They should add it to Disney +

  • mcoc_NOOB progressing

    what about doomsday!?!

  • Linkalot
    Linkalot 3 hours ago

    Theory: it was all just a game of d&d

  • El Nacho
    El Nacho 3 hours ago

    I remember an episode where they gather a team, like the JL. And Negaduck gather a team of evil guys too. They confronted, of course. And in other episode they made a parody about mutants, with a concret pig and a rubber chicken, I think.

  • lawdy lawd
    lawdy lawd 3 hours ago

    Cbb... cbb.. ok

  • The White Trash Jedi

    Plus dvd sales

  • Noah Workman
    Noah Workman 3 hours ago

    Danny devito is a national treasure still waiting for nick cage to steal him

  • omgthisissoawesome
    omgthisissoawesome 3 hours ago

    I was literally shaking with laughter through this entire video

  • Savannah McNulty
    Savannah McNulty 3 hours ago


  • ScrollSaw Ninja
    ScrollSaw Ninja 3 hours ago

    Please do bad Santa! Or a Christmas story!! Please please it will be super easy..

  • Brittny Britanya
    Brittny Britanya 4 hours ago

    Guilty Pleasures ~ everybody has a few~ ....and it seems a lot of us have the same kind 😅

  • Eazy KNotZ
    Eazy KNotZ 4 hours ago

    I feel like this was made during a acid trip

  • Jackie Q
    Jackie Q 4 hours ago

    Frozen let it go Frozen 2 into the unknown

  • NathanOakley1980
    NathanOakley1980 4 hours ago

    Ned is Satan. That’s why he was there to save homer.

  • Anna K
    Anna K 4 hours ago

    I don’t care what anyone thinks or says: I love Christmas fluff.

  • Nate S
    Nate S 4 hours ago

    I can tell when a screen rant video is by Ryan just by it's title

  • Oriyah Lewy-Neuman
    Oriyah Lewy-Neuman 4 hours ago

    I would guess the princesses who married into royalty wore gloves to hide their hands that were worn by work and callused before they became royalty.

  • Bryon Schwarz
    Bryon Schwarz 4 hours ago

    If I were a teacher, I would show this to my students for a Christmas movie

  • Aprilhippie
    Aprilhippie 4 hours ago

    Oh my gosh your wigs🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Keith Goreham
    Keith Goreham 4 hours ago

    Which is going to be worse? The Start Wars Holiday Special.... or the new Cats movie?

  • Jenna Williams
    Jenna Williams 4 hours ago

    People find everything offensive

  • Miles Wafe
    Miles Wafe 4 hours ago

    Could you do a pitch meeting for Pineapple Express, Ted, and Django? Not sure if the two after Pineapple Express were made, but I looked up one for Pineapple, and ya didn’t have one.

  • suicidal deer
    suicidal deer 4 hours ago

    Mary Poppins= Pennywise's arch enemy Maturin the Turtle. If you would've started off you're theory with this it would make much more sense since Pennywise is an avatar of IT that Mary Poppins is an avatar of Maturin.

  • J Ko
    J Ko 4 hours ago

    2:31 we know why now😂

  • KlingonCaptain
    KlingonCaptain 4 hours ago

    The adventure begins.

  • GXY_hydra
    GXY_hydra 4 hours ago

    4:49 when I saw jar jar 🤮

  • david martindale
    david martindale 4 hours ago

    Why does no one discuss bender being rescued in an Apollo moon lander the lander should not be there unless the crew never left the moon and died

  • wwood1957
    wwood1957 4 hours ago

    2:14 So cute! 😍

  • Ben Poo
    Ben Poo 4 hours ago

    Dark rey she food be one of the kings of ren

  • Douglas Elliott
    Douglas Elliott 4 hours ago

    I was originally disappointed in DC's choice of such a diminutively breasted Wonder Woman, but Godot's admirable command of the part as well as her other aesthetic assets have won my fanship.

  • Rendell Bartholomew
    Rendell Bartholomew 4 hours ago

    Very interesting. Carrie Fisher was SUPER DUPER CUTE. Really good looking.

  • Serigala Art
    Serigala Art 4 hours ago

    just please ryan, just please, we want u to find one movie that was going to has " okay sir, im going to need u get off all the way on my backk " moments, and Say it with more angry tunes !!! please ryan, i think fast 8 is suitable enough with all that law of physics has broken, just please ryan, we need it ,

  • fournierman
    fournierman 4 hours ago

    How many times did the Grinch show up? The answer is covered by a video advertisement for another Screen Rant video.

  • Sian Nelson
    Sian Nelson 4 hours ago

    This has actually just made me want to watch a terrible Christmas movie, Nf here I come!!! 🤶🏾🎅🏾

  • lilchris42424
    lilchris42424 4 hours ago

    Clearly screen rants iq is too low to understand the actual depth and clear intellectual genius this show has produced.

  • Ms Panther
    Ms Panther 4 hours ago

    I can remember ever since I was a little girl I have always thought Wonder Woman was one of my greatest heroes and even now at my age 47 I still think that she will always make me feel like I can do anything.

  • Pungalo Ouzkebach
    Pungalo Ouzkebach 4 hours ago

    Real Talk: U.S. didn't want the Philippines, what makes you think they want Vietnam?🤔

  • Jari Fuller
    Jari Fuller 4 hours ago

    omg, that is bad

  • jose luis arrese
    jose luis arrese 4 hours ago

    In Christmas I enjoy watching gore movies, like Braindead or The Emoji movie...

  • nickolas miller
    nickolas miller 4 hours ago

    Or it’s the opposite.... fear is more valuable

  • SuperZippyzippy
    SuperZippyzippy 4 hours ago

    Vincent looks just like Tim Burton

  • Sigrid Maignan
    Sigrid Maignan 4 hours ago

    Since it's the holidays season please do a gremlins pitch meeting!

  • Sigrid Maignan
    Sigrid Maignan 4 hours ago

    This is horrifying

  • The London Miner
    The London Miner 4 hours ago

    Darth Maul

  • Steven Phelps
    Steven Phelps 4 hours ago


  • David Adams
    David Adams 4 hours ago

    This guy is the best part of Screenrant

  • Jakk Frost
    Jakk Frost 4 hours ago

    The thing about those idiots bitching about the movie is this; they're choosing to see it as "glorifying" the violence, committed by a white male no less, instead of seeing it as an indictment of the harsh uncaringness of society and "the system" towards people with genuine problems.

  • Marvel HQ
    Marvel HQ 4 hours ago

    Pitch meeting for human centipede

  • Kohelet Calaforex clan

    Kanye West deserved it👍

  • Joe Brown
    Joe Brown 4 hours ago

    This video is just like a list of reasons I'm tired of Christmas by the time we reach Christmas day. It's so forced and starts sooner every year, not to mention every freaking thing is a commercial telling you to consume everything.

  • Elias Angeltveit
    Elias Angeltveit 4 hours ago

    They should do a New home alone but instead of Kevin being a Child he is the robber

  • Doe
    Doe 4 hours ago


  • Docteur Ripeur
    Docteur Ripeur 4 hours ago

    I might be biased… but videos narrated by Ryan are the only one with actually interesting content. So, please, do a Ryan's playlist… or a "Ryan analyses" show… as you can see in the comments most of us don't care about SR, but would gladly watch youtube ads for a video of the guy. He's good at what he does, what's more to say…

  • Amanda Wright
    Amanda Wright 4 hours ago

    Marvel over saturated the market for sure. And they all have the same basic plot. They get tedious fast

  • Gisley Alves
    Gisley Alves 4 hours ago

    Christmas is the biggest scam ever created! Ever since Christmas was created, every single year they talked about the same thing : peace, love and bla bla bla...fact: the world is getting from bad to worse year after year. Why Christmas was created? ONLY TO MAKE naive people to believe in something that is not real and, above all, SPEND AS MUCH MONEY AS YOU CAN. After all, you were born inside the capitalism system right? So, spend, spend your money folk! Want to celebrate Christmas? Be thank to God you are alive; eat whatever you have to eat; be with people who want to be with you; that's it.

    • Gisley Alves
      Gisley Alves 3 hours ago

      @Amanda Wright yes, I agree with you.

    • Amanda Wright
      Amanda Wright 4 hours ago

      Gisley Alves yeah I prefer to celebrate saturnalia than Christmas myself Christmas is just the Christian version of the winter holiday 🤷‍♀️

  • Clickhere
    Clickhere 4 hours ago

    Wait if laughter is a better energy source why does mary poppins come back 2 years earlier than penny wise which goes for fear.

  • Cristain Valdivia
    Cristain Valdivia 4 hours ago

    No pennywise comes back 25 years later

  • HrvatskiHig
    HrvatskiHig 4 hours ago

    Why Romania though? Romania is mostly ortodox christian, so why have a catholic nun ghost story in that country? Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia were not scary enough places, I guess.

  • Jacquelyn Oliver
    Jacquelyn Oliver 4 hours ago

    Also,Bill is STAN!

  • havik shinigami
    havik shinigami 4 hours ago


  • The Weekly Commentators

    Who else had no idea this existed😂lmao

  • Todd Heim
    Todd Heim 4 hours ago

    Next up Rey is a skywalker she walks on sky biggest theory

  • Random EditJobs
    Random EditJobs 4 hours ago

    How do you know what we missed you pompous ass? And no they don’t sneak “hundreds” of Easter eggs into each episode. Maybe in the whole series run. Lots or most of these aren’t Easter eggs, they’re references...ffs

  • xXgetbodiedXx XD
    xXgetbodiedXx XD 4 hours ago

    I doubt he could beat goku....

  • Katabellion
    Katabellion 4 hours ago

    A full tutorial for a thing that doesn't exist.

  • Gus April
    Gus April 4 hours ago

    All I want for Christmas is a "Super Easy Barely an Inconvenience" shirt

  • Silverfirefly1
    Silverfirefly1 4 hours ago

    Not all there? Like amputees?

  • karatefella
    karatefella 4 hours ago

    Making these Christmas movies is super-easy, barely an inconvenience.

  • RainMirron
    RainMirron 4 hours ago

    Klaus on Netflix was amazing. It's obvious that movie was made with care.

  • PugLover 101
    PugLover 101 4 hours ago

    I went to see this last night, and I absolutely loved it. I was 8 when I watched Frozen and couldn't really appreciate how well animated it was, but for the entire movie I was amazed by the art style. I also almost cried and laughed a lot.

  • NuikopeaDemon
    NuikopeaDemon 4 hours ago

    Gotta remember Rhys Darby is a *New Zealander* not doing an accent that's just him lol

  • Worgenfreeman MS
    Worgenfreeman MS 4 hours ago

    0:46 lol

  • Pandapro gaming
    Pandapro gaming 4 hours ago


  • BigAL68xyz
    BigAL68xyz 4 hours ago

    The Ferdinand thing was a writing mistake, not an animation error.

  • Random EditJobs
    Random EditJobs 4 hours ago

    How can you make a video like this and not include all the countless times he admitted to / committed rape, child molestation and pedophilia?

  • bartek K.
    bartek K. 4 hours ago

    click on the link for a free trial......IF YOU LIVE IN USA

  • braden pelton
    braden pelton 4 hours ago

    Pennywise is from another planet!

  • Atriox The Wolf
    Atriox The Wolf 4 hours ago

    marge is friends with ned flanders

  • Randoapple Big cheese

    I likey Mikey Hikey Dikey Wikey Iikey Likey

  • diego Ogeid
    diego Ogeid 4 hours ago

    Perhaps was the force again, like in anakin's case