5-Minute Crafts GIRLY
5-Minute Crafts GIRLY
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  • Cass DoesCrafts&Art

    The fuck is this bullshit

  • The Real Silver Fox
    The Real Silver Fox 5 minutes ago


  • Miss Fish stick
    Miss Fish stick 8 minutes ago

    Why is this on 5 minute crafts GIRLY

  • CountryFitChick Trainer
    CountryFitChick Trainer 13 minutes ago

    Ummmm.... I'm gonna wear my cute clothes exactly the way you say I shouldn't!!!

  • Laniaya Thomas
    Laniaya Thomas 17 minutes ago

    Of course it was going to turn her hair curly and I love curly hair I even have some for my self

  • Midnight Vegas
    Midnight Vegas 21 minute ago

    It's kinda sad how triggered people are over this. They aren't telling us how to live and they're not forcing us to do these things. I mean, I disagree with the makeup thing. So what. 5 Minute Crafts isn't going to come to my house and force me to do their hack.

  • Muhammad Ibrahim
    Muhammad Ibrahim 22 minutes ago

    WATCH THIS VIDEO fotget every thing in this video

  • ganja man
    ganja man 25 minutes ago

    Girls are full of shit stop lying to us beaches

  • Gracie quick
    Gracie quick 28 minutes ago

    I didn't know painting your nails was makeup

  • Gracie quick
    Gracie quick 30 minutes ago

    If you do the almond one you must be real desperate

  • PORIKRAM পরিক্রম

    Nice information❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ava Murphy
    Ava Murphy 44 minutes ago

    i got mine 2 days ago

  • PhoenixTFC
    PhoenixTFC 54 minutes ago

    you guys *love* bras and glue, don't you?

  • 이뷰티 leebeauty
    이뷰티 leebeauty 55 minutes ago

    amazing hairstyles

  • 이뷰티 leebeauty
    이뷰티 leebeauty 57 minutes ago


  • Ariel Maule.
    Ariel Maule. Hour ago

    I am a girly girl.

  • Havana Cartage
    Havana Cartage Hour ago

    Did u copy Natalie’s outlet again

  • Najma Kapadia
    Najma Kapadia Hour ago

    Yall think I have time to boil flax seeds in the morning. No . Never

  • Grace Enchanted
    Grace Enchanted Hour ago

    You shouldn't touch hydrogen peroxide as it can really irritate the skin. If you do wash immediately but don't use hot water as it can increase the pain.

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith Hour ago

    3:25 just tighten your straps🤦‍♀️

  • iRiᗅN ᗅNᝨᝪNiᝪႮ

    Pethkia ma en p thn kipro epidi eshi LANITIS gala

  • Amy Ding
    Amy Ding Hour ago

    3:11 YoU uSeD A boBby piN iN YouR RiGHt BuN

  • Becka Bebop
    Becka Bebop Hour ago

    No naked skin should be see. Take that crop top off xD hahahah omg

  • Narjuma Begum
    Narjuma Begum Hour ago

    I'm fan😊😊😊

  • TanyaBon JafSin
    TanyaBon JafSin Hour ago

    She rly just threw a whole LV purse away

  • Artemis West
    Artemis West Hour ago


  • Isabella Espindola

    muy bueno pero no es tan susetible jajaj wacho atr ah re ndhea

  • Josh Jardine
    Josh Jardine Hour ago

    How are some of these life hacks?

  • Taylor Harris
    Taylor Harris Hour ago

    Hacks? More like how to live you life. dislike, and unsub

  • Stephanie Perez
    Stephanie Perez Hour ago

    Lmao don't get offended but they got no ass 😂

  • Alex jones
    Alex jones Hour ago

    4:34 her lips look as dry as my moms vagina

  • Ankitha Prashanth

    Ur wasting food ..have some sense

  • Wolfie Playz
    Wolfie Playz 2 hours ago

    Im a girl and this makes me very angry and mad because its telling us what to do. We as woman have free rights as a human being. And I dont think anybody should take that away from us. It is basically telling us how to live our lives when I could be that girl who worked her sweats to dinner. Or the one with the white shoes and floral dress.

  • Sudins Creation
    Sudins Creation 2 hours ago

    Great dear

  • svraa cake
    svraa cake 2 hours ago

    Some of these were racist and your basically telling girls what they should and shouldn’t wear like a dress code at a high school. This is just rude and offensive. Girls should be able to wear spaghetti straps if a boy can show they shoulders and I’m not saying can can go to school with shorts that show there whole but but we aren’t aloud to show our legs let alone our shoulders like this needs to stop.

  • natalie Ayers
    natalie Ayers 2 hours ago

    I watch this channel for so long. and now they are tell us women what we can’t do. like the way we dress. if we look amazing and feel amazing let us have that. this video is putting down women cause we need to wear what we want. i still love this channel thou.

  • Siena Malovic
    Siena Malovic 2 hours ago

    5:49 I tried this and when I put it on all the hot glue came off

  • Gina Sorrentino
    Gina Sorrentino 2 hours ago

    what is this ?!! 🤣🤣🤣 omg, who thinks like this?

  • Elena Salazar
    Elena Salazar 2 hours ago

    Waste of my time

  • Allison itzel López Mendoza

    8:49 si y asta hay todo bien Pero y si vas a la playa con traje de baño con dos piezas 👙 Adios curbas Hola cascada callente

  • Cool_gurl_oMG O’Bryant

    At 3:00 it shows her pepe

  • Jackie Rodriguez
    Jackie Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    this ain't it

  • Esmeralda Montoya
    Esmeralda Montoya 2 hours ago


  • Ren Editz
    Ren Editz 2 hours ago


  • Eugenia Zolotukhina
    Eugenia Zolotukhina 2 hours ago


  • Madeleine Dicochea
    Madeleine Dicochea 2 hours ago

    I am so the very first thing, *CUT MY OWN HAIR* no way! I might do the one right after she cuts her hair though, I have waist length hair and I’m trying to grow it out but I would *NEVER* cut my hair more than a centimeter!

  • ツBellamyツ
    ツBellamyツ 3 hours ago


  • Zaki.mubarok Zaki mubarok

    Ustat gusmitfah

  • Nina Kawaii QwQ
    Nina Kawaii QwQ 3 hours ago

    Seus racistas sexistas e machista

  • Game _time
    Game _time 3 hours ago

    ℂ𝕒𝕥 𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕤𝕠𝕟 𝕠𝕣 𝕕𝕠𝕘 𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕤𝕠𝕟? ℂ𝕒𝕥=ℂ𝕠𝕞𝕞𝕖𝕟𝕥 𝔻𝕠𝕘=𝕝𝕚𝕜𝕖

  • Caroline Cooke
    Caroline Cooke 3 hours ago

    Bitch if I had a Louis Vuitton bag, I’d be wearing it everywhere and showing it off😂

  • saroj kumari drawing classes

    Very nice video friend

  • Danielleaa Army
    Danielleaa Army 3 hours ago

    I'm sorry but I've not even watched 5 minutes of this and I think it's stupid!! Girls do what you want wear what you want. No one else should care. (Unless your young you should ask your mom or dad)

    • Midnight Vegas
      Midnight Vegas 24 minutes ago

      Yeah you're obviously a kid. Didn't even use the right "you're-"

  • Nevaeh Robey16
    Nevaeh Robey16 3 hours ago

    Omg iv never been the 25th like on 5 min crafts and can yall please like its my birthday im turning 15

  • Camila Fanatic
    Camila Fanatic 3 hours ago

    3:00 this girl has Heterochromia!!

  • Leah Does It
    Leah Does It 3 hours ago

    Ok no offence but these hacks suck

  • Jennifer Hogue
    Jennifer Hogue 3 hours ago

    Same tips different title.

  • Kavita Ishmael
    Kavita Ishmael 3 hours ago

    Why is a mom playing video games

  • Jordan Jiang
    Jordan Jiang 3 hours ago


  • Isty Bumiayu
    Isty Bumiayu 3 hours ago

    Dasarr cewekk 😁😁

  • Top Comment
    Top Comment 3 hours ago

    So pretty much cover your body otherwise your slutty

  • Roshani rajpoot
    Roshani rajpoot 3 hours ago

    Who is the best ..?? Life Hacks ______Like Othar____Comment

  • AshleeJE1
    AshleeJE1 3 hours ago

    This video is extremely sexist and highly condescending to women. There’s nothing wrong with showing off cleavage every now and then. Or wanting to look sexy 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Renee Jno Baptiste
      Renee Jno Baptiste 3 hours ago

      AshleeJE1 sis I was thinking the same thing like wtf is wrong with a crop top🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Eden DIYs and lifeStyle

    Cooll...how to print perfectly anything without a printer. I uploaded amazing hacks .❤

  • Kamryn Winburn
    Kamryn Winburn 4 hours ago

    At 3:11 that happens to me but with a bathingsuit

  • Iness Oliveira
    Iness Oliveira 4 hours ago


  • Enzo Narimani
    Enzo Narimani 4 hours ago

    Ok don't tell us girls how to wear things shi

    • Eden DIYs and lifeStyle
      Eden DIYs and lifeStyle 2 hours ago

      Hi enzo You would love to see amazing crafts on my channel . Snbcribe if you like. Print anything perfectly without a printer is latest.

  • Emma Speck
    Emma Speck 4 hours ago


    • Eden DIYs and lifeStyle
      Eden DIYs and lifeStyle 2 hours ago

      Hi emma You would love to see amazing crafts on my channel . Snbcribe if you like. Print anything perfectly without a printer is latest.

  • Altagracia Reyes
    Altagracia Reyes 4 hours ago

    Me das un corazón nueva sub

  • Yong Dong
    Yong Dong 4 hours ago

    It isn’t much satisfying to me

  • Maddy Puff
    Maddy Puff 4 hours ago

    4:27 you crusty

  • DIY Crafts LQH
    DIY Crafts LQH 4 hours ago

    I'm the first one

  • Kendall Starr
    Kendall Starr 4 hours ago

    is it just me or does this video sexualizes women about what they should and shouldn’t wear and what the rules of fashion is. i know most of these things are just proper manners but in the world we live in today people really don’t care what you wear they only care in schools

    ELLA SKINCARE 4 hours ago

    Cool hacks, this is the reason I love this channel

  • I Share U Watch
    I Share U Watch 4 hours ago

    Very satisfying

  • Neva creator._.
    Neva creator._. 4 hours ago


  • Marcela Ferreira Dos Santos

    Ay love

  • I. Be Awesome
    I. Be Awesome 4 hours ago


  • Amy Mitsui
    Amy Mitsui 4 hours ago

    Soooo earlyyy

  • مسلسلات تركية

    I'm number 10

  • Destiny Harris
    Destiny Harris 4 hours ago

    14 frickin like peridott

    • Eden DIYs and lifeStyle
      Eden DIYs and lifeStyle 2 hours ago

      Hi destiny You would love to see amazing crafts on my channel . Snbcribe if you like. Print anything perfectly without a printer is latest.

  • Siryo and O-dawg
    Siryo and O-dawg 4 hours ago

    Yaaay my favorite RUclip channel posted PS I am giving a shoutout to my next 100 loyal subscribers

  • Maria Melissa Galvão Gonzalez


  • Abigail Arevalo
    Abigail Arevalo 4 hours ago


  • DW Nation
    DW Nation 4 hours ago

    Who's been a fan before 2019? 😁🌟 👇 👇 I'm gifting my next 75 sußs and sußßing to whoever sußs to meee! With Notifications 🌟

  • sia gupta
    sia gupta 4 hours ago

    Me running up the stairs after closing the light is so relatable. :)

  • Maska Maska
    Maska Maska 4 hours ago

    Kako su neke stvari lepe. Kad ljudi imaju mašte, bravo .

  • Shadow Dragon 24680
    Shadow Dragon 24680 4 hours ago

    Half of these I never understand even the ones with the scarfs why make them into clothes, I never even understood the use of a scarf in the first place.

  • Gacha Queen
    Gacha Queen 4 hours ago

    I felt the pizza one

  • Evan Engelsma
    Evan Engelsma 4 hours ago

    why dat hair hanging there

  • mirmirs
    mirmirs 5 hours ago

    Okay, i didn't like the cat hair yarn, creeped me out!!

  • Erika Soto
    Erika Soto 5 hours ago

    Dang toothpaste under your eyes must have been painful

  • DJ Downs
    DJ Downs 5 hours ago

    Vaseline is edible?

  • Amoya Barracks
    Amoya Barracks 5 hours ago

    Try using a girl with kinky hair next time

  • Amoya Barracks
    Amoya Barracks 5 hours ago

    Try using a girl with kinky hair next time

  • Mariela Riesco
    Mariela Riesco 5 hours ago

    How You cannot do friend like can You want my love unicorns like 7u7

  • Mackenzie Episode
    Mackenzie Episode 5 hours ago

    Im just here cuz of the thumbnail 😂

  • Alanis Quimbiulco
    Alanis Quimbiulco 5 hours ago

    No hay qe botar lo qe no nos gueste ay niños qe no tienen ni q comer

  • KayVee Lee
    KayVee Lee 5 hours ago

    I have the same mascara as they use lol random comment ik

  • Gali Chen
    Gali Chen 5 hours ago

    I saw your thumbnail and I was really mad Your thumbnail is basically saying that Being fat: that ain’t good stop being fat But it doesn’t matter how we look it’s the inside that counts no one should be judged from their looks That was pretty cheesy but true so all you people that are seeing everyday people thinner then you doesn’t mean you should change yourself You are great person your looks don’t matter so for all you not so thin girls (including myself) be proud and rock it, say I am not thin like those girls in the magazines “so what!!” Well thanks for reading my pretty long comment😁