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GoT season 7 - MEME RECAP
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Harry Potter - Best of Hagrid
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Jigsaw O.J Simpson Awakens
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Olaf's MLG Adventure
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  • Relax Alex
    Relax Alex 11 minutes ago

    5:34 5:42 6:47

  • Trainlover 4449
    Trainlover 4449 Hour ago

    5:16 I will never get over the fact that Harry is eating a *chicken nugget* in this scene

  • silly cake 123
    silly cake 123 2 hours ago

    Jack-jack or boss baby

  • Jamaal Ali Richardson

    I guess I'm the only one that would have preferred Sandor living and sailing into the unknown with Aria...

  • TTG Gaming
    TTG Gaming 5 hours ago

    Ummmmmmm Tommen's Death John snow climbing out of the ice lake and his uncle finding him The death of the Clegaine brothers or Danearys deciding to attack King's Landing after the Bells have been rung

  • spacerunner 94
    spacerunner 94 5 hours ago

    Michael Schur comedies are great for the modern world

  • Subjective Object
    Subjective Object 6 hours ago

    A lot of these are actually really dark in context, but ooc they’re hilarious

  • Ano Nym
    Ano Nym 6 hours ago

    Somewhere, King Bob is now thanking the boar for taking him out before Dumb and Dumber could ruin him.

  • Yago Lara Segura
    Yago Lara Segura 6 hours ago

    Myrtle, if you don’t get out of that bathtub I’m gonna find a way to resurrect the Basilisk and have it kill you again.

  • Friends Gacha back
    Friends Gacha back 6 hours ago

    1:25 he’s not...saying......anything....?

  • Deus Vult Te Vincit
    Deus Vult Te Vincit 7 hours ago

    Not that I have a horse in thise race but, it is time to get, Rickety Rickety wrecked!!

  • Big_Brain_Kai’sa_Main

    6:01 reminds me of that spanish guy

  • Niceness_of_Gemini
    Niceness_of_Gemini 11 hours ago

    A Lost Girl episode did a better representation of Slenderman than this damn movie.

  • SnaresAndNets
    SnaresAndNets 13 hours ago

    Best Got character

  • Ariela Playz
    Ariela Playz 13 hours ago

    I thought it was pretty funny when they were going to their hideout place in the fifth book and hermonie was like it’s kinda fun breaking the rules isn’t it? And Ron said “who are you and what did you do with hermonie granger”

  • PeculiarFireMoon
    PeculiarFireMoon 13 hours ago

    Lockhart: OBLIVIATE *is blasted by the wand* Lockhart: Hello. ...Who are you?

  • PeculiarFireMoon
    PeculiarFireMoon 13 hours ago

    Hagrid: Some ruddy bird called Errol Ron: (ahhh... totally did not...)

  • thuy phuong
    thuy phuong 14 hours ago

    So cute

  • Gauthier Plantevin
    Gauthier Plantevin 15 hours ago

    Arya and Tywin scenes are fantastic

  • Right Zones number 1 fan

    Seamus finnigan is always gonna blow something up

  • king of dumbos
    king of dumbos 15 hours ago

    Yes a baby fighting a raccoon is adorable....

  • Right Zones number 1 fan

    Funniest lockhart line do you live here?

  • Leonardo Datore
    Leonardo Datore 16 hours ago

    Season 1-3 Littlefinger = Amazing character Season 4-7 Littlefinger = Who the fuck is that guy?

  • Dukeramboman MEME GOD
    Dukeramboman MEME GOD 16 hours ago

    1:29 damn thats an handsome baby btw do X0.25

  • Jays Geronca
    Jays Geronca 17 hours ago

    Check out this Harry Potter Collection. All 7 books -

  • Nicholas Walther
    Nicholas Walther 17 hours ago

    He could kill you with his little finger... OHHH THE IRONY!!!! "Littlefinger" How do you plead Lord Baelish?

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 17 hours ago

    Harry Potter is my favorite marvel movie

  • bruh sound effect #2
    bruh sound effect #2 20 hours ago

    0:33 Even by myself in a room with a dog I still feel uncomfortable watching the scene

  • Shriya Prasad
    Shriya Prasad 21 hour ago

    I love her accent but....

  • Johan Angkor
    Johan Angkor 22 hours ago

    I thought Moaning Myrtle was Daniel Radcliffe in a Wig

  • Soup
    Soup 23 hours ago


  • 626joshua
    626joshua Day ago

    I hope The Incredibles III will a lot better and less predictable than this one. I'd give PIXAR at least 5 to 7 years.

  • Darrell Thrasher

    Lambs to the cosmic slaughter!

  • Darrell Thrasher

    I love Rick.... I'd love to be his assistant

  • Elo Mezin
    Elo Mezin Day ago

    *watch were you put that hand hagrid...*

  • _FanOfTheFandoms _

    I didnt know they made a movie about slendy!?

  • Show off
    Show off Day ago

    A hound protecting a wolf pup. Edit: loved this comment from another video it fits here.

  • Elricson
    Elricson Day ago

    The distortions of Lancel's eye and Bobby B's mouth and eyes put me off.

  • Roweman
    Roweman Day ago

    You are wizard !

  • Adam The llama

    It is called: GENETICS 🧬

  • SonicFan147
    SonicFan147 Day ago

    Why isn't Voldemort's laugh on here?

    AEAPER Day ago

    back when the show was good 😪❤️

  • Shahar Bar-tor

    So many of these are out of context

  • J4mo Plays
    J4mo Plays Day ago

    Her favorite word is rubbish

  • Taylor Mcleod
    Taylor Mcleod 2 days ago

    This was the word before game of thrones

  • Memes Inc
    Memes Inc 2 days ago

    "I am the god of tits and wine" Tyrion Lannister, Son of Tywin

  • Kevin Bui
    Kevin Bui 2 days ago

    Where is dobby dancing on the bed??

  • Overrated
    Overrated 2 days ago

    Should have made it a psychological horror Jordan peele could have made this a master piece

  • David Alejandro Nuñez Nuñez

    Deep voice... oohh BITCH.

  • Ariz Hussain
    Ariz Hussain 2 days ago

    Some would say that he's the jack-jack of all trades

  • Ariz Hussain
    Ariz Hussain 2 days ago

    I would count that as 18 powers And 19 if we count the enhanced biting from jack-jack attack

  • Neon Libra
    Neon Libra 2 days ago

    Genuinely my favourite character

  • Boy from Hell
    Boy from Hell 2 days ago

    This movie is dog wank (Well from what I heard)

  • Shane Vincent
    Shane Vincent 2 days ago

    The glory days when the CGI was low and the plot/writing was high

  • Furia_Roja
    Furia_Roja 2 days ago

    They should have made a kate and charlie character Like from slender the arrival

  • Chisom Okeke
    Chisom Okeke 2 days ago

    Omg he looks like a big caveman

  • dr elephantsandwich

    Tyrion LANNISTER --

  • Kyle Ramtohul
    Kyle Ramtohul 2 days ago

    4:02 me in badminton

  • corgisbutt
    corgisbutt 2 days ago

    I just realized Malfoy has the same haircut as Donald Trump and Trump jr...

  • musab kinemaster
    musab kinemaster 2 days ago

    2:09 2:28 fat

  • Yikes
    Yikes 2 days ago

    the whooooooore is pregnant.

  • Yikes
    Yikes 2 days ago

    yOu wILL bE a SOldIEr

  • LukeKingCool YT
    LukeKingCool YT 2 days ago


  • Rudol Von Stroheim
    Rudol Von Stroheim 2 days ago

    Imagine one day, someone approaches you with 2 large buttons, one blue and one red, and says “If you press the red button, I will fix season 8. It will not be amazing, but it will be good. However, if you press the blue button, I will tell you what Podrick did to those girls” Which one do you press?

  • digital
    digital 2 days ago

    My man!

  • Legendary gamer
    Legendary gamer 2 days ago

    wtf i cried i spelld that wrong rigth

  • HarryPotter_Edits32 1

    Voldemort’s language: 4:11 Oouh! eaauwh 4:16 nuah! 4:19 NUAAWHHHHHH

  • Patricia Harold
    Patricia Harold 3 days ago

    "You can't just take a teddy bear from a grown man!"

  • jason mule
    jason mule 3 days ago

    The last good king... RIP

  • T 1
    T 1 3 days ago

    Most of the deaths are so quick and unrealistic

  • sounak mallik
    sounak mallik 3 days ago

    There is no hogward without you hegrid......Harry Potter...

  • Ch4os4ever
    Ch4os4ever 3 days ago

    5:40 was the funniest for me

    • Ch4os4ever
      Ch4os4ever 3 days ago

      Also every scene with snape, RIP Alan

  • Isabella Rodriguez
    Isabella Rodriguez 3 days ago

    *⚡ℋℴℊ𝓌𝒶𝓇𝓉𝓈 ℳ𝓎𝓈𝓉𝒾𝒸⚡* Te invitamos a formar parte de nuestro colegio. ¡Acabamos de abrir nuestras puertas!✨ ✨Contamos con✨: ⚡Gran Salón⚡ Salas comunes:🏯 Slytherin💚🐍 Hufflepuff💛🦡 Ravenclaw💙🦅 Gryffindor❤🦁 Actividades como:🏋🏻‍♀ Copa Híbrida🏆 Salón de tareas📚 Dinámicas🤸🏻‍♀ Clases📝 Mortifagos VS Auror☠ Y mucho más.👀 🖤Experimenta la magia🖤 ✨Saca tu lado mágico✨ ¡𝕊𝕖 𝕡𝕒𝕣𝕥𝕖 𝕕𝕖 𝕝𝕒 𝕞𝕖𝕛𝕠𝕣 𝕖𝕩𝕡𝕖𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕟𝕔𝕚𝕒 𝕕𝕖 𝕥𝕦 𝕧𝕚𝕕𝕒! ⚔🏛 *Afiliados al Ministerio Francés* 🏛⚔ Envía tu lechuza para saber que vendrás, al mejor colegio.🖤🦉

  • László Sárkány
    László Sárkány 3 days ago

    2:26 witch episod?!

  • Dean Tlotleng
    Dean Tlotleng 3 days ago

    Your boobs are all hanging about😂😂

  • Zerutso
    Zerutso 3 days ago

    I was looking forward to the slender man film and then welp, it turned into THIS crap. Such a shame.

  • Chiefers
    Chiefers 3 days ago

    Hardest working liver cause he drinks so much lol

    GREENEYELOVE 4 days ago

    Ser Barristan deserved a better end. He was one of my favorite characters. If he had to die, it should have been at the hands of another of the show's epic characters.

  • James 17
    James 17 4 days ago

    Never cried as hard at a movie in my life

  • Kenna ?
    Kenna ? 4 days ago

    Prof. Flitwick: Names? Harry: You’ve known me for 5 years. Prof. Flitwick: Just tell me Potter!

  • Kaitlyn Oram
    Kaitlyn Oram 4 days ago

    6:35 smooth Harry smooth

  • GhostLink92
    GhostLink92 4 days ago

    Bobby B. We will never see his like again...

  • Samcraft_10
    Samcraft_10 4 days ago


  • YRstacker IL
    YRstacker IL 4 days ago

    From what season is 5:58 from?

  • derdoc101
    derdoc101 4 days ago

    3:16 the armour actually stopped a blade like its supposed to, i have never seen that on film or tv before

  • Matthew GC
    Matthew GC 4 days ago

    Mcgonnagol: Professor moody what are you doing?! Moody: Teaching

  • beautifulnumber1
    beautifulnumber1 4 days ago

    What exactly is the function of a lubber duck? lol

  • That Huge Idiot
    That Huge Idiot 4 days ago

    jak jak a *BIG BOYE*

  • Mega Mind
    Mega Mind 4 days ago

    Catylen stark at 12

  • U.V. S.
    U.V. S. 4 days ago

    0:09 There's an empty cell in Azkaban crying for someone.

  • Rogerina M.
    Rogerina M. 4 days ago

    He is so loud ahah

  • Alexandru Octavian Bucur

    Arya Stark is the best caracter us am iconic caracter legendary caracter Arya is my favorite caracter i miss Arya very much I Love Arya very much d he is the most popular and loved caracter from Game of Thrones i big fan Maisie Williams i love her very much Maisie deserves winn an Emmy for Arya Stark Always i wanna suport Maisie whit everything she Need always i wanna love Maisie whit all My Heart Maisie have very much fans here in Romania

  • way of the fist
    way of the fist 4 days ago

    I don't like wine I like beer

  • Gülşah Kara
    Gülşah Kara 4 days ago

    Half of it is him being a piece of shit. But I love Riiiiick

  • manifestgtr
    manifestgtr 4 days ago

    Cersei is the only one I’m certain had nothing to do with this murder.....which makes it unique as King’s Landing murders go....

  • Ricardo Castillo
    Ricardo Castillo 4 days ago

    Poster of the black woman in the background at 1:17 is a reference to the movie The Shining, did anyone else get that?

  • Jonas Richter Voice Acting

    What do you want? +Raises glass+

  • Art of the Ocean
    Art of the Ocean 5 days ago

    Harry Potter is amazing! My favorite! "Honestlt woman you call yourself our mother!" 😂 ✨Small youtuber here!✨

  • random viewer
    random viewer 5 days ago

    Which episode is it where they almost gets their heads smashed

  • QuiltyClare
    QuiltyClare 5 days ago

    Marble Hornets is way more elaborated than this shit.