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Sister Location Trailer 1
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Five Nights at Freddy's
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Sit 'N Survive Gameplay
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Slumberfish Gameplay
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  • Jordan Gaymon
    Jordan Gaymon 11 minutes ago

    These Games came out in under a Year Thar’s Impressive

  • Jordan Gaymon
    Jordan Gaymon 15 minutes ago

    This Man took a Game That didn’t work into a Game that did

  • Funtime Freddy and Bon Bon

    This game is everything to me

  • Бонни 34
    Бонни 34 49 minutes ago

    Я обожаю фнаф

  • Rickinster
    Rickinster Hour ago

    0:53 That jumpscare scared tf outta me when i saw this for the first time, i didn’t think it would be that scary.

  • Reddead 051
    Reddead 051 3 hours ago

    Instead you get jumpscared the bear get jumpscare

  • PastelGamer21
    PastelGamer21 4 hours ago

    Frikin baby havin a seizure at the end

  • Zeynep Uydaş
    Zeynep Uydaş 4 hours ago

    Shhhhh! I am a glichtrap

  • LautyElPerro
    LautyElPerro 4 hours ago

    the last trailer

  • Blooky
    Blooky 7 hours ago

    Still nuffyn? Ok I know the new channel but come on.

  • Mothly Amazing
    Mothly Amazing 9 hours ago

    I'm getting nostalgia rewatching this

  • Daniel Movies Entertainment

    Hello fellow FNaF Community! If you’re looking for a FNaF movie, stay tuned on October 25 were I’ll be releasing one! Granted it’s not a big budget blockbuster, but I still tried my best👍 Trailers:

  • ArtInMotion
    ArtInMotion 15 hours ago

    I MISS IT!!!😭😭😭😭

  • Joy Kimber
    Joy Kimber 15 hours ago

    Can we get a sequel

  • bullet holes
    bullet holes 17 hours ago

    Scott can I be next creator of fnaf

  • MLG JJGames
    MLG JJGames 17 hours ago

    Note this man made horror games 4 years later.

  • snow solider
    snow solider 18 hours ago

    all boonie's life:1978:spring boonie 1978: bonbon (the same time with fredbare famaly pizza) 1987:old bonnie 1990: toy bonnie 1995:bonnie 2023: springtrap is no bonnie so... 20xx: a ugly spring bonnie that i saw him bonbon:🐇 f. Freddy:🐄 mike afton:👨 4 AM 🐄: hi bonnbon i think it's the birthday boy over there i should go give a suprise!! 👨:My birthday on may! 🐇:no! no one is here! 🐄: but bonbon... 🐇: everything is ok lets go back to sleep. 🐄but bonbon):. 🐇freddy no... 🐄bonbon... 🐇:shat up and go back to sleep so just close your mouth and shat up 🐄 bonnie bon doesn't like me any more 😰😰😰 🐇: ah sh*t here we go again... 🐄 :ahhhhhhhhhhh bonnie bon 🐇ok shhh i like you ok?! go back to your dumb stage and sleep 5AM 👨👉💵🐇 🐄: hi bonbon you playing hide and seek? 🐇: mike afton, i don't want this gift.sand freddy to the scooping room i will go live with funtime foxy.⚓👉🐄 bonbon? 👉🍖:i hate you bonbon. 🐇: finally

  • snow solider
    snow solider 18 hours ago

    i remember fnaf 1. it was so good. i was 6 years old and i dont have idea how i beat all the games.after i think 2 years my My dad and mom told me I shouldn't play anymore fnaf... they said this game make me nightmare,i was so sad... 2 years after that i boght the game (this year) and im playing fnaf and im pretty good i beat all fnaf good ends but someone can explain me why there is no mini game in fnaf 4 on mobile i want to see the bite mini game... i love fnaf it was my game since i was kid,it is my game now,it will be my game tomorrow and tomorrow and next week and next month and next year. in this Halloween on mobile will be updated in fnaf 4? happy Halloween everyone...

  • Beargirl 1359
    Beargirl 1359 21 hour ago

    “Don’t hold it against us.” What does she mean?

  • CR4ARXx _86
    CR4ARXx _86 22 hours ago


  • huster104 gaming
    huster104 gaming 22 hours ago

    Question Scott why you bully mat Well idc update is a update when mat gets bullied by fnaf updates or new games it means its good content but is dread bear like a forgotten or like failure prototype,nightmare or a old dead victim or none a virus to the vr game like I like to say reborn springtrap

  • WesleyO05
    WesleyO05 Day ago

    A legend was born... Thank you, Scott Cawthon, for a game that has led to countless SFM videos, memes, fan games, songs, theories, let’s plays, and more.

  • Raiked
    Raiked Day ago

    Ahhhh old fnaf....

  • No Face
    No Face Day ago

    What? the 4! No 8

  • Funtime Freddy

    Thanks for designing me! :D

  • Gil Sarvida
    Gil Sarvida Day ago

    0:44 me and the boys playing hide and seek then he found me so quick (Too quick)

    ILSTAROM Day ago

    Эммм скот где треллеры

  • cdegroot6498
    cdegroot6498 Day ago

    Backwords on witherd bonnie it says. Mick kill all

  • Jorgey Boi
    Jorgey Boi Day ago

    Shows baby Baby is the nicest one out of all of them Yet she is the one the did the worst thiny

  • K. M. Saria
    K. M. Saria Day ago

    Creepy I like it

  • Carl Parsons
    Carl Parsons Day ago

    NICE I LOVE IT ∞/10!!!

  • Sajid's Toys Review's Backup Account

    Now we are getting a special delivery.

  • Sajid's Toys Review's Backup Account

    This was 2 months before i was born, i was born on may 2007

  • Sajid's Toys Review's Backup Account

    Plz come back :(

  • Sajid's Toys Review's Backup Account

    Fnaf ar coming out soon

  • Alexander Villa

    That is sister location MA Scott Cawthon is playing sit’n survive in 2014 I though sister location MA was In 2016

  • NaxinilianNus
    NaxinilianNus Day ago

    Scoot won't tell us the real story Let's motivate him with a controlled shock

  • pabstar47
    pabstar47 Day ago

    0:47 William Afton’s death, somewhere in the 1980’s colorized

  • Freexy FNAF
    Freexy FNAF 2 days ago

    Who watch this in 2019 ? Ah the only one :'c

    • AiMac
      AiMac 7 hours ago

      Freexy FNAF seen your comment. Today is October 18, 2019 Friday and 7:48pm

  • Rafay Malik
    Rafay Malik 2 days ago


  • Veronica alejandra Merino berrios

    As fnaf 9 con un perro

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf 2 days ago

    Жаль, что Скотт забросил канал и уже 3 года не выпускает трейлеров к новым частям Фнаф.

  • Emily Phillips
    Emily Phillips 2 days ago

    *MatPat is shaking*

  • AlejandraXd2004-• Carranza

    :( por que lo borro?

  • NoobMaster69
    NoobMaster69 2 days ago

    Bad game 👎

  • Foxy Nigthmare
    Foxy Nigthmare 2 days ago


  • th3 memelord
    th3 memelord 2 days ago

    Christian boi turn into spooky bear robot game developer (2014 colorized)

  • th3 memelord
    th3 memelord 2 days ago

    2007= hhahahahaa Scott iz looozer 2019=where is new fnaf!!!!!!!!!!!

  • th3 memelord
    th3 memelord 2 days ago

    Why did Scott never use his channel anymore

  • Rayver Factor
    Rayver Factor 2 days ago

    Fnaf SL vs Jollibee?

  • Twisted Y
    Twisted Y 2 days ago

    How to find a fake Scott Cawthon? Easy! Look in the description see if he says "You know".

  • Smolpenguingod
    Smolpenguingod 2 days ago

    ah this shit slapped back in the day then you kids had to ruin and oversaturate this series to hell

  • Super Luigi Gaming
    Super Luigi Gaming 2 days ago

    Who agrees phone guy is a savage?

  • Notorius
    Notorius 2 days ago

    This game..

  • Евгений Ромашов

    Говно ты сыкун.

  • Xeroh1
    Xeroh1 2 days ago


  • Joseph Agar
    Joseph Agar 2 days ago

    Remember when everyone was calling William Afton "Vincent?"

  • Manu Paródias
    Manu Paródias 2 days ago

    1:12 YEESS PERFECT ❤❤

  • NyanPlayz
    NyanPlayz 2 days ago

    I used to play this with my older brother and now I can’t find it in the App Store. And even though you probably won’t see this comment, please add this app again. I recently thought about the game and was like, “wait, I LIKE THIS GAME THOUGH”

  • Siren The Pleb
    Siren The Pleb 2 days ago

    I love Sister Location so much!

  • ImmaBanana
    ImmaBanana 2 days ago

    Spoopy Bear and Friends Indulge In Spoopy Activities 2: Revenge of the Plastic

  • Trakrat
    Trakrat 2 days ago

    Chances are you've made a very poor career choice

  • Trakrat
    Trakrat 2 days ago

    0:01 baldi as a child

  • Spinel Quarts
    Spinel Quarts 2 days ago

    Scott please make fnaf ar free to download

  • Spinel Quarts
    Spinel Quarts 2 days ago


  • Spinel Quarts
    Spinel Quarts 2 days ago

    Anyone hyped For fnaf AR | | V

    THE ALEXANDER 2 days ago

    Pls scott cawtton pleace pleace pleace new fnaf world pleace fnaf world is fantastic is so cooooooool

    THE ALEXANDER 2 days ago

    My game favorite is fnaf world and chippers and son's

  • Alpaca Boi7
    Alpaca Boi7 2 days ago

    Remember back then, When FNaF reigned supreme, and RUclip was free to do whatever? Good times.

  • justin gonzale12
    justin gonzale12 2 days ago


  • Rahel Woldegiorgis
    Rahel Woldegiorgis 2 days ago

    Skott make more vids

  • Meredith Young
    Meredith Young 2 days ago

    Pewdiepie: 101 million subs Scott Cawthon: 1.89 million subs Me: *something is very wrong here*

  • Joselyn Insunza 2611

    give like those who want a Fnaf movie

  • Billy The Gamer
    Billy The Gamer 2 days ago

    ay m8, i dont know if you know but there is someone that is an imposter channel and is making fake videos. It is literally the same channel name and stuff. I mean im pretty shure, just tell me if im wrong

  • knuckles echidna
    knuckles echidna 2 days ago

  • BBT Productions
    BBT Productions 2 days ago

    You don't know how much you mean to me. Your constant content (Games, videos, ect.) has made me happy, pumped, and above all scared. I will never forget you. I have been so inspired by your work that I even have a few fan-game ideas. I have where they fit in the timeline and everything. I hope this means anything to you. :D <3

  • The Retorix 85
    The Retorix 85 2 days ago

    five nights at freddy SISTER REVENGE SISTER LOCATION 2

  • Issei Gremory
    Issei Gremory 3 days ago

    here in 2019 or 2020?

  • DeCasualIdad
    DeCasualIdad 3 days ago

    Que Recuerdos :(

  • jab
    jab 3 days ago

    to be honest i miss this

  • Sir. Lipe
    Sir. Lipe 3 days ago

    Keep waiting for the Trailer 2.

  • Spring foxy Gutierrez

    This fall

  • FNAF Lover
    FNAF Lover 3 days ago

    Good job Scott!

  • Gamedroid Games
    Gamedroid Games 3 days ago

    If Christen, his friend and faithful had the pearly gates closed on them, they would go inside Freddy and his friends.

  • Надежда Назарова

    Hello i Rus

  • Sharkz zy
    Sharkz zy 3 days ago

    Everybody gangsta till you check the left door and your hear breathing

  • Warfare Commenting
    Warfare Commenting 3 days ago

    Who else found the fake scott cawthon account

  • Bleashee Vor
    Bleashee Vor 3 days ago

    I'm not a big fan anymore, But this trailer is one of my favorite game trailers ever.

  • Arianna Frecceri
    Arianna Frecceri 3 days ago

    at 5:15 you can hear Scott's computer when he's voicing the characters

  • Johnny Wilson
    Johnny Wilson 3 days ago

    Just a month before FNAF even existed.

  • El Rancio 2.0
    El Rancio 2.0 3 days ago


  • N3verForNev3r
    N3verForNev3r 3 days ago




  • Cristopher Hernandez

    Helo scot

  • Menelek Phinn-williams

    This channel being forgotten: I am inevitable

  • JoeJoemac 9
    JoeJoemac 9 3 days ago

    Hey you remember when they called him *golden Bonnie?*

  • JoeJoemac 9
    JoeJoemac 9 3 days ago

    I always thought withered Bonnie look the best

  • Fribigy Forty-Seven

    My bro was expecting a jumpscare near the start

  • FNaF TV
    FNaF TV 4 days ago

    who comes from Germany?😅 Five Nights at Freddy's Still the best horror game. (2019)

  • FNaF TV
    FNaF TV 4 days ago