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  • Ella Lloyd
    Ella Lloyd 2 hours ago

    shit song lol

  • Mark Kupelyan
    Mark Kupelyan 3 days ago

    it's a hyperman set!

  • Richard Vietz
    Richard Vietz 8 days ago

    Kickin it brO keep it goiN seein u on the tube at Coachella 2016 man your effort and ur tunes youve a a fan for life i got ur Aa on vinyL thanks brotheR!...

  • Thomas S. Hamburg
    Thomas S. Hamburg 9 days ago

    Love this❤ Remembers me of London🤤

  • Nk Amg
    Nk Amg 9 days ago

    Louuuurd !! 🥳🥳🔥🔥🔥 fifa 20

  • Aaron
    Aaron 11 days ago


  • PIX3L OwO
    PIX3L OwO 14 days ago

    Who is from HJ Doogan :D

  • Gabriel Silva
    Gabriel Silva 16 days ago

    AJT 🔥

  • Oksana Graves
    Oksana Graves 17 days ago

    every song is different and every song is good.

  • vx sensei
    vx sensei 19 days ago

    My boiii in fifa 20!!!!

  • Final Buster
    Final Buster 19 days ago

    Woah! The views boosted so much! It went from a few thousand for so long to over a million.

  • SeBo_0815
    SeBo_0815 21 day ago

    FIFA 20 BEST SONG!!!!!

    LOVA TV 27 days ago


  • Rolando Alberto Gonzalez Mendieta

    I was here when the song had like 100,000 views and now I came back knowing that at least it had the recognition that it deserved with FIFA 20

  • Lalchatni
    Lalchatni Month ago

    This instrumental absolutely slaps!!!!!!!!

  • lil Boy
    lil Boy Month ago

    Fifa 20 😍🔥

  • raygan soares
    raygan soares Month ago

    Here before Fifa 20

  • ryo clarke
    ryo clarke Month ago

    soraga pink PETZ&chaki zulu

  • Kevin Dalton
    Kevin Dalton Month ago

    This the dopest video ever

  • Vicky Sean
    Vicky Sean Month ago


  • The
    The Month ago

    Fifa 20 Banger! ❤️

  • Billakos 07
    Billakos 07 Month ago

    The best

  • Big Voltz
    Big Voltz Month ago

    this is such a fifa arena tune

  • Xeevo
    Xeevo Month ago

    Who knew this before FIFA 20? I’m trying to reach 2K Subs. 😊

  • DesconOcida
    DesconOcida Month ago

    Here way before all the fifa virgins get here.

  • Oljad
    Oljad Month ago

    Announced that it’s been on fifa, but how have I only just heard this, banger.

  • ItzNxth 7
    ItzNxth 7 Month ago

    Fifa20 anyone?

  • AceThat
    AceThat Month ago

    Who's here for Fifa 20

  • AFCB Dan
    AFCB Dan Month ago

    Fifa 20 anyone

  • Harvey 07
    Harvey 07 Month ago

    FIFA 20

  • Ya sister
    Ya sister Month ago

    Anyone here from fifa 20 soundtrack release?

  • Hayden Smith
    Hayden Smith Month ago

    Fifa 20

  • JPXW
    JPXW Month ago

    Fifa 20 track?

  • Yxng_A Dot10
    Yxng_A Dot10 Month ago

    FIFA 20🤘🏾💥🥳

  • Boobs&Bass
    Boobs&Bass Month ago

    Whose here after finding out this is in the fifa 20 soundtrack ? 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Romaine Scott
    Romaine Scott Month ago

    Can’t wait to here this on fifa

  • Zidan Korkmaz
    Zidan Korkmaz Month ago

    Anyone here after FIFA 20 announced they would be using this song?

    • Vladiplier
      Vladiplier 4 days ago

      Here from the hjdoogan vids

    • Zidan Korkmaz
      Zidan Korkmaz 7 days ago

      @Thomas S. Hamburg u can always use Spotify

    • terra lord
      terra lord 8 days ago

      im here from hjdoogan lol

    • Thomas S. Hamburg
      Thomas S. Hamburg 9 days ago

      Ok i didnt know im gonna Buy Fifa just cause of the song

    • Aaron
      Aaron 11 days ago

      Say whaaaa

  • tune agee
    tune agee Month ago

    Anyone here after finding out this on fifa 20?

  • JulianVD-076
    JulianVD-076 Month ago

    Voltaaa 🔥

  • W7🥶🤟🏼
    W7🥶🤟🏼 Month ago

    FIFA 20🤟🏼

  • Aaron
    Aaron Month ago

    Like for a Friday night in Melbourne✌

  • StaticSoccer122
    StaticSoccer122 Month ago

    FIFA 20

  • Z E R O
    Z E R O Month ago

    First time heard this song I was in an airplane, and it started exactly when it was taking off, during a bright sunny day. Can't describe how wonderful that moment was, but it will be remembered throughout the rest of my life. Thanks Baauer.

  • Stylish Steps
    Stylish Steps Month ago

    This needs to be re-released would blow up now that AJ is a household name

  • Descxnd
    Descxnd Month ago

    This is confirmed for VOLTA in FIFA 20 :)

  • Faisal Alawadhi
    Faisal Alawadhi Month ago

    Is there any other songs that sound like this ❤️

  • imad bitbox
    imad bitbox Month ago

    جميل جدا⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩

  • CopyRights_ CalvinTheBird

    Who else came here from HJ Doogan?

  • Jathen618
    Jathen618 Month ago

    Remember he made the Harlem Shake song

  • Max Colin- The GOAT

    FIFA 20

  • Antonio Olvera
    Antonio Olvera Month ago

    Fifa 20?

  • Charlotte
    Charlotte Month ago

    Big up nottingham

  • Maximilian Mus
    Maximilian Mus Month ago

    This song is in Fifa 20 it’s been Leaked I’m so HYPED !!!! 😝😝😝

  • Lmao Its Distorted Energy

    99.999999 percent of comments: HjDoOjAn aNyOne?

  • Omar Rozay
    Omar Rozay Month ago

    This should be on fifa 20...

  • Ella Rose
    Ella Rose Month ago

    Yassssssssssssssssssss 🔥

  • Alf Wwfc
    Alf Wwfc Month ago

    Here before fifa 20

  • Potato 2.0
    Potato 2.0 Month ago


  • DrizzyShakz
    DrizzyShakz Month ago

    Fifa 20 song?

  • DesconOcida
    DesconOcida 2 months ago

    Here before the fucking fifa nerds get here.

  • jojo
    jojo 2 months ago

    Fifa 20 players incoming

  • Kaney P
    Kaney P 2 months ago

    Im here WELLLLL before the fifa fans appear.

  • rh17ys
    rh17ys 2 months ago

    in b4 this is on fifa 20 😎

  • R. Peyras
    R. Peyras 2 months ago

    FIFA 20 soundtrack!

  • FUT Taco
    FUT Taco 2 months ago

    FIFA 20? ❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗

  • Tyreke Phillips
    Tyreke Phillips 2 months ago

    Who’s here from the fifa 20 tweet?

  • Max Camilleri
    Max Camilleri 2 months ago

    Here before all the fifa 20 hype

  • marksippy1
    marksippy1 2 months ago

    I can’t be the only one who’s heard this on Fifa 20 beta on Volta

    FOOTY HQ 2 months ago

    Who’s hyped for Fifa 20!?

  • Исхак Муратов


  • Thomas M
    Thomas M 2 months ago

    Beautiful love this so much

  • DaGarcía15
    DaGarcía15 2 months ago

    I don't know who the hell is Hjdoogan. I just came here because this song is fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams 2 months ago

    Fifa 20🤟🏽

  • ashley rodrigues
    ashley rodrigues 2 months ago

    🔥 FIFA 20

  • Covalent Bond
    Covalent Bond 2 months ago

    how has this song been forgotten??

  • Aaron
    Aaron 2 months ago

    Life came back💯 us Aussies breathe this shit #420 👍

  • Spooky Moo
    Spooky Moo 2 months ago

    Love it

  • Milesportal
    Milesportal 2 months ago


    INCOGNITO SQUIDDIM 2 months ago

    Revolutionary war colorized

  • Carolina Pernia
    Carolina Pernia 2 months ago

    lo que quieras

  • Carolina Pernia
    Carolina Pernia 2 months ago


  • A4D1L
    A4D1L 2 months ago

    Hj doogan???? Anyone

  • Carolina Pernia
    Carolina Pernia 2 months ago

    me encanta es magnifica

  • Carolina Pernia
    Carolina Pernia 2 months ago


  • Shining Trailblazer TV

    1 year old today

  • Frangoo
    Frangoo 3 months ago

    fact:Baauer is the artist of the song "Harlem shake" look it up

  • Klaudia Klaudia
    Klaudia Klaudia 3 months ago


  • nikitos putin
    nikitos putin 3 months ago

    В тачке качает ✌🏻🇷🇺🤟🔥💪

    T3ARDROP SHAWDY 3 months ago

    my favorite shit

  • Kieran Ranage
    Kieran Ranage 3 months ago

    july 2019 anyone

  • Deepa Lahary
    Deepa Lahary 3 months ago

    gggaaahh.. sooo cool

  • David de León
    David de León 3 months ago

    Love the song

  • shaun andrews
    shaun andrews 3 months ago

    Fuck this song makes daddy horny

  • I uploaded 1 video only -

    *Her lips are BRIGHTER than my future* 😔😔😔😂

  • Gabriela Patrício
    Gabriela Patrício 3 months ago


  • Mr Foxx
    Mr Foxx 3 months ago

    Who didnt come here form a youtubers

  • tipo tipo
    tipo tipo 3 months ago

    HJDOOGAN for ever

  • It's Kax
    It's Kax 4 months ago

    0:41 to 0:58 HJDoogan

  • Kitchen-deejay
    Kitchen-deejay 4 months ago

    i want more! where to find??

  • Ricardo
    Ricardo 4 months ago

    I need this to blow up more, Miss Jae deserves it !