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PO Box Opening
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Hush (2016) KILL COUNT
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  • Dawn Yeates
    Dawn Yeates 11 seconds ago

    1:46 is that who i think it is?…… toM HOllANd??! DirEctOr?

  • The Unknown Dungeon
    The Unknown Dungeon 2 minutes ago

    "Chucky. Phrasing" LOL

  • Andrew King
    Andrew King 2 minutes ago

    That lady's theology was whacked.

  • mai okatamo
    mai okatamo 3 minutes ago

    Don't worry James i wanted to jump in too

  • Wesley Lubian
    Wesley Lubian 6 minutes ago

    I heard Sacrifice Staniel

  • Vince Joseph
    Vince Joseph 6 minutes ago

    I don't like how Michael Myers as the bully.

  • Jesse Howell
    Jesse Howell 7 minutes ago

    Can you do a kill count for the movie Cooteis

  • Gravecoyote 6497
    Gravecoyote 6497 9 minutes ago

    When had a bear trap EVER trapped an actual bear?

  • Angel Pina
    Angel Pina 10 minutes ago

    Weres ma it’s on digatal

  • Pyr0Maniac 05
    Pyr0Maniac 05 11 minutes ago

    Uhhhh, Uhhhh, Uhhhh, James? What is in your "i" tab???

  • Carlos David
    Carlos David 12 minutes ago

    do it chapter 2

  • Alex Perkins
    Alex Perkins 12 minutes ago

    Am I the only one who caught the Jurassic Park reference?

  • Samson shpow
    Samson shpow 13 minutes ago

    Why is one of the kill count girls is blue

  • Daniel Jensen
    Daniel Jensen 14 minutes ago

    Why didn't you link to the official music video to Move Your Dead Bones?

  • MimiPierre_
    MimiPierre_ 14 minutes ago

    hey guys welcome to Jeremey Jam make sure to like and subcribe!!!1!!!

  • Sugar And Spice
    Sugar And Spice 15 minutes ago


  • Tony Truong
    Tony Truong 16 minutes ago

    Had Maddy ever heard about using contact lenses of it existed

  • Andrew King
    Andrew King 16 minutes ago

    No James, you're wrong. Your video on the Night of the Living Dead was awesome. As was the movie.

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 18 minutes ago

    go commit my name is jeff

  • Subscribe To Reticleplays

    Seriously, big thanks to MVMT for doing this shit. Loved the kill count, keep it up.

  • Border War
    Border War 20 minutes ago

    Was this movie even about Christmas? Or is it Halloween? I mean yeah there’s Christmas decorations but it feels more like a Halloween movie with all the gruesome stuff In it

  • Abby Brustad
    Abby Brustad 20 minutes ago

    You should do the kill count for The Meg if you haven’t already

  • Jose Sandoval
    Jose Sandoval 20 minutes ago

    Shoulda been lepreQuan

  • Nathan Arellano
    Nathan Arellano 21 minute ago

    video *JUST* started and already 47 kills DAMNNNNN!

  • Monty Monster
    Monty Monster 21 minute ago

    Did anyone else notice James say "return life to the dead"? 0:34

    ACE XGAMER 22 minutes ago

    Ok how come a episode from Boy meets world has more kills than this??

  • Evelyn Franz
    Evelyn Franz 22 minutes ago


  • Mysterious Person
    Mysterious Person 22 minutes ago

    It Follows is basically a Pennywise STD

  • Troll Dedede
    Troll Dedede 23 minutes ago

    They should watch Scooby Doo: mystery incoperated show and make a podcast episode about it. It's really good and genuinely scary!

  • Sanctum Keeb
    Sanctum Keeb 24 minutes ago

    I Said This On Another Vid But Next Friday Can You Please Do The Pet Sematary Remake

  • JX2 Try hard
    JX2 Try hard 25 minutes ago

    Yur mum gay

  • Literosexual
    Literosexual 26 minutes ago

    I also thought Amanda came back in later films.......

  • Max McMichael
    Max McMichael 26 minutes ago

    How come you haven't done lost boys yet

  • Swish Gladiator
    Swish Gladiator 26 minutes ago

    Do childs play 2019

  • green gaming eye
    green gaming eye 28 minutes ago

    9:03 PLOT TWIST: emely didnt die and they are kising eachother SWEAT HOME ALABAMA

  • Queen Sara
    Queen Sara 29 minutes ago

    This movie has more of a realness to it then other horror movies

  • A.J. Lodeer
    A.J. Lodeer 30 minutes ago

    James you should do Zombieland next because a new one is coming out

  • jayden billo
    jayden billo 33 minutes ago

    Richie is Mike from stranger things

  • flemingdori79
    flemingdori79 35 minutes ago

    I thought that was a demoragon

  • palopatrol
    palopatrol 35 minutes ago

    “There are more flat lines there than in a hospital with a power outage”

  • Darkclaw gamer
    Darkclaw gamer 35 minutes ago

    Hush: Can't hear A quiet place: can't speak Bird Box: Can't see Kelso: Can't control the weather.

  • CJ CJ
    CJ CJ 36 minutes ago

    am i the only one who think Dan look exactly like Eli Manning😂😂😂😂

  • Rendi
    Rendi 36 minutes ago

    Please do a kill counts for The Farm! I really want to see these movie!!! \(๑╹◡╹๑)ノ♬

  • The Infinite Gamer
    The Infinite Gamer 37 minutes ago


  • Simon McGillivray
    Simon McGillivray 38 minutes ago

    James you should do a kill count of An American Werewolf in London!

  • Devindaking !
    Devindaking ! 39 minutes ago

    Plz do creep show

  • Phat Yoshi
    Phat Yoshi 40 minutes ago

    Could you do a stranger things kill count by any chance?

  • Little Guest
    Little Guest 41 minute ago

    Billy The Puppet likes TVs :D

  • WolfClan Blue
    WolfClan Blue 41 minute ago

    When a year after this episode we finally get what the Herbert West Key meant XD

  • Thrano
    Thrano 43 minutes ago

    I got randomly unsubscribed from this channel yesterday. Goddamn RUclip...

  • Malcolm Washington
    Malcolm Washington 43 minutes ago

    🎂🎉Happy Death Day James!! 🎂🎉

  • cRAckED__idkdiss
    cRAckED__idkdiss 45 minutes ago

    Did anyone notice that the alien monster is the demorgorgon from stranger things 3

  • Czech Silesian Mapper
    Czech Silesian Mapper 45 minutes ago

    Wtf He had Shotgun He could easilly kill them but that idiot would not try to kill them all.

  • Hotline Hero
    Hotline Hero 51 minute ago

    I'm glad the "Furries ruin everything" meme is alive and well. ☺

  • Spawn of nerds
    Spawn of nerds 51 minute ago please review the music video too

  • Kevin Randell
    Kevin Randell 51 minute ago

    When are you going to do childs play 2019. To add to the chucky series

  • David Heck
    David Heck 52 minutes ago

    Do it chapter 2

  • Joel Valdez
    Joel Valdez 56 minutes ago

    I think they did a good job matching this up with the 80's film.

  • Amelia Flores
    Amelia Flores 56 minutes ago

    why he put a aye boll in the ice crem

  • 12 34
    12 34 56 minutes ago

    This movie is such a dissapointment. Why make a movie if no one can see what is happening. Id rather pg 13 kills than not being able to see.

  • TheDisguisedCreeper
    TheDisguisedCreeper 57 minutes ago

    Before the kill count:*Calm as hell* After:133 PEOPLE DIED IN THE FIRST PURGE

  • Andrew King
    Andrew King 58 minutes ago

    Is somebody going to explain James' reference at 9:43? Edit: Nevermind. Google is awesome.

  • You dun Off up
    You dun Off up 59 minutes ago

    Why do you have a Soffa voice in this video

  • Meme_girl*fann;3 Uinacorn.cupcake

    So your telling me i can kill the guys chucky killed because realisticly chucky would get tackled down by a teddy bear

  • Tanner Border
    Tanner Border 59 minutes ago

    So funny! you should make a gaming channel!!

  • Zelashnida
    Zelashnida Hour ago

    I'll be 100% honest, that animation of the song is what got me to find these movies. Thank you furry community lol

  • The Random Gamer

    Why the hell did I just get 2 Chinese ads

  • Amelia Flores
    Amelia Flores Hour ago

    why was the first kill was werd

  • Brandon Coyne
    Brandon Coyne Hour ago

    Love the videos James, have you thought about doing kill counts for the Phantasm series yet?

  • Angel Beas
    Angel Beas Hour ago

    3:48 #TimesUp

  • BostonAustin717 World Of Sports

    I'm a huge wrestling fan and I loved the Becky Lunch reference

  • plz don't watch me

    Don't worry James, I haven't watched any of the fast & furious movies either

  • lolhudsonlol
    lolhudsonlol Hour ago

    JAMES YOU NEED TO DO A KILL COONT FOR RAMBO LAST BLOOD WHEN YOU CAN!!! i know it’s more action/thriller then horror but some of the kills are gory af and so creative

  • Kermit the frog
    Kermit the frog Hour ago

    "It was a theory"

  • Kalvin Rosas
    Kalvin Rosas Hour ago

    *because nobody likes to see a dead cat* Turkey ritual: ...

  • michael myers
    michael myers Hour ago

    You are the best

  • Wolffie Perez
    Wolffie Perez Hour ago

    When I was little like 5-9 this movie hantend me now im 13 and I an't scared hoto

  • MS Cookies
    MS Cookies Hour ago

    When I first saw IT and saw Richie I was automatically like "OMG THAT'S MIKE FROM STRANGER THINGS (Finn Wolfhard)

  • mediaflare
    mediaflare Hour ago

    Thank you so much for doing this movie! I have this list of "horror movies that traumatised kid me" that I've been hunting down, and all I could remember from this movie was the creepy mannequin scene. Between this, Jack Frost, and Pet Semetary (I actually mistook the sequel for the original as a kid) you're making my life goal happen!

  • Andrew King
    Andrew King Hour ago

    Probably the creepiest movie in the series. First is the best (or maybe the second) still though.

  • Mikexbbbyz66b zdx ywvzv-; yb6b ifv f sccz Steder

    James who is your favriote killer through out your chanle

  • manuel vargas
    manuel vargas Hour ago

    Come on James you should watch fast and furious series it's really good

  • Alex Romeu
    Alex Romeu Hour ago

    I know for sure that James is. Gonna do a kill count to IT 2

  • The Art Yeti
    The Art Yeti Hour ago

    Old adult Eddie looks like new adult Richie

  • Christina Saldivar

    James a janese is so funny

  • The Hard Time Destruction

    watch the movie first then watching a spoiler or you'll scare the crap out of your friends

  • Zuzia Spokojest
    Zuzia Spokojest Hour ago

    I'm disappointed with the lack of jojokes

  • damonika09
    damonika09 Hour ago

    Yeah Keisha played one of my favorite characters from Girlfriends. ❤️

  • Stop motion Nerd

    Candy man pls

  • ツSheLovejul
    ツSheLovejul Hour ago

    B is 😍😍

  • Catgonzo1988
    Catgonzo1988 Hour ago

    Dieeeeeeeeeeeeee morgu

  • Dalek Supreme
    Dalek Supreme Hour ago

    The movie is now free on RUclip

  • Catgonzo1988
    Catgonzo1988 Hour ago


  • Catgonzo1988
    Catgonzo1988 Hour ago


  • Reverse Flash
    Reverse Flash Hour ago

    I like James because he makes horror movies not scary

  • Kane Citicani
    Kane Citicani Hour ago

    If it turns out that Michael becomes the next Michael as a woman later on its over. Never watching this shit

  • PandaCraZed
    PandaCraZed Hour ago

    i still think it’s funny that they literally had a child gangbang in the original It book

  • Jonathan Auroza
    Jonathan Auroza Hour ago

    Jeepers creepers kill count?