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  • Gerai Ghaida'
    Gerai Ghaida' 3 hours ago

    masya Allah 💕

  • Liam Mon
    Liam Mon 3 hours ago

    Thanks for making this one :D

  • Clearlywinter 00
    Clearlywinter 00 3 hours ago

    Legends never die

  • 4 Dreaming
    4 Dreaming 3 hours ago

    Bro i see your struggle and it touches me when you make this food all these children because some people leave kiss to starve

  • Vastin Kelter
    Vastin Kelter 3 hours ago

    chicken pieces are mostly with bones - some of them just bone (seen some breast meat with ribcage bones together - no wonder these people are weird) ... And tell him not to say anything, please. Corianer riif, redu chili poder, saltu, vegiteblu aail, cmon - best if he speaks his language with subs. Wouldn't be so painful to listen. I guess it is a good cause but somebody just uses this poor old man to get youtube income. And did you notice that teacher at 11:39 ? She looks like camp guard there... Kids eyes look scared and staged. Honestly something dodgy behind... Just notice how many adverts are woven in as well - shame!

  • Victor Cardoso
    Victor Cardoso 3 hours ago

    poor child's eating testicle

  • celycanela
    celycanela 4 hours ago


  • Maaz Memon
    Maaz Memon 4 hours ago

    Why do you make food in the village

  • BJ Timestar
    BJ Timestar 4 hours ago

    ask them what kind of paluted waters it comes from??????????

  • Isadora Alves
    Isadora Alves 4 hours ago

    Sou o comentário brasileiro que vc esperava :)

  • Mimi 83
    Mimi 83 4 hours ago

    That chicken still had blood in it. It needed a little while longer on the fire, but I'm sure those flavors were good.

  • Krall
    Krall 4 hours ago

    this grandpa does not have extra finger on hand he is not the true hindu uncle

  • Papa Wylie
    Papa Wylie 4 hours ago

    3 bits a pakora I wood go aff ma nut demand 12 mare bits n a wee tub a pakora sauce & nae bullshitin.

  • bhutheman Akuma
    bhutheman Akuma 4 hours ago

    That's real butter....

  • Ernesto Yescas
    Ernesto Yescas 4 hours ago

    Congratulations of Chalco state of México...😀😀😀

  • Meez Gotti
    Meez Gotti 4 hours ago

    Bless to all the beautiful children. Salute grandpa. Imma smoke one 4 u

  • Ernesto Yescas
    Ernesto Yescas 4 hours ago

    Don, no limpio las panzas... Están sucias aun..🤢

  • James Kirk
    James Kirk 4 hours ago

    Those kids eat what's put on thier plate.....

  • Bixe Iبيكس
    Bixe Iبيكس 4 hours ago

    عاش ابوفسيه

  • Tanice McIntosh
    Tanice McIntosh 4 hours ago

    Too much season grandpa

  • Joshua Martinez
    Joshua Martinez 4 hours ago

    Thats the best hot dog i had ever seen in my tire life

  • Mika Einhannen
    Mika Einhannen 4 hours ago

    get that guy a proper knife for ducks sake

  • samuel chaddy
    samuel chaddy 4 hours ago

    Ill eat a Huge Pizza in front of them LOL

  • Ashly Bosch
    Ashly Bosch 4 hours ago

    He has better kitchen tools than me

  • Molly Moe
    Molly Moe 5 hours ago

    Way overcooked the shrimps! Waste something good!

  • Flaming Panda
    Flaming Panda 5 hours ago

    Everytime he points and says "this is your grampa " i think my heart melts

  • Odei Michael
    Odei Michael 5 hours ago

    Those of u that don't eat goat intestines, u don't know what u are missing 😀

  • Trudy Marshall
    Trudy Marshall 5 hours ago

    Too much pepper flakes for me🤪🤪

  • Farhanaz Sayani
    Farhanaz Sayani 5 hours ago

    Oh my God that's lots of spice and Chili's for the small kid it look like a devil carry to me how does small kids eat spicy food

  • Arwa Alamoudi
    Arwa Alamoudi 5 hours ago

    يا جد ماينفع هذا الكلام كمية الزيت فظيييعة!!😱

  • Dilip Singh
    Dilip Singh 5 hours ago


  • Earth Worm
    Earth Worm 5 hours ago

    Sold famous I'm in the UK never tasted it lol

  • Farhan Qazi
    Farhan Qazi 5 hours ago

    lol. You should call it a Funny and Yummy chicken biryani.

  • unitram
    unitram 5 hours ago

    World famous? Sure dumbass.

  • Vashti Persad
    Vashti Persad 5 hours ago

    I must ask this question, why is it that so many spices is put in the garlic shrimps, the look on the children faces tell's a different story ,with all that chillies ,paprika ,curry leaves plus the garlic , come on grandpa,I am sure that it must have tasted good with all that spices ,but not for children,one little boy was actually showing the pain on his face whiles eating the shrimps,keep the good work of feeding these children,but a gentle reminder,they are children,keep the spices to the minimum, let them enjoy the food not run from it .

  • Vee
    Vee 5 hours ago

    Spaghetti 🍝 😍

  • inner armour
    inner armour 5 hours ago

    Saara material zayia kia hay

  • FaMu bHrA
    FaMu bHrA 5 hours ago

    Great video ! How long did you keep the biryani on steam? Could you please advise. Thank you

  • Cadija Nunez
    Cadija Nunez 5 hours ago

    I wouldn't eat it but I love watching them cook it. But I'm addicted to all these spices they are using. Love u gramps

    MONICA NEVADO 5 hours ago

    Mixwell! 🤣🤪 love you grandpa God bless you more and your family 🙏😇

  • Compte suppriméé!
    Compte suppriméé! 5 hours ago


  • Ben Power
    Ben Power 5 hours ago

    6:00 He is the reason man city are rich

  • Damiana
    Damiana 5 hours ago

    Much Love from Upstate New York! I would love to cook with you!!!

  • Sebastián Aliaga
    Sebastián Aliaga 5 hours ago

    Ohhhh the sounds...

  • Jensen Rivera
    Jensen Rivera 5 hours ago


  • Troll Time
    Troll Time 5 hours ago

    Thank you💜

  • emmanuel safari
    emmanuel safari 5 hours ago

    I wish he was my grand too, this what its all about, he, ll live behind great memories with those young men, I hope they, ll keep the tradition going,

  • David M
    David M 5 hours ago

    That smile on children's face make you feel like your effort worth every single minute😌❤

  • K. Gordon Raphael
    K. Gordon Raphael 5 hours ago

    Awesome. 😌

  • Franklin Ruiz
    Franklin Ruiz 5 hours ago

    man I can barely bake chicken in a state of the art kitchen and my man out here feeding a village an amazing meal with his hands and a big ass pot

  • irene c
    irene c 5 hours ago

    Him:doing all those good stuff for people Mom: go clean up ur room! Me:no mom i don't want to

  • Tajthegaming channel

    The kids r nicer than any of the bullie

    BINDAR DEPAY 6 hours ago

    Respect 🌏

  • Z Hemphill
    Z Hemphill 6 hours ago

    Pizza looks tasy!

  • BL4CK_M5RROR 75 toledo

    Fuck you and kids

  • Francismar De souza
    Francismar De souza 6 hours ago

    Parece bom?!!!!

  • TheGamingKid132 Chavez

    I I l I lo I lov I love I love c I love co I love cor I love corn I love corn d I love corn do I love corn dog I love corn dogs

  • md walal ahmed
    md walal ahmed 6 hours ago

    It's time to 3:27Am and i am very hungre

  • Z Hemphill
    Z Hemphill 6 hours ago

    05:57 ketchup ♥️ For my son

  • Habiba Idiris
    Habiba Idiris 6 hours ago

    I like the way he say super and care for th children's 👌👌😊😊

  • Tapak K. Sahoo
    Tapak K. Sahoo 6 hours ago

    i liked the way he does so carefully and finally server to others to see smiles on their faces. Kudos to this channel.

  • katbyte6lo
    katbyte6lo 6 hours ago

    Looks awesome! Chicken looks great too.

  • vanesa sued
    vanesa sued 6 hours ago


  • Enrique chaparro
    Enrique chaparro 6 hours ago

    All that food on the floor, you could have fed another kid smh

  • Chick-fila _____
    Chick-fila _____ 6 hours ago

    Grandpa carrying everybody to victory

  • Александр Данилов

    now that's one proper Grandpa!

  • Daughter_of Zion
    Daughter_of Zion 6 hours ago

    Don’t smoke and eat them donuts without milk

  • GhoulboY
    GhoulboY 6 hours ago

    This is not spaghetti

  • Mark anthony Arminio

    After grandpa poop he said mix well 😂😂

  • حالات واتس
    حالات واتس 6 hours ago

    اعمل فيشار

  • Sunny Bansal Canada
    Sunny Bansal Canada 6 hours ago

    Great Job Grandpa. Awesome cooking Style. You are doing a great job by feeding those angels. God Bless you.

  • Nacera Baadji
    Nacera Baadji 6 hours ago

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmjujuste TOP milles bravos je vous adores😀😍😍😍😍🙌🙏🙆👼👼👼💋💪💖💕👌👌👌💝

  • Esteban Jacome
    Esteban Jacome 6 hours ago

    Porque. Las niñas son calbas

  • Tang Jared
    Tang Jared 6 hours ago

    Popeyes has entered the chat

  • Rosana Garcia
    Rosana Garcia 6 hours ago

    q lindo q bondad , un gran hombre👏👏👏👏

  • Lucas Pickford
    Lucas Pickford 6 hours ago

    I absolutely love this channel.

  • Listhpy Whithper
    Listhpy Whithper 6 hours ago

    See man white people can't cook like this. All that flavour, mmm I want some.

  • AdxmSama
    AdxmSama 6 hours ago

    I want the same

  • Lynne Smith
    Lynne Smith 6 hours ago

    I could eat that and enjoy it

  • Anti-Social Justice Warrior

    When god evolves it equals this grandpa

  • Leonel Gonzales
    Leonel Gonzales 6 hours ago

    Buen video👍

  • omar khan
    omar khan 7 hours ago

    tmhre baap ne milaya kya ... lemon gosh me ...chutiya marre saalo

  • Rose Castillo
    Rose Castillo 7 hours ago

    Beautiful babies glad they enjoyed their meal!

  • Sharon-Ignatia Swartz

    Grandpa's voice and pronounciation of words MIX WELL🤣😎

  • zoel jh
    zoel jh 7 hours ago

    Please include the measurement,like chicken 5kg,red chili powder 1gm

  • Astrafalustre
    Astrafalustre 7 hours ago

    Stylish grandpa. Great food. Mixwell !

  • breket fsaha
    breket fsaha 7 hours ago

    Waww super

  • Miz R.
    Miz R. 7 hours ago

    Love from Bangladesh :)

  • Squidward King
    Squidward King 7 hours ago

    This is enough to make a grown man cry

    SKULL々 RB 7 hours ago

    nizami biryani super

  • Alimatou Hydara
    Alimatou Hydara 7 hours ago

    I love grandpa thanks

  • Serafino Neroni
    Serafino Neroni 7 hours ago

    Ogni goccia di ketchup un napoletano muore.

  • rita ahmad rita ahmad,Hum

    I love you gradpa... From🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  • Olaf Schölzel
    Olaf Schölzel 7 hours ago


  • sebahack Cortes
    sebahack Cortes 7 hours ago

    Se rasco el oyo antes de tocar las cosas

  • Jerris George
    Jerris George 7 hours ago

    Keep it going Grandpa you are truly loved💖💖

  • Thomas King
    Thomas King 7 hours ago

    I been eating a chicken and rice dish for decades that looks amazing

  • Lesa Williams
    Lesa Williams 7 hours ago

    This looks incredible. Where are you located?

  • imputanium
    imputanium 7 hours ago

    is that arteries and bones in the chicken pieces?