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The World's Least Bouncy Ball
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    ZDREX GAMER 6 seconds ago

    I feel so stupid because I only knew it's edited when the ball got really big..

  • Joel Laguna
    Joel Laguna 5 minutes ago

    kind of the same idea as a black hole showing the other side of the black hole.

  • Kiki Tay
    Kiki Tay 7 minutes ago

    1:05 I love you mommy!

  • Team Ski
    Team Ski 16 minutes ago

    You really need to wear protection. Watching you freaked me out......

  • MachineElf
    MachineElf 18 minutes ago

    Very nice now let's see you run a vacuum cleaner from it...

  • Zarlixon Van Wijk
    Zarlixon Van Wijk 22 minutes ago


  • Kalun Myers
    Kalun Myers 24 minutes ago

    How are we less dense than water??? Have you ever sat in a hot tub???

  • Vengeful Wing
    Vengeful Wing 25 minutes ago

    Wait so cant this flame be used for the rainbow flame tests cuz no one ever made purple flame properly

  • Defensive Wounds
    Defensive Wounds 36 minutes ago

    This was always common sense to Some nutters out there don't know how to think.

  • Kalun Myers
    Kalun Myers 36 minutes ago

    Heavy metal poisoning HURAH

  • jim colegrove
    jim colegrove 41 minute ago

    Is this the thought of the great pyramid project?

  • Zarlixon Van Wijk
    Zarlixon Van Wijk 44 minutes ago

    I wel try it ( 1 hour later ) my leg,s!!!

  • jacob davis
    jacob davis 49 minutes ago

    You should shoot a vacuum chamber with a 50 cal with something in it that won't collapse from the vacuum right away but would blow up from the 50 cal you'd have implosion and explosion possibly

  • WalkerBrosFilms
    WalkerBrosFilms 52 minutes ago

    They had us in the first half I ain’t gone lie....

  • Infamous BC
    Infamous BC Hour ago


  • Alex Baldwin
    Alex Baldwin Hour ago

    I’m kinda sad he said where he got the blood from it would’ve been a fun little mystery if he didnt

  • Alex Baldwin
    Alex Baldwin Hour ago

    This is just a recording of when Risotto Niro first discovered his Stand

  • Sanidhya Shrivastava

    Hey bro sorry my question is not related to your video but still I want to know why there is no spherical mirror (concave and convex mirror) camera exist.

  • Alex Baldwin
    Alex Baldwin Hour ago

    Video starts at 3:45

  • Abc Defg
    Abc Defg 2 hours ago

    Something really really strange is going on in the universe.

  • Brian Bowman
    Brian Bowman 2 hours ago

    You have a great house!

  • Yiani Bv
    Yiani Bv 2 hours ago

    can i paint my nails whis color i just need to

  • geet jain
    geet jain 2 hours ago

    Why free corner of flag not bend towards the hole when the air is sucking out

  • Samuel versatile
    Samuel versatile 2 hours ago

    This is so disturbing xD

  • MY571C4LH1GH5 *
    MY571C4LH1GH5 * 2 hours ago

    RUclip why do you keep putting these videos on my recommended please stop

  • Spartan O Negative
    Spartan O Negative 2 hours ago

    🦈 s too , they run from magnetic fields

  • Comrade Chungus
    Comrade Chungus 3 hours ago

    -Cool video- *lol*

  • Padala Prasanth Reddy

    Nice work

  • Atul kumar
    Atul kumar 3 hours ago

    what's the power of red laser in the video ?

  • Billy Stacy
    Billy Stacy 3 hours ago

    I like when Buzz Punches that moon landing debunker in the face. Conspiracy twats should be endangered species

    ABHISHEK KARAN 3 hours ago

    Really R.I.P Stretch Armstrong 1976- 2019

  • Mohammed Muqeem
    Mohammed Muqeem 3 hours ago

    That is due inertia

  • Cutest SithLord
    Cutest SithLord 3 hours ago

    So you make the most hot flame in hell. Hmmmmmmmm....... INTERESTING

  • Roman Cernega
    Roman Cernega 3 hours ago

    I'm sorry but passwords all in one place is a stupid idea instead of just one account getting hacked like say your email if the app gets hacked they have access to all your passwords

  • May Syzygy
    May Syzygy 4 hours ago

    My educated guess before the video.... No you can't.

  • Certinho
    Certinho 4 hours ago

    A self-contained plasma beam! Hello.

  • Rafael bigBoss
    Rafael bigBoss 4 hours ago

    5:26 that's cool! Ring of smoke

  • Robiul Rabbi
    Robiul Rabbi 4 hours ago

    Fire of hell will be black.

  • Jimin's jams
    Jimin's jams 4 hours ago

    so if the acceleration of the pull of gravity is directly proportional depending to the amount of mass, like what he stated that the larger the mass, the more gravity forces to pull the object; does that mean that if the presence of air was absent, then the object that has a heavier mass will reach the bottom first because of how much gravity pulls it compared to the object that has less mass?

  • nateb69
    nateb69 4 hours ago

    Global shutter for the win!

  • Logic Bob
    Logic Bob 4 hours ago

    Feel free to lower the volume on the drone in post-production next time. 😉

  • Mikke Alon
    Mikke Alon 4 hours ago

    Wow dam experiment 😮

  • Noah Receveur
    Noah Receveur 4 hours ago

    4:00 that would be a great desktop wallpaper

  • Yeabsetota Birru
    Yeabsetota Birru 4 hours ago

    You need to stop with the misleading and clickbaity thumbnails

  • Dalia The Oreo
    Dalia The Oreo 4 hours ago

    1:27 It looks like it is stabbing your hand

  • Princess Luna
    Princess Luna 4 hours ago

    'Let's see what happens when we pour this pile of nuts, bolts and screws on Stretch Armstrong.' Stretch Armstrong: Um...can we not?

  • Freddy Beer
    Freddy Beer 4 hours ago

    The flies instantly became unworthy of their name

  • Dat one Boi
    Dat one Boi 4 hours ago

    I stoped thinking it was real when he explained what it is

  • QwertyGuay
    QwertyGuay 5 hours ago

    are u the guy in a meme???

  • Okumura Aoi
    Okumura Aoi 5 hours ago

    Is this how rin okumura blue flame is made lol

  • arpita1shrivas
    arpita1shrivas 5 hours ago


    THE SCI-VENGERS 5 hours ago

    When someone says quantum tunneling in real life, Me: expecting me passing through wall

  • Byron Owens420
    Byron Owens420 5 hours ago


  • Geoffr524
    Geoffr524 5 hours ago

    Panorama, with rolling shutter - Taking it to the next level. *Everyone:* Try messing with "Panorama", on your phone, while objects are moving, like people, and animals. There are a lot of examples, of glitched, and funny Panorama's online. Search for "Glitched Panorama's", and Panorama gone wrong. This really messes with the iPhone's brain, and Rolling Shutter, may be part of, what makes, really funny Panoramas. Amazing Video, love this *"Rolling Shutter"* effect so much, on Video Mode, and Panorama Mode. Please Like and PIN, this comment, THANKS.

    • Geoffr524
      Geoffr524 5 hours ago

      Place your funny Panorama creations online.

  • Ripped Torn
    Ripped Torn 5 hours ago

    Salvia feels 4th dimensiony .

  • Craig Gallagher
    Craig Gallagher 5 hours ago

    If anything it was waving easier under vacuum as it didn't need to push against air as it was being shaked.

  • Purple William Gaming

    This channel is doing good, keep up, im a fan of this channel

  • 이채린
    이채린 5 hours ago

    Me a simple ARMY and read the title wrong as WINTER BEAR

  • MiniLemmy
    MiniLemmy 5 hours ago

    Wish this guy didn’t sound so damn camp....

  • Abdulla Abdulla
    Abdulla Abdulla 6 hours ago

    Wow it just went through the earth that is wen I stoped falling for it

  • ♫♪Ludwig van Beethoven♪♫

    Wouldn't neutrons react with every atom around them selves?

  • Sureshkumar K P
    Sureshkumar K P 6 hours ago

    Nice video. No disrespect, but the title made me ROFL...

  • Error No-Internet
    Error No-Internet 6 hours ago

    1:52 My friend: stop trying to act smart

  • Cody C
    Cody C 6 hours ago

    These types of cherries taste horrible.

  • Tu Trinh Nguyen
    Tu Trinh Nguyen 6 hours ago

    It is vantablack

  • Undefined Undefined
    Undefined Undefined 6 hours ago

    Always wanted to see what crushing hot lava looks like. I've only ever done it with warm lava in the past.

  • J2 The Rich Boy
    J2 The Rich Boy 7 hours ago

    Future Crusification will be like

  • Aries Arriesgado
    Aries Arriesgado 7 hours ago

    Mythbusters already did this.

  • Kasen Benjamin
    Kasen Benjamin 7 hours ago

    I’m gonna use applejuice

  • Turtle Comix
    Turtle Comix 7 hours ago

    That’s just a marble or if it’s really a neutron star where did he get it from The closest neutron star is 400 light years from earth

  • Harsh Soni
    Harsh Soni 7 hours ago

    Now record that from mate 30 pro

  • hassan Shakeel
    hassan Shakeel 7 hours ago


  • M1staken G1ark
    M1staken G1ark 7 hours ago

    11.20 got an ad for underwater.👍

  • Mcgravier
    Mcgravier 7 hours ago

    It works great until it doesn't. If entire thing gets hot enough that water doesn't want to condense you may and up with runaway heat effect.

  • Do a viral
    Do a viral 7 hours ago

    Captain Disillusion wants to know your location

  • Raymond Filyau
    Raymond Filyau 8 hours ago

    I hate it when my balls get knocked back and forth......unless they bounce. Then its great!

  • Raymond Filyau
    Raymond Filyau 8 hours ago

    All i hear are the voices in my head that keep me from killing.

  • Raymond Filyau
    Raymond Filyau 8 hours ago

    I heard " greenstorm"

  • kk
    kk 8 hours ago

    Gained new knowledge! Thanks

  • chillin epic
    chillin epic 8 hours ago


  • Mark Steven Calano
    Mark Steven Calano 8 hours ago

    Can u put 2 cups in the frizzer

  • Anil Kumar Sharma
    Anil Kumar Sharma 8 hours ago

    we know that one meter square area gives 10000 kg of weight by atmospheric pressure, now we use a twelve meter long box made by very strong materials since per squares meter it's experience 10000 kg as we used it for making energy from atmospheric pressure it's inverted vessel like a big test tube, now we know that when atmospheric pressure changing then water level goes changing also so we put a very strong neodymium magnet floating inside the vessels and coiled the vessels with copper wire so we got that system which always gives electrical charges and we stored that electricity in battery so world wide we saved million dollar fuel every day👿👿👿👽👽👽 this modal gives very gigantic power at large scale and it's very much easy to setup even by poorest countries, help to develop this idea

  • Erika Corpuz
    Erika Corpuz 8 hours ago

    it fromd a grey hole

  • TheHypoTech
    TheHypoTech 9 hours ago

    Actually The Slow Mo Guys made a video about this effect as well, there you can see exactly why this happens:

  • Lohan Dale
    Lohan Dale 9 hours ago

    When he said they are in salad I freaked out because I was eating it

  • Viking Middlebrook
    Viking Middlebrook 9 hours ago

    I love watching this guy but there’s something about his voice that is so f#cking annoying

  • Jason Finallyfree
    Jason Finallyfree 9 hours ago

    Umm flags fluttering in a suppossed vacuum isnt the only thing that says it's fake ass photage....

  • Alpha Helix
    Alpha Helix 9 hours ago

    Kindergarten Niveau

  • Vissper YT
    Vissper YT 9 hours ago

    *Antman and the wasp Nostalgic*

  • fuck i dont know
    fuck i dont know 9 hours ago

    Looks like they couldn't handle the button style

  • FuzzyG AnimaTic
    FuzzyG AnimaTic 9 hours ago

    Not yet patched?

  • Kurai Tsuki
    Kurai Tsuki 9 hours ago

    The whole video was like.. Human: Go home, nobody likes you.* Venus fly trap: *teary eyed* How dare you!??? *eats his finger.* After 6 hours.. A very small damage appear. Human: You dare oppose me, plant?!?Bwahahahhaa's not funny.. I know ._.

  • Dangerfield
    Dangerfield 9 hours ago

    You laugh like someone from a horror film involving murder and torture lol


    Yet still brighter than my future

  • Omkar Mirkar
    Omkar Mirkar 10 hours ago

    I think you should have a practice of noting down the size & weight of the object at normal room temperature before using liquid nitrogen on it so the learners learning from your videos will learn the change

  • David Mark Carrasco
    David Mark Carrasco 10 hours ago

    The voice sounds familiar

    IЯЦΓZЦ SHДGДMI 10 hours ago

    Finally I knew it

  • kytta
    kytta 10 hours ago

    Me: I should really clean up my apartment. RUclip: How bout watching this guy play with magnets tho? My brain: It's clean enough

  • Lodza Byers
    Lodza Byers 10 hours ago

    Do rocket's and spacecraft experience this effect at high speed?

  • Gal Cohen Mintz
    Gal Cohen Mintz 10 hours ago

    So the secret to God slayer is salt?!