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The Displaced - BBC News
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Amazon fire ban - BBC News
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  • Michael Sargeant
    Michael Sargeant 34 minutes ago

    Sorry no papers . No stay

  • Peter Zhang
    Peter Zhang 36 minutes ago

    This is why Andrew Yang's freedom dividend plan will win these voters.

  • emrys
    emrys 36 minutes ago

    nigel farage is a millionhair and he is on 200 thusand pounds a year in or out of the eu so what to him and now in2019 he is living in the u.s.a a trump lover

  • Arif Rahaman
    Arif Rahaman 36 minutes ago

    Bad news

  • Anna Hunt
    Anna Hunt 38 minutes ago

    the definition of stupidity idiot

  • Gisborne
    Gisborne 38 minutes ago

    Wtf is wrong with her face... looks like she's having a stroke.

  • Mr Up2NoGood
    Mr Up2NoGood 38 minutes ago

    They should make one for the UK about stabbing but then the snowflakes will cry about it

  • it sysy
    it sysy 39 minutes ago

    “you were the smartest kid in school” “you were the nicest kid in school” how utterly unprofessional of this judge to make backhanded complements using past tense. You think he doesnt regret his life decisions? And then she rubs it in how he “used to be” this and that??? Some people make bad decisions because thats all the opportunities they have. Shame on her

  • tafoyaerik
    tafoyaerik 40 minutes ago

    Fuck Netanyahu, projecting his sins onto Iran when Israel has the only nukes in the region.

  • AssBorgor’s Vire-L Videos

    Every time I hear the anthem (World Cup Rugby) I always come back here. Incredible but sad.

  • The Troll
    The Troll 41 minute ago

    Well we show 'displeasure' with her paedophile son.

  • lombardo141
    lombardo141 42 minutes ago

    I will take some time and research this guy. I wonder what happened to him after he found out about her. 🤔

  • Ashis Rasaily
    Ashis Rasaily 43 minutes ago

    this interviewer is try to micro judge on minute details. it clear drives home a point and she wants to break it down clearly trying to hide the fact. the truth is, there is humongous amount of racism

  • The Greasy
    The Greasy 44 minutes ago

    Don’t think all judges lead lawful lives either??

  • Jamil Khan
    Jamil Khan 47 minutes ago

    Well done IRAN and GOD bless you. The world is in a WAR with IRAN but in a same time their so scared of IRAN.

  • Anthony Bardsley
    Anthony Bardsley 48 minutes ago

    Illegal war.

  • Nono 808
    Nono 808 48 minutes ago

    1300 years old, that’s actually not Evan so old tbh

  • phan uyên
    phan uyên 48 minutes ago

  • TheMan
    TheMan 48 minutes ago

    Can at least someone watching this video go to Hong Kong?

  • SabuPtolemy
    SabuPtolemy 49 minutes ago

    Things you probably don't know about Niklas Frank: 1) To this day, he carries a photograph of the corpse of his executed father in his wallet to keep his hatred alive. 2) Growing up, he would celebrate the nights of October 16, the date of the execution, by fantasizing about his father's walk to the gallows while masturbating: "...and then they led him up the 13 steps, put the hood over his head, noose around his neck and off into eternity. And I was rewarded with an orgasm." (German original: Als Junge zelebrierte Niklas Frank die Nächte zum 16. Oktober - das Datum der Hinrichtung -, indem er über den letzten Gang des Vaters lustvoll phantasierte und dabei onanierte: "... und dann führten sie dich die 13 Stufen hinauf, die Haube drüber, den Strick um den Hals und ab in die Ewigkeit. Dafür krieg' ich den Orgasmus."

  • the3-dkiller1
    the3-dkiller1 51 minute ago

    I like how they use orange smoke for cover, when that's exactly what the enemy will focus their fire at. Better of using with smoke to blend in with the surrounding, right?

  • Caleb Belik
    Caleb Belik 52 minutes ago

    "I would consider voting for trump in 2020 like I would consider to vote for anyone else in 2020" ahahah

  • Lasiness
    Lasiness 54 minutes ago

    Давно я такой хуйни не видел xD This video is complete nonsense

  • ThePhilosophyNook
    ThePhilosophyNook 55 minutes ago

    I’m kind of shocked that Ben still has a career after watching this interview! Omg

  • Angry Young Man Vanquisher of Tyranny

    The remanennts of the britshit vempire is considered union and people forget the empress Elizabeth is a monarch and white English majority is not a Democracy

  • Natalia Ayu
    Natalia Ayu 57 minutes ago

    This is so stupid. He wore make up that day. So what?

  • Waqar Khan
    Waqar Khan 59 minutes ago

    #PakistanAirForce #MujahudeenEaflakKoSalaam #OperationSwiftRetort PAF Show | INDIAN ARMY LIES EXPOSED | Truth of 27th Feb & How Indian Jets shot down with PROOF

  • pandurang kumawat

    BBC news reporter jara balochaistan ko bhi batao

  • F S
    F S Hour ago

    I have always found indegenous women more beautiful than europeans. Their tanned skin, jet black hair and quasi asian features are very beautiful

  • jblue88 hood gamer

    I know this video is a few years old but damn she's brave.

  • Ryan Sweeney
    Ryan Sweeney Hour ago

    Grow up, get a life.

  • Bhupinder Singh
    Bhupinder Singh Hour ago

    *Camera Shy Dogs*

  • Robert Hearn
    Robert Hearn Hour ago

    Just remember England you pricks are the invaders. Ireland will succeed kicking you War Criminals out.

  • Rik Thunder
    Rik Thunder Hour ago

    Another one!

  • Rehan Khan
    Rehan Khan Hour ago


  • Hasan Kamal
    Hasan Kamal Hour ago

    "Do not incline with wrong"

  • devilslayeroo
    devilslayeroo Hour ago

    Netanyahu should win

  • owen O'Neill
    owen O'Neill Hour ago


  • Mike Harrison
    Mike Harrison Hour ago

    How can the BBC call itself 'a British public broadcast service'? It only fulfills its own one sided ideologies (just look at any interviews which goes against this to prove my point). Get rid of the TV licence, any handouts from the government and get its revenue from advertising .. see just how long it lasts! Fecking BBC!!!

  • If you laugh you sub!

    I no cry bruh

  • Lyndon white 👁️

    Unity of United Kingdom thats laugh

  • petrocism
    petrocism Hour ago

    Why is he doing this media circuit now?

  • Mohammed Aliaasif

    100 $ is here more than 10000 $ at home.. meke me crying... Love you Ali.. my Allah bless you

  • Mahbub Hussain Mamun

    Thanks Bangladesh

  • Mike Harrison
    Mike Harrison Hour ago

    It's broadcast from the BBC... must be false news!😁

  • GlossyIbis
    GlossyIbis Hour ago

    I prefer pew news more

  • fintan darcy
    fintan darcy Hour ago

    Bernard Teggart, 15 boy with learning difficulties, was in the care of the De La Salle Christian Brothers religious order when he was abducted from St Patrick’s Detention Centre.Proclamation, in my eyes our children will not be all treated the same Bernard Teggart will not be treated the same as any other Irish citizen.The 1916 Proclamation refers to “cherishing all of the children of the nation equally Bernard’s body was found at the zoo in North Belfast. His hands and feet had been bound beaten and tortured and shot by the Sinn Fein freedom fighters. This is for Jeremy Corbyn Sinn Fein supporter and his supporters hang your head in shame you. Children in care in Islington in the 1970s and 1980s were sexually assaulted by paedophiles among the care staff and taken out of residential homes to be abused elsewhere. Mr Corbyn has been MP for Islington North since 1983. The local Labour council initially denounced reports in the London Evening Standard that exposed the scandal in 1992 after it was. Bernard Teggart, 15 boy with learning difficulties, was in the care of the De La Salle Christian Brothers religious order when he was abducted from St Patrick’s Detention Centre.Proclamation, in my eyes our children will not be all treated the same Bernard Teggart will not be treated the same as any other Irish citizen.The 1916 Proclamation refers to “cherishing all of the children of the nation equally Bernard’s body was found at the zoo in North Belfast. His hands and feet had been bound beaten and tortured and shot by the Sinn Fein freedom fighters. This is for Jeremy Corbyn Sinn Fein supporter and his supporters hang your head in shame you.

  • Pop Goes Theology

    That's *rich* , Frank Gardner, coming from a Brit!!!

  • CheefOregano
    CheefOregano Hour ago

    England has fallen. Time to hop on a dingy and find somewhere else.

  • Ian Murray
    Ian Murray Hour ago

    Her majesty the queen

  • Kaydarggヅ
    Kaydarggヅ Hour ago

    RUclip be like: 2016:no 2017:definitely no 2018:maybe 2019:Yes

  • BBB H
    BBB H Hour ago

    Some people seem to think that racisim in the US is declining over time... What a naive statement! (Sry, but it's TRUE! There are like many MORE racist Americans active today than then there were in the 20s and 30s (even if there are not proportionately more- and they are FAR better organized now!) Like: Proud Boys The Charlottesville rally Trump rallies Brietbart Daily Stormer Aryan Nations Weatbouro Baptist Church The f'n KKK (it's still out there!) Laura Ingram, Ann Coulter, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Jeanie Pirro, etc... (now, what do THEY have in common?) The f'n PRESIDENT of the US Etc... ...and HUNDREDS more... Here is an incomplete list of ORGANIZED groups: Sad but true. The sociatal CANCER of racisim is metastasizing as it's perpetrators spread using modern tech (internet, social media, etc). The only good news is that its antibodies can also utilize the same trends- BUT, unfortunately, the virulent power of hate always seems to be more powerfully motivated than it's opponents... Sad/true. People: please recognize such and use your platforms and influence to inoculate people against it! (It's not really asking you much to do so!) This is a good vid, but it doesn't go nearly far enough.

  • Chris Lewis
    Chris Lewis Hour ago

    Is it just me or am I the only one who is losing faith/patience in our democractic system. I voted for brexit.. not for what was best for me, as I live in the Netherlands but for what I believe was better for the next generations in my family. I will be effected by the result quite a bit but still Britain becoming more independent was more important.. I see first hand how Europe is not looking like is it going to get better and maybe getting out early before it does catch fire is not a stupid thing after all. that being said my main point is all these politicians calling themselves the honourable gentleman/lady there is not an ounce of honour about them. This is a disgrace by David, who is he, too undermine our queen.. the book should be banned from being released by royal decree to make this swine realise his place. As for the rest still acting like spoilt children in Westminster. Just be honourable members and honour the vote..

  • Akat suki
    Akat suki Hour ago

    U. S better. Not mess with China.. And malaysia too

  • Dawn Mcseveney
    Dawn Mcseveney Hour ago

    I read this morning shes beibg brought back to uk this morning..shocking

  • ioan dumitru
    ioan dumitru Hour ago

    After a while, it will be needed an English global service, for continuous live locate big maritime life so to be avoided in enough time by rapid big ships.

  • smokinstorm
    smokinstorm Hour ago

    Both those 2 first officers need to be immediately executed in the public square. Even that's not enough to serve justice. Anyone that has tried to justify or defend them need to suffer the same consequences.

  • terranowa
    terranowa Hour ago

    Why is this video being propagated it's poping up multiple times on my screen

  • Nicholas Granat
    Nicholas Granat Hour ago

    The mullahs must go,the people of iran deserve much more!

  • ichiJAZZ .tv
    ichiJAZZ .tv Hour ago

    Well deserved, if anyone has been there you'd know there are signs posted about every 200ft off the road saying "DONT APPROACH THE BISON" for a very good reason

  • HenryTheHoover
    HenryTheHoover Hour ago

    "Cheat hacker"

  • LectronCircuits
    LectronCircuits Hour ago

    From gorgeous to the plainest of plain, fortunately far short of gruesome. Wishing her the best. Cheers!

  • MrRaph543
    MrRaph543 Hour ago

    But if we were not in we the U.K woud be much better off, controlling our own trade and tariffs. More BBC one sided propaganda bullSh*t, take it apart and stop southern europe collapsing.

  • Joseph Tung
    Joseph Tung Hour ago

    Add Trudeau singing Day O in blackface in China the video. Can’t miss.

  • Twiglet
    Twiglet Hour ago

    The good old days before Prince Harry turned into a SJW

  • Jay R
    Jay R Hour ago

    David Cameron through The Queen under the bus and then followed this up by the country. Are these people really suppose to be the brightest and the best.

  • meat killzone
    meat killzone Hour ago

    if anyone is previliged it's blacks they have a advantage over white people can't they all fuck off and level us alone let us live our fucken lives in peace

  • Indian Bull
    Indian Bull Hour ago

    जय हिंद जय भारत🇮🇳🇮🇱🇮🇳🇮🇱 इजराइल नेतन्याहू हार गया तो भारत के शेखुलर और जिहादी बड़े खुश हो रहे हैं 2-4 महीने निकलने दो , घुटनो में सर दे के रोओगे जो आया है उसका नाम बेन्नी गैटज है, रोज दो चार फिलिस्तीनियों को मारे बिना वो नाश्ता भी नही करता...😂😂😂 छाती कूट कूट कर विधवा विलाप के लिए तैयार रहो शेखुलरों

  • Ahmad Ahmed
    Ahmad Ahmed Hour ago

    His talking but why don't we ask UK, Israel, UN, America about the war in Yemen? Western media is a joke cause not sudia that murdering people in Yemen.

  • Ashish Shaw
    Ashish Shaw Hour ago

    BBC news is well paid to run false propaganda against India n Hindu. Stop seeing BBC n unsubscribe it.

  • ferryka gusnawan

    Salam Dari Nanggroe Aceh darulsalam..

  • Rippenhengst
    Rippenhengst 2 hours ago

    This shouting idiot by the tree is suffering from mental illness, but never from codeine withdrawal. And i know what i'm talking about.😂

  • Arnie2-D2
    Arnie2-D2 2 hours ago

    2:55 Feel the love lol

  • Tremolo
    Tremolo 2 hours ago

    3:28 Boris has a spider hangin off his head

  • Raju Boss
    Raju Boss 2 hours ago


  • Real Tech
    Real Tech 2 hours ago

    Ad homenim attacks by Ben is a usual repertoire of his personality when he is overwhelmed in a discussion. Poor baby

  • Johnattan Melo
    Johnattan Melo 2 hours ago

    Yall sure this aint Steve Rogers?

  • Lupo 666
    Lupo 666 2 hours ago

    He cried just like that when I fucked him in prison. He even said "oh my goodness" when I penetrated his ass for the first time. Mmmmm thanks for the memories

  • Lupo 666
    Lupo 666 2 hours ago

    *oh my goodness*

  • Ava Mason
    Ava Mason 2 hours ago

    I understand many peoples thoughts on this video, but as for me being in the 12th grade I honestly like this video. Some of you may take it the wrong way but I like it in a sense that it makes people understand how what may seem normal can turn completely different. In my sophomore year at school, when the school shootings started to rise, my school did a fire drill. When we got back in the building and everyone was back in class, they announced a no drill lockdown. Everyone in my class was chill, thinking it was a normal drill. But I understood the signs by the announcers voice and how my teacher immediately took action. While my class went to the back of the room and played on their phones, I helped my teacher barricade the door. When I was about to hide behind a file cabinet with my pencil in hand, the announcer came back on and said drill over. Everyone had an uproar because of the stress and fear. I was mad myself. The principal explained the next day that when they announced the lockdown, they planned for it to be after the fire drill. They said that because of how many students my school has (my school has a population of 1,500 and more) that the shooter could have easily camouflaged themselves as a student and walk in the school with the staff and students. Although what the principal said made us think a lot and supposedly educational, I don't think I myself would ever forget that day due to the fear I felt. And although my class was chill, they still weren't cool with the fake lockdown. So when I watched that video, I wasn't mad or completely uncomfortable. Myself being a student, this video couldn't have been any truer and I'm happy people are realizing how messed up this is because that is just the sad truth of how a perfect day could turn into a complete nightmare in normal everyday schools. If anyone replies to this trying to make a argument, I'm not answering for the sake of not fueling the fire. So don't be surprised if this is my only comment.

  • Mark Cooper
    Mark Cooper 2 hours ago

    This man is a fool his EU pension is a stake oooooooo?

  • The Great One
    The Great One 2 hours ago

    why would she go alone with some guy she doesn't know? Also this sub could hold like 4 people tops so why didn't she you know think to bring more people with her.

  • Gaurav hindu
    Gaurav hindu 2 hours ago

    Fuck bbc

  • 61deg
    61deg 2 hours ago

    symbolism.. how was my email symbolism 4 months after??

  • Richard Vang
    Richard Vang 2 hours ago


  • Jaysen Chen
    Jaysen Chen 2 hours ago

    "I had to watch 4 kids and a husband" XD

  • Tim Dohov
    Tim Dohov 2 hours ago


  • kamal preet
    kamal preet 2 hours ago

    Only 1 jet shoot down by pak. Lol BBC lol 😆😅😂

  • Tif Qureshi
    Tif Qureshi 2 hours ago

    I wonder if the BBC read these comments ! If they do - I have to say as a 50 year old watching their channel my whole life I’ve got to the point where I need to switch off Your glory years are done And much is to do with your clear lack of impartiality and obvious heavy bias Extremely sad as it was something I was one hugely proud of but now the vast majority of your news channelling is filled with people who clearly are pushing an agenda that insults most watchers intelligence

  • Waqar Ghulam
    Waqar Ghulam 2 hours ago

    I know how to read body language and I know this guy is lying, scratching his nose, clearing his throat, not maintaining eye contact,

  • MisterStrawberryLove

    Goody new characters!!

  • mnndss
    mnndss 2 hours ago

    Now you paying for your own folly. You should have put your trust in ALLAH and not the west.

  • Ben chod
    Ben chod 2 hours ago

    Waiting for the old hag to bite the dust



  • Nakib Omar
    Nakib Omar 2 hours ago

    I live in a very small and densely populated (About 200 million) country. It has always been on top ten of most corrupted country in this world. But still there is ZERO occurrence of school shooting. Something is wrong with you, USA. Even a kid can understand, why dont you?

  • Gen Info
    Gen Info 2 hours ago

    This kid is delusional, living in his own fantasy land, yet instrumental in playing not a small role in selling out his motherland and 1.4bil people to its arch enemy, the US. The US needs a posterboy Trojan horse; he offers himself , but for his own destructive beliefs.

  • It's personal DUDE
    It's personal DUDE 2 hours ago

    Hey one thing to our Indian friend don't criticize it's the courtsey of bbc to point out our mistakes so that we can improve it (BTW haters gonna hate) . And see the face of the reporter that is reporting he is just like that he has eaten poop in his mouth😂😂😂

  • Chris Legaspi
    Chris Legaspi 2 hours ago

    What the fuck? Imagine thinking that’s music

  • Abro Cooking Center Cooking Center

    Islam zindabad

  • Thomas Kearns
    Thomas Kearns 2 hours ago

    Hahahahaha... poor Ben, he is not used to participating in a real logical argument. In fact, this is a prime exemplification concerning the rarity in which Ben submits himself to real reflection, or in this case, accidental reflection. In addition, this premise of accidental reflection causes a surge of insecurity when he cannot seem to respond without criticizing the journalist. Hmm... does not there seem to be an inherent connection with the values Trump holds regarding the hatred and disgust of the press, especially when the press challenges the views of dogmatism? I conclude that Ben is but a mere shadow pretending to add to the complexity of argumentation by the ways of outdated, Shapiro Rhetoric.