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The Motivation Tour Vlog
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We Live Babbby
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We Live Babbby
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  • Historia Reiss
    Historia Reiss 2 days ago

    Happy New Year's!

  • 5J1K Family
    5J1K Family 13 days ago

    Great content and great energy thanks for sharing keep up the great work

    • Justuss TV
      Justuss TV 13 days ago

      Thanks man, highly appreciated

  • ayelen villagra
    ayelen villagra 13 days ago

    hello, when you can, you could react to Rayshun LaMarr's video, where he sang "don't stop believin" and "fallin"?? 😊😊

  • Kim Austin
    Kim Austin 17 days ago

    I love that girl’s nails with the different shades of blue!!😍 y’all was littt🔥

  • Adryauna Crawford-townsend

    😂loved his reaction, made me wanna subscribe 💌

  • Channing Banks
    Channing Banks 17 days ago

    Keep doing ya thang Relly 😎🤣🎉💪🏾💯 !!!

  • ayelen villagra
    ayelen villagra 17 days ago

    6:04 your laugh is very contagious and I love it, you won a new subscriber😂💖

    B MOORE 24 days ago

    She was brandys back up singer... she definitely should’ve won she sang the hell out of This even brandy had to post this performance

  • wayne coker
    wayne coker Month ago

    COURTNEY is one of a kind ! COURTNEY does not put on a show she puts on a CONCERT !

  • Капитан Nemo

    How to scare a Negro? Take it with you to the auction.

  • richardkaneferguson
    richardkaneferguson 2 months ago

    he is eating m&m's

  • The Food Blogger's Kitchen

    The Lord performed through her! That's why you felt so speechless, for real! I felt I had to go I was like 👀👀👀 there's nothing like singing to the LORD JESUS! 😃🙏🙌 🕺🕺

  • Roy Magnus
    Roy Magnus 2 months ago

    Unfortunately most of you reactionaries are too young to remember the glory days of rock and roll. She is from that time with all the music that will outlast all the boy bands and rap crap.

  • Meg Elizabeth
    Meg Elizabeth 2 months ago

    Whitney picks songs that are waaaay too big for her. She can sing for SURE but the songs she picks highlights the limits in her voice. She has a beautiful tone.

  • Dylan Simler
    Dylan Simler 3 months ago

    Decent reaction. You guys should pause when you laugh, or in your women's case "cackle". Its impossible to react to a song if you choose to not listen to the actual words, ya know

  • Dylan Simler
    Dylan Simler 3 months ago

    "White people eat weird stuff" lmao like what?

  • Demetrius Pyles
    Demetrius Pyles 3 months ago

    Kymberli was there to win souls

  • Joshua Hoover
    Joshua Hoover 3 months ago

    i need a shot out

  • Mighty Warrior
    Mighty Warrior 4 months ago

    Zhavia,,,,go barefoot...not shoes....

  • Mighty Warrior
    Mighty Warrior 4 months ago

    Zhavia goes barefoot with no shoes...??

  • Mighty Warrior
    Mighty Warrior 4 months ago

    Zhavia will actually take her boots off instead...

  • Kim Austin
    Kim Austin 4 months ago

    I thought he was yellin “shave her legs!” 😂

  • ash ben
    ash ben 4 months ago

    X cut his hair

    • Justuss TV
      Justuss TV 4 months ago

      Yea bro it’s been like that for a while

  • Erika Barragan
    Erika Barragan 5 months ago

    Why do they have fergie as a host and Meghan on the panel? Let Meghan go toe to toe with Alma.. or any of ‘The Four’ for that matter.. she doesn’t have the talent to be judging and be taken seriously or respectfully.. sorry but Meghan is just jealous and super biased

  • Mae K.
    Mae K. 5 months ago


  • Nicer
    Nicer 6 months ago

    Hi Justuss. Can you do a reaction video to Deandre Nico's cover of Tennessee Whiskey that he dropped earlier this week? Here's the link, it's STRAIGHT FIYAH! ruclip.com/video/OfP7ne2Nho4/video.html

  • Zita
    Zita 6 months ago

    Lmao I love your reactions bro💛

  • SunRae* **
    SunRae* ** 6 months ago

    Old school smooth. Glad you enjoyed it too. 💕♥️

  • Lynesa Weesa
    Lynesa Weesa 6 months ago

    Check out her Billie eilish covers :)

  • Ejares Bernadette
    Ejares Bernadette 6 months ago

    Love your reaction

  • Jason Tidd
    Jason Tidd 6 months ago

    Looks like big mouth judge got shut up when Courtney opened up hers lol and also maybe you should go listen to Janis Joplin and James Brown you will see why she sings that way

  • SunRae* **
    SunRae* ** 7 months ago

    New subie. I had the same reaction and everytime I listen.

  • Anthony DiBlasi
    Anthony DiBlasi 7 months ago

    React to: Nguyễn Thu Huyền sings Never Enough - Blind Auditions Episode 4 | The Voice ... RUclip · Giọng Hát Việt Nhí / The Voice Kids Vietnam Oct 13, 2018

  • Shiease Puryear
    Shiease Puryear 7 months ago

    You better sing sir.

  • Steve Aldrich
    Steve Aldrich 7 months ago

    He said before he sang that he like John Legend.

  • jey0415ify
    jey0415ify 8 months ago

    i just realized you got the exact same chain as my son

  • TCubillas
    TCubillas 8 months ago

    Would you please react to Zhavia's new song, a remake of "A Whole New World" for the new Alladin movie which is a duet with Zayn - ruclip.com/video/rg_zwK_sSEY/video.html

    GLENN DE CASTRO 8 months ago

    Yeah.... feel you man!!!

  • M-Besher Karazon
    M-Besher Karazon 8 months ago

    Dude u crazy :) and SO Annoying ....

  • Wallywonder Mills
    Wallywonder Mills 8 months ago

    U irritating lol

  • JsoloMeDiA
    JsoloMeDiA 8 months ago

    BEST RAPPER/PRODUCER IN THE GAME............. Artist: MeDiAAiDeM........... Album: A metronome sang farewell............ ON SPOTIFY.

  • ella rosenberg
    ella rosenberg 8 months ago

    u should listen to her original music. its so good!

  • Noah Noah
    Noah Noah 9 months ago

    These guys be saying no buttttt- ask em off the record😏😂

  • King Sass
    King Sass 9 months ago

    I love videos like these the only thing is u made it seem like it was wrong

    • Justuss TV
      Justuss TV 9 months ago

      Alright for sure !

    • King Sass
      King Sass 9 months ago

      It's Justuss u should ask people gay son or thot daughter ( I don’t that into offense )

    • Justuss TV
      Justuss TV 9 months ago

      I’m glad you liked it and what’s some other ones you would like to see? As for me making it seem like it was wrong....that’s not what I was going for but most guys I know do feel like having a threesome with another guys is weird or suspect that’s why I was asking in that way.

  • Marquis Lewis
    Marquis Lewis 9 months ago

    Good video bro!😂

  • Swee Shu
    Swee Shu 9 months ago


  • finn cstro
    finn cstro 9 months ago

    oohh cool

  • Marquito
    Marquito 9 months ago

    Please react to the Voice 2019 Battle Round- LB Crew vs Ciara.

  • Marquito
    Marquito 9 months ago

    It's probably old news,but you know Janice Freeman died recently of cancer.You can read up on it.Miley Cyrus was at the funeral.

    • Marquito
      Marquito 9 months ago

      @Justuss TV 👌

    • Justuss TV
      Justuss TV 9 months ago

      Yea I know, I was really upset. On my Instagram I posted a lot of stuff

  • King Sass
    King Sass 9 months ago

    I thought Beth was better glad she got stolen

  • Serena M
    Serena M 9 months ago

    On a different reaction channel I watch, they said that their “the voice” reaction videos get blocked when the play past the song like when the judges are talking. So just cut that part out and you should be good :) hope this helps

    • Serena M
      Serena M 9 months ago

      It's Justuss yayy! You’re welcome 😊

    • Justuss TV
      Justuss TV 9 months ago

      This actually really worked I really wanna say thank you !

    • Serena M
      Serena M 9 months ago

      It's Justuss no problem :)

    • Justuss TV
      Justuss TV 9 months ago

      Fashooooo thanks for this!

  • Pakihi Taupua
    Pakihi Taupua 9 months ago

    absolutely love your reaction you fun, you exciting

    • Justuss TV
      Justuss TV 9 months ago

      Thank you so much ! ❤️

  • Jamison Teague
    Jamison Teague 9 months ago

    you should get a mic. i find it difficult to hear you at times

  • Adrian
    Adrian 9 months ago

    I think allot of artists get good exposure from these kind of shows, but I think the people that make music into a living either go independent and write their own stuff or work with a team to create their album, sell merch and do book their own shows etc. like tori kelly or allen stone. Then get signed off their fan base or they just audition for a studio and have people to produce and promote them but they take 80% of your money. Independent is more work, but you get to keep 100% profits.

  • Bongerz Medalla
    Bongerz Medalla 9 months ago


  • Temmy Lengkong
    Temmy Lengkong 9 months ago

    Wooooow anneth Amazing voice

  • TheSparkyWriter
    TheSparkyWriter 9 months ago

    YEEEEEES I mean on the one hand HER VOICE😱 but then she brings Jesus to a national stage where SO MANY feel the Holy Ghost! Yes!! YES!! I tear up every time when I’m not all but stomping a hole on my floor.

  • Noah Noah
    Noah Noah 9 months ago

    I’m in this bitty🔥

  • Wendy pooh
    Wendy pooh 9 months ago

    I felt the spirit that was amazing

  • Jaunathan Atianzar
    Jaunathan Atianzar 10 months ago

    See a chug send a chug💯🥴

  • Wendy Martin
    Wendy Martin 10 months ago

    Awesome rx ❤️ Please react to Dalton Harris singing Listen on the Xfactor UK

  • Ama Higgins
    Ama Higgins 10 months ago

    Apart from you cussing, you had me cracking up crazy, just over you laughing out loud at Kelly, thanks!

    • Justuss TV
      Justuss TV 9 months ago

      Sorry about that 🤦🏾‍♂️ but thank you !

  • Schyler Neal
    Schyler Neal 10 months ago

    His name is Gyth Rigdon he is a country artist from singer Louisiana

  • High Brown
    High Brown 10 months ago

    Beautiful voice!!

  • cyano
    cyano 10 months ago

    "Nuance? i don't know what that is" I laughed so hard when you laughed. Whenever that happens to me, I google the word. It is a wonderful word to use by the way.

  • King Sass
    King Sass 10 months ago

    Can u react to Mari’s voice audition

  • Qurtscameron
    Qurtscameron 10 months ago

    Keep it up.. ull do good ..can u react to marcus perez beatbox

  • Jesus B
    Jesus B 10 months ago

    Can you react to Kendra Checketts singing sober on the voice ?:)

  • King Sass
    King Sass 10 months ago

    Domenic is one of my favorites and can u react to Jej Vinson and LB crew blind audition

  • youm22jr1
    youm22jr1 10 months ago

    She was robbed big-time 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Miguel Albino
    Miguel Albino 10 months ago

    React to Maelyn Jarmon from the voice pls.

  • Miguel Albino
    Miguel Albino 10 months ago

    React to The Voice Maelyn Jarmon pls.

  • Noah Noah
    Noah Noah 10 months ago

    Sooo...the nurse glove. Why?😂😂

  • NSG_Marshdawg
    NSG_Marshdawg 10 months ago

    This reaction was straight 🔥🔥🔥

  • Noah Noah
    Noah Noah 10 months ago

    It’s like 1:30 am but ESKETIT🥳

  • NSG_Marshdawg
    NSG_Marshdawg 10 months ago

    Enjoyed the reaction bro!!! Jej Vinson will have you in your feels once you watch!

    CRAIG BURROWS 10 months ago

    Great reaction , loved it , keep doing what your doing 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Miguel Albino
    Miguel Albino 10 months ago

    React to maelyn jarmon the voic3 pls

  • Alexis Gauvin
    Alexis Gauvin 10 months ago

    React to Julian Kings audition and Matthew Johnson they’re soooo good

  • Joao Oliveira
    Joao Oliveira 10 months ago

    Pls react to more auditions of the voice 2019!!! Love your reactions

  • NSG_Marshdawg
    NSG_Marshdawg 10 months ago

    Your reactions are lit bro! Can you react to Julian King on the voice!

  • King Sass
    King Sass 10 months ago

    Glad your back and can you react to Domenic Haynes Blind Audition

  • NSG_Marshdawg
    NSG_Marshdawg 10 months ago

    You should react to Julian king covering all time low!!!

  • Collin Batten
    Collin Batten 10 months ago

    React to Rizzi Myers on The Voice

    • Justuss TV
      Justuss TV 10 months ago

      It’ll be uploaded today brother 👍🏾

  • Dora Pacheco
    Dora Pacheco 10 months ago

    She is amazing, thank you for a fantastic reaction. Love her

  • anin nabil
    anin nabil 11 months ago

    Please reaction Anneth

  • Mike Deeza
    Mike Deeza 11 months ago

    Bruh... you hella funny. Got me cracking up with your reaction lmao 🤣 hahaha

  • galixy girl
    galixy girl 11 months ago

    i love ali

  • Lachlan Blackstock
    Lachlan Blackstock 11 months ago

    Awesome vid, can you react to james graham singing hello vs leah jenae. Great battle

    • Justuss TV
      Justuss TV 10 months ago


  • Teri Nitz
    Teri Nitz 11 months ago

    Love your reaction. Courtney will be a superstar in my lifetime, and I'm old !! No on can match her voice, her moves, her stage presence, her uniqueness.....NO ONE !!!

  • Chell McWags
    Chell McWags 11 months ago

    Loved this review! I felt the same way! I still cant believe they didnt pass her!

  • Joe Gangarossa
    Joe Gangarossa Year ago

    Trash. 6 bars went right over your heads

    • Justuss TV
      Justuss TV Year ago

      Thanks for watching my video bud 👍🏾

  • TCubillas
    TCubillas Year ago

    When you have a moment, would you please react to Courtney Hadwin's performance in AGT Champions? She's still only 14, and she beautifully performed an original of hers!!! Here's the link - ruclip.com/video/mayXJ52x9VI/video.html SHE WILL PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE . . . GUARANTEED!

  • Austin
    Austin Year ago


  • Marvin Reeves
    Marvin Reeves Year ago

    MGK been having bars. Pull up MGK Funk Master Flex freestyle. He destroyed it.

  • lion moon
    lion moon Year ago

    She sings so good!! i tried singing this song back in the day and I was sounding like a crying cat.🐺 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Artu1216 (ArtChurro)

    This video made my day bro!!!

    • Justuss TV
      Justuss TV Year ago

      Thanks for watching bro, im glad you enjoyed it!

  • Collin Batten
    Collin Batten Year ago

    I was seriously laughing through the whole video

    • Justuss TV
      Justuss TV Year ago

      Collin Batten I got you !

    • Collin Batten
      Collin Batten Year ago

      It's Justuss anytime. I recommend you do more of these!!

    • Justuss TV
      Justuss TV Year ago

      Thank you so much, im glad you enjoyed this video !

  • Annisa Frh
    Annisa Frh Year ago

    Deven - Never Enough (Loren Allred) and Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen) Pleaaaaase💚💚💚

  • Troublemaker
    Troublemaker Year ago

    Because you loved me Cover by Gam Wichayanee ruclip.com/video/m26DVA9NbtY/video.html