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Brian Eno - The Big Ship
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Generation X - Girls
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The Damned - Limit Club
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Human League - Seconds
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  • Stephen Key
    Stephen Key 7 days ago

    4.26-4.50 who was the boy walking next to Jackie??? Ted???

  • Stephen Key
    Stephen Key 7 days ago

    Harvey oswald was a" difficult " Boy even in his adolescents.... Drew a knife on one of his brothers' wives at age 11

  • Ian Jones
    Ian Jones 19 days ago

    Holy shit I was just listening to music and the last thing i though I'd see was JFK assassination.

  • 1980’s Guy
    1980’s Guy 23 days ago

    Most music become utterly garbage from the late 90’s onwards , bar the like of Placebo and and a few other bands but generally speaking , the 80’s for me was the best decade but I guess being a child of that era I would say that

  • gaspanda
    gaspanda 27 days ago

    I still listen to Dare regularly to this day. It's a brilliant album, and I think the synths sound better now than they did then!

  • John Doe
    John Doe 29 days ago

    A CIA coup d'état How Obama survived, I'll never know.

  • jeff Browne
    jeff Browne Month ago

    Killed by the Deep State!!!!!

  • Mike Haze
    Mike Haze Month ago

    Human League 100 is one of my favorite 12" EPs. Because of this "B-side".

  • Rampage Clover
    Rampage Clover Month ago

    RIP JFK, JFK jr and Jackie Kennedy

  • Randy R
    Randy R Month ago

    Just became aware of this song. I remember that horror like yesterday. Changed history forever. In less than a minute, things can be altered forever

  • Hommerecorder
    Hommerecorder Month ago

    very very good

  • Helen Hancock
    Helen Hancock Month ago

    This brings back so many memories. Great music x

  • LindaPV
    LindaPV 2 months ago

    you have no idea how this fucked up everything.

  • niko xiro
    niko xiro 2 months ago

    Thiis song is so unigue ..love it

  • Anthony L
    Anthony L 2 months ago

    Babushka lady

  • John Arredondo
    John Arredondo 3 months ago

    I had no idea This was about JF until i seen this video n heard it on KROQ.Great Song!!

  • Rangers 72
    Rangers 72 3 months ago

    Finest song written by the Human League.... absolute classic tune..

    KILLING⚡HEROS 4 months ago

    I love this band.

  • Rock Goujon
    Rock Goujon 4 months ago

    I remember when Dare was released and I loved it......not that I was into electronic music, because at that time I was playing guitar in a rock band and never told anyone I bought the album for fear of retribution from fellow band members and peers. But many years later I found out that all the other band members liked Human League........A very underrated band and I always liked Phil Oakey's voice. Duran Duran was another one....MTV at about 2am.......we saw the uncut film clip for Girls On Film.......Not a word was spoken by my fellow bandmates as we were all watching .....LOL......Everyone had a quiet respect for Duran Duran after that incident........and again, many years later they all told me that they actually liked Duran Duran......I've always thought John Taylor was an amazing bass player and underrated.

  • Luser 11214
    Luser 11214 4 months ago

    girl video anyone ?

  • Mądry Polak po szkodzie

    Very cinematic track

  • Steve Hunneysett
    Steve Hunneysett 5 months ago

    Like a lot of the Leagues (Phil's?) messages. Brilliantly incisive simple commentary on the human condition masterfully done.

  • kreemkrackered
    kreemkrackered 5 months ago

    Even the most powerful man in the world wasn’t safe from the greedy agencies he commanded... RIP JFK.. 😥😓

  • Spota G.
    Spota G. 5 months ago

    I just love hearing this song when I play Zombies in Spaceland.

  • Ross Tilly
    Ross Tilly 5 months ago

    The biggest, sickest cover up in American history XXXXXXXXX

  • Joe Dotson
    Joe Dotson 6 months ago

    Great song but you couldn't rip off Devo more if you tried to

  • Socratease 1
    Socratease 1 6 months ago

    This song should be re-released to give an inquiring aspect as in producing such a moving song within it's context and the effect of the performers playing the song with such precision, Human League. Top notch! ,

  • Fernando Contreras
    Fernando Contreras 7 months ago


  • Michael DeSilvio
    Michael DeSilvio 7 months ago

    The CIA killed Kennedy and they tried to cover it up for fifty five years.

  • Michael Alderete
    Michael Alderete 7 months ago

    And LCD Sound System's cover of this cool song.

  • Mumbles
    Mumbles 9 months ago

    LCD Soundsystem brought me here

  • Michele Pistillo
    Michele Pistillo 9 months ago

    Human Leaugue una delle band più belle degli anni 80 DARE capolavoro ..😁

  • allenbostonma
    allenbostonma 9 months ago

    it's only rock n roll baby...

  • Stephen Key
    Stephen Key 10 months ago

    This song/pie ever is SOOOOOO much better than 'don't u want me' ....

  • Stephen Key
    Stephen Key 10 months ago

    If I was Jackie I'd have tried to get John as far down on the seat as possible out of sight of the shooter...

  • Kenny Ferns
    Kenny Ferns 10 months ago

    Amazing track

  • R. Ive
    R. Ive 11 months ago

    Fuck...they blew his head off and nearly hit Jackie.

  • Kenny Ferns
    Kenny Ferns 11 months ago

    This track is just amazing it sums up the human league

  • Tatts Kink
    Tatts Kink Year ago

    This has to be their best one!

  • Noah Dillon
    Noah Dillon Year ago

    Kennedy was a monster.

  • the whelk
    the whelk Year ago

    wow, listening to this for the first time in 2018. nothing quite look good 80's music.

  • Bruno Battheu
    Bruno Battheu Year ago

    Why do i always hear "Dress you up " by Madonna in the beginning 🤔

    • Gokkle of Geer
      Gokkle of Geer Year ago

      because ... You've got style That's what all the girls say Satin sheets And luxuries so fine All your suits are custom made in London ??? :)

  • 1980’s Guy
    1980’s Guy Year ago

    👍👍👍👍 still great Excellent video as well ...with a meaningful story , this track along with many other Human League and some other proper 80’s bands will always stand the test of time , no disrespect to today’s artists but their music is just completely shit compared with this , it’s better to be honest.

  • Mike Holt
    Mike Holt Year ago

    Song for the CIA....eh George H W.....

  • Neil Hawes
    Neil Hawes Year ago

    Midland Houghton festival

  • jousif21
    jousif21 Year ago

    most ominous song recorded

  • Zanzibar979
    Zanzibar979 Year ago

    Epic track. And Fuck Traitor Trump.

  • C. S.
    C. S. Year ago


  • David Lee
    David Lee Year ago

    Elected and terminated by the mob. Looks like the driver also turned around and shot him

  • Benedetto Bruno
    Benedetto Bruno Year ago

    Always and forever, thank you to Great Britain and the British people whose creativity, since the 1960s, has given the rest of the World hundreds of unique bands such as the Human League and music of unparalleled beauty, quirkiness and atmosphere. What would our lives have been without British bands?

    • KisniCovek
      KisniCovek 9 months ago

      --Just fine. I like Brit bands, but most of the good stuff out there isn't from Britain. Which makes sense, since it's just one island in the world.

    • Paul Hagan
      Paul Hagan Year ago

      Thank you

  • Dan Nájera
    Dan Nájera Year ago

    Looks like he was hit from the front.

  • Guitar Overkill
    Guitar Overkill Year ago

    Kennedy for sure. Not Lennon.

  • bpansky
    bpansky Year ago

    Apparently this is from the 1983 movie called "Barefoot Gen", written and produced by Keiji Nakazawa, and directed by Mori Masaki. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barefoot_Gen_(1983_film)

  • Frank Bau
    Frank Bau Year ago

    One of the. Great songs of Human League. .🇺🇸

  • Who CouldItBeeeNow

    So underrated and fuck off cod gamers you're late on the bandwagon

  • donna d
    donna d Year ago

    Helped me revise O levels in 81

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt Year ago

    It was the driver all along !

  • hec hec
    hec hec Year ago

    This shit trash my dude. Sounds like some indie trash people would fuck to.

  • Christopher Arnold

    I hope this gore wasn’t the actual video.

  • Joe Dotson
    Joe Dotson Year ago

    They really ripped off devo on this one but I still like it

    • Julio Padilla
      Julio Padilla Year ago

      Joe Dotson this song is original what are you talking about there ain't any song from devo that sounds like this.

  • GravityBoy72
    GravityBoy72 Year ago

    Those drums are great. I think Bowie lifted this later for something... feels like it.

  • cafedeltransit
    cafedeltransit Year ago

    I’m here cos I’m reliving my youth whilst veggin out on my Sofa with my Headphones on.... So lucky to have been a teenager in the 80’s

  • Chris Buck
    Chris Buck Year ago

    When you look at the comments you realize everyone has their own take to suit their own political agenda and leanings on this extremely tragic event I was probably around the same age as the League (8) when this happened and I feel and identify with their sadness in this song and it never really goes away wondering what might have been.

  • Socratease 1
    Socratease 1 Year ago

    At 0.20 seconds a shot hits his throat. The following shot hits his head. The film/movie tries to deal with the evidence. ,

  • kaydaw24
    kaydaw24 Year ago

    I'm here because I was alive when this came out and it's always in my brain .

  • Atom Aunt
    Atom Aunt Year ago

    Very sad.

  • nickniggle
    nickniggle Year ago

    hey can you please put a warning on this video because i have autism and this came up on a playlist i was listening to and i wasnt expecting the whole assasination video and i was quite shook up from it because i had no idea, thanks so much

  • Joe Dotson
    Joe Dotson 2 years ago

    They sound like Devo......but I still like it !!

  • TheTwillightSad!
    TheTwillightSad! 2 years ago

    I'm here because of my grandfather

  • Savage Ali
    Savage Ali 2 years ago

    Zombies in Spaceland anyone?

  • Purple Pepe
    Purple Pepe 2 years ago

    Always makes me tear up! Praise Kek and *SHADILAY*

  • Wellenstrom
    Wellenstrom 2 years ago


  • Ida Dudenmanner
    Ida Dudenmanner 2 years ago

    This may sound crazy but that's the clearest Zapruder I've ever seen...

  • David Wayne
    David Wayne 2 years ago

    Lucky and both Randies ain't got no booties. LOL, Heather, Tuc City. Don't recall a too cum carrie or a Heather from Canada or outside of Texas. Heather.

    • Izzy _
      Izzy _ 10 months ago

      Is this ramblings of a drunk.?

    • David Wayne
      David Wayne 2 years ago

      Lucky was the successful coach of the Rattlers, of course.

  • David Wayne
    David Wayne 2 years ago

    I never once considered you were serious about youneverdidporn dot com? Shouldn't play off what's not true. Probably. MI6 or SAS pretending to be foreign brand, or grandchild. Or just NSA psy-op? Casting but not phishing. If you fish for food or are a good sport, you must be morally righteous but be not mislead, even if green and red. Fred! How's Wheezy doin'? Essay and and Fractions student then friend. Heard your Dad passed. Don't recall when or from whom. My condolences. He was a Good man. How's the streets of San Pedro doing? Haven't seen or heard of you you since 1994 or so, bro. How'd your international interests work out? You'd a made a Good Cop. Crack pipes be droppin'. LOL.

  • Tim McEvoy
    Tim McEvoy 2 years ago

    i am here cause of Vegas Sunday

  • Greg Brown
    Greg Brown 2 years ago

    This happened the year before I was born. I remember it like it was yesterday.

  • Ray Jacobs
    Ray Jacobs 2 years ago

    I'm here, because my mom locked me out of all the porn sites!?!

  • Greg Brown
    Greg Brown 2 years ago

    Once JFK was gone they could fake the moon landing.

    • Sun Dial
      Sun Dial Year ago

      ~ true, but there is so much more to it...

  • Jeremy Clancy
    Jeremy Clancy 2 years ago

    made me cry - this song - the memories - and the footage of this traumatic event

  • David Maholchic
    David Maholchic 2 years ago

    Don't know no horror story but this song has been getting me for 35 years

  • Sali Moon
    Sali Moon 2 years ago

    Philip Oakey has the best voice...ever

  • Christian Gal
    Christian Gal 2 years ago

    I'm a generation x gal! ha..1976..

  • Tom W
    Tom W 2 years ago

    Notice how JFK was actually shot twice?

  • capacitorvoice
    capacitorvoice 2 years ago

    I'm here because David Ball posted this as his favorite Human League song. I listened because I have a lot of respect for him. It is a really good track.

  • Phantom Destroyer
    Phantom Destroyer 2 years ago

    i know iw zombies isnt great but this song brings back some many memories my friends had on that map just so nostalgic

  • Benedetto Bruno
    Benedetto Bruno 2 years ago

    This song is like one of those very rare and precious stones found in nature.

  • pazi
    pazi 2 years ago

    Just started watching AHS Hotel E11 for the first time. Had to pause in the beginning to seek out this song. Long time HLeague fan.

  • 77wings
    77wings 2 years ago

    aesthetic :))))))

  • Edwards Release the MCMANUS

    I came here cuz of zombies in space land and the first thing I see is JFKs brains blown out

  • DrunkenPostie
    DrunkenPostie 2 years ago

    Ah... the FBI in cahoots with the mafia.

  • Lawrence Simmons
    Lawrence Simmons 2 years ago

    What a track and what an album.

  • Fabio Pomponi
    Fabio Pomponi 2 years ago


  • Tim Broxton
    Tim Broxton 2 years ago


  • memyself i
    memyself i 2 years ago

    This song seriously needs more views

  • Isaiah Stewart
    Isaiah Stewart 2 years ago

    When America got glimpses of the Shadow Govt that Kennedy said he would "scatter to the wind".

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 2 years ago

    "Dare!" is and always will be a classic fucking album

  • Ken Vail
    Ken Vail 2 years ago

    I'm here cause I bought the 45 as a kid not cause of a t.v. show lol

    • widbear
      widbear Year ago

      Well my sister had Dare back in 1981 and of course I loved it. And this track is still amazing. Why people posted what show brought them here baffles me - who on earth cares?

  • stujham
    stujham 2 years ago

    Still a top tune and as fresh as the day it was released!

  • Pat Garret
    Pat Garret 2 years ago

    before everyone starts saying this shit has to do with JFK it's about Pat Garrett killing Billy the kid !!!!!