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  • Dreamy Entertainment
    Dreamy Entertainment 21 minute ago

    Condoms...feels like health class all over again :/

  • Dayna Richardson
    Dayna Richardson 34 minutes ago

    Hello love your videos #officalBuddy love your yan sim roast your the funniest love your reaction to everything

  • The huntsmans Clan
    The huntsmans Clan 42 minutes ago

    Every one of this I go(◎ヮ◎)

  • we play
    we play 56 minutes ago

    U need keys for the car in the science club I don't know where they are but they're all around the school

  • William Thao
    William Thao Hour ago

    2:54 Did you save the game or not? You have to save the game at the pause menu 17:24 They don't make a fight, they just make insults and don't harm your reputation

  • Chevy Furtado
    Chevy Furtado Hour ago

    I love when you play this, but one question how can I play this???

  • løla
    løla Hour ago

    Omg I was so excited to see you play the new update!

  • Buddah Tei
    Buddah Tei Hour ago

    There's always that 1 hater

  • Rj 27
    Rj 27 Hour ago

    You need the keys that are scattered around the school to unlock the thing in the science club

  • Donovan Thomas
    Donovan Thomas Hour ago

    You remind me of CoryxKenshin when he hears a catchy song but don’t rap

    • AllThatNothing
      AllThatNothing Hour ago

      Donovan Thomas Cory and Christene are friends after all

  • Cookie Love
    Cookie Love Hour ago

    More roblox plz

  • Gaming Glow
    Gaming Glow Hour ago

    They aren’t your rivals in the town. Those are random students that aren’t really important. The guy on the boat spying on the town is Megami’s brother. Bijuu Mike has a theory involving the blue hair woman with the black pants. Bijuu Mike’s theory is that it’s Megami’s aunt who abandoned her responsibility and changed her look up. A core part of his theory involved her butt. Megami’s ain’t is the only one on the Wiki Fandom who has a butt. I just wanted to let you know. Love and support ya!

  • Trederrion eevee


  • Lemon heartஇ
    Lemon heartஇ Hour ago

    Christine:"que paso con mi dinero?" Me/yo:"no se chica/idk girl"

    • Dayna Richardson
      Dayna Richardson 11 minutes ago

      I literally had to Google Translate what you said which means what happened to my money I think

  • itzyourgirlfunny

    Can you do something for #hallowstene because my bday is october30th

  • Blue Melon
    Blue Melon Hour ago

    *Christene gets pushed by one of the council* Council: You are in my personal spa- Chrsitene: *YOU'RE IN MY PERSONAL SPACE*

  • Catsare amazing
    Catsare amazing Hour ago

    I also like yandere simulator !

  • Sarah animate
    Sarah animate Hour ago

    Hi -27 lines earliest I've ever been

  • Cup O’ Fluff
    Cup O’ Fluff 2 hours ago

    Woo! I’m early for once :D

  • Crappy Cat
    Crappy Cat 2 hours ago

    Me:imma sleeeep Ay Christene:*plays yan sim* Me:WHAAAAAA NAH IM NOT GONNA SLEEP NOW

  • Gaming Glow
    Gaming Glow 2 hours ago


  • Little•Miss•Mad•Girl._.


    THEDERPYBEAR 2 hours ago

    Early squad! <3 <3

  • Ninjax Kid09
    Ninjax Kid09 2 hours ago

    ( ╹▽╹ )

  • Ninjax Kid09
    Ninjax Kid09 2 hours ago


  • C.C Story Studios
    C.C Story Studios 2 hours ago


  • Sonic Rodriguez
    Sonic Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    I told you

  • sakura blankenship
    sakura blankenship 2 hours ago

    Love you aychristenegames keep doing what your doing

  • Catsare amazing
    Catsare amazing 2 hours ago

    Hi first love u so much . You a good singer !

  • Vegeta Black 2
    Vegeta Black 2 2 hours ago

    Second and hello christene

  • A Guy
    A Guy 2 hours ago


  • ♡Brooklyn Da Potato♡


  • Single_Pringle YT
    Single_Pringle YT 2 hours ago

    There’s no stream?...oh..okay

  • Chill Cleetus
    Chill Cleetus 2 hours ago

    love da vids

  • Chill Cleetus
    Chill Cleetus 2 hours ago


  • Xx Clark_ART Xx
    Xx Clark_ART Xx 2 hours ago

    It’s so frustrating that I can’t explain to her what the meaning is behind thiS IS

  • Broody Schepp
    Broody Schepp 2 hours ago

    Salad fingers is wered

  • Dante Coney
    Dante Coney 2 hours ago

    get brave browser for no pop ups and ads

  • Moldy Moldy
    Moldy Moldy 2 hours ago

    When you think of it Alexander was a massive cheat I mean Maria Reynolds John Laurens ( it's hinted at in letters between the two )

  • Tamer Cart
    Tamer Cart 2 hours ago

    Hi! I am from Brazil. I think you cute <3

  • Fox 40
    Fox 40 3 hours ago


  • Wolf Carol
    Wolf Carol 3 hours ago

    You made my life more worse I just want to say that out loud I’m sorry 😞

  • Rosie Gastelum
    Rosie Gastelum 4 hours ago

    2019 anyone.

  • Blooming cat gacha
    Blooming cat gacha 4 hours ago

    #buddie reacts don't hug me I'm scared but it's different.

  • Eve Amituanai
    Eve Amituanai 6 hours ago


  • AHH Chu Carrots UwU
    AHH Chu Carrots UwU 6 hours ago

    Does anyone else think they should date? 😂

  • Pastellu Moon kitten lover

    Hey im a big fan,When yee doing danganronpa?

  • Bear Savage Amber Wolfgang

    To be big again you have to press the fire

  • wîłłøw tŕęê
    wîłłøw tŕęê 8 hours ago

    "Mommy im gonna go with-" Ads: *amazon echo*

  • Lui L.
    Lui L. 8 hours ago

    Is it bad that I could sing along at all times without looking at the text?

  • lucy kitty creepypasta

    It's Ben drowned boiiiii

  • lucy kitty creepypasta

    I watched this all before (lazari I love you well as a friend)

  • Coolboyzoidgoyz1346 confesor

    Its a krappy patty

  • 松島美佐緒
    松島美佐緒 14 hours ago

    I love all the mlp so I was soo sad I almost sad😭😭😭 Btw these people are just soo talented actually I watched this before but I was like hell naw I dont wanna cry Always love your loved ones💜❤️💜❤️

  • ShinFoox
    ShinFoox 15 hours ago

    My mom was eating a nut so When her face cracked my mom made a crunch on the nut And it made it more saddd

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 15 hours ago

    Do more meme edits

  • Nico Plays
    Nico Plays 16 hours ago

    ''I haven’t finished the first season yet'' Me: *Laughs* *in* *Season* *3*

  • Arynn Jackson
    Arynn Jackson 18 hours ago

    0:00. OK. 4:56. OK. NO

  • Gacha VEVO
    Gacha VEVO 19 hours ago

    2:05 Christine: *Turns Brittish as hell* Me: *JEsUs! deMOn!*

  • Trevion Infinity
    Trevion Infinity 20 hours ago

    Hi Christine please bring Grand Theft Auto back and you've shown me so much inspiration to start my own business when I grow up

  • Camille Clay
    Camille Clay 20 hours ago

    Bro I thought cory cursed for real 😂😂

  • ouch6908
    ouch6908 20 hours ago

    oh i didnt notice freddy is dancing outside at seven eleven

  • Shiloh Agustin
    Shiloh Agustin 22 hours ago

    Ralsei is a boy

    THE JOKER 22 hours ago

    Yes that's it

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 23 hours ago

    Do a GTA SERIES!!!!!

    DARK WOLF 23 hours ago

    Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... [Cough] [Cough] ore... minecraft

  • Arnalyn hay Nisperos
    Arnalyn hay Nisperos 23 hours ago

    HA,HA,HA,HA,HA Christened 😫😫😫

  • Tundex
    Tundex 23 hours ago

    If you ever need help on gta, let me know! I can be a goon for ya .

  • iHeart768
    iHeart768 23 hours ago

    Please keep this going! 😂💙

  • Gianni's Toy Reviews
    Gianni's Toy Reviews 23 hours ago

    They're both alicorns

  • Eko ross
    Eko ross Day ago

    The Tony guy is from gta 4 btw

  • Eko ross
    Eko ross Day ago


  • Eko ross
    Eko ross Day ago

    2020 or soo

  • Eko ross
    Eko ross Day ago

    Gta 6 is coming out soon

  • Brian Banawis
    Brian Banawis Day ago

    at 5:06 when Christine was saying somebody shot me and everyone was screaming made me cry of laughter

  • Cookie O
    Cookie O Day ago

    AyChristine:"she so adorable!" Cupquake's character: *pulls out chainsaw* AyChristine:"OH MY GOSH!"

  • Catsare amazing

    4:56 lol so funny rip headphone 🎧 users .

  • Magic Unicorn
    Magic Unicorn Day ago

    I watch the full length video to this and it was her hand she gave him her hand because he was left-handed and she was right that’s what she was wearing to “

  • Jamey Bachand
    Jamey Bachand Day ago

    Omg I’ve been waiting for you to play this game 😂😂

  • Green Diamond
    Green Diamond Day ago

    0:08 i keep watching this over and over and over again 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy Day ago

    Good stuff fam 🔥💯

  • Savanna Loves
    Savanna Loves Day ago

    Yess can't wait for more💕

  • gamertuber channel

    I already finished the game yesterday

  • Ruuben soto
    Ruuben soto Day ago

    can i join the clurb?

  • Lemon Gachax
    Lemon Gachax Day ago

    C=cute H=honor R=respectful I=idk S=Singer T=truthful E=elastic spastic plastic fantastic N=nice E=Explains perfectly

  • Lps Love
    Lps Love Day ago


  • Dan 0408
    Dan 0408 Day ago

    Why do I love this series so much

  • someonehackmeyeah

    I love this video


    I like orange

  • broshan oneal
    broshan oneal Day ago

    Cardi b? 0:12

  • broshan oneal
    broshan oneal Day ago


  • broshan oneal
    broshan oneal Day ago


  • broshan oneal
    broshan oneal Day ago


  • The Comics Club

    Oh my! Lots of respect for you, but I am never ever getting in a car with you behind the wheel! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dayna Richardson

    early for the first time

  • itz bryso here

    Play yandre sim

  • itzyourgirlfunny

    Have yall notice that she's playing all the games that she played almost 3 years ago GTA and yandere simulator was a year ago

  • KeyStorm 8359570


  • qamah zuli
    qamah zuli Day ago

    aychristene can you check the new yandere simulator' street

  • Jessica Randall

    A month after that was posted she committed suicide... Its unfair to her, and no one desevers to be treated like that, we are all special, and you shouldn't bully people for the sake of bullying people. Rest in Peace Amanda, I hope none of you do what she did.