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  • ruby 🦎
    ruby 🦎 4 hours ago

    someone tell him bettas need at least 2.5 gallons

  • Aisha Khan
    Aisha Khan 4 hours ago

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  • Aisha Khan
    Aisha Khan 4 hours ago


  • Poul Hummer
    Poul Hummer 4 hours ago

    yes, it did suck

  • Akira
    Akira 4 hours ago

    Igual a minha mansão Do gta

  • Beautiful Sungoddess

    Kudos Tyler. I'm here to work with you & share my gifts. Ty

  • Optimism Lamp
    Optimism Lamp 4 hours ago

    I should be studying for finals in school that I need to get into college and yet here I am, looking at a house I can never get for this very reason

  • Mister Omega
    Mister Omega 4 hours ago

    For the prince of Bel Air.

  • Trollface Nukem
    Trollface Nukem 4 hours ago

    10:19 😂

  • KinkaRobotina
    KinkaRobotina 5 hours ago

    I'm kind of curious why he's using a disposable cup in his home? (Sorry)

  • The Vision Alpha Legend

    thats Dan Bilzarians house

  • Jimz
    Jimz 5 hours ago

    Who the hell cares about this leftist commie Hollyweird Pedowood satanist hypocrite.

  • Ümit Akın
    Ümit Akın 5 hours ago

    You should live in Rivendell :/

  • Meloen Gamer
    Meloen Gamer 5 hours ago

    Hello where is the Safety

  • LISHKA11
    LISHKA11 5 hours ago

    I love that her house is mostly whites and light grays with pops of color everywhere 😍

  • thesilentdiva
    thesilentdiva 5 hours ago

    The love he has for his son, I have a whole new respect for him for real

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 5 hours ago

    Imagine watching *the hills have eyes* in this house and trying to go to bed lol

  • Princess Z
    Princess Z 5 hours ago

    I'll take it! Do you require cash or check? Hit me up!

  • Jibster
    Jibster 5 hours ago

    nothing better then looking at houses i will never be able to buy

  • KiD Trinity
    KiD Trinity 5 hours ago

    Personally hate how small the bath tub is and it would look really amazing if the kitchen supplies were visible instead of hidden away. Next. 🤚

  • Kamal Akhtar
    Kamal Akhtar 5 hours ago

    They are just lovely couple.

  • Vivek
    Vivek 5 hours ago

    What is a red room??

  • Nigel T
    Nigel T 5 hours ago

    "I know the difference, makes me happy" Words to live by!

  • Get in loser we’re going jopping

    Idk who the hell this guy is but I love his vibe & the way he speaks 😂

  • Big Man
    Big Man 5 hours ago

    I would forget to close all the electric doors

  • SkywaveX38
    SkywaveX38 5 hours ago

    Finally, a house that feels like an actual home and there's people living in it.

  • asapudeerna
    asapudeerna 6 hours ago

    “I’m a big water drinker “ - well I would be concerned if you weren’t haha. Ily David 💕

  • Pierce Wirsching
    Pierce Wirsching 6 hours ago

    Imagine having a mac in that house. Omegalul

  • Kenneth Edwards
    Kenneth Edwards 6 hours ago

    So that's what reparations would look like. Congratulations Tyler, capitalism looks good on you. Now what's that old saying about leading a horse to magic? Oh yeah, you can lead a horse to magic but that don't make him a magician. Turns out, that ole horse just wanted a self sustaining community. Here's to hoping this can be a cornerstone for the new Black Wallstreet_with a different ending of coarse. Love you brother, Kudos to you.

    DAAB TV 6 hours ago


    DAAB TV 6 hours ago

    Coo,l let this spirit come on me

  • BeatsBY Cash
    BeatsBY Cash 6 hours ago

    If that is the showroom, then where is the garage?. lol

  • 1GoldRunner
    1GoldRunner 6 hours ago

    Sorry but that doesn't look like a 75 million dollar house. I was expecting a lot more, this reflects California's economic crisis more than anything. Edit: Lol, these comments, no one like this home!

  • drop
    drop 6 hours ago

    Meh idk if i wanna buy this

  • Kenzie Jean
    Kenzie Jean 6 hours ago

    Another Box. This house looks too bland for my taste.

  • joy Jay
    joy Jay 6 hours ago

    Do this plce rain,ilove white its very intriguing

  • CupOf태
    CupOf태 6 hours ago

    If i had a chance to have this big of a house, I would want a peace and quite library so that i can chill while reading some books(Full collection of wattpad story books, poetry books, thriller, fiction, fantasy, historical, novels, etc.).These days, having a library in a house is not popular or not necessary since there are devices you can use to read which is laptops or phones rather than books but to me id rather do books idk why but i love it.

  • Deano Real*Apostolic*Pentecostal*100%

    He's sold out to the illuminati

  • Too Icee
    Too Icee 6 hours ago

    Just 88 million and 1 million a year property taxes lol

  • FR WI
    FR WI 6 hours ago

    Sold for 75M$

  • Irris Robertson
    Irris Robertson 6 hours ago

    No arrogance just down to earth and humble, with a sunny disposition. Wow such an amazing guy!!!

  • TheZyfer87
    TheZyfer87 6 hours ago

    Disgusting. No one needs this.

  • thelolipopkidz
    thelolipopkidz 6 hours ago

    Bojack horsemans house?

  • jonny5777
    jonny5777 6 hours ago

    How is it an "authentic French chateau"? It's in Beverly Hills!

  • Gypsy SnowWolf
    Gypsy SnowWolf 6 hours ago

    All of this looks nice, but I'd rather live out in country and sit at a bonfire with family and friends. Now that's my dream home.

  • Winter Vibes
    Winter Vibes 6 hours ago

    But then you remember the bills

  • Morevidzz
    Morevidzz 6 hours ago

    > "really small" I literally live in a 600sq foot box

  • Monroville
    Monroville 6 hours ago

    Little did I realize, but he is the main character in the 1984 film NIGHT WATCH 2:17 of _course_ his zodiac sign is a lion.

  • Lokesh Vats
    Lokesh Vats 7 hours ago

    Awesome 👌👌👌

  • Mickey Fowler
    Mickey Fowler 7 hours ago

  • Yoshi
    Yoshi 7 hours ago

    ...For 12 of your closest friends Bruh I don’t even have 12 friends 💀💀

  • Ethan Scott
    Ethan Scott 7 hours ago

    I should definitely go to that house

  • Mechanicus
    Mechanicus 7 hours ago

    I don't have any friends though?

  • Mickey Fowler
    Mickey Fowler 7 hours ago

  • blue boy
    blue boy 7 hours ago

    imagine buying this mansion with 150M year old dinosaur fossil and then few hours later earth quake happened

  • Tristan Phipson
    Tristan Phipson 7 hours ago

    I didn't know Arnold Schwarzenegger was into real estate xD

  • yellow Jap
    yellow Jap 7 hours ago

    he makes 37 mil not seem a lot

  • Trent Rainwater
    Trent Rainwater 7 hours ago

    3:47 “realizing you’ve made it” hits different knowing you’ll never make it

  • Thijs berkers
    Thijs berkers 7 hours ago

    Wait? when it rains u gotta move 20 big chairs inside? good luck with that.

  • jake3040
    jake3040 7 hours ago

    room mate...?

  • Bob Shaw
    Bob Shaw 7 hours ago

    Beautiful Penthouse in The Plaza Hotel .

  • Lincy
    Lincy 7 hours ago

    David : we don’t have a lot of fun around here Me : have you seen my life? 5:40

  • Easin Rahman
    Easin Rahman 7 hours ago

    This house is type of 1950 king times😂 Would recommend the beverly hills 37 M house over it

  • Goodssman
    Goodssman 7 hours ago

    That audio setup, probably over 15 grand with that amp and turntable lmao

  • Wight&Rrong
    Wight&Rrong 7 hours ago

    Why it always seem to be the case when looking at these super expensive houses that default assumption is that rich people like to drink wine and play pool?

  • Bob Shaw
    Bob Shaw 7 hours ago

    Beautiful house . Thanks for the tour .

  • Nunhlui Chhangte
    Nunhlui Chhangte 7 hours ago

    Kris is my favorite... she's so entertaining and down to earth person 💜

  • Janus
    Janus 7 hours ago

    I'll just stick with my Minecraft house

  • Shafiq Hassan
    Shafiq Hassan 7 hours ago

    Love the space and lighting. But the interior looks blah to me. Doesn’t look inviting nor did it open my eyes. No wow feeling whatsoever.

  • Joejoe Joe
    Joejoe Joe 7 hours ago

    Why are the sinks so low?

  • Ethan
    Ethan 7 hours ago

    y’all notice the pods at 7:37

  • Damiani
    Damiani 7 hours ago

    Awesome house! Also is this guy a youtuber himself cause he seems super professional on camera?

  • Harsh Uttarwar
    Harsh Uttarwar 7 hours ago

    So nobody at all noticed the naked Barbie photo??

  • anonymous
    anonymous 7 hours ago

    the painting looked like a 5 year old scribbling... I have good taste in painting.. but come on.. that's not a painting.

  • eowppq
    eowppq 7 hours ago

    ok guys, gonna buy this right now

  • AGlan
    AGlan 7 hours ago

    Nice!! Nyjah you're the best man!!!

  • People's Poet
    People's Poet 7 hours ago

    Madness. I would be fine with 1/10th and still make it look "l337" Does your possessions incline your spiritual value and self worth? Yes, here in California...we have $100,000 homes at around $400,000. Spooky and I wonder if the economy is going to support this over time. Is there a monorail outside yet? o_O It is a beautiful giant building.

  • Thestralsxxx
    Thestralsxxx 7 hours ago

    For some reason i felt like the hotel in some like it hot had a new england vibe. I dont know it looked so cool and a little mysterious.

  • Soban Khatri
    Soban Khatri 7 hours ago

    Imagine playing hide and seek here, it would literally take years to find someone.😂😂

  • mydearvalerie
    mydearvalerie 7 hours ago

    Please give me this house. Thank you.

  • lyokofans
    lyokofans 7 hours ago

    I'm not sure what is worse, how busy looking the house is or the horrible camera skipping that makes the video unwatchable. Probably the stupid camera skipping effect.

  • tmPawelka189
    tmPawelka189 7 hours ago

    He lives HERE?? I had no idea...

  • noble nun
    noble nun 8 hours ago

    Wow so beautiful home. I love Nicole.

  • Leon
    Leon 8 hours ago

    will this include the cars?

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 8 hours ago

    so, he's a kid

  • Cassimo
    Cassimo 8 hours ago

    i can also sell my house for a million if i have a 150Mil year old dinosaur in de living room

    • Cassimo
      Cassimo 8 hours ago

      and i am living in a normal house were almost everyone lives in

  • Rabbi One
    Rabbi One 8 hours ago

    Jesus has changed his title to Moshiach to build the third temple in 6 days

  • PaleAlejandro
    PaleAlejandro 8 hours ago


  • Thestralsxxx
    Thestralsxxx 8 hours ago

    Love these kinds of videos,AD. And wish trains were as efficient and cheap as they used to be.

  • Duke Duke
    Duke Duke 8 hours ago

    Good for him, nice guy.

  • Øbi
    Øbi 8 hours ago

    fake replica dinosaur btw* lol

  • Kehlani Melanesia
    Kehlani Melanesia 8 hours ago

    Pinterest Yesssh

  • E-dub Mkjee
    E-dub Mkjee 8 hours ago

    One word , AMAZING 😉! Wish I could work there

  • Doyeon Yun
    Doyeon Yun 8 hours ago

    i had to beg for 1.25 for bus today smh

  • Jeff & Queen Inittowinit

    Absolutely epic!!!

  • Diggity Dog
    Diggity Dog 8 hours ago

    "I wanted to take it on".

  • George Coggins
    George Coggins 8 hours ago

    Too white, it's draining...

  • Angel H
    Angel H 8 hours ago

    She lives in a home my family can afford. FINALLY

  • moinuddin khan
    moinuddin khan 8 hours ago

    Love frm india 🇮🇳

  • Faa 98
    Faa 98 8 hours ago

    Not even kylie jenner can afford this