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  • Pappetsu Tamer
    Pappetsu Tamer 14 days ago

    11:30 one of the reasons why it's hard, I believe, it's because there is a lot of anti-rich propaganda, being rich is evil or a rich person is someone evil.

  • Peter Wilson
    Peter Wilson 17 days ago

    Drinking game. Drink every time David says I digress

  • Sonu Verma
    Sonu Verma 17 days ago

    Where to purchase that machine

  • Dawid W.
    Dawid W. Month ago

    It is still "the hill" in 2019

  • Kevin Eslinger
    Kevin Eslinger Month ago

    That was a great intro!

  • Hiram Abiff
    Hiram Abiff Month ago


  • Ask Mamma
    Ask Mamma 2 months ago

    Enjoyed revisiting this video. POTUS surpassing all odds despite the pushback and naysayers. Thanks, David.

  • Carl The Bear
    Carl The Bear 2 months ago

    Ive probably spent 50 billion on coke my entire life

  • Brandon Boyer
    Brandon Boyer 3 months ago

    Pretty long lie!lol it keeps going and going and going and going...

  • Mark Wiseman
    Mark Wiseman 3 months ago

    Wow!!! This is 12 years old and couldn't be more relevant for today.

  • Volts
    Volts 3 months ago

    This is a revisit to the video thank you for making it seems that we are at the edge in 2019. Will the system be able to kick the bucket I don't know they have unlimited printing ability all I know that there is talk for a weaker dollar to compete, Deutsche Bank is on the edge, central bank accumulation of Gold is at an all time high still the average person on the street doesn't much knows this unless they are informed. I dont see these issues discussed and options for people shown in the main stream media they focus on cat fights on the sidelines leftist liberals going head to head with traditional conservatives and various false flag events that even the informed begins to question everything.

  • loluame
    loluame 3 months ago

    BOOOOOORING ploy vidja ganes

  • Arcadia Economics
    Arcadia Economics 4 months ago

    Great video David! Love your research!

  • stephen pack
    stephen pack 5 months ago

    Silver is the cheapest asett on the one it appears to buy when it goes down...but they will run to buy it on the way up!!!! I'm buying thanks....paper has nearly lost all its purchasing power ..I will continue to convert fiat to real money...

  • Jpd C
    Jpd C 5 months ago

    Silver or gold, pick the lesser evil/poison.

  • PathisNarrow
    PathisNarrow 5 months ago

    2021! maybe

  • MAsonTRIX
    MAsonTRIX 6 months ago

    The OBVIOUS debasing of silver.

  • Shawn Evashkevich
    Shawn Evashkevich 6 months ago

    I would like David Morgans videos more if the comments were enabled.

  • DeltaLion1
    DeltaLion1 6 months ago

    Silver will make me King. Serve me peasants. Serve me.

  • jeff mcarthur
    jeff mcarthur 6 months ago

    I know this vid is old but the debt clock is correct I have been pointing to that for a while now !

  • Jackie Bridges
    Jackie Bridges 7 months ago

    mother silver will be outstanding stay with your truths and knowing in your gut just how high silver will go. it will be outstanding when it takes off 14 95 today ordering monster box at these prices so on sale.

  • WTF-Dude
    WTF-Dude 7 months ago

    4/8/2019 $15 silver 👀🤣🤣🤣

  • Nephi Silver
    Nephi Silver 8 months ago

    Blah blah blah

  • gene Pohlemann
    gene Pohlemann 8 months ago

    Watching this in 2019 and after all them years silver in under $15.50, when this video was made some people were buying like crazy, well, they screwed up and lost 50% of their investment, NOW is the time to buy a stack and get ready to sit on a silver pile that was priced right for the TAKING, I doubt it will ever fall under $14.00, (good$luck) and (stack$up)

  • Matthew Aarness
    Matthew Aarness 8 months ago

    I'm buying silver . As much as I can.

  • Matthew Aarness
    Matthew Aarness 8 months ago


  • Dieter Gerding
    Dieter Gerding 8 months ago

    Very cool information. Thank you. And about the above ground silver: It’s in VERY tight hands!

  • GSXR 750
    GSXR 750 8 months ago

    been hearing this for 20 years.

  • Josh Matthews
    Josh Matthews 8 months ago

    great watch and learn, thanks david!

  • Melanie Lofts
    Melanie Lofts 8 months ago

    Well, Its now 2019 and all of the stupid ass comments on this page now look very stupid.

  • Jackie Bridges
    Jackie Bridges 9 months ago

    1000 ounces silver 10 ounces of gold house and car paid off lots of water food and seeds I'm thinking can't go wrong.and cash on hand.

  • Oren Hobbes
    Oren Hobbes 9 months ago

    I have 88 ounces of silver and about 200 Roman coins I think the Roman coins are worth way more than silver coins

  • Oren Hobbes
    Oren Hobbes 9 months ago

    Kind of weird? Bigfoot sighting also shown with normal stuff we all know is real

  • CEB
    CEB 9 months ago

    Thank god there people like David Morgan!

  • Stew Kool
    Stew Kool 9 months ago


  • yogsim 욕심 11
    yogsim 욕심 11 9 months ago

    banker shill mabey?????

    • Melanie Lofts
      Melanie Lofts 8 months ago

      just a little. Sheesh, is it just me or is the name of this RUclip channel a give away ..... "The MORGAN Report"!!!. Hidden in plain sight.

  • superman
    superman 9 months ago


  • Shane Tonkin
    Shane Tonkin 9 months ago

    Zimbabwe does not use “gold and silver”, they adopted the US dollar, which has been a tremendous success at averting their economic slide. Don’t spread nonsense information to the ignorant

  • Ray karl
    Ray karl 9 months ago

    You are wrong about the rise if Silver in 1980, it was the Hunt Brothers that made it go to $50.00 an oz. It will rise, but how much is anyone's guess!

  • John Anderson
    John Anderson 10 months ago

    Hilarious 😂, true, but hilarious 😂!!

  • silver stacker for life

    i started to buy silver be cuss how Ron Paul explained it he is a true patriot

  • Little Billy
    Little Billy 10 months ago

    Nice analysis. I’m in physical silver and gold and a few miners - McEwen Mining, First Majestic Silver, EMX Royalty. Any thoughts on miners?

  • Maurice Orr
    Maurice Orr 10 months ago

    What up now

  • Jenn C
    Jenn C 11 months ago

    Well shit 4,5,6 years ago everyone saying by silver ,well it’s the same story now and it’s under 15 dollars.i wonder what those people are saying now. It’s a great time to buy.🤔or is it? I’m hearing it could go even lower.

  • Caino the Concerned Citizen

    Excellent content! Relevant in December 2018... Silver is $14 and change right now...

  • Tru Chocolate LLC
    Tru Chocolate LLC 11 months ago

    As real as real can get,Jim and Andrew are the best at what they do.

  • glenn duval
    glenn duval Year ago

    Because we really don't know who started BITCOIN couldn't the Rothschild banking cartel have started it knowing that people would be wanting to move from the current fiat currencies into something different? It would be a way for them to maintain their power.

  • James the Ponderer

    When Bernanke was asked if gold was money and he said NO, that showed me on the spot what a liar he was.

    • Dawid W.
      Dawid W. Month ago

      I love to replay his face when he says so. Priceless

  • Russian military

    Sir I like your channel is interesting

  • silverslave333
    silverslave333 Year ago

    David how much longer until stock market's crash?

  • Barry Dutton Sells Homes

    David I sent that Linked In connection months ago LOL. Keep up the good work!! You are one of the best!!

  • Erwin Monti
    Erwin Monti Year ago

    Manipulation of the markets. What a joke. I have been in the silver pits in NY, several times. Funny how a kid 22 yrs old, drives a Farrarie Lamborghini, and a V12 Mercedes, lives in a mansion on long island. Has enough coke in his pool room to plaster 2 houses, all at is this possible. I'll give you a hint. His last name was Silverman. Sort of ethnic don't you think. The entire market is run these ethnic thieves, and nobody EVER says a word. Isn't it funny this industry has NEVER been investigated..And you know what IT NEVER WILL!!!!

  • gabriel smith
    gabriel smith Year ago


  • Just Murphy
    Just Murphy Year ago

    PMs are for the dinosaurs. Bitcoin is your future whether you like it or NOT. Buy bitcoin while its on sale.

  • Bobby8270
    Bobby8270 Year ago

    They’ll just smack it down again when it suits them. Been doing it for years and years and will keep doing it until it suits them not to.

  • wayne mcclory
    wayne mcclory Year ago

    Yes last week we saw when the market sold off so did crypto. We then saw money go to GOLD. Now we have absolute proof ! Buy Gold And Silver.

  • Ken Semotiuk
    Ken Semotiuk Year ago

    Bitcoin is a poor place to store you're fiat currency. 10 months ago it's price was $19,666 and today October 14, 2018, it is struggling to stay above $6,200? The alt crypto crap ICO's are even worse, they act like penny stocks, here today and gone next month! It was interesting to note, thst when the stock markets floundered in the last few days, so did the cryptos. including bitcoin.

  • Barry Dutton Sells Homes

    I love your stuff and recommend it to everyone I am in contact with inside and outside the PM's and crypto markets David. Thank you.

  • FiatBurner
    FiatBurner Year ago


  • River City MOVERS

    Yeah. A long, manipulated Bull market. Fake. Fantasy. Computer generated. Markets are not real. They are fantasy. Get out of stocks now! You have to be nuts to be in the stock market right now. it's over. Don't be fooled!

  • David Williams
    David Williams Year ago

    Thanks for your carefully considered comments...pretty much agree with everything you say.

  • Adrian FC82
    Adrian FC82 Year ago

    Good stuff David. I think markets will crash hard next year.

  • Double R
    Double R Year ago

    David, during the last downturn, 2008, all stocks were at a high and all dropped with the market. Now, in 2018, the miners seem to be at a bottom while the market is at an all time high, and everything seems to be in a bubble but gold and silver. ...Do you see a possible run into the miners if the market cracks this time? Most experts claim all stocks will drop, since this has been historically the case. I personally see a run into the mining sector since it's very liquid, but I am confused as to how much SLV and GLD will factor into this scenario. ...Any thoughts?

    • Double R
      Double R Year ago

      Myles Gray I agree. I love silver miners as well. J.P. Morgan hold 750 million ounces for a reason. So I hope we are right.

    • Myles Gray
      Myles Gray Year ago

      Double R I was watching ABX which has gone from $13 down as low as $9.80 in the last few months. That was the price back in 1991! On Oct 11 2018, when stocks were crashing, ABX was up 10% on the day. It seems to me, mine stocks are at a bottom and investors are ready to pile into them if stocks take a drive. ABX would go up 500% before reaching an all time high (2011) from that sub $10 we saw recently. Personally, with the 1% dividend, I think this is a way better play than gold or silver for the next rescission.

  • Stuart Ogilvie
    Stuart Ogilvie Year ago

    Thanks, Very informative

  • Ken Semotiuk
    Ken Semotiuk Year ago

    I have gold, going to get more gold!

  • Dale Val
    Dale Val Year ago

    Canada had no right sell our gold our birthright. Orr was that what they want us to believe Canada follows what the elites want. especially the liberals

  • iluvsilva
    iluvsilva Year ago

    I love silver! Have been buying/averaging down from $20/oz since Sept 2016. :-)

  • pdxeddie1111
    pdxeddie1111 Year ago

    that was debunked China will not back it's currency with gold. They just need a certain amount of gold in reserves to be considered as a reserve currency by the IMF. If China wants the SDR it needs the gold to meet requirements.

    • Adrian Segura
      Adrian Segura Year ago

      😂. Argentina is getting SDR . And they are selling ther gold . To pay off ther debt lol . So if all fiat currencies are burning what will they take.?? Oil ?? Lol

  • Oscar Ortiz
    Oscar Ortiz Year ago

    There will not be a economic tsunami. The government will not aloud it, its just not good for businesses. Somethings will change, but not the way this silver lovers think will happen.

  • Adrian FC82
    Adrian FC82 Year ago

    Silver is a steal at $14

  • JiShivkumar Bansal.


  • Rich R
    Rich R Year ago

    Silver is the biggest sleeper of a life time. If you think silver is not a good investment, then your our of touch with what is going on today in the world. What you failed to tell the audience Mr. Morgan is that we are consuming silver faster than it's mined..... just saying....

    • Total Bullion
      Total Bullion 10 months ago

      @Syed Arif You don't need 20, it doesn't have to dry up completely for the value to increase.

    • Syed Arif
      Syed Arif 10 months ago

      @Total Bullion I don't got 20 yrs unfortunately

    • Total Bullion
      Total Bullion 10 months ago

      @Syed Arif I'm going by the data collected by it shows the current world reserve running out in approx 20 years. We are buying it faster than we can mine it.

    • Syed Arif
      Syed Arif 10 months ago

      @Total Bullion and how is that going to happen? Aliens invasion

    • Total Bullion
      Total Bullion 10 months ago

      @Syed Arif Yes, you are also correct. People don't care about things until they realize they might not be available for much longer. Once the silver supply really has dropped 50% we will see some gains. People just don't take Silver seriously because of all the shills.

  • K Moore
    K Moore Year ago

    Wrong again Colonel Sanders. Mom's right. I agree with his premise but no one knows the day or the hour when judgment day is coming. It is coming.

  • Buy Silver 73
    Buy Silver 73 Year ago

    Great Information Thank you can you give me some advice about how I become my own bank

  • lowbloodprsure
    lowbloodprsure Year ago

    I love that woman's english accent voice at the end of the video. I like it more than the entire video.


    There is no silver shortage. It is being hoarded by the elite. Watch Lisa Haven she's already done a video on it. Just like diamonds are basically worthless.

    • That Guy Adonis
      That Guy Adonis Year ago

      deprogramming life Hawkins yes diamonds are worthless. So many stored in underground vaults lol

  • tappanserbgirl
    tappanserbgirl Year ago

    Thank you Sir !

  • vU dU
    vU dU Year ago

    looking forward to the interview, thanks Morgan!

  • Max Power
    Max Power Year ago

    No.You fill yer boots son there is plenty silver out there.

  • EndeavorWebs
    EndeavorWebs Year ago

    Even if Silver disappears from the market all together, silver will be trashed. Why? Because the market is minuscule and its captive of big intetest. Forget about silver coin collecting, Silver became a cult, 'Silverntology' i call it... The irrational passion for a metal commodity that has no market freedom or enough acceptance to become more. If anyone investing in Silver had their money in stocks instead for the last 10 years surely they would have a fortune today, the silver investors losses are incalculable, good luck with the cult, in the other hand stocks are overvalued, but again I wouldn't trust Silver ever again, Real State i say.

  • Bill W
    Bill W Year ago

    Morgan wants $50 a month for his expertise

    • Lord Humongus
      Lord Humongus Year ago

      That's cheap you ever pay a Lawyer by the hour?

  • C Joe
    C Joe Year ago another 7 years to kill?

    • Brian Corcoran
      Brian Corcoran Year ago

      Indeed, if this interview were from 2011 I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

  • havikshorst120
    havikshorst120 Year ago

    Silver is the future >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> :O

  • Christopher Bussell

    Worthless paper backed by more worthless paper. 5000 years of gold, silver, ​and copper.

  • Bob Silver
    Bob Silver Year ago

    bought 42 ounces last week

    • Bob Silver
      Bob Silver Year ago

      Provident had them on sale last time I looked

    • cityguyable
      cityguyable Year ago

      Bob Silver Who’s got the best deal on them their Eagles? I hate paying premiums. The deal sees don’t like to pay em when you sell em back.

    • Sir FishSlayer
      Sir FishSlayer Year ago

      You hit it right for last week!

    • Bob Silver
      Bob Silver Year ago

      I will. We ordered another 60 ounces this morning...60 Eagles

    • cityguyable
      cityguyable Year ago

      Bob Silver Whoa! Easy there some for Herbert.

  • hogensan
    hogensan Year ago

    The US dollar has to have a blow off top first.

  • Guy Shipman
    Guy Shipman Year ago

    Looking forward to your interview with a Greg Hunter! We certainly can use more journalists like him.

  • silverslave333
    silverslave333 Year ago

    Stack until the reset. But how long do we have to wait ? Will the Rothschild and co be able to hide there crimes and convince the masses into another fake money, and keep silver manipulated lower ?

    • Oscar Ortiz
      Oscar Ortiz Year ago

      There will not be a economic tsunami. The government will not aloud it, its just not good for businesses. Somethings will change, but not the way this silver lovers think will happen.

  • Herbert von Sauerkraut unterhose

    Which currencies are failing? Precious metals may be money or a form of stored value but they aren't currency. As stated, it all depends on trust or perceived value in both Fiat and metals...

    • Chad Sweeney
      Chad Sweeney Year ago

      @Patrick Lee every week I exchange fiat for food. Zero value? You have some explaining to do.

    • Herbert von Sauerkraut unterhose
      Herbert von Sauerkraut unterhose Year ago

      @Patrick Lee sure, but both have value. One could use oil or old shoes as money if the value is there.

    • Patrick Lee
      Patrick Lee Year ago

      Fiat has zero value, metals have value. Next question.

  • Joel Thornton
    Joel Thornton Year ago

    I only have one question for you in regards to the upcoming offer of silver at spot price. How would you like to be paid?

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips Year ago

    Silver is a sure thing but could have to wait a little longer

    • jenna henry
      jenna henry Year ago

      geeetube, I was under the impression that there would only be .66 oz per person in the world? I'm going to have to do more research.

    • Dubravko Majic
      Dubravko Majic Year ago

      Buy First majestic

    • Silver Scalez
      Silver Scalez Year ago

      @Romulan112 you can TRADE the miners. But i would never INVEST. I have pulled profit out of JNUG, First Majestic, and Yamana Gold. Just watch spot and read the tapes. The stock market is so over extended i keep all my buying power liquid and only trade. To much risk to hodl and wake up one day with %50 of your money gone. Use profits from trades to stack physical. My two cents...silver cents 😝

    • Romulan112
      Romulan112 Year ago

      Stay out of the miners.

    • Silver Scalez
      Silver Scalez Year ago

      Thats fine by me. More time to stack it on the low. 👌

  • R. M
    R. M Year ago

    Mmmmmmm silver

  • Erik Gunnar Gervin

    Good points, thx.

  • Oscar Ortiz
    Oscar Ortiz Year ago

    So, you are saying that way too little quantity of people are buying silver?

  • SM Smoof
    SM Smoof Year ago

    Hey David, Can you do public running updates on .... i know you are a supporter of their plan. As am I. They do not have enough info updates.

  • Eric Fox
    Eric Fox Year ago

    thank you David for always being available to us with the highest level of information

  • Eric Fox
    Eric Fox Year ago

    David thank you always for what you contribute to the insights that are made available to us. always a step in the right direction thank you!

  • The Morgan Report

    My friends and whomever else. So sorry on the audio!! I have a YETI top of the line. However doing work the primary mike got switched to my web cam microphone. Ugh. It is back to the Yeti. Again thanks for Lyme know.