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Why I stopped.
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Forbidden memes
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My 100 Mil Award BROKE!
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Rating Memes from 0-10
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It's time to STOP!
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I vlogged the Honeymoon..
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Best Week Ever.
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100 000 000 Subs
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FaceApp Review
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Minecraft Skyblock #1
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Papers, Please!
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Minecraft Part 1
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Keanu Reeves
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Looking at my Analytics
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E3 2019 Summarized
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Shoutout to Jacksepticeye
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  • C midnight
    C midnight Hour ago

    Man has a level head respect

  • Luigi Kingdom
    Luigi Kingdom Hour ago


  • skinny penz
    skinny penz Hour ago

    my dream is to someday be like pewdiepie,i try alot but youtube is more harder than you think.i'm just a retarded kid with nothing but a wifi and a shity laptop and a stupid dream of succeeding through youtube and prove that you don't need a fancy computer to do yt,maybe 2 friends which i feel like i'm about to lose i've decided to make yt my main goal in life it's frustrating but i still love doing it,i just wish that i could be motivated by something.i'm really not tryna get pitied by people just wrote it here cause i have no one to talk about this. i'm not tryna make you subscribe because you pity me ,i'm just asking a chance to show the content i love to do and you can subscribe if you feel like it's worth one.

  • Pro Blurt
    Pro Blurt Hour ago

    I noticed him going creative mode several times but who gives a shit

  • Yellow NoobHD
    Yellow NoobHD Hour ago

    This is a dog 🐢 he is homeless, this is how many people want to adopt him l l V

  • Pp Zuxxer
    Pp Zuxxer Hour ago

    Why are the comments so recent??

  • Rip Bird
    Rip Bird Hour ago

    I still remember the custom reward he got for 50 mil

  • γ€ŽKotxz3』

    He should save up and get the latest graphics card...

  • Earthworm Sally
    Earthworm Sally Hour ago

    36:30 I literally said wow at the same as him 🀭

  • Manda Ramesh
    Manda Ramesh Hour ago

    Fucking ChanelπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Akhilesh Soni
    Akhilesh Soni Hour ago

    his costume on tsuki looked like dbs outfit at first

  • don't sub
    don't sub Hour ago

    Lazerbeam is sad

  • RafPlayZ
    RafPlayZ Hour ago

    12:51 Marzia looks like... boyinaband

  • Frozen Knight
    Frozen Knight Hour ago

    Is he ready for 1billon subs

  • Shano
    Shano Hour ago

    Try RLCraft

  • Danijel Petrovic

    Pewdiepie doesnβ€˜t say anything Media: worst person ever πŸ˜…

  • AK Editing Zone
    AK Editing Zone Hour ago

    Love you broo

  • Joan Lopez
    Joan Lopez Hour ago

    Your.taking to much time I'm leaving

  • Joen Roiz Cruz
    Joen Roiz Cruz Hour ago

    Where is pyro's comment

  • Neon
    Neon Hour ago

    sponsered by Ikea

  • Power
    Power Hour ago

    Fuck u

  • cupcsr !!!
    cupcsr !!! Hour ago

    I was young when this happened. Now I’m old

  • Rory Gaming
    Rory Gaming Hour ago


  • Jimin-ssi
    Jimin-ssi Hour ago

    We prefer tickle

  • Gorillas
    Gorillas Hour ago

    Brofist for Salem, keep staying strong !

  • Anml Bmzn
    Anml Bmzn Hour ago

    This Jio is too dangerous guys! You have no idea, for 3$ i.e 150 rs you get 28 days-1.5GB/Day(per day)-and unlimited calls, like WTF??

  • David Larsson
    David Larsson Hour ago

    C'mon guys, let's !

  • 100000000000000000000 subs without videos

    If you sub to me you will get good luck

  • Ian Cardinale
    Ian Cardinale Hour ago

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  • Aye
    Aye Hour ago

    #1 trending in Gaming ?????????????????????

  • F00n
    F00n Hour ago

    please make the chair 420.69

  • Emily Scanlan
    Emily Scanlan Hour ago


  • Aysthatix
    Aysthatix Hour ago

    Make a new song brofinger also brofinger is for 10 years old. Like if you agree.

  • Alyon04 /AdcMain

    6:00 ORU MAIGTO

  • Zombie
    Zombie Hour ago

    No one: PewDiePie: 0:01

  • Joe Z
    Joe Z Hour ago

    wait i'm a little confused can someone help me? If endermans enderpearl is his endertesticle and enderwomens enderpearl is her endertitty... does that mean girl pee is stored in the boobs?

  • ΰ²₯β€Ώ ΰ²₯

    What are you gonna do about RUclip’s new rules ☹️

  • Ramon Cobilla
    Ramon Cobilla Hour ago

    First u called T-Series a Bitch lasagna and now ur congratulating them for winning i guess? HoW dArE yOu PeWdIePiE?!

  • qusai alyousif
    qusai alyousif Hour ago

    Pewd do u go to ikea?

  • minecraft gamer
    minecraft gamer Hour ago

    Someone tell me plz what episode did he make that sheep machine I was laughing when write this comment because he was talking to a betroot

  • Rust Play
    Rust Play Hour ago


  • Quα»‘c Huy Nguyα»…n

    VietNam ❀

  • TheSanitySeeker
    TheSanitySeeker Hour ago

    There’s so many moments in this when Felix just stares into space and wonders what the fricking frick he’s doing

  • somebody_ twentytwo

    When pew news, is better than normal BBC news..

  • Jb Boss
    Jb Boss Hour ago

    It's my hero academia Felix the animation

  • skander ben achour

    Petition to make pewds watch my hero academia

  • Alison Francis
    Alison Francis Hour ago

    no t-series artists performing?

  • Kenzi Oscar P.
    Kenzi Oscar P. Hour ago

    Wow this song is amazing

  • I’maweeb0w0

    Felix: *almost cries* Me: aww- Ad: I’m about to end her. (Ik it’s shit lmao)

  • obey doggo gaming

    This video: gets uploaded five years ago RUclip 2019: yaaah it's rewind time

  • Elia Ohne s
    Elia Ohne s Hour ago

    When u will watch Phineas and Ferb?


    Glowing chair = insomnia

  • Lukey Chan
    Lukey Chan Hour ago

    I think the anime part of the video when he said it was one punch man I thing it was all might from my hero academia

  • Gabriel Lemieux
    Gabriel Lemieux Hour ago


  • Alex Hill
    Alex Hill Hour ago

    If you search his height now and you can see that it is changed 181🀣

  • God God
    God God Hour ago

    You are the best boy

  • jh0fie Nacavran
    jh0fie Nacavran Hour ago

    hey pewds you should play little misfortune

  • Sea
    Sea Hour ago

    We are a step closer to terraria

  • *EAGLE* a c e
    *EAGLE* a c e Hour ago

    I don't get it! What would a anti-hate group do after taking the money? Stop hating? Give money to people to stop hating? What the hell!

  • Papa burgers
    Papa burgers Hour ago

    Z I am watching from canada

  • Muhammed Habib
    Muhammed Habib Hour ago


  • Arc Angel
    Arc Angel Hour ago

    fun fact , Feigi is actually the minecraft incarnation of Kevin Feige , the President of Marvel ,who came to this world to take revenge on Felix for previously hating on Marvel movies , but issokay now cause Felix likes Marvel now.

  • Mirai
    Mirai Hour ago

    I just watched a man being crazy for 20 mins

  • ab gaming And tech

    But finally t series wonπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£.

  • Thomas Walker
    Thomas Walker Hour ago

    Edgar: sits on play station Pewds: so you have chosen death

  • Fallen Fighter
    Fallen Fighter Hour ago

    When it's #1 for gaming but not even gaming

  • Ellie
    Ellie Hour ago

    1:41:30 - first peepee

  • HappyBax
    HappyBax Hour ago

    0:40 just look at bottom

  • Mokongthe3
    Mokongthe3 Hour ago

    I was born in the Right Generation!!!

  • Gabriel Gandi Goesantoso

    The chair should've cost 420.69 *nice.*

  • Mas Kito
    Mas Kito Hour ago

    Wait. You didn’t know ADL try pushed for the cancellation of your deal with Disney? Hmmmmmm.......

  • Sandeep Gautam
    Sandeep Gautam Hour ago

    You streamed minecraft for 12 hours

  • Logan Cressy
    Logan Cressy Hour ago

    Mfw time10 exists My face:*nonexistent*

  • ZedKrueger
    ZedKrueger Hour ago

    "how about just fingering" PewDiePie 2019

  • Bill Buttlicker
    Bill Buttlicker Hour ago

    this is such a great gaming video lol

  • ΰΉ–Ϋ£ΫœChien Nguyen

    who skip video πŸ‘‡

  • 2free heaven
    2free heaven Hour ago

    Internet is a "her",lol

  • Mackie Man
    Mackie Man Hour ago

    People say that 500 is too much for a chair POKIMANES CHAIR IS 1k

  • Ornata l
    Ornata l Hour ago

    does no one realize felix has a butt pic on his screensaver?

  • May namjoon Bless you

    aaaaaaa it's been so long the nostalgia is coming in and I'm crying

  • James Lee
    James Lee Hour ago

    One punch man are u kidding me

    • James Lee
      James Lee Hour ago

      its fricking my hero academia

  • Metal MaMa
    Metal MaMa Hour ago

    And the 2019 tell-it-like-it-is humanitarian award goes to.... POPPY GLORIA!!😊😁πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰ About time someone said it. So sick of the drama. It's best to just watch anime, that'll never let you downπŸ˜‰

  • Selahattin Γ§etin

    go to the doki doki clasor,and open the characters clasor,you see every characters names.delete monika,and play ddlc,see what happens!that was a secret

  • miranda hale
    miranda hale Hour ago

    *PEWDIPIE* : like πŸ‘πŸ½ *T-SERIES* : comment πŸ’­

  • xxoops _
    xxoops _ Hour ago

    Who else skipped to the end

  • The One
    The One Hour ago

    Beastmaster 64 !!❀❀

  • hen 87 people
    hen 87 people Hour ago

    I spend look all of yours vid for 31 hours without this vid

  • jonnolags
    jonnolags Hour ago

    12:27 Castle in the Sky.. lol

  • Champs
    Champs Hour ago

    You're the best

  • Arc Angel
    Arc Angel Hour ago

    Feigi is a fan favourite now

  • Gaming Week
    Gaming Week Hour ago

    Namjoon be like:

  • Monica Downes
    Monica Downes Hour ago

    This made me laugh to much

  • aruna studio
    aruna studio Hour ago

    2:55 bro in india thats exactly how it works lol

  • That Guy Jared
    That Guy Jared Hour ago

    1:04:43 That's gonna be in some compilation of perfectly cut screams within 48 hours, I'll bet my nuts on it.

    • I Suck
      I Suck Hour ago

      I'll bet my tites

  • XD LOL
    XD LOL Hour ago

    11 month After and recomendation

  • persistings
    persistings Hour ago

    More than half a million wanna Frick a creeper

  • May
    May Hour ago

    Was tracing of attack on titan

  • Clout Father
    Clout Father Hour ago

    He really should watch what he’s wearing. With all that red 6ix9ine might tell the news Felix is a member of Nine Trey Bloods

  • Blue Bandit
    Blue Bandit Hour ago

    oys alright

  • Harshit Yadav
    Harshit Yadav Hour ago

    You cant beet tseries