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  • Justin Amazing
    Justin Amazing 5 seconds ago

    He just announced that Trump Doral Resprt and himself will no longer

  • eve EN
    eve EN 7 seconds ago

    That girl is beautiful

  • Abdulqadir Burco duuray

    Fake news us Trump always put it.

  • Greg Nulik
    Greg Nulik 16 minutes ago

    I heard George Noory (of Coast to Coast AM) talk about being in a Walgreens when the power went out. It quickly became a ''cash? Yes Please'' moment.

  • JC Frome
    JC Frome 16 minutes ago

    Japan abhors credit cards

  • Matt Selvy
    Matt Selvy 20 minutes ago

    Good. Hope it crashes down on top of a scumbag taking a dump on the street. Oh I'm sorry, did I spill the beans about how SFO is a real "Sh-t"hole??? Sorry, my bad.

  • Obie drier
    Obie drier 21 minute ago

    I don't feel she's a threat but she'll never get out because no politician wants a public outcry on their watch.

  • J Tanashi
    J Tanashi 22 minutes ago

    Women of color.........when people quit worrying about what color they are and that they are all humans, the world will be a better place!

  • HRTsAFyre
    HRTsAFyre 26 minutes ago

    Its pissing Trump off that he doesn't know what's being said so he can spin the narrative on his crimes. He can't get ahead with the help of his legal team either. It's a smart move in this particular impeachment case.

  • Monica Chelagat
    Monica Chelagat 28 minutes ago

    I see Gayle King a little uncomfortable, she is a sell out to the white Hollywood elites like her friend Okra after the betrayal to MJ and his family. Disgusting woman.

  • aesth
    aesth 28 minutes ago

    Throw them in jail for their entire lives for representing the stupidity of many teens that take things like this as a joke

  • cloud ix
    cloud ix 28 minutes ago

    Broke my arm once went to ER costed me $0.

  • Say Hello
    Say Hello 30 minutes ago

    To the people who say it is cheaper to live on a cruise ship than a nursing home: you are confusing nursing homes with assisted living facilities. Nursing homes are medical facilities for people (elderly or not) who require ongoing, intense medical care. Often these are people who’ve suffered strokes, dementia, etc. No one will get that kind of round-the-clock care on a cruise ship. Assisted living facilities, on the other hand, are like dorms for old people. Residents can mostly care for themselves, but there is a doctor and a few nurses on staff just in case. This lady appears to be enjoying good health.

  • Esa Shaik
    Esa Shaik 32 minutes ago

    Clearly the YPG is violating the cease fire.If they have withdrawn then Turkey would not be shooting at them .

  • miguel duran
    miguel duran 32 minutes ago

    What if u wanna buy some weed.

  • Todd Johnson
    Todd Johnson 39 minutes ago


  • Bubby Jones
    Bubby Jones 40 minutes ago

    People, this is why we DONT need Afghan vets as police! They will treat us as they did the Taliban. Stuff like this gonna keep happening as long as vets are preferred 1st as police over training young civilians

  • Kushal Hamal
    Kushal Hamal 42 minutes ago

    David goggins sir you are the man for my motivation you sir are outstanding

  • Pray Suguitan
    Pray Suguitan 47 minutes ago

    Ey, don't fret, it used to be before the elitist WTO demolished trade barrier which resulted in over produced products being made like printing endless paper money😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • MadakiNomaroishi
    MadakiNomaroishi 47 minutes ago

    Who cares 🙄 not USA problem 👌

  • Joseph Green
    Joseph Green 49 minutes ago

    Is she actually white? She looks latino to me

  • Pray Suguitan
    Pray Suguitan 51 minute ago

    C'mon its a creeping tool for control😈

  • Stephen Siegel
    Stephen Siegel 52 minutes ago

    Women have been getting abortions since the dawn of man. Nothing will stop them if they really want to.

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 53 minutes ago

    Old people lmao get with the times cashless is the future

    • Murk 187
      Murk 187 25 minutes ago

      You deserve death!

  • Lance Fraijo
    Lance Fraijo 54 minutes ago

    This is a good opportunity for all young youth here in America

  • gamer khan11
    gamer khan11 55 minutes ago

    Dondal drum terrorist.

  • Swimbait1
    Swimbait1 57 minutes ago

    He lost me at you need meat to be healthy.

  • charles leece
    charles leece 58 minutes ago

    Trash news

  • I En
    I En 59 minutes ago

    Wow beware of the Mark of the Beast coming soon. DON’T GET THEM

  • charles leece
    charles leece Hour ago

    Great!! Publicly support alcohol so kids can drink

  • Kevin K
    Kevin K Hour ago

    "The president of the United states, and others who are in even more powerful positions." Who is she talking about in more powerful positions? Does she mean people more powerful than senators, but less the than the president? 6:46 Or more powerful than the president? I simply don't understand who she is referring too. Perhaps she simply misled. I mean misspoke.

  • V J
    V J Hour ago

    He should be locked up for the rest of his life

  • glock161
    glock161 Hour ago

    One's worse than all the democrats combined, and THEIR criminal cover-ups.

  • brian onyango
    brian onyango Hour ago

    U want to fight for what people , what do u gain come on America.

  • Steve Inczedi
    Steve Inczedi Hour ago

    A 14dollar salad or a 5 dollar coffee???? Wtf...?????

    • Summer Hanson
      Summer Hanson 22 minutes ago

      Steve Inczedi these people make wayyy more money than any of us they don’t know our reality of spending

  • theRPGmaster
    theRPGmaster Hour ago

    Assault rifles are selective-fire rifles with a full-auto mode, the AR-15 is not an assault rifle. New fully-automatic rifles are illegal almost everywhere.

  • belle mcellis
    belle mcellis Hour ago

    Cummings had children in schools with "NO HEAT" in Baltimore. May he "ROAST LOW & SLOW" take Baltimore's money back from his Estate, and give it back to the City of Baltimore.

  • Alan O Brien
    Alan O Brien Hour ago

    Ronan is an unconvincing sign post, he's a populist

  • SlyghTly Tyghty
    SlyghTly Tyghty Hour ago

    lmfao, people get less tips without cash. the atm fee is about to skyrocket. GreaT!

  • Moses Malone
    Moses Malone Hour ago

    Gail is Oprah's best friend.

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G Hour ago

    the USA didnt open anything... if we left 5,10, 20 years from now turkey would still do what there doing...

  • Jacob Allen
    Jacob Allen Hour ago

    Those stupid punks will rot in this life and the afterlife

  • Damian holt
    Damian holt Hour ago

    Look at the comment yanggang is the one the people we choose

  • Antonio Renteria

    hospital, insurance, drug company. Triple whammie, we only seem to focus on insurance companies for some reason.

  • Michael Barrutia

    Heath insurance is a scam period!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jabbar JD1415
    Jabbar JD1415 Hour ago

    Wow, those days are coming back and it's gonna be us against the UN. Watch and See...

  • concerned citizen

    Obama care. Lol

  • Nestor Cayetano
    Nestor Cayetano Hour ago

    Hi World, you heard that right. I am tropical storm (Nestor) but I promise to subside within the next few hours. Just wanted to get some "likes" + attention from the weather channel and let it be known that my name (Nestor) means "Warrior". :)

  • allan Bell
    allan Bell Hour ago


  • easy move
    easy move Hour ago

    China did it India did it ...ha and they are worse off than us ... cash is King

  • Sufimoor
    Sufimoor Hour ago

    Do not come down with a debilitating illness in America ...

  • real isrealite
    real isrealite Hour ago

    Stupid gentiles,the cash less society is the mark of the beast society.The government tracks all credit and debit transactions and can seize your bank account if and when they please.Cash on the other hand cant be tracked yet.

  • jaafar kassim
    jaafar kassim Hour ago

    Why not go to India. They are very cheap and the best.

  • Dularr
    Dularr Hour ago

    Colleges are a disaster right now. All they produce are radicals, who can't get anything done.

  • Isaac Stevens
    Isaac Stevens Hour ago

    If Yang wins the primaries he will sweep the national election

  • contactpq
    contactpq Hour ago

    And just watch how different the overcome will be for the white kids ... same crime, same result, but different jail time ... why?

  • Bill Hamm
    Bill Hamm Hour ago

    Too bad she's a Russian spy (lol)

  • Captain Thumper
    Captain Thumper Hour ago

    It could be argued that by some aspects bordering on all that colleges have been failing for some time now.

  • saturncrush
    saturncrush Hour ago

    Jolly Green Giant??

  • Nancy Rocks
    Nancy Rocks Hour ago

    The French can take their cheese and stuff it you know where. I want American cheese. Not French. This is a anti American liberal propaganda hack report. We need to love our stuff over theirs. I'm willing to pay more to get our stuff into world market fairly.

  • Nancy Rocks
    Nancy Rocks Hour ago

    Boo hoo. It's about time. Why our baked goods don't get sold or bought overseas. Boo hoo libtards

  • Dr Benedict Luoga

    WHERE ARE THE TRUE JEWS???? READ Zephaniah 3 V 10) we will find YISSAELAH (Israel) "Beyond the rivers of Cush/Ethiopia" (Zephaniah 3 V 10)

  • 2viewbosque
    2viewbosque Hour ago

    I am charged 3 dollars to pay my phone bill with cash

  • Jhon Trochez
    Jhon Trochez Hour ago

    WARNING ⚠️ WW3

  • Big Teddy Bear
    Big Teddy Bear Hour ago

    Wow! Trump is more determined to hit Alabama than I thought!

  • Scootaloo
    Scootaloo Hour ago

    He just finished his journey yesterday. It took him 6 month's and 3 days to cross the lower 48 states. (Finished on October 19th, 2019) If you ever wanted to know how long it takes for an average healthy young person at 31 to cross the lower 48 States by foot....6 months+. The lower 48 States span an area that is 81% larger than all 28 combined countries that make up the EU. Of course if you add in Hawaii and Alaska the US is a lot bigger still. But then again, he just did the lower 48. So I would say he definitely proved himself.

  • Frank Conti
    Frank Conti Hour ago

    🤖Gee , so when do “They” start implementing the human-body “Chip” ?!🤖 #TakeItOrElse 🙃

    • Frank Conti
      Frank Conti Hour ago

      real isrealite , Bible believers are informed not to take the “chip”/ “Mark of the Beast “ 🤔 #The “Swedes”- are taking the “Chip” implant now.

    • real isrealite
      real isrealite Hour ago

      They already have it.Missing kids on milk boxes scared parents enough that some chipped their kids.They tested it on dogs first kids second and they have started to chip adults.

  • ZeNoNClipZ
    ZeNoNClipZ Hour ago

    Bernie Sanders cares

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama Hour ago

    Obama 4ever

  • finn bell
    finn bell Hour ago

    why did they switch insurance providers?

  • Monotone Cthulhu
    Monotone Cthulhu 2 hours ago

    DiD thE ciViLiaN hAVe a PerMIt

  • T. O Tang
    T. O Tang 2 hours ago

    Social issue is suck. I make reaction video about social issues that can laughable. If you guys like to learn more and laugh, check out my work.

  • ALEXANDER B. jordan jr.

    And then just think what if you get a bunch of those kind of people that will surround the police station and prepare for the other precincts America you did this to yourselves

  • Charles Graffam
    Charles Graffam 2 hours ago

    Did that news guy say itty bitty bitchin fishin village? If so, that's respect from me

  • Leraj
    Leraj 2 hours ago

    Calmer/ more articulate versions of r.kelly interview

  • el_juano
    el_juano 2 hours ago

    "Cashless" society is a society where corporations have total control.

    • first Impression
      first Impression 5 minutes ago

      Sure, because if you have cash you have exactly ?

  • ALEXANDER B. jordan jr.

    So what do you do when people start getting drones with bombs to fight the police

  • ALEXANDER B. jordan jr.

    One thing is going to let people know is that police are going to blow you up with bombs I guess people are going to start getting bombs before they start doing these attacks the send the bombs back or to make bombs and send them back to the people that's going to blow you up the police should be ashamed of himself the whole Black Nation sees the atrocities that these white officers do is just sickening I mean is sickening that it's sickening so sickening their mother should be have a board at them

  • Eskimo in Alaska
    Eskimo in Alaska 2 hours ago

    It doesn't have to cost $175,000 a year, unless she stays on the most expensive cruiselines. A 10 day all inclusive cruise on Princess costs about $1800. In a year, she can get in 36 cruises. 36 Princess cruises x $1,800 = $64,800. SMART lady.

  • Tony Dalton
    Tony Dalton 2 hours ago


  • T K
    T K 2 hours ago

    My dad have an appendectomy and he pay 200.000won (US dollar $180) in Korea.

  • James Edward
    James Edward 2 hours ago

    Hip, hip hop, hip hop anotomus? Damn you, you gave him all the easy ones!

  • TheDarkCrusader 8
    TheDarkCrusader 8 2 hours ago

    This is a pretty serious issue I almost fell victim to distracted driving

  • dave Giter
    dave Giter 2 hours ago

    Soon L James will be dribbling for kim jung un

  • Rose City Sneakers
    Rose City Sneakers 2 hours ago

    The fact that he is still in prison is a travesty! Seriously, just watch the interrogation video, combined with the physical evidence of this case. It's pretty obvious. I hope he gets justice.

  • Shane B.
    Shane B. 2 hours ago

    Send her back to the U.K. and let them decide what to do with her. It's the right thing to do.

    AMANDA TIJERINA 2 hours ago

    Who has 5k to start up a business?

  • Shane B.
    Shane B. 2 hours ago

    Trump has no human empathy. This is indefensible and disgusting. He owes these people an apology for this ridiculous stunt. I'm so embarrassed as an American to have this guy represent our country

  • lori rubideaux
    lori rubideaux 2 hours ago

    they should all be arrested,im white and want to travel around the countryjust bought a toy hauler and want to enjoy my golden yearsive had problems with cops before didn't have cameras to prove it back thenI plan on just camping out any place that's freejust hope I don't get messed with

  • Ivory Plaza
    Ivory Plaza 2 hours ago

    Why is there war ?

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 2 hours ago

    New Orleans is haunted

  • Syd Adnan
    Syd Adnan 2 hours ago

    Good missouri has struict abortion lawd

  • Brian Wilson
    Brian Wilson 2 hours ago

    this cop needs to be terminated if you can't find something better to do with the time he's getting paid for totally ridiculous

  • Modise Patrick Chabane


  • Staivean Bb
    Staivean Bb 2 hours ago

    Time to go head hunting. ._=😦

  • Lord ShitBird
    Lord ShitBird 2 hours ago

    The worst people evA

  • Sophisticated Ladies


  • rubberducky_
    rubberducky_ 2 hours ago

    Obama: You're a murdurer Me: Thank you so much for this opportunity!!!

  • TreFromVa
    TreFromVa 2 hours ago

    Someone who was doing illegal stuff that got shot but dont need to die : I CANT BREATHE A lawfully person who’s post to protect & serve people’s & your life if danger interferes : f*ck ur breathe 🤨 💭 🤔

  • Chrissy T.
    Chrissy T. 2 hours ago

    Woohoo! 🙌 my hero 💖 god bless you Sal.