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CTWC 2018 BEGINS: Round Zero
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  • B ul
    B ul 16 minutes ago

    16:46 - 21:27 You gonna love it

  • ᄋ ᄋ
    ᄋ ᄋ Hour ago

    Boom! Tetris for [ ]

  • Danny Madness
    Danny Madness 3 hours ago

    That wasnt even a blow out,Jonas played amazing as usual,Joseph the prodigy man.

  • Igor Tarasov
    Igor Tarasov 4 hours ago

    Proudly sponsored by Yukon Gold Potatoes. Yukon Gold Potatoes, bringing you Classic Tetris Monthly since 2019.

  • gabriel rosas
    gabriel rosas 5 hours ago

    jesus, at the begining jeff looked like a young adult, then like an adult and now back to a young fella, how does he do it?

  • Ergh
    Ergh 5 hours ago

    Def liking the new lay-out. But dots for winning a round? At least make it a tetris-square!

  • RQ Taney
    RQ Taney 6 hours ago

    *youtube recommends a 43 minute long Tetris video* me: who would watch this entire video me 25 minutes in: “WHAT A BEAUTIFUL TUCK FROM JASON!”

    TECH NESS 6 hours ago

    Whats the discord link?

  • Manveru31
    Manveru31 6 hours ago

    In this tournament we are watching incredible Tetris players that need to learn to compete. You can not risk that much when you are winning by over 100k points

  • Daniel Karlsson
    Daniel Karlsson 7 hours ago

    3:05 That spin/tuck by Jake. Never seen that before.

      TECH NESS 6 hours ago

      Yo, that is legally illegal 😂

  • 100 subscribers without any video

    I didn't even knew there is a championship of Tetris also 😨😨😱😱😰😰

  • LimitedWard
    LimitedWard 8 hours ago

    "and now his mom is coming to congratulate him. Sister? She's Asian, I can't tell"

  • joanthedark
    joanthedark 10 hours ago

    I think the best way to keep the scores it to make a rule so that any player who tops out stays in the rocket screen until his competitor tops out as well, that way you get to see both scores without the need to writing it down or resorting to twitch chat for it (because there's a possibility they could tamper the score)

  • dani lopez
    dani lopez 10 hours ago

    Hmm poteiro

  • dandelion
    dandelion 10 hours ago

    no way i'm watching this with the gif on repeat. c'mon man.

    • Thorkil Værge
      Thorkil Værge 4 hours ago

      They may want to reconsider allowing gifs :)

  • dani lopez
    dani lopez 11 hours ago

    Saludos desde México e.e

  • ocpd23
    ocpd23 11 hours ago

    Gif is super annoying

  • WillieRants
    WillieRants 11 hours ago

    Wouldn't it be "Blank-it"?

  • WillieRants
    WillieRants 11 hours ago

    I adapted and sprung 2 extra eye-balls and can effectively watch all 4 matches at the same time.

  • Lady Bucket
    Lady Bucket 11 hours ago

    mmmhh potatos with salt and butter.

  • evandro dos santos
    evandro dos santos 12 hours ago

    Tetris for Jeff 🤣🤣👀🤘

  • 33melonpaws77
    33melonpaws77 12 hours ago

    Potato fetish or nothing else to eat?

  • Samsara
    Samsara 14 hours ago

    Lmao the d cider bit was so corny I didn't get it at first

  • Ryan Penrod
    Ryan Penrod 14 hours ago

    "That's 3 days in of nothing but potatoes" Please eat something else, this could be very unhealthy. At least make sure you get all of your vitamins, and throw in some sweet potatoes too!

    • Stipulation
      Stipulation 9 hours ago

      Wierdly enough it's probably fine, potatoes somehow have all the vitamins and minerals you need, I didn't believe it either, but from what I could research it's true...

  • Fantasticrestofthe day

    Why are you eating only potatoes?

  • stereorich
    stereorich 15 hours ago

    "Somebody could just tell me what to say" That's a bold strategy Cotton, let's see if it pays off for him!

  • Abandon Issues
    Abandon Issues 15 hours ago

    Please don’t post spoilers in the comments ... don’t be the guy that ruins the video for others

    • Abandon Issues
      Abandon Issues 10 hours ago

      Well, I was checking the comments to see how long the bracket was going to cover the gameplay at the start ... but yeah, totally my fault for asking people not post the outcome of the video. Maybe we should just include the results in the title? That way we can keep everyone from having to take time to watch and enjoy them.

    • Christopher Nguyen
      Christopher Nguyen 12 hours ago

      Watch the video before reading comments?

  • eLem3nT
    eLem3nT 15 hours ago

    Watch fish at 1:49 what tje fudge!?!?!? 0.o

  • ann karin
    ann karin 16 hours ago

    "Gender identification"? don't you even start that... Facts, boy = boy, girl = girl.... there's no such thing like "gender identification", only snowflakes and feminazi believes in "gender identification"

    • Petrockspiracy
      Petrockspiracy 4 hours ago

      Ah yes, ronowned feminazis like Blaire White.

    • NoDiceDoomguy
      NoDiceDoomguy 11 hours ago

      Excuse me, this is a Wendy's.

    • 33melonpaws77
      33melonpaws77 12 hours ago

      Attitudes are changing as humanity learns more about itself. There's a difference between sex and gender, phenotype and brain structure. You can pretend the old standards were accurate all you like, but the world will move on without you and talk about gender more often, there's no getting away from it. The terms you should really worry about are "snowflake" and "feminazi", they're so cringy and overused.

    • bigmacdontcare
      bigmacdontcare 12 hours ago

      You must be very proud, standing up for your beliefs so aggressively in response to a passive comment made by a guy casting a Tetris tournament.

    • Ryan Penrod
      Ryan Penrod 14 hours ago

      You old people... I'd wager to guess that you also believe marriage should be strictly between a man and a woman?

  • Ayatron34
    Ayatron34 16 hours ago

    Joseph and Koryan should use the DAS method in the CTM. Give the other guys a handicap, cos it's boring when nobody else in the line up stands a chance.

    • Ayatron34
      Ayatron34 4 hours ago

      @potatoassassin8 Its not that hypertapping is an auto win. Thats not the point. Its rather that Koryan, and Joseph especially, are so OP with hyper tapping, that - in these lesser tournaments - where theres no prize money anyway, they should voluntarily use a technique theyre not as good with, in order for it to not be a two man compettion. Thats why I respect Jonas for staying out of the minor tournaments. He knows hes OP, and that theres no entertainment value in him just crushing developing players in the minors.

    • Danny Madness
      Danny Madness 4 hours ago

      @Ayatron34 On that account you just might be right,for now,also how insane is it that Joseph and Koryan have now faced off 3 times in the monthly tournaments the first time I believe Joseph won maybe way back in february or march, the rematch Koryan won, then Joseph was busy all year didnt enter another one til october in that time Koryan won 9 out of the 9 times he appeared, then they have a rematch last week and Joseph shuts out fricking Koryan made even him look average lol its just nits, obviously theres many factors they dont have same pieces etc etc and Kopryan and joseph could play eachother 100 times straight and likely end up with one with 55 wins the other 45,but still joseph is a freak and honestly he really is something because I have watched his sparadic twitch streams over the year and while hes a freakish prodigy a total natural he probably practices less then most of the top guys do at least the past year and on top of that he tends to get quite frustrated at times, and yet in the key moments he almost always delivers so far,so yeah he is the one to beat i all tournament plau,but guys like Jonas can just as likely beat anyone at any given time to ya know.

    • potatoassassin8
      potatoassassin8 10 hours ago

      Hypertapping isn’t an auto-win. Alex best Koryan in 2017 and made it to the finals. Jonas beat Koryan in 2016. Schoolmaster just beat Richard and so did Svavar at CTEC. It comes down to stacking and consistency.

    • Göögle Pask
      Göögle Pask 13 hours ago

      @Ayatron34 Interesting perspective. I guess non-same-seed-RNG makes even "unfair" matches interesting to me. Mostly because the competition often leads outmatched party to risk more which gives some engaging survival digs to enjoy. Also, i tend to always root for whoever is a fair bit behind at any given time.

    • Ayatron34
      Ayatron34 13 hours ago

      @Danny Madness In the CTWC the top 10 stand a chance. In these more minor tournaments its the Joseph and Koryan show.

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  • Michael Nightingale
    Michael Nightingale 17 hours ago

    The crowd makes it so much more entertaining lol

  • Diego Edon
    Diego Edon 18 hours ago

    What a match! The crowd deserves a prize by itself.

  • Andrew R. Butler
    Andrew R. Butler 19 hours ago

    I... cried? what's happening. Why is Tetris SO PURE?

  • Erick Lim
    Erick Lim 20 hours ago

    Its 2 A.M i don't play tetris,but why i hyped to this?

  • Pedro Johnson
    Pedro Johnson 21 hour ago

    Where’s Jonas?

  • Pedro Johnson
    Pedro Johnson 21 hour ago

    A 16-seed in the finals? Wow, crazy!

  • Carl joseph Dianso
    Carl joseph Dianso 22 hours ago

    Downloading Tetris application🤣🤣

  • FaddyPaddy
    FaddyPaddy Day ago

    Seen this video over 10 times now, and all content you guys put out:D Keep on with the good work! Looking forward for the upcoming champinship, and the best of luck to Jonas, Joseph, Koryan, Harry, Jani and all the contenders next weekend. I will follow the action from my couch here in Norway. All the best!

  • Justin
    Justin Day ago

    Holy drunk annoying crowd Batman!!!

  • LuciusGamer
    LuciusGamer Day ago

    Jonas lowkey mad

  • Traugott Müller

    10:45 Glad I'm not the only one who needed some time to process what Jonas said, lol. "He's clutching out his digs".

  • Old Men With New Guns

    The square piece looks like the flag of finnland.

  • Don't recommend channel

    My goshhhj Nenu is eliminated 😲😭

  • potatoassassin8

    I honestly feel that CTM’s level of competition has risen to the level of CTWC. I think in the Bracket One video Vandweller mentioned that the lowest qualifying score was over 700K??? Either way, someone as good and as experienced as Schoolmaster being the lowest seed shows how much more competitive CTM has become and that’s a really good thing!

  • Vanivanilleeis

    I actually just wanted to procrastinate but now I am addicted

  • Riski Hasan
    Riski Hasan Day ago

    Ternyata game kayak gini ada turnamennya🤣🤣🤣

  • ριик ѕυѕнι

    7:41 Me: WOW

  • ashlee marie
    ashlee marie Day ago

    i missed greentea🥺🥺

  • Delta JYK
    Delta JYK Day ago

    4:48 Joseph using the "left hold chamber" technique again. It is amazing and terrifying at the same time.

  • J
    J Day ago

    nobody: vandweller: "yeah me and joeseph go way back. I call him JD. cause of how far back we go."

  • intra morph
    intra morph Day ago

    how do you beat that kid.. I mean he gets better as the speed increases... Then lvl 30 to him is not kill screen... what do you have to do to beat him?

  • NightFore
    NightFore Day ago

    20:05 / 20:10 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ 2 missed Tetris...! ┬──┬◡ノ(° -°ノ)

  • Alvin Vivian
    Alvin Vivian Day ago

    It's always SO STRESSFUL watching Jani play!

  • GabrielProg
    GabrielProg Day ago

    I finally understood why these tetris videos have a long idle time at the end. So you can't guess who won based on how much time is left in the video. Or that's my guess at least. Or probably I'm the last person to realize that and everyone else knew it from the beginning lol

  • Michael S
    Michael S Day ago

    This has to be the trademark ctm presentation. When I see this format it'd be cool for all to instantly recognize it as a CTM vid.

  • jeffrey vedha
    jeffrey vedha Day ago

    What is up with these European player getting bad rng?

  • Michael S
    Michael S Day ago

    Love this format/presentation! Level number maybe in the black space above the names next to victory hearts? No biggie for me at all

    • Michael S
      Michael S Day ago

      I rescind my level comment. I see now you got it all taken care of

  • flock sn
    flock sn Day ago

    Gotta love the background music, delicious 80s vibe... where is it from?

  • Marcus Mason-Kinsey

    Is it just me, or does JJ kind of look like the nostalgia critic?

  • Matthew Bluefox

    Jani! What a tournament monster! Great stuff against Batfoy and just outplayed by Joseph who is an even bigger monster. :)

  • SuaatanaTube
    SuaatanaTube Day ago

    I am super sad to say it, but Jani is getting too old for this shit. He is already over 40 and I am barely able to get 700k anymore and I am just 29. Losing the reaction time as you age feels bad man.

    • Kieran Short
      Kieran Short Day ago

      @potatoassassin8 damn straight! And he smashed it there! That's a helluva competition.

    • potatoassassin8
      potatoassassin8 Day ago

      He’s just been playing PAL Tetris for the CTEC. The adjustment for the CTWC would be tough. I’d imagine he felt a bit awkward or rusty while transitioning to NTSC. I’m sure he’ll perform better at the CTWC.

    • Mind Control Experiments
      Mind Control Experiments Day ago

      SuaatanaTube - It’s not like boxing. A 40 year old could win this. Someone like Jonas.

    • BulletFever1
      BulletFever1 Day ago

      @joanthedark It's the sonic the hedgehog towel man

    • joanthedark
      joanthedark Day ago

      Meanwhile Koryan is 42 and hypertaps just like Joseph does


    Będzie rozpierdol ;-) Good luck for all competitors!

  • eLem3nT
    eLem3nT Day ago

    The green level is level 21

  • TCR0214
    TCR0214 Day ago

    20:05 jani pls

    • Kieran Short
      Kieran Short Day ago

      @the csk he's just come out of the European championship where he made the quarter finals. That's PAL and the timing is completely different. The PAL world record is something like 750k and was set by Joseph. It's much harder apparently, level 19 is almost kill screen speed. So i guess it takes time for PAL players to adjust.

    • the csk
      the csk Day ago

      Seriously though, seeing Jani do that once is weird but twice in quick succession? I dunno...strange

    • Bacon
      Bacon Day ago

      must have been drunk or something, or throwing the game

    • zgsoad
      zgsoad Day ago

      20:13 JANI PLEASE!

    • Adam Dailey
      Adam Dailey Day ago

      and 10 sec later again

  • fade2black001
    fade2black001 Day ago

    Why do some people start off at a really low level and others at a much higher one?

  • dane bit
    dane bit Day ago

    Jani at 13:30 and onward had me sweating. Totally thought he was going to top out there. Stellar play

    • Mind Control Experiments
      Mind Control Experiments Day ago

      Part of being a great player is the capability to get out of a dangerous mess like that.

  • Michael Bell
    Michael Bell Day ago

    Alex Kerr and Jeff.

  • Ninja-Squirtle

    30:16 The dot THE DOAAT

  • Jorge Alberto Benavides Ojinaga

    You guys should publish a video just to let us know when you are live on twitch. Which I normally hate of other channels / streamers, but for the CTWC I sure as hell dont wanna miss it live!

  • Daniel Karlsson

    I want more tetris so I'd rather see one match at the time. But if this is better for you and the players - go for it! By the way: 13:27 Jani surviving that?!

    • Adam Dailey
      Adam Dailey Day ago

      I've noticed he plays better under pressure. If there were a Dig competition he could win.

  • Taseradict
    Taseradict Day ago

    Jonas looks like Heartman from Death Stranding, 21 minutes is enough for a couple of maxouts.

  • Tomek Duresov
    Tomek Duresov Day ago

    Joseph can get 800k with his eyes close these days, even without taking any risks at all, and 80% of these guys cant get to 800k on a good day, so its just to big of a mismatch..

    • the csk
      the csk Day ago

      Adam Dailey Joseph is another level up, sure. That said, several of these players here could feasibly win CTWC and most of them (if not all of them) have maxed out. It’s tight nowadays. I wouldn’t be surprised to see, say, Jonas exit early and someone like Richard win CTWC despite his result here.

    • Batfoy
      Batfoy Day ago

      All but two of the qualifying scores were over 800k

    • Adam Dailey
      Adam Dailey Day ago

      @the csk Kind of... What you don't see in tournament is Josephs late game which is starting to be consistent max outs

    • the csk
      the csk Day ago

      Playing Jani is a mismatch!?

    • Petrockspiracy
      Petrockspiracy Day ago

      Joseph has had really close games with Jani before. Jani is the guy who's scored five tetrises on PAL 19, which is essentially level 29. So not that much of a mismatch.

  • AlmightyDreadlock

    And I thought the level of play couldn't get any higher ...

  • Слевин Келевра

    Без Джонаса и без Юрия профессионала это не то...

    • PlutonosVEt
      PlutonosVEt Day ago

      @NumberOneMexican Bullshit Лермонтова, 38

    • NumberOneMexican Bullshit
      NumberOneMexican Bullshit Day ago

      @PlutonosVEt Откуда вы?

    • PlutonosVEt
      PlutonosVEt Day ago

      я им постоянно это твержу, а они комменты трут, русофобы хреновы

  • NKS
    NKS Day ago


  • Fusion [SSC]
    Fusion [SSC] Day ago

    These digs are top tier

  • Taseradict
    Taseradict Day ago

    me before clicking: mmm I´m a little fed up of these regional tournaments it will probably be Jani vs nobody (clicks) OMG Richard let´s do this!

  • Tunggul Sitindjak

    they should invite that Arika Tetris Japanese guy, he is the real final boss to beat

    • Popcorn897
      Popcorn897 Day ago

      Tetris The Grand Master is a verrrryy different game. No guaranteeing a top TGM player would succeed in this game.

  • Faida F
    Faida F Day ago

    joseph inspired me to play tetris

  • Grilled Chiken


  • David Royston
    David Royston Day ago

    Schoolmaster is the underdog here and he's in the semis already? Wow.

  • ChaosNuggets
    ChaosNuggets Day ago

    Just a note all the times listed in the description are in PST (Pacific Standard Time)

  • Kyuchaku
    Kyuchaku 2 days ago

    I love so much how Heather and Jonas have coined elimination games as "El Bueno" !

  • hopeseekr
    hopeseekr 2 days ago

    I can't wait!!! THREE years and THREE continents later, I'm still in love!

  • Matthew Midigi
    Matthew Midigi 2 days ago

    And yet, despite not being in the country at the time, we still had a Boom, tetris for Jeff.

  • Faida F
    Faida F 2 days ago

    Joseph at the back is cute

  • Alvin Vivian
    Alvin Vivian 2 days ago

    Holy fuck. Last month's finalists out in the FIRST ROUND.

  • Chan HaiYee
    Chan HaiYee 2 days ago

    Is there a chinese version on youtube?

  • Jili Anne
    Jili Anne 2 days ago

    Can't believe JD's just a 4th seed contender. Maaaan do we have a lot of fresh blood! So excited for this year's ctwc! ❤

  • The Dood
    The Dood 2 days ago

    Geez! What a nail biter.. I was really rooting for Richard in the end. Ever since 2017 championships I've been playing tetris on my iphone... and I'm like "ya know, I could maybe try one of these tournaments" and then I played NES classic tetris and I have such a new found respect for these guys... NES tetris is just a totally different ballgame compared to modern versions.

  • abobjenkins
    abobjenkins 2 days ago


  • nerdt
    nerdt 2 days ago

    Why do people cheer whenever there is a t-spin in these tournaments? T-spinning is the easiest thing ever.

    • newstarcadefan
      newstarcadefan 22 hours ago

      The T-spin is easy if it can be done into a triple. However the higher the speed, the riskier it becomes.

    • Morten Riis Svendsen
      Morten Riis Svendsen Day ago

      T-spinning on level 18 is a 2 frame trick. It's not incredibly hard, but in the contest of a 1-on-1 match it's still very risky, and failing it could easily screw up your game.

  • Spiderland Leafs Fan

  • Spiderland Leafs Fan

    BUM TETRIS FOR JEFF!!! and also for jonas

  • NameNotAlreadyTaken2

    oh man, they don't have syncronized pieces. How did the competitors put up with that?

  • Johnny Fun stuffs
    Johnny Fun stuffs 2 days ago

    Tristop is definitely one of the best spinner i have ever seen

  • SL 94
    SL 94 2 days ago

    Is that actually Jeff from Athlean or is it just a big coincidence?

  • Robert Sobotka
    Robert Sobotka 2 days ago

    Bang! Tetris for Tang!

  • eLem3nT
    eLem3nT 2 days ago

    Fuckin nerds 😂😂😂