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#Repeal1913 in 2020!
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Silver Shield Update
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Inflation Is Coming!
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  • Thaat Wahn
    Thaat Wahn 3 hours ago

    We advance only so far then BAMO! A cataclysmic event takes place and humanity is reset. Ask yourself why? Refer to the Bible my friend.... Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. Continue to be blessed.

  • Chris Molloy
    Chris Molloy 8 hours ago

    Hey Chris, I am very interestrd why is silver better than Gold?

  • Chris Molloy
    Chris Molloy 8 hours ago

    I jave a question, didn't silver prices fall dramatically right before the stock market crashed in 08? Do you think that will happen again for this upcoming crash.

  • Faken Namen
    Faken Namen 9 hours ago

    LOL @3:37

  • hotneo7
    hotneo7 10 hours ago

    Can't wait to see these fat ugly Baby Boomers face melt when their pensions are cancelled. Their 401k up in smoke. Their house that's a glorified ATM while Millennials labor for crumbs and live Hong Kong style in a car or in a spare closet. End this dollar nightmare now!

  • Jsmith
    Jsmith 10 hours ago

    The price of silver today, Dec 6 2019, is $16.66 and is basically the same the price in May, 1 2017 at $16.59 for gains of less than 1%. If you followed conventional wisdom and invested in the S&P over the same time period you would have gained about 30%.

  • Sharon Hobbs
    Sharon Hobbs 13 hours ago


  • BOB theMONK
    BOB theMONK 20 hours ago

    Chris love your silver story. Currently my entire portfolio in precious metal is about %28. (mostly silver rounds and bars). Unfortunately, the most liquid form of currency is still the Private/Gov FIAT currency. Even if we all know its just an illusion, I still stack different type of currency paper money. Can't put all my eggs in the same basket, but, I agree, a men should have at least 1,000 ounces. Preferably 5,000. In between stacking, I will keep acquiring a few of your rounds. Cheers and thank you for your content.

  • Grey Fur
    Grey Fur 23 hours ago

    Presidential Series. 🤫👀

  • Dj Crazy J
    Dj Crazy J Day ago

    Unfortunately gold and silver store will only give you what the bid is. Also don’t mean to hate but just because it’s listed on eBay doesn’t mean it’s selling.

  • meganeutral
    meganeutral Day ago

    "Buy it now" is not real price. Only ask price...

  • PV
    PV Day ago

    I have an explanation to this: silvershield is not only silver, but limited beautiful art. The art market valuation is growing more than the stock market. When silver finds its real price reflected in the market , the returns on investment will be legendary.

  • wayne 1991
    wayne 1991 Day ago

    so basically US can be another zimbabwe at any second, the only things that prevent it from happening is just some carefully arranged words?"

  • Bradley Parker

    Just had a quick look for one of my silver shield coins the 2019 2oz silver shield death of the dollar dragon proof on ebay and it has more than doubled in asking price should of bought some more of those as well. So Chris if you ever start to build Silver Shield homes, cars or motorbikes I'd think about buying them and I would be ok with a silver pyramid shaped house so long as it is not upside down like the exter's inverted pyramid and no pyramid shaped electric cars or motorbikes for me though.

    • Bradley Parker
      Bradley Parker 23 hours ago

      @The Doctor and bullet proof glass

    • The Doctor
      The Doctor 23 hours ago

      Bradley Parker A silver shield home? Complete with masculine and feminine restrooms

  • Mick
    Mick Day ago

    Nice.Love the proof ones.

  • Ozzy Alchemist

    Hi Chris, I am in Australia & unfortunately Golden State won't deliver International 😔 But I grab Silvershield whenever possible and have a few of your designs, love 'Slave On' (being in a Commonwealth country) & the Silvershield message, thankyou & keep up the excellent work👍😊✌

  • lou brok
    lou brok Day ago

    I dont agree that government coins dont carry a premium .Canada makes silver maples in the wildlife series,the bird seriesand many other various maple designs.As time goes by these maples with art work are commanding premiums.They all carry premiums over the plain maple leaf maples.

  • Micky A
    Micky A Day ago

    The strikes on the SSG are fantastic! and even more limited plus I get free shipping. I prioritize those over gsm but stacking as much silver shield as I can no matter what.

  • Mikey Riley
    Mikey Riley Day ago

    Right now is a damn good time to buy silver. If you just think about it for a minute. One day of repo operations exceeds one year of worldwide silver production. Let that sink in folks.

  • baba sanka
    baba sanka Day ago

    Chris has absolutely right...It is a must watch one every day

  • Joe Costello
    Joe Costello Day ago


  • Joe Costello
    Joe Costello Day ago

    Politicians are like diapers. They need to be changed often for the same reason. - Joey From Seattle

  • Matt Corriere
    Matt Corriere Day ago

    I get it, been buying 5 to 10 oz every week for the last couple of years. I have your coins going back to 2014 when I started with silver. I've bought from different sources but the best deal going is what you have. This keeps me interested and stacking constantly. Thanks

  • virgil broady
    virgil broady Day ago

    You don't have to please everyone, Silver Shield. The people who hate you can't produce value that you put out on a daily basis. The haters will vote in the upcoming elections, but nothing will change for the health of humanity.

  • dcirish1213
    dcirish1213 Day ago

    Chris please do a knights Templar round proof. Also please do a bill cooper round if possible!!! Behold a pale horse is a classic!!!

  • Ray Ng
    Ray Ng Day ago

    You’re a damn fool. And soon, the fool and his money will part ways. I’ve heard Aja this same bullshit 20 years ago.

  • Bezo 816
    Bezo 816 Day ago

    Generic round my arse!!!! Nothing generic about your designs. Keep doing what you do👍

  • David Strevels

    I read there are 1.3 million tons of silver above ground

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith Day ago

    We need to repeal the 16th and 17th amendments also

    ED SMITH Day ago

    Interesting 🤔

  • Philip Quinn
    Philip Quinn Day ago

    Stackers! ... Prepare for glory!

  • Home Land Freedom

    I'm standing my ground... I'm not selling anything until this sh!t collapses. Got many of the early silver bullet silvers too.

  • Jason Paul
    Jason Paul Day ago

    Lost my user ID AND Password for Silver Shield Group log in. If anyone could post me a link or post something on how to fix in the comments here to where I could go to fix this I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance

  • Peter S
    Peter S Day ago

    I can't get my hands on a 2oz Proof Mark Of The Beast or a Proof 1oz Bitcoin Cash

  • Dean Haer
    Dean Haer Day ago

    Hi do you guys ship to Uk 🇬🇧 you my friend ????

  • James Borek
    James Borek Day ago

    So I'm with ya man. I love your coins, they're not the bulk of my stuff but they're the only ones I pull out and look at and/or show others... That said.. The title of this video was a bit misleading.. I've listened to you since the SOLA & SB/SS days and I was curious your take on the seemingly very real creep on our liberties here in the USA..

  • Baumfarm
    Baumfarm Day ago

    All I can say is kept up the great work.

  • Baumfarm
    Baumfarm Day ago

    I tell all my close friends about silver shield. I tell why you should but silver but especially silver shield. I buy silver shield all I can effort and that I like. Guess what I do not have one friend who has taken my suggestion. The old saying you can lead a horse to water but you can,t make them drink.

  • jim
    jim Day ago

    super i want one

  • River City MOVERS

    Right. Buy and hold. The dollar price in silver is not important.

  • slant6guy
    slant6guy Day ago

    Will the U.S. Silver Eagle be regarded with contempt like Nazi Gold in the future after the US Dollar dies? Maybe they'll be melted down by industry...

  • Blair Polley
    Blair Polley Day ago

    Shipping to New Zealand?

  • Blair Polley
    Blair Polley Day ago

    Thank you

  • Hooee Phone
    Hooee Phone Day ago

    I really like the silver crypto round. A 1/10 version would be great for bartering.

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor Day ago

    Your concept is completely awesome and unique. I am selective of which of your designs I purchase but your whole concept and mission is awesome. SS stack is growing!

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor Day ago

    Chris, you do realize that dancing guy had his pecker flapping around, pretty sure I seen a pecker. Not good for COPPA

  • Blackhorse 11th ACR

    Silver Stackers that say your bullion is bullshit will hopefully realize that you have a quality product. I've seen comments that you pimp you're precious metals. WTH do they expect. You have a business and a quality product that is produced. I like the idea of micro or low mintages. If they have a business would they not show the positive side of the product they produce? I'm amazed at the put downs but let's see what the Nay Sayers would do with their business. Most probably don't have or run a business but are critical of you're methods of marketing and sales. I believe that you have the best artwork on your bullion and I am certain they will definitely appreciate in value. The concept that an ounce of silver is an ounce of Silver is only true if it is of the same essence and not unique in it's characteristics. Premiums on products that are in high demand reflect the potential for gain. Not all Silver is the same. Generic bullion will sell at a cheaper price for a reason while in general a quality product that is in high demand gains intrinsic value. Accounting for fluctuating markets and the value fluctuation of precious metals is part of the process of owning precious metals. I'm impressed with the uniqueness of your product. Beautiful pieces of art that are unique and a great addition for all Silver Stackers.

  • Sunday White Rabbit

    I have been buying and selling Silver Sheild for about a year now. I love everything about this community. I love getting the silver in, listing it, selling it, and talking to other people about it. Everyone is so supportive. It's just wonderful to be a part of, knowing what we are doing. I am kicking myself if the ass for not picking up Snowden rounds tho! Dangit! 😃

    • Sunday White Rabbit
      Sunday White Rabbit 23 hours ago

      @TheGreatestTruthNeverTold i lnow! I know! My husband said get that Snowden round! He give me the i told ya so now. But i have been lucky on many others, like the You Censored Tube and Andrew Jackson proof. And some nice silver dealing man sent me omegas of a round that also sold high. I have a Be Your King V2. And i think your bars are going to do very well. Its fun to sell all but one. I know what i stack from Silver Shield is free to me after selling the others. Which is priceless. I love them all.

    • TheGreatestTruthNeverTold
      TheGreatestTruthNeverTold Day ago

      Sunday White Rabbit Stack everyone of them because you never know!🤑

    TWINTURBO1337 Day ago

    becore watch: i cant, no arms allowed :( not even snap knifes after watch: i have to buy junk anyways to avoid tax ;(

    • Jose Villa
      Jose Villa 15 hours ago

      Melt the coins down. Use borax and sodium nitrate to remove the dross metals. Mold them into stuff like screwdrivers, hammer heads, and stuff so the average individual doesn't know that way you can avoid the tax. Never tell the government what you have.

  • Tick Size
    Tick Size Day ago

    Chris, I'm fully on board with your message. However, Silver Shield won't ship to my location in the United Kingdom. So, please address this matter for people outside the US who want to protect their wealth before the inevitable financial crisis comes. Please don't ignore this.

    • Tick Size
      Tick Size Day ago

      @TheGreatestTruthNeverTold I did contact the mint and explain my situation. I got back a one-line reply that they don't ship outside the US.

    • TheGreatestTruthNeverTold
      TheGreatestTruthNeverTold Day ago

      Thank you! Please contact the mint about your situation. They will find a solution for you!

  • Buy Silver 73
    Buy Silver 73 Day ago

    I’m a heavy stacker Chris but I got a Telya I’m starting to lose my lose my patience I don’t know if Sal The is going to go to the moon I’ve been stacking for years I’ve been watching my friends in the Stock Market Dr., Maseratis teslas brand new Mercedes-Benz the mini mansions and I’m still stuck in silver sometimes I feel like an idiot I don’t know why am saying all this and I guess I’m just venting but I just will keep stacking hopefully one dayWe all shine

    • Buy Silver 73
      Buy Silver 73 Day ago

      TheGreatestTruthNeverTold so true at least you understand where I am coming from..

    • TheGreatestTruthNeverTold
      TheGreatestTruthNeverTold Day ago

      You know why you stack because that Maserati way of life is not going to last forever...

  • 9 x .111
    9 x .111 Day ago

    I hear you say silver is the most undervalued asset in the world. Buy and Hold! Than you want to sell us YOUR OWN overpriced silver. You sound like a Silver Pumper just trying to make a buck. Smh 🤦‍♂️😒

    • The Doctor
      The Doctor Day ago

      9 x .111 if/when you create something and start a business are you going to sell it for the exact price of cost.. or maybe give yourself a whopping 69 cents per item sold. You better be selling hundreds of thousands at that rate.

    • The Doctor
      The Doctor Day ago

      It’s 3 dollars dude. Get over it. How else would he pay himself, his multiple designers, GS mint and who knows what overhead he has if he doesn’t mark it up

    • 9 x .111
      9 x .111 Day ago

      James Borek American Silver Eagles are backed by a government. Understandable premiums. Generic silver is $0.29 - $0.69 over spot. But that's not the point. Chris says everyone should own silver... Buy mine at a heafty premium. Get it??? If you can't see through the CON than you are just one of the sheep.

    • James Borek
      James Borek Day ago

      @9 x .111 So a quick check at SDBullion has BU silver eagle's at $2.29 over spot. So how is Chris trying to rip anyone off if he's in the ballpark on premiums? GSMs S&H can be a little much sometimes but the price per coin is pretty much spot on(hah.. get it?)

    • 9 x .111
      9 x .111 Day ago

      Again, you tell us how important Silver is and than try to sell us YOUR Silver at $2-$3 over spot. I must admit, it's a good Con . What a JOKE.

  • free man
    free man Day ago

    i got some of you rounds and i dont want to sell them.

    • free man
      free man Day ago

      @TheGreatestTruthNeverTold i see it to and agree whit your idea. good luck and gods blessing in your work.

    • TheGreatestTruthNeverTold
      TheGreatestTruthNeverTold Day ago

      That's the thing... most of my stackers never sell and that is why they go up in value. It is the most meaningful metal to them and they see what I see...

  • orfie25
    orfie25 Day ago

    04:23 My family... when the finally realize that the, now legendary, silver I sent them through the mail is not boring any longer.

    • Joel Farmer
      Joel Farmer 9 hours ago

      @TheGreatestTruthNeverTold - I can appreciate your fervor, but premiums and morals are a luxury that only exist when there is more than enough to go around - not in a dollar collapse scenario...

    • TheGreatestTruthNeverTold
      TheGreatestTruthNeverTold Day ago

      It's all about what WE value and what WE support.

  • Justin Shaw
    Justin Shaw Day ago

    you're not alone brother

  • Michael Reynolds

    Chris can you just talk about silver and what's going in the world, I enjoy that. We realise that your silver coins are going up in value. You have so much more to give than promoting your business. If your meditation brings you to do this then you are missing the point in meditation man!

    • Justice
      Justice Day ago

      I have been around for a decade. Chris Duane has given so much to humanity already to those who pay attention

    • TheGreatestTruthNeverTold
      TheGreatestTruthNeverTold Day ago

      I lose silver stackers that don't get Silver Shield. I lose people because they play in political puppet shows like Trump I lose people to digital illusions of wealth like crypto... LOL You want me to now take a Quantum leap into my meditations... they can't even handle this reality 😆

  • Joshua Peltier

    Awesome design! Definitely going to pick up this and Fortitude.

  • bathmat 34
    bathmat 34 Day ago

    I will check out the video later Chris. I just wanted to say yes, I will be shoulder to shoulder with all my brothers and sisters in the face of tyranny 🍻

  • muneca68
    muneca68 Day ago

    Chris, I totally get it and I appreciate your hard work & efforts to wake people up. Thank you Sir :-)

  • Lester freeman

    Hey Chris I just got a dog, and I named him global generational debt based fiat Ponzi scheme. Just joking, but seriously brother I have been following you since 2013. Your sons of liberty academy and you silver bullet silver shield channel, are what allowed me to understand and see the world as it is. Please keep it up, and thank you so much. By the way my favorite rounds are my 2 oz Argraspedies, I have five of them. God bless you all and happy holidays.

  • Darin Mullins
    Darin Mullins Day ago

    Your coins will be tokens of education ..👍

  • Darin Mullins
    Darin Mullins Day ago

    Chris, works of art that will never be worthless can't be considered a Ponzi scheme ! Thank you ,your very much appreciated .

  • Hoof Grip Weightlifting

    Ok. Cat is out of the bag. I’ve been stacking since 2014. But today I bought my first silver shield. 2 each.

    • The Doctor
      The Doctor Day ago

      I’ve only ordered 4 or 5 designs but it is a pretty cool experience. I’m waiting for my President Grant right now. I’ve seen big mints advertising limited to one million strikes.. get out of here. These are maybe up to 1,200.

    • TheGreatestTruthNeverTold
      TheGreatestTruthNeverTold Day ago

      Oh we have miles to go on awareness on silver and more on Silver Shield

  • Wo Magic
    Wo Magic Day ago


  • johnny tool
    johnny tool Day ago

    Chris I have been with you since you had to separate from a partner in an old mint situation and with all things not considered I as a senior citizen would love to pick up a round or two of your artwork yet being I am on a fixed income I cannot, I texted this info to some time ago and you were not interested in twerking your program to accommodate senior citizens so I buy what you offer when I can, I am not mad at you I just don't have a weekly income. Keep doing what you do and I will continue to introduce others to you and your program.

    • dcirish1213
      dcirish1213 Day ago

      TheGreatestTruthNeverTold Bill cooper round would also be awesome! Bill cooper was an American patriot who died for the truth. No different than the other patriots you have made coins for. Also behold a pale horse had a lot of meaning to me. It would be a coin that every Reuther would want!

    • dcirish1213
      dcirish1213 Day ago

      TheGreatestTruthNeverTold make a knights Templar coin dude!!!! Please do this!! Knights Templar would be awesome!!

    • urnotfunny atall
      urnotfunny atall Day ago

      He should make a Winston Churchill coin since he crap on our Amendments in the begining.

    • TheGreatestTruthNeverTold
      TheGreatestTruthNeverTold Day ago

      I don't think we have that yet available yet

  • Bernard Guy Nunns

    I accept your message about silver but you seem to be pushing numismatics here. Of all things to replicate, silver coins will end up being some of the easiest.

  • doug godfrey
    doug godfrey Day ago

    Buy what you like - you'll love what you buy !

  • W1NGXER0
    W1NGXER0 Day ago

    Thanks for the work you do sir. You have made buying silver fun.

  • jim
    jim Day ago

    i want you in the UK. The artwork and message on your strikes are superb

    • jim
      jim Day ago

      @TheGreatestTruthNeverTold i just messaged you silver shield guide website link to silver trader UK It would be cool to get your work more readily available here.

    • jim
      jim Day ago

      ​@TheGreatestTruthNeverTold Thanks Brother i have to find out about import tax etc

    • TheGreatestTruthNeverTold
      TheGreatestTruthNeverTold Day ago

      We ship internationally now. I wish UK dealers would support this and bulk buy to save lots of customer money on shipping

  • TheGreatestTruthNeverTold

    Follow me on Instagram @TheGreatestTruthNeverTold

  • Vendari
    Vendari Day ago

    I respect you and what you have to say, however, the Largest Banks all around the world are currently trying to hoard Gold, not Silver. You seem very educated and have a higher than average IQ. So do you think that all those Large Banks and the people at the top are making a mistake and they are making a dumb choice and You are more "knowing" then "Them"? I assume "They" always, at least, try to "Cover Their Ass." Also, your logic makes sense: Scarcity Factor=Less Silver, More Gold. However, it's not about the "Logic," but the majority of the people's perspective/mentality and how they associate with pure "good old" value/money. Money doesn't exist, but the only reason why it is our reality is that we merely "Believe" money as a form of universal Value. Obviously, Silver is a commodity like Gold, I know. Basically, what I'm saying is that Gold = Scarcity + Belief/Popularity; Silver = Scarcity + Less Belief/Popularity. I hope you understand what I am trying to say and ask you. Hey, I know that I'm not that educated and informed about Everything, but I'm always willing to learn and improve. Thanks

  • Mcclays Mcclays

    If they try and pull the trigger this time someone is going to hunt them down. And HE will be successful.

  • Mcclays Mcclays

    Robots or unmanned trucks will never take over the industry. Only a small percentage will be driverless. Who closes the doors on the trailers? Who hooks up air lines ad electrical? Who raises the landing gear on trailers? And who is doing the inspection of the vehicle when it's on the road? Not to mention dealing with the shippers or tying down loads. People who don't know trucking never think about all the other things a human does. It ain't happening in my lifetime. That being said there is still something not right abrew.

  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly 2 days ago

    The Soviet Union already collapsed. I'll presume you meant Russia. Why you would want that I do not know! Unless you aslo have been blinkered with the whole Russia is bad derangement syndrome?

  • Gordon Farkas
    Gordon Farkas 2 days ago

    Amazing video today. If nothing changes.....nothing changes, you’re so right!

  • Misun Zahn
    Misun Zahn 2 days ago

    I absolutely love silver! It's the ultimate FUCK YOU SLAP IN THE FACE of this ridiculous ponzi scheme.

  • dexterdave54
    dexterdave54 2 days ago

    Ron Paul speaks against these things also, Chris, but he's not considered to be a DC beltway insider. I would like to see him run as a third party candidate but I don't think he will. I believe silver is the answer.

  • Kirt Fordyce
    Kirt Fordyce 2 days ago

    Actually 18 billion in Silver not 1 billion!

  • Paul Roberts
    Paul Roberts 2 days ago

    Trump is going to reform the system. He will end the fed. Just watch.

    • Paul Roberts
      Paul Roberts 2 days ago

      @TheGreatestTruthNeverTold Well I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Remember when they said he could never win???

    • TheGreatestTruthNeverTold
      TheGreatestTruthNeverTold 2 days ago

      Paul Roberts I love a good children’s fairytale. 🤗 I will work on my mature reality.

  • Zane Ketchum
    Zane Ketchum 2 days ago

    Invest in yourself. They wont have a robot to fix things for quite sometime. They will automate the jobs anyone can do first, but robots doing home repairs? Thats a ways a way for now. Robots and AI dont eat food but it control ours. Its disheartening to know the narcissistic rich people control the technology money and ??

  • votaric
    votaric 2 days ago

    Sounds great but will never happen, unfortunately.

  • Andrew Sellers
    Andrew Sellers 2 days ago

    “LOTS OF SLEEP, GETTING BETTER.” Sounds more like REHAB! You are the worst kind of false preacher. God is disappointed in you. How can you hate the FED and praise A.I. Control?

    • TheGreatestTruthNeverTold
      TheGreatestTruthNeverTold 2 days ago

      LOL. You drop all that negativity and conjecture but then like the video. Me thinks you suffer from cognitive dissonance with new logic hurting your previous ego identifier. Don’t shoot the messenger.

    • TheGreatestTruthNeverTold
      TheGreatestTruthNeverTold 2 days ago

      Andrew Sellers No just a man cold. Listen to all. Follow none. I walk my talk. I met God. She is black. The Fed is the means for global control. No tech in itself if evil. It is the consciousness behind the tech. I cannot help you. Reality will be your teacher.

  • Ebay Addicts
    Ebay Addicts 2 days ago

  • Randy Williams
    Randy Williams 2 days ago

    borrowing money to make is bull shit you cant buy real money with fake moneyWTF....

  • John G.
    John G. 2 days ago

    +2 #Repeal1913!

  • jim
    jim 2 days ago

    we need better access to these fabulous rounds in the Europe

  • razi khan
    razi khan 2 days ago


  • thomas johnson
    thomas johnson 2 days ago

  • thomas johnson
    thomas johnson 2 days ago

  • thomas johnson
    thomas johnson 2 days ago

  • Eagle 1023
    Eagle 1023 2 days ago

    Bravo! What appears so obvious to so few seems far removed from the thoughts and understandings of the masses. Lots of work ahead to continue shifting the collective consciousness. Much respect!

    • TheGreatestTruthNeverTold
      TheGreatestTruthNeverTold 2 days ago

      Eagle 1023 What is crazy... all that I learned in the past year is magnitudes more real and hard to understand. For once, I see how lost humanity is. Like if I have to spend 10 years explaining how messed up our mechanistic world is... It will take a miracle for the Esoteric wisdom to get out.

  • Andre Gravel
    Andre Gravel 2 days ago

    You reap what you sow... and these words will come to pass. America is way past redemption. It will be very ugly. Great work! 👍

  • Jarrad Mesh
    Jarrad Mesh 2 days ago

    Fascism is socialism.

  • Free World
    Free World 2 days ago

    Lots of Dave Ramsey quotes there yet nothing with any substance.

  • Free World
    Free World 2 days ago

    Why are you selling silver if it's true value is $1044.00 for 1 ounce? Please answer that one question. Many thanks.

  • PsychologicalCynic
    PsychologicalCynic 2 days ago

    I miss Ron Paul.

  • Philip BadAwesome
    Philip BadAwesome 2 days ago

    Run for POTUS, stop being scared. The socialist part of government and states will fail and collapse. Trump is doing everything to make a smooth transition to independence and empowering the welfare class to get elevated out of poverty with a revived economy and jobs. America will win and be a leader for rest of world to imitate.

  • Almerich !Dritter Weltkrieg – Banken-Endsieg!

    Neocommunist NWO-Vehicle.

  • Taketheride23
    Taketheride23 3 days ago

    I'm in to help build brother, thank you for continuing to speak truth.

  • al guien
    al guien 3 days ago

    You don't get tired of repeating the message. I don't get tired of listening to it.