Philippines volcano eruption forces thousands to flee

  • Published on Jan 13, 2020
  • A volcanic eruption in the Philippines is forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes.
    Taal volcano in Tagaytay, about 70 kilometres south of the capital Manila, started spewing ash and lava on Sunday.
    About 8,000 people have already been evacuated from the island on which the volcano sits with thousands more leaving neighbouring coastal towns.

    Al Jazeera's Jamela Alindogan reports from Batangas Province.

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Comments • 74

  • Mr Brown
    Mr Brown 8 days ago

    Praying for you all.

  • Pinay Solo Gardener
    Pinay Solo Gardener 9 days ago +1

    It is in the southern part not northern part of the Philippines.

  • Othneil Lammie
    Othneil Lammie 9 days ago

    Helicopter airplane

  • Bangon Pilipinas TV
    Bangon Pilipinas TV 11 days ago

    pray for us and people of the philippines. help also those victims here of TAAL Volcano

  • Show life To the world

    Hope everything it okay god bless all peace

  • Antonia Nievas Rodriguez
    Antonia Nievas Rodriguez 12 days ago +1

    Los animalitos no lo abandones, pobrecitos, son inocentes

  • To Infinity and Beyond
    To Infinity and Beyond 12 days ago +2

    It was just ash fall I am disappointed it wasn't krakatoa level of explosion

  • Aisu AkumaSlayer
    Aisu AkumaSlayer 12 days ago +1

    Fake news, the government said that they have enough resources for rescue and evacuating people.

  • Powerboy 24
    Powerboy 24 12 days ago

    Everybody is praying to almighty god but why he still give us all these troubles. I wonder why

  • Neko Chan
    Neko Chan 12 days ago

    I live about 17km away from taal volcano.

  • Nopmanee Cashel
    Nopmanee Cashel 12 days ago +1

    I prey for everyone safety

  • chinablue kurvinus
    chinablue kurvinus 12 days ago

    It's terrible

  • Mun Suri
    Mun Suri 12 days ago +1

    God help Philippines 🇵🇭
    God bless Phil

  • Raquel Kei Ito
    Raquel Kei Ito 12 days ago +15

    Proud to be a Filipino !
    Pray for the Philipines 🙏🙏🙏

    • Tazboy
      Tazboy 12 days ago +1

      Nothing to be proud of being from Philippines or any coountries ... countries were created by british ,france and usa to devide the people and exploite resources and meddle with policies after ww2...

    • YT101YT
      YT101YT 12 days ago

      Raquel Kei Ito you look British 🤔are u mixed

  • howzit3000
    howzit3000 12 days ago

    Philipinnes is hit by many typhoons and now a volcano that destroyed the city. Poor people hv no where to go. I hope the world can help them. May God bless them.

  • Gabriela Malaya
    Gabriela Malaya 12 days ago +7

    Jamela Alindogan, the voice of the Philippines for Al Jazeera.

    • Zorba
      Zorba 12 days ago +1

      who called ISIS terrorists as fighters during the marawi conflict

  • pinch mesh
    pinch mesh 12 days ago +3

    UImmm, where is China when you need them.? You asked the US to leave... remember ?

  • LifesAjourney
    LifesAjourney 12 days ago +8

    It's heartbreaking to see so many people suffering. My thoughts & prayers are with the Filipino people.

  • Jawharah Haroon
    Jawharah Haroon 12 days ago +2

    Allah help them en have mercy on them yaraab

  • Boyd Gilbreath
    Boyd Gilbreath 12 days ago +3

    Wow, after so many cyclones, now a volcano, with earthquakes! The weather has not been settled east of the Phillipines lately.

  • last of the mohawks
    last of the mohawks 13 days ago

    Call upon the superman president called duterte...
    Surely he can deal with this treat like he did the drug manace which was much more dangerous than a tiny volcano...hahahahhaha

  • Fast Diy Chris
    Fast Diy Chris 13 days ago

    0:39 cow 😳

    • Tazboy
      Tazboy 12 days ago

      Maybe the cow is old thats why its thin

    • YT101YT
      YT101YT 12 days ago

      gordi 66 yes 🤣

    • gordi 66
      gordi 66 12 days ago

      YT101YT if they fed the cow,it would feed more people.

    • YT101YT
      YT101YT 12 days ago

      Fast Diy we eat cow 🐮 it’s food source. So keeping them live is important.

  • Fxmous_ .janiya
    Fxmous_ .janiya 13 days ago +3

    SHALOM the BLACK man's GOD doing damage to the Heathens

    • Tazboy
      Tazboy 12 days ago

      SULTAN Mustapha Jallaludin Pasha Han zindabad 👍🌹💪🌹💪🌹💪🌹💪🌹💪🌹💪

    • First Last
      First Last 12 days ago +1

      what? lol

    • Francisco Verra
      Francisco Verra 12 days ago +1

      Nobody s exempted even d chosen /esrael coz not living according 2 God's laws

  • Fortunato Wenceslao
    Fortunato Wenceslao 13 days ago +6

    Reporter has fake booty.

    • Mia aim
      Mia aim 12 days ago +1

      😂😂🤣 leave her alone

  • Shaik Salam
    Shaik Salam 13 days ago

    Acha hua salo ku

    • AM Bhat
      AM Bhat 11 days ago

      Spoken like a true pedophile prophet follower.....kudos

  • MilesBellas
    MilesBellas 13 days ago

    Where is Duterte ? MIA ?
    Killing political opponents?

    • Aisu AkumaSlayer
      Aisu AkumaSlayer 12 days ago

      Above the volcano in his private plane monitoring the affected areas while ordering other government agencies to do their best to save people.

  • W M
    W M 13 days ago +5

    It’s very sad, but bad things are happening around the world, my thoughts are with the Filipino people.

  • mike
    mike 13 days ago +8

    feel so bad for them and wish that I could do something.

  • dayy logg
    dayy logg 13 days ago +19

    We pray and hope that the people can run in time before the volcano explode.

  • Earth Souljah
    Earth Souljah 13 days ago +4

    May God bless this woman and man... children..jah provide and protect stay strong and positive.🌺🐗.

  • Ashfaq Ali
    Ashfaq Ali 13 days ago +6

    Omg... Almighty safe ppls

  • Uncle Ruckus
    Uncle Ruckus 13 days ago +2

    No electricity or water
    Thats like normal times for most filipinos

  • knowledge 543
    knowledge 543 13 days ago +11

    Allah! Have mercy on us

  • Ao Raff
    Ao Raff 13 days ago +13

    May Allah protect you all..

  • Rich Gutierrez
    Rich Gutierrez 13 days ago +3

    I have family there I hope they are ok?

    • Mahbub Dawood
      Mahbub Dawood 13 days ago

      If you trust in God then they must be safe trust me bro

  • Mahbub Dawood
    Mahbub Dawood 13 days ago

    Stop sinning

    • Mahbub Dawood
      Mahbub Dawood 12 days ago

      @Mia aim But some can be forgiven on their confessing

    • Mia aim
      Mia aim 12 days ago +2

      We all sinners

  • Mahbub Dawood
    Mahbub Dawood 13 days ago

    Westerns are most cursed people that's why all the natural disasters are happening to their countries and not Middle East

    • AM Bhat
      AM Bhat 11 days ago

      Learn basic geography first.... Philippines is in the east, not in west.
      Also, your pedophile prophet's god made middle east a barren land. Even one grass can't grow there. If other countries can't export enough food, you guys are dead duck in a week. By the way, that's what alla, the brothel runner of 72 virgins, wanted you guys to suffer without food

    • Tazboy
      Tazboy 12 days ago +1

      @DMO Enterprises beleiving in God is not superstitions thou

    • 3rdVoid Men
      3rdVoid Men 12 days ago

      @Mahbub Dawood wow you even stutter when you type..

    • Mahbub Dawood
      Mahbub Dawood 12 days ago +1

      @Mahathir Loong Don't throw your black majicks on middle East coz you are the one's who started war and attacked,attacked, attacked.... on Middle East

  • Mahbub Dawood
    Mahbub Dawood 13 days ago

    If it's true then their cursed

    • migzzy 022
      migzzy 022 12 days ago

      likely people like you will be cursed moron..

  • Th readstone
    Th readstone 13 days ago +7

    2020 : I'm gonna end this whole humans career

    • Kirk Wilson
      Kirk Wilson 13 days ago +3

      Smallest eruption ever and you think the world is going to end. Pathetic.

  • I
    I 13 days ago

    UN just needs to send its garbage to Philippines, the filipinos will eat for months. Filipino national food is Pag Pag (toxic garbage meat) check it on youtube. Pag Pag