Google Unveils Stadia Pro & Founder's Edition (With Live Reaction)

  • Published on Jun 6, 2019
  • Google reveals key details about Stadia during the Stadia Connect livestream ahead of E3 2019. The cloud-based gaming platform launches this Fall with the Stadia Founder's Edition with games like Destiny 2, Baulder's Gate 3, and Ghost Recon Breakpoint.
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Comments • 24

  • Matt Woodward
    Matt Woodward 4 months ago

    This weirdo with the glasses is creeping me out man. I wouldnt leave my child unattended near him.

    SOTOS 6 months ago +1

    No thanks i will keep playing games from my SSD and downloading them

  • Sean Lingham
    Sean Lingham 7 months ago

    They are basically converting your CAPEX with hardware to OPEX instead. You pay 129 for CAPEX + 10 bucks monthly for rental of resources to run games and the platform experience + pay for games you wanna buy on their platform.

  • matthew s
    matthew s 7 months ago +1

    2020, wait for cheaper, stadia base

  • Ryan Peck
    Ryan Peck 7 months ago +1

    But I want to play with a keyboard and mouse... Also.. Gaming over Wi-Fi is going to be a baaaaddddd tiiiimmmmmeeee.

  • Jackson Cheng
    Jackson Cheng 7 months ago +2

    I am not pre-ordering this, I can see this will end up like OUYA.

    • David Beck
      David Beck 7 months ago

      @Jackson Cheng you can of course bet against Google, but you will loose.

    • Jackson Cheng
      Jackson Cheng 7 months ago +1

      @David Beck LOL. Google "Discontinued Google services".

    • David Beck
      David Beck 7 months ago

      Its Google, clearly something is wrong with your brain.

  • The DaveRave40
    The DaveRave40 7 months ago +5

    Stadia Pro
    £8.99 or $9.99 / mo
    Three months included in the Founder's Edition
    Resolution: Up to 4K
    Frame rate: 60 FPS
    Sound: 5.1 surround sound
    Buy games whenever you want: Yes
    Additional free games released regularly: Yes, starting with Destiny 2: The Collection
    Stadia Pro-exclusive discounts on select game purchases: Yes

    Stadia Base: Free
    Coming next year
    Resolution: Up to 1080p
    Frame rate: 60 fps
    Sound: Stereo
    Buy games whenever you want: Yes
    Access to free games released regularly: No
    Stadia Pro-exclusive discounts on selected game purchases: No

  • Charles Rivas
    Charles Rivas 7 months ago +2

    If stadia was the equivalent of Spotify or Apple Music not regards when something new comes out and its already there to stream at max settings then that would get me excited... but the way they’re implementing stadia with their subscriptions, omg another one to the growing list yea...😒 just the way it’s setup it is destine for doom ... and I need to buy the game still and need subscriptions common .... its like having to buy the album or the movie before you can stream it with the subscriptions lol 😂 corporate is so money hungry that they lost there common sense lol 😂

    DOYLECLEVERLOBE1 7 months ago +2

    They might as well have said it was VR only, not impressed.

    • David Beck
      David Beck 7 months ago

      Clearly you have no understanding of technology..


    Your confused between the two tiers because Mr. D bag next to you couldn’t keep his mouth shut when they were explaining that part.

  • Romulus Creative
    Romulus Creative 7 months ago +3

    69$ for a weak boring looking controller? 10$ a month for limited games? in 6 mos you could of bought most games? this is neither a deal or tempting lol..

    • notexactlypaul
      notexactlypaul 7 months ago +1

      "If you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to games unlocked in the subscription and any add-on or expansion content you have purchased for those games." So you get a game a month (presumably, they just say they'll add more), but you can only play those games as long as you keep paying $10/mo. It's like Humble Bundle, but totally shitty.

  • Paul Munro
    Paul Munro 7 months ago +1

    I have pre ordered. Like the look of it!

  • Alejandro Mtz Gandara
    Alejandro Mtz Gandara 7 months ago +7

    Long live hardware!

    • David Beck
      David Beck 7 months ago

      The Cloud is the Future, sorry.

  • Mike Blais
    Mike Blais 7 months ago

    So F*** What!

  • japrogramer
    japrogramer 7 months ago +2

    Where do I buy?
    Actually 9.99$ a month for just 4k is too much. Imo
    Plus have to buy the games separately .. come on bruh
    Hmm "currently $9.99 per month. You can cancel your trial at no charge at any time before the trial is over. If you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to games unlocked in the subscription and any add-on or expansion content you have purchased for those games. Add-on content is not refundable."

    • Ricky
      Ricky 7 months ago

      japrogramer Seems likes it’s only revolutionary in its ability to part you from your money in a frighteningly efficient manner.

    • japrogramer
      japrogramer 7 months ago +1

      @Rickycorrect a 100$ a month for 50mbts internet 9$ 4k streaming plus 50$ game title
      129$ founders pack .. in 1 year that's 1300$ for one game first year ..

    • Ricky
      Ricky 7 months ago

      Also the cost of the data cap overages. Don’t forget that hidden cost.