Nicole Bass The Art of Posing [480p]

Female Bodybuilder Nicole Bass Demonstrates the art of Posing

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Длительность: 14:20
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Автор Broatch6 ( назад)
strong women are sexy

Автор kerpal321 ( назад)
the 90s were so awesome

Автор Jack ortiz jr. ( назад)
I think everyone on this planet should be allowed to do whatever the fuck
they want to do why don't people mind there own business . I think Nicole
is beautiful I love her physique she is beautiful sexy shapely and I just
find sexy. I love buffed women

Автор WINTER .KING (1873 года назад)
Nicole is awesome hot :D

Автор jim dandy ( назад)
When you look at the current 'women' Nicole looks small- in MY opinion
ladies gone way over the top with drugs, when your face changes that's way
too much

Автор Chad Smith ( назад)
That is so sexy

Автор hamdiamstel ( назад)
Takut ku meda indu bs muscle bkanya

Автор OLDSCHOOL HERO (1636 лет назад)

Автор lovesmuscle ( назад)
I bought this in a VHS copy from Nicole back in the late 1990's still have
it and the autographed pic of her. Oo the memories lol

Автор GetTheHook ( назад)
Female warrior from the Amazon!

Автор Darryl Lake ( назад)
She Hulk!!

Автор Jazztival Vonrouge ( назад)
You're right,it's not weird...Many guys have that fantasy

Автор jermiah starks ( назад)

Автор CreatureLikeGod ( назад)
not weird at all..

Автор Didi Thinktank ( назад)
I want her to torture me with these muscles and dominate me so hard..
ahhh.. the dream

Автор Lakeiva Williams ( назад)
gta music

Автор tomdbsv8 ( назад)
when she bends over I need to mount and breed her

Автор markmywords312 ( назад)
what happened in her life to want this?

Автор mrnatiboy10 ( назад)

Автор Jake -N- Bake ( назад)
@frrrrrunkis She has boobs, & theres no bulge in her underwear, & no
sixpack even though its obviously muscled.... That is a girl

Автор frrrrrunkis (925 лет назад)
@127zombies She's not obviously a girl, let's be honest. I will agree with
you that she is unique, though.

Автор Jake -N- Bake ( назад)
Can everyone leave her alone? just because you guys are jealous of her
muscles dont mean you have to call her a man, Shes obviously a girl, If you
can see that then your retarded. If you dont like what you see then why
even click this video? I say its quite impressive what she has, Shes a
unique woman

Автор MJjuice89 ( назад)
EWWW!! She's fuckin nasty lookin!!

Автор karolinamoxa ( назад)
she is a man jajajajajajaja

Автор mrnatiboy10 ( назад)
nice body

Автор Koletti Pireaus ( назад)
wow that guy is pretty ripped !!

Автор Jan Dyrnes ( назад)
Må være som å dyppen i ei "rævsaks"!

Автор Bjørn Tore Halleland ( назад)
aaaaand there I turned gay...

Автор TheErni87 ( назад)
точнее их

Автор TheErni87 ( назад)
а как её трахать ?

Автор Jose L. Costa ( назад)
Maybe not the prettiest of female bb's out there and in its history...but
her physique is quite impressive...her arms, abs and especially her back
are outstanding ! I think she was just great as a bb and she may or may not
have totally had to go into the WWE....still, I like her in clips such as
this the best-she was hot !

Автор Deathscythetransform ( назад)
@bribri12391 I agree.... she is ugly

Автор shakysyxx ( назад)
I wonder if Val Venis is second thinking his decision from the 90's LOL

Автор bria woodward ( назад)
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that look like a
f**k man why all of a sudden men want to look like us women

Автор Pier Nodoyuna ( назад)
aaahahahahahahahahaaaaa. Joder!! :|

Автор excommando1 ( назад)
What would want to have sex with this? I'm not judging, just curious.

Автор louislj1 ( назад)
why is jean claude van damme wearing a bikini?

Автор Howard Starr ( назад)
@22centman36 exactly and barbie dolls with tits and big butts.

Автор Howard Starr ( назад)
Nicole Bass please please please return to the WWE.

Автор vamemfis ( назад)
Whats the name of the original song please???

Автор Stepper11 ( назад)
@TheJakeler Too bad for you : )

Автор Jake Garrigus ( назад)
@Stepper11 Not that great

Автор heelboy ( назад)
it should be a law--women have to take steroids!!! so sexy!!

Автор dennyk1024 ( назад)

Автор Stepper11 ( назад)
Imagine how great it would be to have this immense super queen squeeze you
into semi-consciousness and then have her way with you.

Автор Jazztival Vonrouge ( назад)
That was cool.

Автор Mark O'Reilly ( назад)
Wow.She is incredible.A true woman.

Автор Ryan Neufeld ( назад)
xo+ :)

Автор MrWharfside ( назад)
Probably doesn't do her justice. When yuo see her against the average guy
thats when you really see it with her muscle size and height is awesome!

Автор kopkingful ( назад)
is this nicole bass the worlds largest fbb she doesnt look really big in

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