The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Houston Rockets, 124-115. LeBron James led the Lakers with 31 PTS and 12 AST, while Kyle Kuzma tallied 23 PTS and 8 REB in the victory. Russell Westbrook led the Rockets with 35 PTS, along with 9 REB and 7 AST, while James Harden added 34 PTS and 7 AST.
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  • Ibrahim Tall
    Ibrahim Tall Day ago +1

    7:14 Salty Harden just straight up shoves Lebron lol


    *play and whatch all the time*
    1:50 💕💛🖤
    👇 👇 👇💯


    *play and whatch all the time*
    1:11 💘💝🔥

  • DizzyBurrito 1
    DizzyBurrito 1 5 days ago +1

    I miss basketball 😢😢

  • Oliver Suyko
    Oliver Suyko 7 days ago

    5:18 freak train. Oh my god LeBron


    *nice action*
    1:16 💞💓

  • Joshua Gellado
    Joshua Gellado 17 days ago

    JELLY! 8:50

  • مريم اقربي
    مريم اقربي 23 days ago

    مـيــــن🥰 يـرحــــب🥰 بـــي🥰 يــــضغـــط لايـــك🥰ويــــراســنـي خـاص واشـــترك بقنـاتـــــــي
    الواتس اب**0046736379707*💋💋💋

  • Football kings
    Football kings 25 days ago

    Yet no one is talking about the sprint of lebron at 5:17 he's playing like a true

  • Football kings
    Football kings 25 days ago

    Rockets fans are salty there best player scores 38+ points (james harden)
    Yet they still lose

  • Joel Nathan
    Joel Nathan 26 days ago +1


  • gulag master
    gulag master Month ago

    Rockets defense looks so bad .

  • Joe '
    Joe ' Month ago

    can someone tell me the song when the jumpball starts?...i like the beat pls anyone?

  • MineAMator
    MineAMator Month ago

    I swear if Warriors come back next year and Lakers get traded...

  • sebas666777 looop
    sebas666777 looop Month ago

    The rockets flop more than fish outta water

  • BDOT 310
    BDOT 310 Month ago

    7:37 and I thought I was high asf I thought this was the Lakers vs Rockets.

  • Richard Api
    Richard Api Month ago +1

    Lakes and rockets idol

  • Charles Darwin the founder of evolution

    who’s here after seeing covington is a way better fit then capela was

  • Alfredo Rosales
    Alfredo Rosales Month ago

    Is this today

  • Mama Bear
    Mama Bear Month ago +1

    I like all the sports like nfl of course because I’m watching nba.

  • SuperRip7
    SuperRip7 Month ago

    Lakers won by nine.

  • Paule Smiles
    Paule Smiles 2 months ago

    Dam we really lost a legend coby bryand

  • Todd Sanderlin
    Todd Sanderlin 2 months ago

    Rip Kobe Bryant

  • KeVin Christian
    KeVin Christian 2 months ago

    Westbrook inside and a rare easy basket for OKC? 😂😂😂

  • VoltronTim_v3
    VoltronTim_v3 2 months ago +1

    KOBE DIED :(((

  • Brent Fortin
    Brent Fortin 2 months ago

    Kid at my school hit a crazy shot

  • Jerediah Jedi
    Jerediah Jedi 2 months ago

    houston is trash

  • Chris Inferno
    Chris Inferno 2 months ago

    No AD, No Problem!

  • anthony neaves
    anthony neaves 2 months ago +1

    “As the shot clock was expiring” “As the shot clock was expiring “

  • LA Star Blu
    LA Star Blu 2 months ago +1

    7:38 “and a rare easy bucket for OKC” what

  • Prince Swag
    Prince Swag 2 months ago

    LeBron fans all happy over this small win. Let's not forget the rockets were just testing them out this is the season they're not worried about being 1 in the West. They focused on being 1 in the playoffs. And you lebron fans know it that's why y'all run your mouths cause deep down the rockets scare you LeBron fans I hope the rockets or clippers see your boy in the first round. Going to love seeing your excuses why he lost :)

  • shadyM j
    shadyM j 2 months ago

    megee was lit

  • Ellionel Gabison
    Ellionel Gabison 2 months ago

    The editor of this video is anti-lakers.

  • Mr. HasbroMan
    Mr. HasbroMan 2 months ago

    nobody passin to Kuzma :(

  • Josh Cheung
    Josh Cheung 2 months ago

    I liked the highlights that were under 3 minutes better! I would be able to watch more game highlights that way.

  • Travis Barnett
    Travis Barnett 2 months ago

    All those superstars they got on they team and tall mfs they better win lebum had to get a hold army to win difference between Golden State was everybody was drafted except kd . lhh lebum lames fire almost the whole damn Laker team and ps half the Lakers came from Golden state I'm gs all the way next year gone be lite let me see my way out tho I'mma step

  • xClamps Only
    xClamps Only 2 months ago +1

    7:37 “Westbrook a bucket for OKC” 🤣

  • rimsky richard
    rimsky richard 2 months ago

    The band wagon fans are here

  • Ateng Magaling TV
    Ateng Magaling TV 2 months ago

    Im a woman but I really love watching both lebron and harden play against each other. Like if you feel the same ❤️

  • zyme togonon
    zyme togonon 2 months ago

    Laba2 c mcge hahaha

  • Pastor
    Pastor 2 months ago +1

    I'm Beelzebub I dunked on James he admitted to being my possession he said he wanted everything Pastor bitch

  • Bora World Networks. (BNET)

    7:50 rare bucket for who?

  • Jaime Meza
    Jaime Meza 2 months ago +1

    i was at the game lower level row 4 on the side . imma die hard rockets fan but on this night was going for lebron. i had to see him live before he retires. 2 monster dunks! ive seen kobe live now lebron!!

  • Michael DeSilvio
    Michael DeSilvio 2 months ago

    lebron farted his fans away.

  • Allah Akbar
    Allah Akbar 2 months ago

    I got a question ,how much ass can be eaten with that homosexual beard ?

  • Diego Malaver
    Diego Malaver 2 months ago +1

    "sweet shit from Russell Westbrook"

  • Jhon Moryl
    Jhon Moryl 2 months ago

    Out west rockets

  • unkemptverible
    unkemptverible 2 months ago

    What if jah morrant dunk on LeBron 🤯

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu 2 months ago

      1:19 Lebron say Shi$!!😂😂 on the Gordon blow by...☝🏿u gotta be quicker than that

  • Jamirimaj
    Jamirimaj 2 months ago

    Soften and Westbrick were like "Yeah they're chanting towards me YEAH"

  • G S R okok
    G S R okok 2 months ago

    Harden like
    LeBron GTFO

  • anthony andres
    anthony andres 2 months ago

    Kuzma and james is on fire.

  • 95blckfirebird1
    95blckfirebird1 2 months ago

    You guys need to start uploading these videos in higher quality. It's 2020

  • Nestor Jagunos
    Nestor Jagunos 2 months ago +1

    7:35 really? OKC? haha

  • I H
    I H 2 months ago

    NBA sucks!

  • Jack Stapledon
    Jack Stapledon 2 months ago +1

    “As Westbrook gets inside and a rare easy bucket for OKC”!!! 7:39

  • Vage Kin
    Vage Kin 2 months ago

    Those arent true Rockets fans.😐 I cant believe they were all happy in the first half when rockets were leading. They were all cheering and thinking they had no chance of losing. Then lakers take over and lebron suddenly gets mvp chants from the crowd. Wow. Completely sad. If i had the money i would go to a rockets game and slap every singlee one of those fake rockets fans.

  • #WeHoopin #WeHoopin
    #WeHoopin #WeHoopin 2 months ago

    This was a great win.. Especially without AD..

  • #WeHoopin #WeHoopin
    #WeHoopin #WeHoopin 2 months ago +1

    7:39 miss the announcer sayin Westbrook got the bucket for Okc💀

  • #WeHoopin #WeHoopin
    #WeHoopin #WeHoopin 2 months ago

    Love how the Lakers make it a point to Run out💨

  • #WeHoopin #WeHoopin
    #WeHoopin #WeHoopin 2 months ago

    Kuzma soars and scores 3:16

  • #WeHoopin #WeHoopin
    #WeHoopin #WeHoopin 2 months ago

    3:15 danny green rare strip on Harden.... *Kuzma Soars n scores* that's a new one

  • #WeHoopin #WeHoopin
    #WeHoopin #WeHoopin 2 months ago

    1:19 Lebron say Shi$!!😂😂 on the Gordon blow by...☝🏿u gotta be quicker than that

  • #WeHoopin #WeHoopin
    #WeHoopin #WeHoopin 2 months ago

    Need subscribers like air....gotta go💨💨💨🏀

  • #WeHoopin #WeHoopin
    #WeHoopin #WeHoopin 2 months ago

    I'm late but had to watch ALLLLL of this one

  • Charles Shorb
    Charles Shorb 2 months ago

    7th graders be like “ -nba name- is the best player ever!!!!” Two minutes later “ -same person- is trash - other person- is the best” and repeat. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • GAMEPLAY 101
    GAMEPLAY 101 2 months ago +2

    weetbrook made a lay-up. commentator: basket for OKC? 7:40

  • PacinoXTC
    PacinoXTC 2 months ago +1

    Westbrook’s, Harden and Capelas contracts make it impossible to get bench players

  • Lolo Magikero
    Lolo Magikero 2 months ago +1

    I hope they won't trade Kuzma. He reminds me of James Worthy. Why tinker with this line up? They are doing great.

  • Nell Lee
    Nell Lee 2 months ago +1

    7:59 "Daniels" This the reason why u on the bench... 3 on 1 and u take that garbage 3pt attempt... Bench him!

  • Ethan Hart
    Ethan Hart 2 months ago +1

    7:39 when Westbrook drives and scores “and a rare easy bucket for OKC”

  • Lequinton Smith
    Lequinton Smith 2 months ago

    James harden dribble to much dets y Danny green stole da ball Bru 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • brandonzhuable
    brandonzhuable 2 months ago

    7:38 "rare easy bucket for OKC"??

  • S J
    S J 2 months ago

    What makes James so special is that he is, first and foremost, a diagnostician. He's a genius at diagnosing the weaknesses and strengths of both his team and the opposition in real time, and is able to articulate any changes needed in conjunction with his teammates. Maestro.

  • Burgunstuy
    Burgunstuy 2 months ago

    KCP looking so good these days

  • Ilyas Ali
    Ilyas Ali 2 months ago

    Bruh it was so funny how lebron dunked on someone and stepped over him 🤣

  • Ilyas Ali
    Ilyas Ali 2 months ago

    Is it like lebron always carries the team XD

  • cedricjames pagdato
    cedricjames pagdato 2 months ago


  • Joshua Bascos
    Joshua Bascos 2 months ago

    4:49 Supalpal!

  • Zacky
    Zacky 2 months ago

    Look at Harden's fake ass fall at 7:07 , he just begging for a foul at this point..