Why Did I Preorder The Google Stadia Founder's Edition? Who Is This For?

  • Published on Jun 6, 2019
  • As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from links posted in my description & comments section. Why did I preorder this? Google Stadia seems like its way off from being the future... but they are going to attempt it. The business model seems wrong to me for what it offers... but what do I know?
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  • Madlittlepixel
    Madlittlepixel  7 months ago +8

    More info: bit.ly/2QQPfjy

    Genesis Mini Amazon US Preorder: amzn.to/2HQQpd5
    Mega Drive Mini Amazon UK Preorder: amzn.to/2HPU0IF​

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    • J van
      J van 7 months ago

      @Robert Leech you need to rethink your question .......

    • Robert Leech
      Robert Leech 7 months ago

      J van But if you don’t own a gaming console, nor a gaming pc, I’m I right to assume you don’t play video games or if you do there generally mobile/tablet games, why all of sudden would you be willing to pay a subscription only to play the games in a better resolution then pay for a game on top

    • J van
      J van 7 months ago

      this is for people like me who dont spend time on a gaming chair i dont have a console i dont have a gaming PC i use mac desktop and macbook pro i have no data cap i pay 75 bucks a month for 400Mbps so im good i hope they do well but what ever

    • Martin Schmidt
      Martin Schmidt 7 months ago

      Do You have news about the wireless Tribute 64 ? :)

    • Robert Leech
      Robert Leech 7 months ago

      More money than sense 😂

  • Sneaksie Taffer
    Sneaksie Taffer Month ago

    Stadia dropped the ball big time during launch since they could have offered a chance for people to try some demos on Stadia for free by using the downloadable Stadia app with their Chrome web browsers on the PC or Chromebook . For those looking for a console experience then the option to purchase the Stadia controller and Chromecast could be offered as an alternative and not made mandatory for the launch. The option to use a smartphone for gameplay should have been delayed since Stadia would only work on the Google Pixel phone for some strange reason.

  • Homertjones
    Homertjones 2 months ago

    What I feel like people don't understand is that this is going to be the future of gaming for many people, and we have to start somewhere.
    Secondly, everyone is complaining about the price (which I think is quite reasonable) like they forgot they dropped $300-400 on consoles and even more so for, say a gaming pc. He points out that you have to pay monthly for 60fps 4k but otherwise the basic is free to use with game purchase. Remind you, Xbox and PlayStation still requires you to pay to just play online multiplayer!!!
    They miss the fact that cloud streaming is awesome for people who don't want to be limited to just the living room and tied down by a box. Even if its start is mediocre, I thinks it's still pretty cool and I will most likely give it a try.

  • Blesson Kuriakose
    Blesson Kuriakose 3 months ago

    jokes on you, founder's edition is sold out
    no early dibs on usernames for u

  • londonrd
    londonrd 3 months ago

    The most ignored market for Stadia is whats being called Dadia. Dads out there that don't have $500 to drop on the next console. Dads out there that need access to their games from multiple places in the house. Dads out there that don't have a lot of time to game so they dont want to be staring at a download screen or a patches screen. Dads out there that want to be able to game on the go when they get peace and quiet.

    Thats not a small market.

  • bryant velez
    bryant velez 4 months ago

    Try shadow gaming 👍 you get more control it does the same as this and more

  • M. lit
    M. lit 4 months ago

    You don't even have to buy a 500 Bucks console or gaming Pc but complain about the 10$

  • 103gav
    103gav 4 months ago

    I Feel Ya Bro

  • Saiyan Warfist
    Saiyan Warfist 4 months ago +1

    Hold on tho if theres no lag tho 8.99 on 10 teeflops servers for 4k. Ill take that

  • AproposRobin
    AproposRobin 4 months ago

    Here is what I find annoying if something like this can actually gain ground people are retarded for not using it you recycle computers and consoles get outdated why tf wouldn't you want the company hosting for you to face that cost with the money you put forth do the math if stadia pans out it will be a massive value especially from the free side you arent wasting money constantly on overused and abused hardware which litteraly costs thousands, in just a 2 year span most of my buddies have paid out hundreds to upgrades and repairs on their systems just to keep up with the gaming market and they are always a step behind as in the matter of weeks the next best thing hits the market

  • Valentijn Games
    Valentijn Games 4 months ago

    I understand the criticism but it is true that you can just play 1080p 60fps for free you do not have to buy extra consoles for it is just completely free then I also understand that you have to pay a little more for 4K

  • ItsMani
    ItsMani 5 months ago

    Ur so toxic lmao

  • Devon Scope
    Devon Scope 5 months ago

    They naysayers crack me up.

  • Branislav Kolarević
    Branislav Kolarević 5 months ago +1

    Is that like netflix but for games?

  • ClovXT
    ClovXT 5 months ago

    [VEEERRRRY LONG COMMENT Alert lol] You're getting it partially right with all the disadvantages like you said servers could suddenly be down out of expectation and stuff. But think about it, for serious gamers they probably already have a decent PC sitting on their desks and all the games they have in their steam library that they have access to. And here comes to the important part: electronics and pc components got updated fairly quickly these days especially with AMD trying shaking and taking the crown from both intel for CPU and Nvidia for GPU (at least enough to be competitive), parts get outdated fast, and most majority of ppl don't wanna buy new gear every year. So the actual game experiences will decrease over time if you wanna play current year AAA games. Take me as an example, I'm using a 1060 6G and if I wanna be having the same gaming experiences like I did two years ago, not to mention I actually want a BETTER experience, I need to spend another 400 dollars on a RTX2060s that is easily outdated in two years, tbh I wonder if it's capable of doing max out settings in 1080P 60fps even now with metro exodus. What would I have with stadia with stadia? 130 for preorder and 27 months of 4K experiences with all maxed out setting anywhere I want. And for none serious gamers or casual gamers? They buy it for the peaceful mind of not worrying all the none sense for them that I just said.

  • Jify
    Jify 5 months ago

    you can get destiny 2 for.93 cents at gamestop lol

    • Jify
      Jify 5 months ago

      @Devon Scope nope but you can get that for 5 bucks at gamestop

    • Devon Scope
      Devon Scope 5 months ago

      Is that for the collection with all of the expansions? And does that include the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion?

  • ZephaTech
    ZephaTech 6 months ago

    We have 50mbps now so I'm good and I don't regret my preorder I already adapted too going completely digital but hey it's not for everyone a few weeks ago we had shitty internet now not so much it's a big jump hoping too jump higher in the future ;)

  • Divolex
    Divolex 6 months ago

    i cant buy the founders edition beqause i dont have a credit card

  • Afro Senpai
    Afro Senpai 6 months ago

    Get Packed is where you and some friends have to pack boxes into a truck. Moving the boxes from a house or office to the truck while dodging cars, crazy cats, and other people who are trying to wreck you. Watch a video of it, I thought it was silly at first, but after watching the whole video, it looks fun with friends.

  • Christian Flores
    Christian Flores 6 months ago

    Dont Dis this until you try it! It's only $129! That is the cheapest console !

  • Christian Flores
    Christian Flores 6 months ago

    I want to take my games on the go!
    And destiny2 is Free and comes with the Next Big Dlc Shadowkeep!

  • HevICue
    HevICue 6 months ago

    You're better off reporting back after the three months. It gives time for them to build more to the catalog of freebies to give. It's also more than enough time to see if the network ever crashes.
    I plan on getting it only cause I've paid almost the same for a collectors edition of any other game. This is the only way I could justify it.

  • Couch gaming news
    Couch gaming news 7 months ago


  • Marcus Mizerak
    Marcus Mizerak 7 months ago

    LMAO I'm not buying this crap with so much coming early 2020 like TLOU2, FF7R, Death Stranding, even Ghosts of Tsushima might be coming in August 2019. I sure hope so!

  • Trivolt Studios
    Trivolt Studios 7 months ago

    Its actually a really amazing deal so your wrong

  • Mr. KMM
    Mr. KMM 7 months ago

    Idk I think it's pretty cool I dont care about graphics or anything like that and all those old games I haven't really played yet so its pretty awesome to me

  • Robert Martin
    Robert Martin 7 months ago +1

    This is the most revolutionary tech in gaming ever. $10 a month is less than Netflix Hulu or RUclip Premium. I dont see your point.

    • Robert Martin
      Robert Martin 6 months ago

      @Ken McDowell base hulu with adds is 5.99 and you dont get access to any extra content. So a free account with Stadia would still have a better value than Hulu.

    • Robert Martin
      Robert Martin 6 months ago

      That's cool.

    • Ken McDowell
      Ken McDowell 6 months ago +1

      Hulu is $5.99 js 😅

    • Daniel Hofmeister
      Daniel Hofmeister 7 months ago +1

      I think the big question is how large the gaming library will be. If we get a ton of games for our 10 bucks then all is perfect. But if the subscription only lets you access 4k at internet speeds most people don't have while still having to pay full price for games you don't actually own and can't play while offline the whole thing suddenly becomes a lot less revolutionary. Personally, I pre-ordered it hoping for the best so fingers crossed.

  • MySplatterhouse
    MySplatterhouse 7 months ago

    Seems like Google is trying to monetize off a service that just complicates their idea of gaming in the future. Either too early or too silly or both.

  • Gaming Gets Real
    Gaming Gets Real 7 months ago +12

    1:31 mans says he’s easily impressed. Not impressed of streaming 4K 60 FPS with 5.1 surround sound

    • Fritz Freund
      Fritz Freund 3 months ago +1

      And the beauty of this service.... As hardware requirements go up... You don't have to get new hardware. You don't have to buy the game for each platform. This is the way if the future

    • Stone
      Stone 5 months ago

      Gaming Gets Real something that is on current gen consoles and will be doubled at the end of next year, no reason to be impressed

  • Jacob Baird
    Jacob Baird 7 months ago

    Xbox live, ps plus 10 a month. Google will also have free games.

  • Boost USA
    Boost USA 7 months ago

    It's for me someone that wants next gen gaming without having to buy another $500 console. Not having to worry about running out of hard drive. We pay for PlayStation plus and Xbox gold no difference here.

  • Charger, Corona, La Familia !

    130 bucks isnt bad. I have fiber internet. If this thing can outperform my PS4 Pro on my 4k tv I would stick around.

    • JW
      JW 6 months ago

      130 is worth it like how much new Xbox going be and next ps4 400 to maybe 600 plus most games you need on Xbox and PS4 need internet connection so if network went down on the stadia is same as if your network went down on your Xbox or PS4 so yeah I pre-ordered mine looking forward plus most people don't like change they rather stick with what they know like people have like brought ps1 kept with them or same with Xbox some people have stayed with Xbox over the years like or some people had both like so yeah will see if this is going be next big thing just streaming games 👍

  • Cell2109
    Cell2109 7 months ago +2

    I bought it sounds like a good deal. This is Google we're talking about freaking Google one of the richest companies in the world. I'm sure they have big plans. This thing could be huge. Play on any device and anywhere for $10 a month and when it's does blow you'll be one of the first ones to have with it your exclusive name badge and controller.

  • Alex Fils-aime
    Alex Fils-aime 7 months ago

    I think everyone forgets how your gonna need a crap ton of bandwidth every month to stream these games at 4K and if you have regular internet then it’s gonna cause issues with your service provider

  • Andrew Fraraccio
    Andrew Fraraccio 7 months ago

    People make me laugh! this is not even out yet and it sucks If you're internet is that bad than don't get it! I am tired of having to pay 400-500 dollars every 5 yrs for a new console and 60 dollars and up for new games and who cares if you have the actual disk where in a few months you be lucky to get half of what you paid for it and just sitting collecting dust

  • Dotdrumming spot
    Dotdrumming spot 7 months ago +2

    im thinking about pre ordering an giving it a test
    wanted to wait until the ps5 came out but lets see. you get 3 months free so that does catch people

  • londonrd
    londonrd 7 months ago +4

    Can someone tell me where this mystical place is where you can play games at 60fps 4k with hdr and 5.1 surround sound without paying for it.

    • Stone
      Stone 3 months ago

      Fritz Freund yea true, I personally have all platforms (not including pc but maybe soon) and preordered stadia founders edition and looking forward to it but am also agree with you, it is very expensive but ps4 has amazing exclusive games, doesn’t need amazing WiFi to play games, and has better hardware that you can still enjoy 60 FPS and 4K graphics without great WiFi

    • Fritz Freund
      Fritz Freund 3 months ago

      @Stone exactly my point. Even the cheap crappy model is more than a year of stadia pro (plus? I forget the name). Then, if you want to play it on your computer, you get to pay retail for the game again... It's an awesome model.

    • Stone
      Stone 3 months ago

      Fritz Freund ps4 was never free, and it’s like $500 for the PS4 pro, but the PS4 slim is like $300 I think, I got the slim

    • Fritz Freund
      Fritz Freund 3 months ago

      @Stone how much was that PS4? Still free? Not too mention the next one.... And the one after that... And buying the game on platforms it doesn't support?

    • Stone
      Stone 5 months ago

      londonrd Xbox one x and PS4 pro

  • HighOnGamez
    HighOnGamez 7 months ago

    You are horrible with math and analysis . anв you completely blind lol

  • Martin Førland
    Martin Førland 7 months ago +1

    Do you remember when netflix started, everyone laughing at them. Netflix would never work to stream over the net. Remember the original Xbox. No one had the belief that it would take off. What I try and say is. Let all of the technology get a chance and stop negative towards new thinking.
    I personally get a little annoyed. When people follow the negative train
    We know very little about google stadia. Why so negative, this is not good to be so judgmental. I know that most people out there are afraid that physical copies of games will disappear. Relax if you want to buy games then you can. The same as you can with movies and music.

  • print crowd
    print crowd 7 months ago

    Ill try it just because i if it works what is the point of buying another generation of consoles

  • Jonathan Bond
    Jonathan Bond 7 months ago

    You dont get the point of it at all.

  • Louie Scadden
    Louie Scadden 7 months ago

    “Bing” Xbox Turning On when google servers are down.

  • Willard Modikai
    Willard Modikai 7 months ago

    free internet through one ISP is the answer

  • Willard Modikai
    Willard Modikai 7 months ago

    what if there was an internal all company patnership to make internet free and through one channel e.g. 1 single ISP which would mean space is utilized to support a single ISP i mean a lot of companies would benefit from this

  • airiushunt
    airiushunt 7 months ago

    This will be way more appealing when next gen consoles come out. Because $10 a month to play next gen games without having to spend $400 to $500 on the hardware sounds great to me. Plus I don't understand why everybody complains about the subscription cost that $10 dollars would go to PSN or XboxLive so whats the difference.

  • Willi Bald
    Willi Bald 7 months ago +1

    BecUse Google paid you to love it or you just support every bullshit which idiots drop on the market, no matter how soulless and toxic products for the industry are? 🙄

  • Austin Trippy 23
    Austin Trippy 23 7 months ago

    People are afraid of things they don't understand

  • Gravity
    Gravity 7 months ago

    The only thing that's been surprising about this for me, is that xcloud seems to have lower latency (66ms to 100ms) both are negligible, but it wasn surprising how low MS got it. I'm super excited so far for both.

  • Jose Medina
    Jose Medina 7 months ago

    I could get all those games on the Xbox or on the PlayStation or on my Nintendo so what's the point of getting that if all those games are available for those consoles

  • lorenzo vermeulen
    lorenzo vermeulen 7 months ago

    Man why is evryone hating on this thing its fot the people who dont have consoles ist fast and easey games whats the problem here that some people dont wanne pay 10$ like what you do pay 10$ for music spotify but dont wanne do it for games like man tis good and it what gamkng is gonne become

  • Austin Knops
    Austin Knops 7 months ago

    I dont know y ppl are complaining about stadia if u have decent internet (which you should have anyways), you dont need to buy a 500 USD console or a 1000$ PC to play games, this service can be played anywhere that has a chrome browser so that means you can play your favourite games anywhere anytime at 1080p 60FPS for free all you have to do is pay for the game, Also the benefits of 4K are non existant when playing on a couch far away from your TV so really no need to pay for the subscription if your playing from a couch, also since there is no physical hardware that means no cheating can be done online - looking at you Dark souls remastered for the PC, the only thing that sucks is no mods :(

  • Voan Siam
    Voan Siam 7 months ago

    I once tried OnLive and the games runs terrible with slow latency. Couldn't even play games like Super Street Fighter IV correctly, with Stadia I don't think I will ever want to experience that same choppiness ever again.

  • Golden 47
    Golden 47 7 months ago

    Stadia sucks.

  • Golden 47
    Golden 47 7 months ago

    Trust me people. Don’t buy this. Doesn’t matter how fast your internet is you’ll get destroyed by other gamers who has the game downloaded. You will get lag and choppyness in the gameplay. It’s not worth the purchase

    ROSSONERI 108 7 months ago

    when you pre order does it charge you right away or on dispatch ??

  • Ken Tran
    Ken Tran 7 months ago

    My understanding is that the $9.99 per month is so you can play new premium games without buying them. It would be similar to Xbox Game Pass.

    • Madlittlepixel
      Madlittlepixel  7 months ago

      Its not though, thats what I was thinking at first but no. You get access to whatever they give for free to a paid sub, which rite now is just Destiny 2. The $9.99 a month is to give you access to 4k 5.1 audio streaming and discounts on games. Nothing more.... unfortunately.

  • Mattias Bergstedt
    Mattias Bergstedt 7 months ago +1

    This made 0 sense. So you expect to get 4k 60 fps for free with a "console" for 70 bucks? Modern day consoles cost anywhere from 300-600 bucks and they support 4k 30 fps on modern titles...

  • CCV334
    CCV334 7 months ago

    I respect your opinion but whether it's stadia or not, I think streaming is the future. Similar to the rise of Netflix and Twitch. Idk at what point in the future but I picture paying for a subscription to a collection of games. Maybe Playstation and Xbox will create their own versions of the stadia with exclusive content, but if all the processing can be done on the cloud I don't see why it wouldn't be moving in this direction.

  • Tech Horizon
    Tech Horizon 7 months ago

    I see Google Stadia for the gamer that just wants to jump right into the game and not worry about what hardware they need and updates etc... How many times have we been burned on buying a PS4, then having to buy the Pro because it's faster, 4k etc...Same with the Xbox One X. I'm not sure about how the service will perform, I think alot of gamers are sleeping on the Stadia. They said the same thing about the Nintendo Switch.

  • Simply Kevin
    Simply Kevin 7 months ago

    If you want 4K 60fps max, you will need 1.400€ for a 2080ti( no include CPU, Ram, ...), if you pay stadia 10 years is 1200€, a power that you can use on smarty phone, laptop, tv, pc...Well tell me if is it worth it.