AMD Threadripper 3970X Review: Premiere, Blender, Overclocking, & Thermal Benchmarks

  • This review shows our benchmarks for the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X CPU, particularly vs. the AMD R9 3950X and Intel i9-10980XE CPUs.
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    Watch our 10980XE review here:
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    We're comparing the best high-end CPUs of 2019. As we close 2019, we're finally able to start recapping the best high-end CPUs in the HEDT class of parts. This year, HEDT expanded to include a "budget" $750 16-core CPU -- the R9 3950X -- and a similarly affordable 3900X 12-core CPU. Now, with AM4 launches behind us, the Threadripper 3970X and 3960X are coming out to contest the Intel Core i9-10980XE. The 3970X is on bench for review in this video (our 3960X review will follow shortly). Our focus is on finding the best CPUs for video editing and rendering, 3D modeling and animation, Photoshop, and compression and decompression, but with information on overclocking, power, thermals, and gaming along the way. AMD vs. Intel battles are as old as the industry, and with the two companies both launching new HEDT CPUs on the same day, we get to test whose offers the best value for workstation applications. This comparison tests the 3970X vs. 10980XE, 3950X, 3900X, 2990WX, 1950X, and just about every other CPU that's nearby.
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    Editorial, Testing: Steve Burke
    Testing: Patrick Lathan
    Video: Andrew Coleman
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  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus  4 months ago +57

    Watch our 10980XE review here:
    Watch our Threadripper 3960X review here:
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    • bearded hardware
      bearded hardware 4 months ago

      THose CPUS are so dirty.. hahah

    • Unlimited Uploads
      Unlimited Uploads 4 months ago

      which aircooler are you using?

    • Karl Echnaton Erzmaester Erde
      Karl Echnaton Erzmaester Erde 4 months ago

      Have you seen JayzTwoCents on Intel?? He is so freaking out. Funny! xD

    • dryphtyr
      dryphtyr 4 months ago

      @Simon H - Anandtech did. It was still a slaughter.

    • Marino Šimić
      Marino Šimić 4 months ago

      Hardware Unboxed run SOTTR in 1080 High, but the Threadrippers were first there. How can you explain that?

  • Mister K
    Mister K Month ago

    The benefit of the 3960/70x is the support for 256GB DIMMs, the MSI Creator features of PCIE lanes etc. I know, this is purely CPU review.

  • Vlado S
    Vlado S Month ago

    Will there ever be a 5 Ghz cpu? I am an outsider

  • Judah Richardson
    Judah Richardson Month ago

    This might be the most technically proficient part review I've ever watched. This dude is GOOD.

  • danny3man
    danny3man Month ago

    No subtitles ?

  • Nick Lavigne
    Nick Lavigne 2 months ago

    I feel like resolve would be a better benchmark for video. I am a premiere guy myself for 16 years, but still.

  • Kashif Gul
    Kashif Gul 2 months ago

    So 10980xe is faster when overclocked in just about every benchmark the home user would care about.

  • Dazzauk83
    Dazzauk83 2 months ago

    17:29 last time I seen something like this graph I was on acid.

  • BigBeanGames
    BigBeanGames 2 months ago

    I dont care what it's for, I wanna game on it.

  • Whothus_ka Gaming
    Whothus_ka Gaming 2 months ago

    and I thought Eminem spoke fast...
    tech jesus should try rapping hahahaha.
    nice work guys this is a really well detailed review.

  • Brian Mahoney
    Brian Mahoney 2 months ago

    why are you only using blender 2.79 in these tests? how frustrating

  • Brian Nason
    Brian Nason 3 months ago

    Put less cpu in your chatrs maybe 12 max

  • mylar hyrule
    mylar hyrule 3 months ago

    Hey bro, how possible is it that we see you add some liquid nitrogen to one of these? Figure it would be impressive

  • Jason Bay
    Jason Bay 3 months ago

    Here I am 3 weeks late with my 4C8T Xeon E3 1231v3 🙇‍♂️

  • Cong To Truong
    Cong To Truong 3 months ago

    omvggb vfb k

  • Urs Marti
    Urs Marti 3 months ago

    what is the correct memory-selection for the threadripper cpu? and what is more efficient: 4(8) x 8GB or 2(4) x 16GB? thanks

  • James Hernandez
    James Hernandez 3 months ago

    How does this Threadripper compare to the Xeon chips from intel?

  • Alpha
    Alpha 3 months ago

    It would be very interesting to see the Intel Xeon W-3175X vs AMD Threadripper 3970X!

  • CIFilter
    CIFilter 3 months ago

    If you didn’t have text labels for the various CPU graphs, it would literally be impossible to understand anything you’re saying when you compress 40 syllables into one.

  • Michael DiPalo
    Michael DiPalo 3 months ago

    You speak way too fast.

  • Choronzon39
    Choronzon39 3 months ago

    I knew AMD was back in the game, so I built a new AMD system. But damn, I'm constantly being stunned. Great times for the enthusiast market, although I've been seeing price gouging.

  • Christiaan Venter
    Christiaan Venter 3 months ago

    Guys why are you still using Blender 2.9a for your render tests, we literally have Blender 2.80 for the past 5 months.

  • FantasyNero
    FantasyNero 3 months ago +3

    I love your videos but You talking so fast and there's no CC Caption that i barely understand, please put CC Caption in all you videos and newer Videos

  • Shane Kräuchi
    Shane Kräuchi 3 months ago +1

    YoU cAn ClEaRlY sEe StEvE's LoVe Of InTeL bEcAuSe Of ThE bLuE pEgBoArD!

  • Timur Zavidov
    Timur Zavidov 3 months ago

    It's rough town for Intel now

  • bBrain
    bBrain 3 months ago

    yawn... about as boring as watching Xeon videos lol Who cares about a bunch of slow cores

  • fredEVOIX
    fredEVOIX 4 months ago

    someone on youtube should really make a TR4 cooler comparison because there's zero (proper) content about that, the previous gen TR were a very niche market but those new ones aren't and still all I find is Noctua 14-thing or bequiet dark rock pro tr4 and that's all....AIO some of them are compatible but they don't cover the whole chip so they are "kind of work" (I will repeat this on all the major channels)

  • TankQ
    TankQ 4 months ago

    just a preview for 3990

  • Miko Mido
    Miko Mido 4 months ago

    Casket Lake

  • Diego Ramiro
    Diego Ramiro 4 months ago

    when the software is bottlenecking...

  • laxinthe303
    laxinthe303 4 months ago

    You misspelled truly in the Lian-li ad.

  • mistakenot ou
    mistakenot ou 4 months ago

    Any plan on ln2?

  • ek2660
    ek2660 4 months ago

    Please stop showing adobe premier benchmarks. It’s fucking useless. Only shows adobe’s retarded software development practices

  • Noah L
    Noah L 4 months ago

    Is overclocking CPUs with this many cores actually feasible to do all the time? Seems like the power usage and the ridiculous level of cooling needed would make it not worth it

  • Energy Blast
    Energy Blast 4 months ago

    So I'm better off with Intel if I want to game at 1440p then

  • foff Please
    foff Please 4 months ago

    like with the 18 core, it is as if gn knows someone is watching the beginning of the video and the charts. your results clash with everyone elses. above all else patronizing your audience, opinionating fron the start to the end rather than be concisive or objective, trying to down your opinion over a review, do that just on the conclusion, it is clear you dont like the 32 core because it is 2000$, not going to say more about it. disappointing, no one had these numbers.

  • Mup
    Mup 4 months ago

    Dude, these charts are hard to read. I stopped listening to you and paused the video just to read what the hell was going on. You gotta distinguish the OverClocked results from the normal results. Its just convoluted. A+ for effort

  • Anthony Claxton
    Anthony Claxton 4 months ago

    All this and the 3990wx isnt even out yet! Imagine it.

  • Wraith6765
    Wraith6765 4 months ago

    Thank you GN for keeping in mind that Intel CPUs generally have a significant amount of overclocking headroom, and actually testing the 10980XE both with and without a real overclock on it. This gives a much fairer look at what the CPU is actually capable of, and strangely enough, thus far this channel is the only channel to actually test the 10980XE with an actual overclock on it...the only other channel to test anything other than stock values was Paul's Hardware, and all he did was Asus' EZ Mode AI OC, which didn't exactly push the CPU all that much.
    It's nice to see how far AMD has come with Threadripper, and I think I understand now why they couldn't just stick with TR4 to get this kind of generational leap in performance.

  • Research and Build
    Research and Build 4 months ago

    Who uses CPU rendering in blender?
    Just wait until they find the processor bug

  • V
    V 4 months ago

    Could Moore's Law still be alive and the only reason people thought it wasn't was because Intel faked slow development?

  • Fewyouknewme be for
    Fewyouknewme be for 4 months ago


  • Limbo -N- Limbo
    Limbo -N- Limbo 4 months ago

    If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.

  • Bryan Scianna
    Bryan Scianna 4 months ago

    the amount of info here is incredible.

  • Terry Siu
    Terry Siu 4 months ago

    i wonder why 3960x drain only 50% more powr than a 3950x with twice amount of core
    and at the same time you know that 3950x is cooler than 3900x in the sense of the same work load

  • Filipe Ventura
    Filipe Ventura 4 months ago

    thanks for the great and no bullshit review, i actually saw the same review on linux tech tips website and to be honest i was so feed up of them that i flat out unsubscribed their channel halfway through the video, i think they should rename the channel to AMD tech tips, they are so up AMD ass its sad to see, so after that i thought "were could i get a honest not biased reviewed on this?" and went straight to your channel, you did not fail me. thanks!

  • gaming channel
    gaming channel 4 months ago

    Holy shit balls batman

  • Cloud Strife
    Cloud Strife 4 months ago

    anyone knows so far if the new Threadripper as any issues with gaming like "the old" Threadripper ?
    like if you could run a highend desktop the same way as a consumer based mainstream gaming pc

  • exxor9108
    exxor9108 4 months ago

    Should we just go to using BIPS? lol Billions of Instructions Per Second?

  • gaurab VR46
    gaurab VR46 4 months ago

    meh.. my 2-core g5400 working wonders.. 😌🖕🏼

  • Emerest Thisk
    Emerest Thisk 4 months ago

    GamersNexus - You say gaming benches are at the back, as they are not that relevant for these CPUs and who buys them. I agree. So why do you include overclocked results in every chart? Not just normal overclocks, which would be silly on their own for the type of pros that would buy these, but overclocks to the limit with all power limits removed and with the best coolers? Makes no sense.

  • alan ross
    alan ross 4 months ago +1

    Am I the only one playing at half speed to understand a word he says?

  • Ashley Johansson
    Ashley Johansson 4 months ago +1

    Its very embarrassing how AMD's mainstream AM4 16 core still beats intel's best X299 cpu.

  • Nick Riker
    Nick Riker 4 months ago

    Why there are OC scores on production CPUs ? Those kind of people value stability, so i doubt they care about overclocking. Please don't tell me that those speeds are stable. If they were, amd/intel would use those speeds as default.

  • poeticalvision
    poeticalvision 4 months ago

    TLDR for anybody that just wants an Intel comparison and doesn't want to watch or dig through the numbers, the new Threadrippers are about as productive as the 10980XE in most tasks and slightly inferior in some tasks and sometimes vastly superior in others, while carrying a much better price and about 1/2 the power consumption. Meaning: Intel has finally lost their lead, and its a tie race. So now its time to consider the cost rather than the performance.

  • June Burton
    June Burton 4 months ago

    Love you Steve :)

  • Todd Simone
    Todd Simone 4 months ago +1

    The moment you think Intel is still on top and then you realize that's just the power consumption chart. At least Intel still wins in something.

  • Sizniche
    Sizniche 4 months ago +1

    "We're just going to apologize now for the legend on this chart"

    Oh, I'm sure it's not that ba--

    *minimizes game*

    Oh. Oh no.

  • 4 months ago

    It is not AMD suck on Photoshop, its Photoshop developers just suck

  • hyou zan ren
    hyou zan ren 4 months ago +1


  • Captain crunch
    Captain crunch 4 months ago

    But can it run a CPU rendering of crysis

  • Hudson Jackson II
    Hudson Jackson II 4 months ago

    Intel? Value brand? Look out for those second generation TR price drops. [lol] And I think two of the first generation TR can now be had for under $250 new in some places.

  • Moe I
    Moe I 4 months ago +1

    Intel screwed up bigtime

  • rahul ravindran
    rahul ravindran 4 months ago

    LN2 stream when?

  • Joffre Arteaga
    Joffre Arteaga 4 months ago

    Please talk slower!

  • Alex Raileanu
    Alex Raileanu 4 months ago

    Have you considered working in auction houses as a side job? :/

  • László Szecsődi
    László Szecsődi 4 months ago

    How in the hell you managed to get the 3600 to 4.3 @ 1.4V? Mines running at 4.2 @ 1.41V

    MOANA AE CHANG 4 months ago +6

    Every tech review: “AMD is the new performance king, Intel is slaughtered”
    AMD stock: 📉

    • Gorgula
      Gorgula 4 months ago +2

      No one said the stock market makes any sense. Buy the rumor, sell the news.

  • Fenton Morris-Winmill
    Fenton Morris-Winmill 4 months ago

    Going to interesting to see when we start getting 24/32/48/64 cores in the consumer space

  • Sleelan
    Sleelan 4 months ago

    The only surprising thing about the gaming performace is just how solid it is. It's like buying an earthmover for house renovation, but that earthmover can do 90 on a highway as you drive to your family for Thanksgiving

  • Andrew KVK
    Andrew KVK 4 months ago

    Where are the subtitles, youtube?

  • Lizard King
    Lizard King 4 months ago


  • V
    V 4 months ago

    What RAM was used for the testing?

  • deadviny
    deadviny 4 months ago

    he speaks really fast, doesn't he?

  • Fee
    Fee 4 months ago

    What’s the gray jizz

  • Inam Ullah
    Inam Ullah 4 months ago

    Great cpu

  • RiderZero
    RiderZero 4 months ago

    Great for workload, but I don’t think I can pull myself to ever buy an AMD for gaming. Too many times have games launched unplayable on AMD chipsets but work on intel.

    • Emerest Thisk
      Emerest Thisk 4 months ago

      Fucking lying loser twat, stop pulling myths out your ass you loser, you're upset Intel loses on every single metric it seems loool

  • kgonepostl
    kgonepostl 4 months ago

    No gaming? :-(

  • Ben Schulz
    Ben Schulz 4 months ago +2

    This is the first time I've ever slowed an audio...

  • kdw75
    kdw75 4 months ago

    My current machine is almost 2 years old and has a 7800X in it. I picked up a 9820X at Microcenter for $299. I figure I am good now until Ryzen 3 comes out next year. :) The huge discounts on Intel are fantastic.