The Netflix Series That Was Also Scary for Adult James

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
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  • Florian Rasing
    Florian Rasing 50 seconds ago

    Dude go to pbskidsgo. Org

  • PW studios
    PW studios 9 minutes ago

    James, the names of the seven clans are in the third episode 😐

  • dragonslayer116
    dragonslayer116 40 minutes ago

    pz sub to my channle dragonslayer116 i only have 3 suds (-_-)

  • Gamermad Lloyd
    Gamermad Lloyd 41 minute ago

    I saw the dark crystal series before watching this video😎😎

  • Julian Scoots
    Julian Scoots Hour ago +1

    Make more uploads

  • Turbobist 28
    Turbobist 28 Hour ago

    Do a video about SMG4!

  • Jessica Astorga
    Jessica Astorga 2 hours ago

    I bought your ploooosh james

  • Lilcreeper909 YT
    Lilcreeper909 YT 3 hours ago

    James I bought you’re book

  • ImAFK
    ImAFK 3 hours ago

    And if you make a video of your fandubers?

  • Bruno's Lab
    Bruno's Lab 3 hours ago

    Why did you never mention Mandtv

  • Bruno's Lab
    Bruno's Lab 3 hours ago

    What's up Oddish s1 out

  • Its just Aliya
    Its just Aliya 3 hours ago

    Am I dumb
    Did he say he was taking a break from youtube?

    Or does it usually take this long to upload a new video?

    Anyway James if your reading this please tell me your not quitting youtube

  • Emma Aguilar
    Emma Aguilar 3 hours ago

    POST AGAIN PLEASEEE I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS and so does my mom and my stepdad and my stepbrother all because of me

  • Rebecca Feary
    Rebecca Feary 3 hours ago

    James do you know who ssundee is because he did two series with captain sparkalz

  • Choco buns
    Choco buns 4 hours ago

    Hoi chip...OwO

  • the gamer furry
    the gamer furry 4 hours ago

    I love your videos bro i m mexican and i wanth msje videos like you

  • the gamer furry
    the gamer furry 4 hours ago +1

    Like si eres mexicano y amas a theodd1out

    Like if You are mexican and love theodd1out

  • R0cket Wiz4rd
    R0cket Wiz4rd 4 hours ago

    Frickin heck

  • R0cket Wiz4rd
    R0cket Wiz4rd 4 hours ago

    Dude below really want some attention... wait a minute... that's me

  • R0cket Wiz4rd
    R0cket Wiz4rd 4 hours ago

    Does any just hope one day a RUclipr will see that you watch them and you love all their vids or is that just me?

  • Karen Grant
    Karen Grant 4 hours ago

    Dad Yeat says you’re garbage dab on him again

  • YOSHI 3200
    YOSHI 3200 4 hours ago

    Upload videos

  • Miles Zimmerman
    Miles Zimmerman 5 hours ago

    Netflix came in Kool-Aid Man style

  • Obanos
    Obanos 5 hours ago

    So you guys are fine with him posting once every 3 months ok

  • 1,000 Subscribers Challenge

    James, I really enjoy your content but, it seems like you don’t seem to upload as much as you used to and you have kinda lowered the rate of videos. You didn’t have 11 “real videos” last year. (I know you don’t work on your birthday month)

  • Ethan Foote
    Ethan Foote 5 hours ago

    I didn't know anyone likes dark crystal but me

  • Google Chrome Internet

    Hello guess who just got a copy of The Odd 1s Out how to be cool and other things I definitely learned from growing up Me! :D

  • random-NPC
    random-NPC 6 hours ago

    James did you know that they’re making an m&m candy bar

  • Lana Girls
    Lana Girls 6 hours ago

    Have you watch frozen 2 ?

  • m a r e
    m a r e 6 hours ago

    JAMES YOU HAD 1 JOD 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • s e n p a i k i t t y
    s e n p a i k i t t y 6 hours ago +1


  • sammy
    sammy 6 hours ago

    Me: wow I haven’t gotten a James notification when was the last time he uploaded
    Also me: I wasn’t even subscribed

  • That_OneRadom Kid
    That_OneRadom Kid 7 hours ago +1

    I got the subway ploosh :D

    Edit 1: what does highlighted comment me ; - ;

  • BetaRazen
    BetaRazen 7 hours ago

    Hey James , or should i say Robert James Rallison

    JPX STUDIO 7 hours ago

    Hey James make review about star wars' plz

  • Noemi Vargas
    Noemi Vargas 7 hours ago


  • Grace Greaves
    Grace Greaves 7 hours ago

    I live in Australia and one of my friends went to vidcon

  • Haley Partridge
    Haley Partridge 7 hours ago

    James: Well, it's a good thing I'll never blah blah blah blah blah
    Netflix: ArE yOu SuRe AbOuT tHaT?!

  • Angelina Pace
    Angelina Pace 7 hours ago +1

    I was uninterested in the show.
    Until James made this video.

  • Natalie Tran and Alex Tran

    can you reacts super smash animators ultimate with jaiden animation and somethingelse yt

  • dutchmasher
    dutchmasher 8 hours ago +2

    2017: The movie that was too scary for baby james
    2019:The Netflix series that was too scary for adult James
    2090: The puppet that was too scary for James gravestone

  • comic sans
    comic sans 8 hours ago

    Hey James did you that actually made a M&M bar now so there is an M&M candy bar I'm not even joking search it up

  • laura lantz
    laura lantz 8 hours ago

    I was at target today and I saw you but a plushy of your head

  • Nitty Gritty
    Nitty Gritty 8 hours ago

    Lol locked into the chair

  • Lu Lu
    Lu Lu 8 hours ago

    Hey James you know that Netflix is making a Dark crital series
    #I love your videos

  • Skull knight
    Skull knight 8 hours ago

  • allan juntila
    allan juntila 8 hours ago

    He is a podling

  • Ben is Blunt
    Ben is Blunt 8 hours ago

    7:45 hellooooo I'm the disappointedDoug, I remember it so you don't have to

  • Nitty Gritty
    Nitty Gritty 8 hours ago

    Do a video about Tim Tom the bootleg odd1out

  • Alejandro Luna
    Alejandro Luna 9 hours ago


  • Cecilia Gaytan
    Cecilia Gaytan 9 hours ago

    Yo man your on srpelos RUclip channels where you are a baby.

  • grace li
    grace li 9 hours ago +1


    GT80WAALET GD 9 hours ago

    Hey James :)

  • Tinted VisionZz
    Tinted VisionZz 10 hours ago

    I’m still wondering where the Hunter got an Skeksis shaped skull

  • Baldi’s Team
    Baldi’s Team 10 hours ago +1

    I just got your book 📖

  • AlfGamer995
    AlfGamer995 10 hours ago +2

    Who else set the vid to 2x

  • Chocolate_ Milk
    Chocolate_ Milk 10 hours ago

    I started watching this Netflix series, then walked into my little sisters doll room.... dear lord..

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf 10 hours ago

    I was at Clares an hour ago...AND I SEE THEODD1OUT plush...explain please

  • Riley Warren
    Riley Warren 10 hours ago

    James I never knew your comics could be so dark

  • Ali Lippert
    Ali Lippert 10 hours ago

    Why aren't you posting