Live PD: Best of Jeffersonville, Indiana Police Department | A&E

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
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    Check out the best moments from the Jeffersonville, Indiana Police Department including a disobedient teenage boy who is scared straight by an officer, and a woman who is arrested for drug possession. #LivePD
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  • A&E
    A&E  23 days ago +273

    Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, Mondays at 9/8c!

    • Summer Lightfeather
      Summer Lightfeather Day ago

      Open a PLUTO TV CHANNEL and post all old episodes please

    • Bob Sux
      Bob Sux 6 days ago


    • Justin Edwards
      Justin Edwards 6 days ago


    • J Widran
      J Widran 12 days ago

      D A V VE T E R A N VE T E R A N b

    • D A V VE T E R A N VE T E R A N
      D A V VE T E R A N VE T E R A N 19 days ago

      @I AM LAVOY or at the discretion of involved Leo can summon a warning, a fine, or just give a pass to personal use and not face the D. A. for distribution nor possession .depends?

  • Slimer Slime
    Slimer Slime 27 minutes ago

    if you dont have youre mama you have nothing

  • Apple Juice
    Apple Juice Hour ago +1

    I like how the black police guy dealt with the fat white boy

  • Yb kips
    Yb kips 3 hours ago

    The 2 pigs In da first ones look just alike no cap😭😭😭😭

  • Der Glückliche
    Der Glückliche 4 hours ago

    8:14 I guess those kids didn't kill "Piggy" from "Lord of the Flies" after all.
    ETA: He's bored with nothing to do. Suggestion: put down the video game controller and put on a pair of running shoes, tubbo.

  • John Redd
    John Redd 4 hours ago


  • Rocker Cybog
    Rocker Cybog 4 hours ago

    you love here?
    no, not really

  • Stoof
    Stoof 5 hours ago

    lol 3:08 a pound lool more like 3 zips

  • Indy Dog
    Indy Dog 5 hours ago

    No meth in there, but fat cop said it was in there 'at one time'. I guess he is either psychic or psychotic.

  • Indy Dog
    Indy Dog 5 hours ago

    Cops with tats are very scary people. Only low IQ people get tats.

  • felix smokes 420 daily
    felix smokes 420 daily 6 hours ago +1

    now 12:49 is bs

  • felix smokes 420 daily

    10:00 is a like

  • Nonna YoBeesWax
    Nonna YoBeesWax 7 hours ago

    Posesssion of heroin, meth and paraphinalia.
    Pick one

  • Slap Nasty
    Slap Nasty 7 hours ago

    Trailer trash cops

  • Seth Riggle
    Seth Riggle 7 hours ago

    Ya jokes on you weeds legal now! 😂😂😂

  • Darion Black
    Darion Black 8 hours ago

    they keep reuploading this

  • Orion Star
    Orion Star 8 hours ago

    I work overtime a lot, my eyes are bloodshot,
    policeman: Well, I work 60 hours a week, and mine ain;t bloodshot, lol

  • RyanGG
    RyanGG 9 hours ago

    2:00 he just allowed himself to vote with the fifteenth amendment

  • Austin Kelly
    Austin Kelly 9 hours ago +1

    I hate the “just be honest” line

    • Scorch428
      Scorch428 5 hours ago +1

      Just dont lie about things they are going to find out anyway....everything else? Lie. Lie like your freedom depends on it.

    • Scorch428
      Scorch428 5 hours ago

      most of the time its a trap. now if youre a hot girl or good looking buisnesman and are white, then it can save you...sometimes.

    MEXI CLIQUE 9 hours ago

    What time did you wake up?: 3 o clock
    “Well u know it’s not even 3 o clock yet” LOL

  • Ash
    Ash 11 hours ago

    Umm and she's surprised she's going to jail for possession of narcotics?

  • Irene Clingmon
    Irene Clingmon 12 hours ago

    A weapon drugs non complacent and white I guess that goes against u racist people’s beliefs

  • King WZRD
    King WZRD 13 hours ago

    That’s was my weed dealer too smh

  • Henson Perpie
    Henson Perpie 14 hours ago

    Y arnt they wearing gloves?

  • Robert Prescott
    Robert Prescott 14 hours ago

    is it in your braw or underwear don't lie I will find it? bringing the dogs

  • Kuarinofu
    Kuarinofu 17 hours ago

    Any weapons in the ve-hickle?

  • Miguel Dorado
    Miguel Dorado 17 hours ago

    8:36 Dey just don’t blur the kid

  • David J
    David J 19 hours ago

    All these cops pull over people with purses that aren't theirs! Totally crazy they get all these coincidences on camera

  • Richard Savon
    Richard Savon 20 hours ago

    This cop needs to work I Barrow Alaska hunting for flamingo. What an a.. of a cop.

  • Isabel Neal
    Isabel Neal 20 hours ago +4

    Cop- “Do you love her?”
    Guy- “not really”
    Cop- “not really? ok.”

  • Benton Circle
    Benton Circle 22 hours ago

    I was so hoping the cop with the angry 13 year old was gonna end the clip with “so yeah, it was in fact a ginormous 13 year old”

  • Scott Fitzpatrick
    Scott Fitzpatrick 22 hours ago

    So ... once self driving cars take over then "probable cause" for minor traffic violations is not going to work.

  • Cubs Fan
    Cubs Fan 23 hours ago

    Google- Pot Brothers At Law - and look for the 60 second tip of the day. You are welcome.

  • Trollsies
    Trollsies 23 hours ago

    LIVE PD Logic: We can not show the minors face...but the nipples are perfectly fine

  • Kelsey Burkhardt

    Geez Indiana cops don’t play around

  • Derpy
    Derpy Day ago

    When you can't control your kid, the authority is the only option, huh?

  • TrevorSkylord airsot games Rogers

    Ohh I just realized there are all bald people

  • scp 1471
    scp 1471 Day ago

    It's the ugly twins

  • Paul Meier
    Paul Meier Day ago

    let me see if i have this right, hes got a real gun, drugs and a scale....and he wants his mommy.........woder what she has

  • Abby Simms
    Abby Simms Day ago

    Omg I could never be a cop bc stupid people like this would just make me so annoyed all the time and I could not handle their lies when they know they are lying

  • ناز فنان
    ناز فنان Day ago

    That's what I heard is right he said that you need a permit to sell marijuana😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Coloso De Rodas
    Coloso De Rodas Day ago

    Hey Officer from the first video.
    You forgot to put on the trunk the 2 little bags that You put in your packet first...!! Lol.

  • kastrooutlaw
    kastrooutlaw Day ago

    A lot of hondas down there in jeffersonville

  • Demon50
    Demon50 Day ago

    I thought it wasn’t illegal to switch lanes without indicating and It’s only illegal to change direction without indicating?

  • Ramey Chisum
    Ramey Chisum Day ago +2

    15:50 "Why am I being arrested?" Me: You shouldn't be wearing those shorts.

  • Runé Jackson
    Runé Jackson Day ago

    You’re under arrest for meth

  • Kyle Damron
    Kyle Damron Day ago

    God that kid trying to invoke a black persons right to vote cracked me up, although his request to have his mom present is smart

  • VI mrmanmcdoo
    VI mrmanmcdoo Day ago

    Veehickle?? More like vehicle

  • ParadiseConnection530

    That cop did a traffic stop in an unmarked vehicle

  • X Jessica x Lowe x

    No one:
    Cop at 15:17: vee-hicle

  • annabelle0531
    annabelle0531 Day ago


  • Sup
    Sup Day ago

    I thought the 13 year old was just a really fat 20 year old but he was a boulder of a 13 yr old 💀💀💀

  • Maddox Osterberg

    You guys tuft

  • Russian FSB
    Russian FSB Day ago

    Math is destroying our communities. Meth too.

  • Blake Brady
    Blake Brady Day ago

    That young black cop is a cool cat. 😎

  • Respect Real
    Respect Real Day ago

    Good job because other racist officers they only stop blacks all their jobs whole day is to get black people

  • Correction Police

    The ol' "be honest and you'll be okay" trick

  • KingArthurVIII
    KingArthurVIII Day ago

    The kid hates the fact that some random man is boning his mum. Shocker.

  • Dawn Elizabeth
    Dawn Elizabeth Day ago

    Aww, you guys rock!

  • Bakasandoitchi Desu

    Wish this would happen in the Philippines tsk.