APARTMENT for RENT in CEBU Philippines - PART 2 | Best PLACE TO LIVE in Philippines

  • Published on Jan 13, 2020
  • APARTMENT for RENT in CEBU Philippines - PART 2 | Best PLACE TO LIVE in Philippines
    hey guys! today we are doing the Apartment Hunting in CEBU Part 2. On the last one, we didn't quite like them so were continuing looking for an Apartment. Hope you find this helpful.
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    LOOKING FOR APARTMENT IN CEBU Part 1: ruclip.com/video/gd0DhXYoSJM/video.html
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Comments • 157

  • Donzkie A
    Donzkie A 9 hours ago

    Ka mga sudlunon sd ana na mga apartments

  • Chris
    Chris 6 days ago

    Nice video kamusta ka

  • Jon Ross
    Jon Ross 7 days ago

    All this guy heed is a studio condo that are about 13-20K a month fully furnished, with security. He is the type that doesn't need to buy stove or microwave or a fridge,., the studio condos mostly have that furnished.

  • Kevin Coulombe
    Kevin Coulombe 7 days ago

    That's nothing but a big hotel room your spectations are very low maybe he should bring you to America show you what a real place is like to rent with real appliances a real bathroom actually a bedroom away from the front room

  • Lazy Larry
    Lazy Larry 7 days ago

    Hi Meljean, thanks for the video. I hope that you find a place that you like. I agree with you the first one that you looked at on the video is by far the best one yet. Take care of yourself and try to have fun,

  • Kelly Bateman
    Kelly Bateman 7 days ago

    Did you call Belle and ask her about the nice townhouse you walked past, I think it was in Guadalupe?

  • Angelbeth Lerog
    Angelbeth Lerog 8 days ago

    Sis asa na dapit sa cebu nice siya gusto ko mo rent dha sis

  • Wolfgang Weighold
    Wolfgang Weighold 8 days ago

    Danke fur das Hochladen

  • Maylene Bere
    Maylene Bere 8 days ago

    Ang Mahal naman nyan at ang liit 😠

  • vvik1964
    vvik1964 9 days ago

    Greetings from Sweden in Europe. I like your videos and my favourite video is when you helped Baby Crying for milk, Michael. Have you heard from them, pls follow if you find them again, thanks. best of luck

  • Jeff Schmidt
    Jeff Schmidt 9 days ago

    Hi beautiful

  • Golamreza Jamshidian
    Golamreza Jamshidian 9 days ago +1

    I am looking to find a women to get merit in philipen if you introduce it to me please an I can buy a house and leave there

  • Rico Tico
    Rico Tico 9 days ago


  • Gemmel
    Gemmel 10 days ago

    Just found your channel, looks good. Subbed

  • Andrew Yung
    Andrew Yung 10 days ago

    Lady, you should've renamed this: studio apartment hunting bc that's what they are. Those tiny things are laughable @ best.
    You mean "you get what you pay for," right?

    • Fred Azbell
      Fred Azbell 9 days ago

      Some of us only have enough income for a studio. That is not a dealbreaker. I just need a place to sleep.

  • Monet Rafael
    Monet Rafael 11 days ago


  • Jason Hutt
    Jason Hutt 11 days ago

    See what you mean by clean lol I first thought that is normal lol

  • chaotralph
    chaotralph 11 days ago

    I know, it´s Cebu City, but hey, the prices for those small boxes are very close to what you have to pay in Muinch. i was in Lapu Lapu last month and there it was much more cheaper. So if i don´t have to life in Cebu city, i would choose a place a little bit away from the center. I really love Cebu City, but it starts to be overpriced since they build everywhere the Condos and subdevision.Cebu City is growing sooo fast and i´m not sure, if there will collaps a big real estate-bubble one day.

  • Gary Bowen
    Gary Bowen 11 days ago

    Please say the name of the apartment building and the street that your own in Cebu so when I come that I may be able to find a place to stay besides a hotel in 2019 I was there for three months but I was over in candleman but if you say the name of the apartment complex and the streets at their own it would really be beneficial thank you

  • Big E in Cebu
    Big E in Cebu 12 days ago

    Could you consider becoming the female Harald Baldr or Bald and Bankrupt . I tell all Vloggers to watch you since I feel you nail it all the time . I think going country to country as they are able to do, would bring you to the 500k to 1 mill views per video. I would love to see you vlogging Africa , America , etc . Just a suggestion

  • Roy Goad
    Roy Goad 12 days ago

    I lived in a house with 3 bedrooms front patio back garden car port big kitchen etc in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic for $70 a month, my girlfriend found it because she knew the area and paying the same a local would pay.
    The quality of accommodation is very mediocre in the poor areas of the Philippines, very hard to find something that is decent and western standard without paying more imo

  • E Fernandez
    E Fernandez 12 days ago

    Looking to moving there...what area(s) would you recommend close to the city?

  • Bang Bang
    Bang Bang 12 days ago

    Hi Meljean , I live in a apartment with 2 rooms if you like having a shared apartment I would highly offered you my other room which is available . Only thing though you will have to buy is bed cabinet for yourself , can used all utilities I got and have strong WiFi already ... like 7500 I could offer... it's located here in Labangon PCC Bldg is the name you can look it up if you like .. huge sala space and etc ...

  • Willem Lambert
    Willem Lambert 12 days ago

    If you want to rent in Banawa, you need to walk the area to find churches. Cebu City have thousands of churches and they are ALL very noisy. They have very load sound systems and the only volume they understand is ALL THE WAY.... very annoying, from early morning....

  • James Dwyer
    James Dwyer 12 days ago

    Too expensive, and looks horrible.

  • stephen reynolds
    stephen reynolds 12 days ago

    Any chance of doing more of these in different price points? 25k-35k range?

  • Charles Cox
    Charles Cox 12 days ago

    Upstairs is better if you have any plumbing issues water goes down hill. Also quieter than down stairs.

  • Mike Akullian
    Mike Akullian 12 days ago

    God bless Florida Keys Mike, ,EXILE ON MAIN STREET, STONES ^-I like Mactan Newtown, new condo, split aircon,pool,gym,WiFi, backup power,genorator and in it Park, ,

  • artimus 1971
    artimus 1971 12 days ago

    I would get the 7500 or 9000 for now it's only you two.You probably are going to spend most of your time out. If you decide to have family get something bigger

  • عبود العبدلي الغامدي abbod al ghamdi

    very nice
    god bless you all

  • Frank Coriano
    Frank Coriano 12 days ago

    Would be better if the bed is a murphy bed

  • A Philippines Adventure

    We have a house in the province and would never consider any of those apartments in Cebu. Clean air, quiet and beautiful Anda.

  • Marthy Suse
    Marthy Suse 12 days ago

    Lamia sa akong mga anak dai uy hahaha

  • Mister Texas
    Mister Texas 12 days ago

    Great that ur exploring all options and showing others who may move there what is available & prices, etc.
    Knowledge is king, it will help u negotiate prices, amenities, etc..
    Like one viewer said here don't rule out a hotel, u may be able to negotiate a good price for extended stay w/ wifi and the other hotel amenities
    included ?
    Good luck in your search.
    Salamat for the videos 😃

  • dbcoop
    dbcoop 12 days ago

    First one was really nice but I think that there wasn't a hot water heater in the shower. Might want to ask them to install one if you move on that unit. Love the vlog keep it up.

  • Mike Capricciuolo
    Mike Capricciuolo 12 days ago

    bucket for shower? any hot water? plumbing looks primitive. Yea first one looked great. The prices are great even the first one.

  • Mike Capricciuolo
    Mike Capricciuolo 12 days ago

    what is the address of the complex? what was the outcome for the wi-fi? they look very nice. what is the pricing for the units? They look very nice.

    JUNGLE JIM 13 days ago +1

    Is Chrishel ok???????????...............she hasn't posted in a long time

      JUNGLE JIM 12 days ago

      @Mister Texas ............yes I was wondering about WanderLusting...........he should be back in PH as Wisconsin weather is not good these days

    • Mister Texas
      Mister Texas 12 days ago

      Also Wanderlusting and Tiny Island Girl are MIA too ???

  • romeo siervo
    romeo siervo 13 days ago

    that size of unit ...one bedroom is expensive......

  • pat burns
    pat burns 13 days ago +1

    Sorry, I wouldn't stay in any of them. I stayed in a studio condo ( about the same size as those ) with my gf for a month and never again.....almost no living space.....my advice, even if it costs a little more get a seperate 1 bedroom apt. with enough room for a couch and maybe just a little furniture.....you can survive in a small box but you really can't live.

  • Shannon Bliayang
    Shannon Bliayang 13 days ago

    Hello. I’m trying to let ppl know about an American man who left the US to live in Cebu. He’s a bad man! He’s a rapist and was put in prison for 10 years in the state of Minnesota. No way your country would’ve allowed him in due to his background. I can give info. Please help me get him out.

  • MangoFloat
    MangoFloat 13 days ago

    Ms MJ palihug sag apil explain ang advance ug security deposit

  • Darin's Travels
    Darin's Travels 13 days ago

    I cant wait to be there this year

  • Aqar Leban
    Aqar Leban 13 days ago

    The unit small for the value. 14k it's a lot

  • Clair Munsterteiger
    Clair Munsterteiger 13 days ago

    I have a house in ozamiz city 400 sqmtrs 2 bedrooms s bathrooms with fenced 20k a month $400 pm me those who are interested

  • Adam Greenfield
    Adam Greenfield 13 days ago

    I like the first one but a little expensive, what search engine do you use OLX? or something similar or just word of mouth to find these
    Thanks again

  • jon dough
    jon dough 13 days ago

    1st apt should of been 7000 peso and the second apt should of been 2500 peso Filipino price , foreigner always pays double !

  • David Pabon
    David Pabon 13 days ago

    Finding a good apartment is time consuming and frustrating, but you will find something suitable for you. The 1st one looks pretty decent, but the others? Naaa! To me they’re more like a one person apartment meaning a bit to small. Good luck on your search and I will see you in your next video...bye bye 👋🏼 😊

  • JP Davis
    JP Davis 13 days ago +1

    Keep looking, all of them had a negative vibe. Try to spend a little more, it's just a question of coming up to about $400. Small luxury studio, plus better location. Pleasant environment important, feel good every day. Good Luck, JP

  • Clemen Glory Tandogon
    Clemen Glory Tandogon 13 days ago

    I have a condo unit fully furnished in Banawa area. It is at P12k/month let me know if you want to see it. I can send photos through mesenger. It's complete with all that any tenant needs. With washing machine and hot & cold shower. With cable and wifi.

    • Meljean Solon
      Meljean Solon  13 days ago

      Hello Clemen, thank you for that info. Can you send me pic in my Facebook page pls..appreciate it :)

  • Brad Kynoch
    Brad Kynoch 13 days ago

    Who’s better at ice skating ⛸? You or Vingle
    🤗 it takes practice!
    Kumusta Vingle?

  • Steven Carson
    Steven Carson 14 days ago +1

    Sometimes having an apartment in Cebu City might be better than having a house in Silang, Cavite especially after Sunday but I will stay with the house where I am as a volcano eruption isn't going to chase me away yet. Just a bunch of cleaning needs to be done when I get the electric back on. So much volcanic ash to clean up.

    • Steven Carson
      Steven Carson 13 days ago

      @Meljean Solon Yes I am safe and here's a small look at what I was seeing and glad to get out tomy sister in law's house until the electricity goes back on. I'm not sure if earthquakes are still happening but they sure were rocking the house. Here's a view from what I saw. facebook.com/scar17s/videos/10157555998229718/

    • Meljean Solon
      Meljean Solon  13 days ago

      Be safe 😇

  • USA to ROK
    USA to ROK 14 days ago

    My family with young children will be traveling to Cebu in April for 7 days. I want to rent one hotel or airbnb for the entire 7 days and then rent a car or get taxis to take us where ever we want to go in Cebu. Do you think it is possible to find a place that is very nice near the international airport and travel by taxi?

  • Marshall Islands
    Marshall Islands 14 days ago

    It's really clean because no one lives there. LOL No really I know what you mean.

  • E-41 Cor
    E-41 Cor 14 days ago

    Hi Mel! Hope all is well. I enjoy your videos.
    As I said before I'm planning my vacation to the Philippines. I'm going to Palawan and Cebu. When it comes to giving out a tip. What is a common amount? For example here in the California. Waiters get anything from 10% to 20% tip (depending the quality of service). Delivery drivers $1 to $3 and for bartenders usually $1 per drink is common. Is there a common practice for tipping in the Philippines?

    • E-41 Cor
      E-41 Cor 13 days ago

      @Meljean Solon thank you so much for always replying. I sent you a msg on Instagram as well. Definitely became a fan and follower.

    • Meljean Solon
      Meljean Solon  13 days ago +1

      Hello, here in the Philippines tips is not really necessary but truly appreciated :) Filipinos are not customary to give tips

  • Wing Commander
    Wing Commander 14 days ago

    Man oh Man, we rent our house for $1,200 (US) per month. I wish I lived there, and had a steady income of at least $1,500/month. That would be so awesome. Plus I love to look at all those beautiful filipina women and get to eat the best fruits on earth. The mangoes here are NOTHING like those over there.

  • Sweden and the Philippines Journey

    Hi guys! First place;Looks like a hotel room! My opinion is that it's too small, you need a bedroom! The price is more than 500 pp a day!!!! You can find cheaper hotels for that money. It must be a very experience neighbourhood!???? The last apartment is the best, had more potential, but the rooms are a little too small to fit proper furniture. The prices you get is more than the double than in Laguna etc... DON'T BRING YOUR BOY FRIEND NEXT TIME... Foreigner Price!!!! Regards Rickard

    • Sweden and the Philippines Journey
      Sweden and the Philippines Journey 13 days ago

      @Meljean Solon It sure is! Send a friend in a couple of days to look at the same apartment... ask her to contact the place on her own. Regards Rickard

    • Meljean Solon
      Meljean Solon  13 days ago +1

      Haha I think foreigner price is not applicable for apartment rents..or I don’t know lol

  • Earl Hickey
    Earl Hickey 14 days ago

    its about location, find your location, and safe on transportation what you pay extra.

  • Gav🎲
    Gav🎲 14 days ago

    Hi guys, the units are getting better however you may have to teach tom how to use a tabo.No rush in finding a place take your time to find the right one.

  • peter costa
    peter costa 14 days ago

    Nice videos Meljean. Where are you finding the apartment listings?

    • Rvdecw
      Rvdecw 11 days ago

      @Meljean Solon Have you looked at AIRBNB units? This one blogger The Philippine Experience on here found a nice apartment in GenSan for $450.00 a month and that included very fast PLDT Fiber

    • Meljean Solon
      Meljean Solon  13 days ago +1

      Found them in Facebook and lamudi