12 Mega Boxes = 4 Star powers, Skins and more! | Brawl Stars World Finals Special offer

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
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    I may be half way across the world but when I see a special offer I can't refuse! We get 4 star powers and multiple skins in one video!
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Comments • 280

  • brian Jimenezdiaz
    brian Jimenezdiaz 9 days ago +1

    When you first open a box it feels like you got a brawler

  • X Oops
    X Oops 10 days ago

    that bull with 61 trophies is a idiot

  • Justin Kwong
    Justin Kwong 11 days ago +1

    I saw that too but I’m a kid so can’t buy

  • Rayen Harnouche
    Rayen Harnouche 12 days ago

    In the second day I got shocky

  • mike81399
    mike81399 13 days ago

    That random bull, what a meathead. Taking a walk in the park 😆

  • evax3 love
    evax3 love 14 days ago

    lex FTC coppaa ill miss you lex );

  • Aiden Y.
    Aiden Y. 14 days ago

    1:09 "Just a random box I get HER" Lex on Sandy 2019

  • Niraj Poudel
    Niraj Poudel 14 days ago

    Please please give that acc to me🤗

  • SnakeBite
    SnakeBite 15 days ago

    Hmmmm...I'm going but skins. *BUYS ALL SKINS BUT NOT PHINOX CROW. I guys I don't have enough.

  • Naveed Rydell
    Naveed Rydell 15 days ago

    Everybody gagnsta untill Lex forget to use he’s own code when spending everything : Wait.. that’s illegal

  • Bidushee Khan
    Bidushee Khan 15 days ago +1

    lex: opens one mega box, gets 2 star powers.
    me: opens 300 boxes in a span of 2 months and gets no star powers (no kidding that actually happened)

  • Irish kapil Kumar
    Irish kapil Kumar 16 days ago

    hey lex I have a challenge 4 u ,use auto aim only.

  • ECo :\
    ECo :\ 16 days ago

    First star power at 1:20 and the next 2 star powers are at 1:45

  • Zac_YT Gaming
    Zac_YT Gaming 16 days ago

    What if that bull u insulted was watching this video

  • ItsLightBTW _
    ItsLightBTW _ 16 days ago +1

    That’s a lot of money to spend 😂! I also post content on brawl stars and would love some new subs! 👍😁

  • khk Coolcool
    khk Coolcool 16 days ago

    That bull sucks

  • That one guy
    That one guy 16 days ago +1

    0.01% of people noticed the 69 power points for Leon. X *inhales* D!!

  • Jabbar khan
    Jabbar khan 16 days ago

    How does he know he is gonna get a brawler or star power before he even gets it

  • Sachi Childers
    Sachi Childers 17 days ago

    I didn't get a single star power in this package QQ

  • itsukishuun
    itsukishuun 17 days ago

    I have dozen of games where a random mortis teammate just took the ball and own goal........maybe a form of boosting?

  • XLUC4O1024 Gaming
    XLUC4O1024 Gaming 17 days ago

    Stop wasting your hard earned money!!! You aren't even going to play in that account

  • Alexander (Zander) Reagin

    i live in south korea

  • breeze guy
    breeze guy 17 days ago

    anyone seen a dude in brawl stars named alyss?

  • David Gima
    David Gima 17 days ago

    he called sandy a girl again

  • The Boss 900
    The Boss 900 17 days ago

    So you have a gift card


  • William Zheng
    William Zheng 17 days ago

    when you play in another country so that is all you get teamed up with

  • Ian Cotton
    Ian Cotton 17 days ago

    i got el ray primo before i costed 150 gems and he was only 80

  • Reesegamer 17
    Reesegamer 17 17 days ago +1

    I got Leon from it!

  • Emmanuel Ofili
    Emmanuel Ofili 17 days ago

    I am a f2p

  • Joe The Crow
    Joe The Crow 17 days ago

    I bought it and only got two star powers :(

  • Quinn O'Donnell
    Quinn O'Donnell 17 days ago

    Lex when the next Boss Fight you should do a a piper, bull, and colt group. If you do do a video on this you use piper for shooting the shotter bots and the boss robot, you use bull for attacking the boss robot, and you use colt for attacking the boss robot and the punching robot.

  • Spicyy
    Spicyy 17 days ago +4

    *Anyone* *else* *a* *Big* *Fan?*
    *I’m* *gonna* *śuß* *to* *everyone* *that* *likes* *this* *and* *sußs* *to* *me!* 🌹

  • Riptide ftw
    Riptide ftw 17 days ago +1

    What app do you use to record your gameplay?

  • Yusuf hellaç
    Yusuf hellaç 18 days ago

    Lex I like you're brawl ball area.

  • Punjabi Battery
    Punjabi Battery 18 days ago

    You should give out these random accounts

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf 18 days ago

    Sandy is a boy!

  • Akshansh Kathane
    Akshansh Kathane 18 days ago

    That offer in my country costs 1/8th of a normal guys monthly salary 🤣

  • Adam Novotný
    Adam Novotný 18 days ago


  • Swati Rai
    Swati Rai 18 days ago +1

    Pls upload pubg and coc videos also it is a deep fan request

  • Erik Cordova
    Erik Cordova 18 days ago

    You just waste money for no reason. Stick to your main and push you don’t need to have another maxed acc for no reason

  • Niall Critchlow
    Niall Critchlow 18 days ago +1

    Can lex just donate brawlers for free

  • Dark ness
    Dark ness 18 days ago

    I opened all 12 megaboxes and got emz healing starpower and barleys healing starpower. I thought “ fck fck fck such a huge waste of money!” Then i bought one last mega box with the 150 gems and got sandy!!!

  • Rose * Gold Gacha
    Rose * Gold Gacha 18 days ago

    Hi Lex! I'm A Big Fan!
    Today My Cousin Got Pam And He Has Less Trophies Than Me. I Don't Even Have An Epic.....

  • Staffy Lover
    Staffy Lover 18 days ago

    I whatched the whole WORLD FINAL you were really good

  • 이진규
    이진규 18 days ago

    I met you
    My nickname is 장원영이 짱이야

  • GMTK brawl stars
    GMTK brawl stars 18 days ago

    Kairos : randoms are great in Korea .
    Bull in bb: hold my beer

  • Sudhish C
    Sudhish C 18 days ago

    And the lex team mates are like man..he is a supernoob like his name's tell

  • Gaming YT Guest
    Gaming YT Guest 18 days ago +1

    2:04 69 points for Leon? 😅

  • Lakshmi Tanusha
    Lakshmi Tanusha 18 days ago +1

    The supercell sucks dude ,
    I have 8659 trophies and didn't got even one legendary or mythic .
    But my bro has 3091 trophies he got mortis 😭

  • STR1K3_cubaice XD
    STR1K3_cubaice XD 18 days ago

    1:12 Sandy is a boy

  • BobBobBobBobBob Bob
    BobBobBobBobBob Bob 18 days ago

    Me: Looks at title
    Also me: Opened 19 Mega boxes in my whole life and got no new brawlers out of any of them

  • Bob Leong
    Bob Leong 18 days ago

    yo lex can friendm me andbecus im noob and pretty good and help me rank up spike

  • Lionsfn
    Lionsfn 18 days ago

    Secret giveaway? Dm me ?

  • kig name
    kig name 18 days ago +1

    Says not fair when its a 2v3. Doesnt consider the fact that HE HAS A FRICKING POWER 10 IN POWER 1 LOBBIES.

  • Riley Spence
    Riley Spence 18 days ago


  • Kwaci
    Kwaci 18 days ago

    My zero legendaries account is crying in the corner.

  • EmiDWD aka STK Salty
    EmiDWD aka STK Salty 18 days ago

    Darn Lex, I got a Sandy from a free box and you got one from a small? How much luck goes around today?

  • Shosanta Dhar
    Shosanta Dhar 18 days ago

    Bull was awesome 😁😁😁

  • ChaserOfStars BS
    ChaserOfStars BS 18 days ago

    I just bought stuff in bs and used code lex!!

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