Google Stadia: $130 "Founder's Edition," Game Streaming, & Launch

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
  • Google Stadia was officially detailed at "Stadia Connect" today, leading into E3, with pricing, release dates, and the game list for the new service.
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    In this news video, we cover Google Stadia's release date -- or what we know so far, anyway -- and pricing, alongside information on Google Stadia Base vs. Pro, streaming resolutions, latency concerns, internet speed requirements, and the list of games released with the platform. We further disclose the "free" game included with some Google Stadia packages, that'd be Destiny 2, and how it compares to just buying the game on Steam or Battle net.
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    Reporting: Patrick Lathan
    Host, Additional Reporting: Steve Burke
    Video: Josh Svoboda
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  • laos85
    laos85 Month ago

    Next big invention from google would be: Google Headiach. Now you can play games without console, controller, tv, and none of the outside device required!! All it takes is one small chip device that would be implanted inside your brain!! The digital world appear right infront of your eyes. Including cutting age input lag that were previously on Stadia, stream games through our server from distance away with our awesome lags and fake 100k resolution!!. New awesome edition that the world never seen before such as headach bugs that messes up with your mind.Get it now for only $1,000 and use our service for $10 a month.

    RAKTAR 2 months ago

    60 Fps thats a joke - 120 and the fun begins ... also whats about VR ? Pc Wheel support? ! RTS Games ?! my internet sucsk yeah Stadia myAnus

  • fsjal_scout
    fsjal_scout 2 months ago


  • 95 R
    95 R 2 months ago

    Want to see how red dead 2 wil play on this

  • Meteor Media
    Meteor Media 2 months ago

    You guys do know that you don't own any of the copies of your Steam and Origin games, right? All those two sell you is access to a dedicated copy, which they own. If you "buy" a game on Steam, what you really do from a legal perspective, is renting it for an indefinite amount of time, but Steam could terminate that rentalship literally any time.

  • Asish Reddy
    Asish Reddy 3 months ago

    The only question I have which was not answered anywhere properly is: Should I scrap my plans of building a mid range 1440p Gaming PC?

  • Akita Haku
    Akita Haku 3 months ago

    as a pc enthusiast lacking the funds to build a decent pc, stadia has slightly piqued my interest

  • Isaiah Robinson
    Isaiah Robinson 3 months ago

    Google Stadia is definitely worth it in my own personal opinion.

  • Scooby Snack
    Scooby Snack 3 months ago +1

    Attack on titan 2 is also available now

  • warframedeaths
    warframedeaths 3 months ago

    Why is there liquid nitrogen next to him?

  • Johnny Two Hands
    Johnny Two Hands 5 months ago +1

    It’s nothing like movies on demand! You don’t pay for each Friggen movie on Netflix individually for the right to NOT OWN IT, and I don’t have to buy hardware for Netflix. Stadia is such a load of BS. It’s a scam to put the final bullet in the head of game ownership, something developers and producers have been trying to do for over a decade! Hell even longer than that! Google Stadia is the greatest thing that ever happened to gamers......errrr...actually I mean it’s the greatest thing to ever happen to game producing and developing corporations! I wonder why movie streaming sites don’t charge full price for each and every movie we want to watch.....because it’s ridiculous and a horrible value for the consumer! Pay full price for games you used to own but now only temporarily have the “right” to play them....and also we want to sell you hardware and did we mention this is all for nothing if you don’t have blazing fast internet all the time where u live?!?! What could go wrong?! When I buy and subscribe to this POS does a google executive personally drive to my home and ring my doorbell to kick me squarely in my junk when I open the door too? You know, as a little “welcome to the future of gaming” gift?

  • Johnny Two Hands
    Johnny Two Hands 5 months ago +1

    And when it fails or it shuts down or you cancel your service you lose your entire game library that you paid full price for and don’t own, on top of all the subscriptions and hardware etc. NO THANKS GOOGLE! This is just the game industry working with a tech company masking their new attempt to END GAME OWNERSHIP FOREVER! I would never even consider Stadia and I’m as hardcore a gamer you could get. I’m probably part of their exact target demographic and this whole concept sounds repulsive to me and almost every other gamer I asked.

  • Tim Lindström
    Tim Lindström 5 months ago

    I was exited at first when i saw it and then i tested my internet connection and it showed 4,1 Mbit/s.
    Update: Now it shows 17.006 Mbit/s. But i still don't know if i want to buy it.
    I have to get a driving license in Sweden first.
    Do you think i should buy it? My ps4 is lagging hard many times because of my internet.
    Do you think the internet will be faster on Google Stadia Founder's Edition? Or is it shit?

  • The CBD Jester
    The CBD Jester 5 months ago

    What is the point?

  • Stephen Pena
    Stephen Pena 5 months ago

    Just seeing this and actually excited for it to come out. will be getting the founders sh*t just to see what it's about and if it actually is any good compared to PC or console. Alot of the negativity about stadia is coming only from the PC gaming community and of course for good reason. At the end of the day though we have to accept that we are in gact the minority unfortunately... that's just fact. Eving if Stadia isn't what it claims to be as long as it can manage decent console level game play at best then it will do well and thrive for the same reason Apple thrives. Far to many people out there don't care about actual quality or power they just want something that works with minimal work from themselves so all the negatives everyone here is pointing out isn't even a thought in their head because those points are irrelivant to the way thay they already consume products on a daily basis. All they will see is. I buy it and I can play anywhere. No console... I can play on "any screen" and no downloading massive games and updates to hard drives. That thought process without the negatives that we know to be true is what will make it succeed. Like I said we will always have a better experience because we are willing to put in the work and the extra dollars to get that top quality performance... but a high number of people aren't like us unfortunately and are ok with mediocrity. I mean people keep terrible music in business and low quality products on shelves so I'm pretty sure the Stadia MIGHT do fine. Which in my book is fine by me because then they have the chance to improve and I get really excited for what developers will create years from now after they've had ample time to fully dive into the capabilities of such a platform. Could be pretty cool. Or it could suck alot of D*%k lmao either way we still have steam ... and epic games hahaha

  • ID_Avalon
    ID_Avalon 5 months ago

    i dont see the point of this service

  • jed pad
    jed pad 6 months ago

    the only way I would play games on stadia is if google execs personally drove to my house gave me a controller, 1 million dollars andddd they all f*cked on off to he*l...

  • jed pad
    jed pad 6 months ago

    buy a game for $60 really means rent a game for $60 and hope that stadia doesn't fail or hope you don't get banned for not being pc enough... my point is don't buy stadia and screw game streaming.. if your internet goes down no gaming, if you get banned no gaming, if stadia fails no gaming. if you're not into pc gaming buy a console and IMO buy physical copies of your games that way you can always play them

  • simon rudge
    simon rudge 6 months ago

    just pre ordered founders edition but money hasn't left my bank anyone know when it will?

  • J van
    J van 6 months ago +1

    dude, I watch you because it helps with computer engineering classes online that I take. I only have a MacBook Pro for work I have kids soon I will build a PC ( when I am done with school ) but right now stadia is the best thing for me its cheap and if it really works I could play games on my MacBook Pro when my kids are sleeping then pause come back instantly when I'm done helping around the house then SIGN ME UP ! I just Pre Ordered the founders edition and also pre-ordered all three color controllers for my family for game night

  • Gritos Incoherentes
    Gritos Incoherentes 7 months ago

    It'd be interesting to see if Google can get American ISPs to get off their ass and provide good service. So far the telecoms have been able to bribe the politicians to stay away.

  • Bill Beis
    Bill Beis 7 months ago

    i was watching this video on 4k and it stuttered , i thought you were doing this on purpose while talking about stadia ... :)

  • Asdayasman
    Asdayasman 7 months ago


    MORE LIKE...


  • Matt LR
    Matt LR 7 months ago +1

    Yeah...this isn't going to work all that well. It wasn't that long ago people still shunned wireless mice for fear of latency issues. This is a far greater unknown. At best input will come in just barely often enough to keep up with 60 fps. You can forget doing much better. And many places even that is a struggle. Heck, streaming to my samsung smart tv using the steam in home streaming app barely works.

  • Kytes93
    Kytes93 7 months ago

    I hope it dies

  • Ricardo Fernandes
    Ricardo Fernandes 7 months ago +1

    13:55 yes and no, because games will become more and more complex and require more and more power.
    To certain extent they will need to cut graphic quality for the servers be able to keep to the demand.
    Imagine for a minute millions of people playing ffxv at max settings (just an example) and more playing other games at max settings what kind of farms they will need to have to execute all of that?

  • sada das
    sada das 7 months ago

    Fuck this shit, GOG all the way. No DRM, no bullshit, no retarded corporations. Fucking greedy scum, the fuck you want? If I buy the game I OWN THE FUCKING COPY. IT IS MINE!
    The fuck do I need streaming for? Who will play a game on phone and than go and play it on a PC?

    Call it as it is- an AD platform. Fuck Microsoft. Greedy scum.

  • VisiBle
    VisiBle 7 months ago

    Stadia is high-end OUYA. End of discussion.

  • Alorand
    Alorand 7 months ago +1

    How much of the input latency is due to speed of light and distance to the servers imposed limitations? Because that is something better technology can never improve on.

  • IrelandVonVicious
    IrelandVonVicious 7 months ago +1

    Don't support Google.

  • Niko Dzhus
    Niko Dzhus 7 months ago

    I did some programming of video game streaming a few years ago. One issue that's hard to solve is having acceptable input-output latency. I could often notice it even on a local network setup.

  • Eric D
    Eric D 7 months ago

    If it were an all you can play subscription model then I would be all for it but it isn't so I'm not.

  • confuzler
    confuzler 7 months ago

    We will all soon look back at this and laugh.
    at Google that is.

  • BurntFaceMan
    BurntFaceMan 7 months ago

    TLDR: you can buy something from Google, to be able to pay them a monthly subscription, to be able to buy games. Or go to a fucking shop and buy them. Physical media is expensive, but online buying of games is heading to the point where brick and motor may as well come back... fucking stupid.

  • CivilCIA
    CivilCIA 7 months ago

    eh. its a step in the right direction tho.

  • Gareth Evans
    Gareth Evans 7 months ago +1

    I can't see Stadia working well unless users have a router configured to prioritise its traffic over EVERYTHING (with headroom).
    I just checked my ping to Google UK (I'm in London on 40mb/s fibre), it's a solid 6ms (which is fairly decent), although with 100 pings the max was 11ms). Resulting 12ms between the user input and seeing a response - That's best-case conditions with gigabit ethernet to my router (on wifi all bets are off), before adding rendering time, dropped packets and jitter etc. This is a large amount considering dropped frames at 60fps is noticeable. Streaming video games doesn't have the luxury of buffering that streaming video has.

    Given that, multiplayer games should have lower latency overall as the game's server is in the same [central] location as the rendering hardware.

  • Anthony Kees
    Anthony Kees 7 months ago

    Personally, I am excited to play 4k games on on my TV at 60 fps. I'm excited about being able to take that same game to my Pixel 3 phone and play from my couch or bed. I'm excited about being able to play that same game at my in-laws' house during holiday vacations. It's not going to alter my life over night, but it's a neat addition to my gaming options.

    I have an excellent gaming computer (and an old Xbox One), but this could be huge for others who can't afford to drop hundreds or thousands to get into next gen gaming. In 2020, Google will flip a switch to allow millions of people who have an average US internet connection + potato computer to have access to next gen gaming. If I were a kid or someone living paycheck to paycheck, this would be life changing tech.

    But what about the hardcore gamers who already have gaming computers or next gen consoles? Well... the next-next gen consoles are coming late 2020 and new PC parts are released on a consistent basis. If Stadia can prove itself as a reliable platform with all the newest games, this could pull many people to play on Stadia and not drop $400+ on a console. This could cause people to slowly stop upgrading their computer and just rely on playing the games on Stadia. This won't change things overnight for the hardcore gamers, but as their tech ages, they could opt to go the cheaper route of Stadia instead of investing hundreds/thousands on the newest tech.

    • Anthony Kees
      Anthony Kees 7 months ago

      @Gritos Incoherentes what I mentioned is a fairly safe bet. I didn't say that it was going to run with no lag, no issues, I didn't suggest all potential features were going to be there day 1, I didn't say 8k, etc... So considering how safe my statement was, prepare to have monkeys fly out of your butt.

  • Koala
    Koala 7 months ago


    *Read more*

  • Jonathan Perez
    Jonathan Perez 7 months ago

    I've got the Aorus z390 Master, LOVE IT

  • Acid001
    Acid001 7 months ago

    No thanks, Google.

  • Lost Archangel
    Lost Archangel 7 months ago

    Not really interested in this service as they've described it, but...
    If Stadia could operate like a giant supercomputer instead of a million individual PCs, maybe they could make some games that are special for it.
    An MMO-To-Rule-Them-All with massive improvements to NPC AIs, for example, would be welcome. With a CPU dedicated to running the AI for each NPC, for example, they could be so much more than quest or loot dispensers.
    I really hope to see some gaming innovation leaps beyond graphics or game delivery systems someday. Seems like a giant supercomputer like Google/Stadia, could help in that regard.

  • Golden 47
    Golden 47 7 months ago

    No point if you don’t ever own the game. #BoycottSTADIA

  • Golden 47
    Golden 47 7 months ago

    Google is back at it again. Just like how google glass failed they couldn’t have enough of failure so they want to fail in the gaming industry as well

  • sledhead722
    sledhead722 7 months ago

    You get to a point where you don't want to have to deal with building a system, maintaining it, and knowing how to optimize the components for the best performance on each game. As I get busier and busier and have less time for gaming, the small time I do have for gaming I just want it to work. That's what a subscription/streaming service can offer

  • duraiden
    duraiden 7 months ago

    Still not ready for prime-time, IMO. Now that some large players are on it, it might actually go somewhere but we'll see. I've tried streaming Doom (2016) via Steam from one computer to another computer on my own network (gigabit ethernet and sub 1ms ping) and I could feel the lag. It was playable, but I could actually see the computer rendering the game responding faster than the computer receiving the video stream. Couldn't even imagine what it'd feel like on a 10 meg connection.

  • Zen Mode
    Zen Mode 7 months ago +4

    Bottomline PC builds for gaming will go extinct... Yeah it may take 5 more years to solve the latency issues but it's going happen - it's inevitable... Everything will be streamed and the next generation will think we we're dinosaurs... Instead of kids saving for years to buy a $2500 PC they'll choose the $10 a month subscription and play the game today...

  • TillTheLightTakesUs
    TillTheLightTakesUs 7 months ago

    Why is Gigabyte sponsoring Stadia video? LOL. If I'm buying Stadia subscription, am I ever gonna buy AORUS MASTER? NO!

  • Drew Pickard
    Drew Pickard 7 months ago

    I'm curious about all the streaming games stuff. Really its the input lag to me. I would particularly like to see coverage from you guys in the form of your normal do the benchmarks companies dont want you to do. We have alot of these services coming soon, I also would like to see some discussion on the server hardware. Also this will sound dumb, but I want to see a gamers nexus Stadia controller teardown. I liked your PS teardowns and I keep hearing theres some odd stuff in that stadia controller like a wifi chip. I think steaming games are a threat to what us PC gamers hold dear, but I do recognize there is alot of cool tech behind it. Also I would love some streaming games vs real PC comparision videos

  • Trash Panda
    Trash Panda 7 months ago

    "It is not the price of the razor that wounds you, Grasshopper, it's the price of the razor blades that cuts deep."
    -- Kwai Chang Kain

  • plasmathunderdx
    plasmathunderdx 7 months ago

    I recently went to a 144hz monitor and can't go back. 60fps is garbage compared to it.

  • Josephq Castillo
    Josephq Castillo 7 months ago

    So, do i need a google product (phone, laptop) to be able of playing?

  • Astraldragon Gaming
    Astraldragon Gaming 7 months ago

    My only issue is why Australia is again neglected in the test of game, PS now and now this, even Microsoft did better than google for game support. I think it is a great idea but the infrastructure is way too obsolete, especially on a world wide scale. Honestly I can see the who thing crashing and burning in the first 12 month because testing it live will open the flood gate of the internet and it will be the new meme (outside of Europe) for many years to come

  • Kleiner Helfer
    Kleiner Helfer 7 months ago

    I am getting flashbacks from OnLive. OnLive failed and Stadia will fail for the same reasons.

  • Harsimran Singh
    Harsimran Singh 7 months ago

    Yay ESO is on the List.

  • Mikka B
    Mikka B 7 months ago

    Nvidia Shield/Geforce Now didn't interest me and neither does this. It's like choosing between using a music streaming service (like Spotify) or using a program (like MusicBee or Jriver) to manage your music. One's more complex and fun to setup and manage, whereas the other is for people that just don't care.

  • U Tubby
    U Tubby 7 months ago

    I like that it will make it easier for google to spy on me. Who doesnt like convenience? LOL Im joking of course! Hey Alexa, remind me not to buy google stadia.

  • RdL
    RdL 7 months ago

    just say NO to stadia and were all good.

  • Fluxor
    Fluxor 7 months ago

    I wonder, if one would be able to use coil to rent a game in order to test it out before buying it?

  • Indrejue
    Indrejue 7 months ago

    so are the free games rotating or is it more like once it is free it is free for life.

    ENEKO TORRES 7 months ago +2

    my fav game from that list: just dance 2020 sry