Full Fight | Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva - Bellator 206

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
  • It's Full Fight Friday! Take a look back at Bellator 206: Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva in it's entirety brought to you by cbdMD USA!
    Rampage returns to the cage December 28th to take on Fedor in Tokyo! Catch the action Live on Paramount Network. #BellatorJapan
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Comments • 6 359

  • Super Vídeos BR
    Super Vídeos BR Hour ago

    Highlight of the fight: The judge's beard.

  • Rocky Rider
    Rocky Rider Hour ago

    Stop it. You're past your prime. This looks silly. Like two old truck drivers fighting over a parking space.

  • RockedThe/CrapOut

    This makes them 2-2, do they have a fifth fight in them??

  • Damned Soul
    Damned Soul 2 hours ago

    reds legs are shorter then his torso...lol. his pretty lil braided beard is longer then his legs. also both fighters have some very ugly flat feet.

  • junior lopez
    junior lopez 2 hours ago

    Perro loco regaló la pelea.

  • Veronica Shipp
    Veronica Shipp 3 hours ago

    I feel so old!

  • Eric Williams
    Eric Williams 4 hours ago

    That was an entertaining fight 2 legends 👍

  • Luciano Machadodo Amaral

    Vanderlei... já deu...era visível que está fora de forma....

  • Zeus 300
    Zeus 300 6 hours ago

    2 Burger Kings 🍔🍔👑

  • buds for you
    buds for you 9 hours ago

    Lay off the Dad bod crap. Or leave an address.

  • ronald valle
    ronald valle 12 hours ago

    Aprovecho su error al bajar mucho la cabeza de barderlen silva y le conectó en buen puño

    NURY_CHANNELS 71 13 hours ago

    Wow fantatic, video noce thank for watching

  • Pyrexia Trippie
    Pyrexia Trippie 18 hours ago

    If you train you know body composition doesn’t necessarily effect performance...these guys have done this for years and will sleep any of you calling them fat lmao...they dont even really look fat just old man bloated

    DONYA M 21 hour ago

    вот это действительно бой ветеранов!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alfonso Armendariz

    Quinton "pancake" Jackson

  • Monique Rodriguez

    Rampage is just so damn fine 😍

  • fishfingers1985
    fishfingers1985 Day ago +1

    The moment you see the referee's beard...

  • Noah Tapara
    Noah Tapara Day ago +1

    Rampage is a King.

  • Adriano Oliveira

    O juiz atrapalhou

  • Adriano Oliveira

    O brasileiro ganhava

  • Jason Mcneil
    Jason Mcneil Day ago

    They look like two out of shape drunks fighting at a bar

  • Stief miester
    Stief miester Day ago

    So nobody is gonna talk about that Viking referee?

  • Matthew Gordon
    Matthew Gordon Day ago

    Ha Ha........he got dem tiddies lol

  • John Halchishick

    Good fight

  • Jack Wilson
    Jack Wilson 2 days ago

    Bellator must have a first class drug testing service. Nobody is using juice in this organization.

  • Will Silva
    Will Silva 2 days ago

    Wanderley Silva só apanha mete mó mala e só apanha

  • jacob mitchell
    jacob mitchell 2 days ago

    6:01 One of the last squared off exchanges we will see from wanderlei, a true legend.

  • Márcio Leite
    Márcio Leite 2 days ago

    Vanderlei é oriundo do Muai Thay e não deu um chute. Kk

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy 2 days ago

    Love rampage

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy 2 days ago

    Jackson of course payback

  • Justin Nardine
    Justin Nardine 2 days ago

    Ox Baker as the guest referee.

  • Lu Merxs
    Lu Merxs 2 days ago

    Estan gordisimos y viejos los 2, pero bueno, ya a quien le importa

  • Athelstane of Coningsburgh

    Sponsored by Burger King

  • Athelstane of Coningsburgh

    Thats how a non-rigged Jackson fight looks like

  • djalma pereira
    djalma pereira 2 days ago

    Gostei quando os dois se falaram e brincaram, parabéns para os dois

  • JuanLGonzalez
    JuanLGonzalez 3 days ago +1

    Silva was out but Jackson held him up till he was good.

  • Justin Sullivan
    Justin Sullivan 3 days ago +1

    Bloated af

  • ☪ YAŞIN ☪
    ☪ YAŞIN ☪ 3 days ago

    Grandpa Silva 👴
    Grandpa Jackson 👴

  • Jim Ghosty
    Jim Ghosty 3 days ago


  • Alex Miguel
    Alex Miguel 3 days ago

    Vanderlei lutou pra caramba

  • Agosto Ceilings
    Agosto Ceilings 3 days ago +1

    This is Bellator? 😴💤💤

  • MegumiFF7
    MegumiFF7 3 days ago

    a Viking referee lol

  • Toufik Tite
    Toufik Tite 3 days ago

    جزائري مر من هنا 😜😜

  • Jeff Hayward
    Jeff Hayward 3 days ago

    Tremendous bout!

  • Ben Moore
    Ben Moore 4 days ago

    Quinton "titties" Jackson

  • SKILLA 3141
    SKILLA 3141 4 days ago

    Legends in there own right,but common leave it to the young fullas man,let themselves go

  • Clark Stephenson
    Clark Stephenson 4 days ago

    Ref's beard is intense!! :)

  • MrSinistroman
    MrSinistroman 4 days ago

    Wanderley Silva não tem mais condições de lutar.

  • Mr. Iron
    Mr. Iron 4 days ago

    Rampage is still a badass!

  • Paulo Heavy Metal
    Paulo Heavy Metal 4 days ago


  • Lightning Storm
    Lightning Storm 4 days ago

    Ham-page Jackson is fat, looks like a pig with full milk tities

  • Stay Frosty
    Stay Frosty 4 days ago

    Two old fat guys fighting over the last box of Twinkies at the supermarket

  • Callums Fake Corner
    Callums Fake Corner 4 days ago

    He got tittys!

  • Diogenes Maduro
    Diogenes Maduro 5 days ago

    Silva já era kkkkkk

  • 537837mezpi
    537837mezpi 5 days ago

    Triste, decadente, melancólico, Vanerlei não precisava de uma derrota tosca destas no currículo.

  • NWAZ flatEarther
    NWAZ flatEarther 5 days ago

    7:14 That punch would of killed me.

  • Shirvon Orejobi
    Shirvon Orejobi 5 days ago

    They really made it sound like heavyweight Rampage was basically trash. I don't like Rampage at heavyweight, mostly cuz it's not the Rampage I grew up with, but shit dammit that man can still bang! I'll be looking forward to seeing him step in the ring again

  • AJ Constantine
    AJ Constantine 5 days ago +2

    “Ma-ma ... MIA!” That’s worse than “Annnnnd BOOM goes the dynamite.”
    A real Al Michaels moment. 🥴

  • Rafael Martinelli
    Rafael Martinelli 5 days ago

    Apanhei Silva ! Só bateu em japonês na carreira toda.

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez 5 days ago +1

    Those guys will beat my ass when I'm 21 and they're 85.