Taal Volcano In Philippines Erupting

  • Published on Jan 13, 2020
  • Jan.13 -- A sudden eruption of ash and steam from the Taal Volcano in the Philippines forced villagers to flee and shut down Manila’s international airport, offices and schools.

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  • Caalm, Coolz, Collective
    Caalm, Coolz, Collective 35 minutes ago

    Aries arise

  • bcbdrums
    bcbdrums Day ago +1

    what about the fires in australia? why isn't anyone talking about that?

  • Dward & dianne vlogss

    TAAL VOLCANO befor & after scenarios

  • Karl Banayad
    Karl Banayad 2 days ago


  • Minecraft Platinum Fireworks Inc.

    666th like omg


    ruclip.com/video/4pKGgH6j4f0/video.html Tagaytay Phiippines

  • heART Kiddos
    heART Kiddos 2 days ago

    Bangon Batangas! Pasuyo naman guys! Need your help. Check nyo po gawa painting about taal salamat!! Mua muah ❤😍😘

  • Hans Roxas
    Hans Roxas 3 days ago

    Stahp killing the earth.

  • Jacob Dipietro
    Jacob Dipietro 3 days ago

    People were warned to leave and many dumbass's stayed

    • Jacob Dipietro
      Jacob Dipietro 2 days ago +1

      @make*it*pay well I'm a skinny American so I'd get up and walk away until it's over

    • make*it*pay
      make*it*pay 2 days ago

      @Jacob Dipietro have you ever been to the Philippines? if you are lucky your entire family owns a Chinese 110cc motor bike. so what are you going to take with you? they don't own 3 suv's like fat Americans do.

    • Jacob Dipietro
      Jacob Dipietro 2 days ago

      @make*it*pay that's why you take stuff with you or comeback after the volcano so you don't die

    • make*it*pay
      make*it*pay 2 days ago

      they didn't want to leave everything they ever worked for

  • MeargleSchmeargle
    MeargleSchmeargle 3 days ago +1

    If only I was there to witness it. Witnessed an Etna eruption in Italy over the summer, and seeing my first volcanic Ash plume was pretty surreal. This would be a cool thing to watch (at a safe distance, ofc).

  • Adi Sidis
    Adi Sidis 3 days ago

    Eruption video from airplane

  • scott left
    scott left 3 days ago

    Krakatoa blew up a year or so before the Pink terraces in The Bay of Plenty in NZ blew up...140 years ago, then Son of Krakatoa started erupting a year before White island in The Bay of Plenty blew recently, seems they all know each other.

  • scott left
    scott left 3 days ago

    Krakatoa blew up a year or so before the Pink terraces in The Bay of Plenty in NZ blew up...140 years ago, then Son of Krakatoa started erupting a year before White island in The Bay of Plenty blew recently, seems they all know each other.

  • Trey-Heru
    Trey-Heru 3 days ago


  • 123 456
    123 456 3 days ago +2

    *We failed as humans again*

    • 123 456
      123 456 2 days ago

      @Crescent hays pagtanga nga nmn, Pag ganyan ung pagtype meaning Joke ha.

    • Crescent
      Crescent 2 days ago

      cancer amputa natural lang yan sa mundo, mga nakikiuso tanginang kabataan talaga

  • Nugget of Truth - Eric King

    There will be an increase in volcanic activity as we have predicted at: "The Shepherds Way - E.King"

    • Uncle Bobby
      Uncle Bobby 4 days ago +1

      how do we know? volcanos happen naturally, you can't tell how many will erupt

  • Visse Volker
    Visse Volker 4 days ago

    You are too close.

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    Taal Volcano Eruption Philippines 2020 ruclip.com/video/o6q4HfHnyI8/video.html

  • xthanman
    xthanman 4 days ago

    Great. This volcanic ash will contribute to global cooling and we will need more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to enhance warming and heat retention but Bloomberg type hedge funds will demand Tax on carbon dioxide and Bloomberg will get very rich and will become president and install emergency socialism and Brave New World here we come. Trump will not save us.

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 4 days ago


    NO TABOOS 4 days ago +1

    It's all due to human caused climate change.

      NO TABOOS 4 days ago +1

      @Uncle Bobby You can't tell?

    • Uncle Bobby
      Uncle Bobby 4 days ago +1

      Now i can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not... if you are serious then please, please seek some help

  • peter hale
    peter hale 4 days ago +1

    I think jesus slowly decreased people in manila

  • The Pasteliex Wolfies
    The Pasteliex Wolfies 4 days ago +20


    • The Pasteliex Wolfies
      The Pasteliex Wolfies Day ago

      @Marc Ivan lol🤣 so whats happening to the volcano?

    • Marc Ivan
      Marc Ivan Day ago +1

      @Sutro you can sink underground too! I'm pretty sure you would love bathing in moist soil after you get inside your coffin 😍

    • The Pasteliex Wolfies
      The Pasteliex Wolfies 3 days ago +3

      Ohh..Im still sending prayers who got effected by the eruption, i already gave my donations.. And more donation to come😊❤ hope you are all safe😊( ps my donation is just few i hope it can help hehehe)

    • Ar. Grant Asilom
      Ar. Grant Asilom 3 days ago +5

      The whole lake was actually a large caldera, and the island volcano was its child. Its explosive history, explosion occured in different craters, 3 times the explosion was not on island but underwater.

    • eljay
      eljay 3 days ago +6

      The Pasteliex Wolfies because Taal Volcano has a 47 crater and as of now 2 out of 47 is still erupting.

  • Wise Guy4U
    Wise Guy4U 4 days ago

    that last bit was what i was looking for.

  • A really not popular guy

    Im now 10 cuz jan 10 ang bday ko

  • TheBigHase
    TheBigHase 4 days ago

    And now try to imagine a Supervolcano going off...

    • John Crump
      John Crump 2 days ago

      @Bored Taal

    • Bored
      Bored 3 days ago

      @John Crump and what volcano

    • John Crump
      John Crump 3 days ago

      Taal is in the middle of a super Volcano. The lake around Taal is actually a Volcano

  • Sienna Rose Pascua
    Sienna Rose Pascua 4 days ago

    Has it erupted?i cant see lavas..i only see smokes

  • Spidexono
    Spidexono 4 days ago

    We failed as a human again ;(

    • Spidexono
      Spidexono 2 days ago

      @Uncle Bobby no it is because of global warming

    • Uncle Bobby
      Uncle Bobby 3 days ago

      @Spidexono LEt science and the internet tell you

    • Spidexono
      Spidexono 3 days ago

      @Uncle Bobby explain?

    • Uncle Bobby
      Uncle Bobby 4 days ago +3

      Don't blame ourselves. these happen naturally.

  • Lar M
    Lar M 4 days ago +3

    The property value in Tagatay must be taking a big shaking !

  • Nino Travis
    Nino Travis 4 days ago

    Cool off earth😴

  • iiiLaurenceram PlaYs

    1 Like = pray🙏🏻 For or us!

  • traitements facile
    traitements facile 4 days ago


  • John Pembroke
    John Pembroke 4 days ago +6

    That little plume of smoke has more co2 and carbon emmissions in it than 100 years of automobile use.

    • John Pembroke
      John Pembroke Day ago

      @P R science, atmospheric sensors and parts per billion readings tell me that. Keep listening to man bear pig

    • P R
      P R Day ago

      John Pembroke keep telling yourself that.

  • only one Mr X Only one Mr y

    When is the volcano in America going Blow ?

  • A B
    A B 4 days ago +1

    we get it. you vape.

  • Phone One
    Phone One 4 days ago +2

    CNN this is trumps fault somehow

    • Spider Child
      Spider Child 23 hours ago

      Phone One : i can insert needless politics in the comments somehow

  • Ernest Ele
    Ernest Ele 4 days ago

    Oh shit where's Greta?

  • Eli Eli
    Eli Eli 4 days ago +1

    *stop it now climate change is happening oh i`m gonna cream and cry and kick and aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr can`t handle* lol

  • Angel
    Angel 4 days ago +6

    The King is near.

    TAMOLBALAZOM Viners 4 days ago

    Ang Lakas hah lalo na pag na sabog na uulan ng bato

  • Jose Dreamz
    Jose Dreamz 4 days ago

    It’s beautiful.

  • Erik
    Erik 4 days ago

    Fake news

    • Xin Lian Zhou
      Xin Lian Zhou 4 days ago

      Go here in PH. To witness with your naked eye.

  • James S.
    James S. 4 days ago +22

    World's gonna end again! The pundits are crawling out of their holes. Oh well. Everybody talks about the world ending like they actually want it to. Trust me on this, we aren't that lucky! Let's look at the last time the "world was gonna end":
    Eyjafjallajokull 2010
    Pinatubo 1991
    St. Helens 1980
    Agung 1963
    Bezymianny 1955
    Lassen 1914
    Novarupta 1912
    Santa Maria 1902.
    Tarawera 1886
    Krakatoa 1883
    Cosiguina 1835
    Tambora 1815
    Grimsvotn 1783
    Kuwae 1452
    Rinjini 1257
    Tianchi 946
    Katla 934
    Pago 710
    Taupo 230
    Vesuvius 79
    Ambrym 50
    Santorini 1650BC
    Whakamaru 25,000BC
    Toba 75,000BC
    Yellowstone 650,000BC
    La Garita 28,000,000BC
    Ourinhos 132,000,000BC
    Don't worry, be happy. Take a significant other, family or best friend out to dinner tonight. Take time to thank God for the beautiful planet we were given. Enjoy life! Put some records on the record player and relax! :D

    • James S.
      James S. 3 days ago

      @Ameen Shindoli
      Very true. It's hard to define just what "end of the world" actually means to the pundits. A civilization ender is always possible. Another Tambora event (1815) could put a damper on things. Extremely unlikely but not impossible.

    • James S.
      James S. 3 days ago +1

      @Teazy TZ
      Wasn't that close. About the same size as Pinatubo. Tambora in 1815 was almost a civilization buster. There was no summer in 1815 (year round snow) and it interrupted the food/crop cycles. It created the largest famine in thr 19th century. That could easily happen today.

    • Ameen Shindoli
      Ameen Shindoli 3 days ago +1

      Thats the thing, world is not gonna end, so soon
      This volcano can hardly cool down some humidity in next summer

    • Teazy TZ
      Teazy TZ 3 days ago

      Krakatoa nearly did it tho.

    • Joshua
      Joshua 3 days ago +1

      Yes, let's thank God for creating the volcanoes as well.

  • RickK RocKStar
    RickK RocKStar 4 days ago +2


  • Appalachian Fire
    Appalachian Fire 4 days ago

    Do what does this have to do with Markets and Finance Bloomberg?

  • Pablo Paul
    Pablo Paul 4 days ago +20

    Who farted?
    Earth: ☺

    • Cringy Naughty
      Cringy Naughty 3 days ago +1

      @solo leveling Sensitive shit? You call that huh? In times of calamity? Why should I care if you live nearby volcano? Do you lost a brother while on his way to save other people but ended being buried by ashes???!!!!! NOW TELL ME TO CALM DOWN AND SOME SENSE OF HUMOR!!!!! It's easy to say something like that because you're not in our situation!!! I live in Manila but my family live there. Choose your timing brother.

    • Carlynn Corri
      Carlynn Corri 3 days ago

      This isn't the greatest time to think that this is funny.

    • Xtra gum
      Xtra gum 3 days ago

      @Cringy Naughty calm down buddy have some humor atleast

    • Hannah HunHun
      Hannah HunHun 3 days ago +1

      @Cringy Naughty Don't take it too serious ^^' Btw I'm one of the people near Taal Volcano

    • solo leveling
      solo leveling 3 days ago

      @VICTORIA 888 lmao

  • Owen Digity
    Owen Digity 4 days ago

    Search "mountain goat pnemonia grand tetons". Doesn't this happen everyday on one of islands near Hawaii? Just depends where the tourist and cameras are.

    • brisXr6t
      brisXr6t 3 days ago

      Bit different for the people in this area though.

    LEAH ROSENDO 4 days ago

    Bakit ANG dami NG craters ANG naglabassan ANG usok.

    • Ren Abarca
      Ren Abarca 4 days ago

      That's what volcanoes are. Even Mayon have many vents. I think only cinder cone volcanoes don't have multiple vents.

  • saranghoe
    saranghoe 4 days ago +6

    my hometown 😔💖🙏

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 4 days ago

    arsonists caused the eruption

  • Carollee Allen
    Carollee Allen 4 days ago +5

    😬 and I’m suppose to arrive there next Thursday 👀

    • Ren Abarca
      Ren Abarca 4 days ago +1

      You'll end up in Cebu instead, flights are diverted there. Even Clark airport isn't in operation.

    • Kaycee Case
      Kaycee Case 4 days ago

      Im guessing they won’t allow flights in

    • D’s World
      D’s World 4 days ago +2

      Don't Go Cuz Use Your Head

    • DrPonce09
      DrPonce09 4 days ago +1

      Stay safe.

  • Tim D
    Tim D 4 days ago +1

    Hold on. Trump's going to nuke it for them.

  • Bad Cattitude
    Bad Cattitude 4 days ago

    Global climate warming strokes again!

    • What Me Worry
      What Me Worry 4 days ago

      @Sigi Soltau he is trying to be clever. Fail!!

    • Sigi Soltau
      Sigi Soltau 4 days ago

      Climate has nothing to do with this. Volcanic eruptions and climate change are two separate things. It's like saying a mouse is actually an elephant.

  • Dee Cohen
    Dee Cohen 4 days ago

    I am really so so sorry for everyone there
    but here’s an idea
    maybe don’t live on a volcanic island????

    • Vanilla 001
      Vanilla 001 4 days ago

      The people who were evacuated doesn't live on the volcanic island it's on different island they were evacuated because of ashfall and for safety precautions if ever the volcano erupted again to level 5 also they were not the only who got affected the surrounding island and area got affected too by the ashfall because the wind carries the ashes. But if you are saying that those people in every island shouldn't live on every volcanic island then that will be a problem cuz that country is called ring of fire which means that we are surrounded by active volcanoes.

  • Jonah Bautista
    Jonah Bautista 4 days ago

    Stay safe fellas

  • God Emperor of Man Kind

    So it beings....🌋 🌅🌄🔥

    • God Emperor of Man Kind
      God Emperor of Man Kind 4 days ago

      @Bad Cattitude 🤔 Therefore the part in between those two is the ... middle...? #science 🤦‍♀️

    • Bad Cattitude
      Bad Cattitude 4 days ago +1

      The end of the beginning is the beginning of the next part

  • Jina Gibson
    Jina Gibson 4 days ago +8

    I need my pteradactyls

  • Your Name
    Your Name 4 days ago +2

    2020 what a year

    • Handsome Squidward
      Handsome Squidward 3 days ago

      Yup. Protests going on in every country, some cunts deliberately burning forests, possibility of war & now this.

  • Eddy M
    Eddy M 4 days ago +1

    Damn always something happening in the philipines they must sin a lot!

    • Cass Ocampo Baysac
      Cass Ocampo Baysac 4 days ago +1

      Philippines is an archipelago which made the country disaster prone. The country is also part of pacific ring of fire. Some people wonder why Filipinos can smile despite disasters. Well, we are used to it and for some of us, it's the only way to cope. 😊

    • BC Bob
      BC Bob 4 days ago +1

      Im sure not nearly as much as I do and weathers great here.

  • Momosquito
    Momosquito 4 days ago +2

    It opened new vents at the side