Sonic Unleashed Gameplay on PCSX2 + Download Link

The game download link is changed since btjunkie is dead ( T_T). But fear not, for you can still download the game cause I updated the link :D

I'm playing Sonic Unleashed on PCSX2 v0.9.8. As you can see, it plays perfectly.

The quality of the video drops, cause I have to compress it, so that I can Upload it, cause the real size is too big. But the real gameplay is far more beautiful than this one

And if you want to play this game, here is the Emulator and game Download Links :

PCSX2 v0.9.8 Download Links :


Sonic Unleashed ISO Download Links :

And Tell Me What Game Should I Play and Test Next on my Emulators.
(Not Just PS2, you can ask many kinds like wii, or DS, any Kinds of Emulator, Except PSP LOL)

And Don't Forget to Comment, Rate, Fav, Subscribe Please!!

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Автор Mustang De Man ( назад)
Bios was deleted long time ago.. Please? :(

Автор Toni Maaranen ( назад)

Автор Toni Maaranen ( назад)

Автор MrEmulatorGuy ( назад)
@Kaye Denise sorry, accidently deleted your comment, no it won't work on
ppsspp as this is a ps2 game, while ppsspp is a psp emulator

Автор andre celso ( назад)
I want the Wii version.Someone Please give me the link

Автор racem messaoudi ( назад)
dude i want a version for WII*

Автор mp3vsalex ( назад)
should i buy it on ps2 i got it on wii and its fun

Автор Matt ABM ( назад)
Wii version is awful.. xD

Автор Skyblu the windwolf ( назад)
its de wii version i think most of us wants the ps3 and xbox version their
you can upgrade your skills and explore in the hub worled that cant at the
wii version

Автор Ppus ( назад)

Автор dGeoAgar (dGeoAgar) ( назад)
where is the ddl file

Автор Juampielguapo Osesionado por wwe ( назад)
ablan en ingles ustedes putos

Автор Jahiem Taylor ( назад)
is this hd with the emulator

Автор dale anderson ( назад)
umm is this a ps3 rom?

Автор Eikmeer Singh ( назад)
my specs are 4 gb of ram 2 gb of graphics card nividia geforce 8600 intel
cor 2 dou Can it work on my pc

Автор Mr. GreenThunder X ( назад)
Test sonic heroes!,shadow the hedgehog,mk shaolin monks!

Автор Akhil Hansrajh ( назад)
Hey dude,I downloaded the game and it's not too bad,I can't play Perfect
Dark Gaia Boss Stage though because of the lava,the boss,Chip,it runs very
slow. Adabat Day Stage and missions run full speed. When I get a tower not
a laptop, I'll upgrade to NVIDIA Ge force GT X Titan. So my games will be
fast and great!But thanks for the assistance bro,it means a lot!Sayarona :-)

Автор Andr3 ( назад)
When i play the game, sonic's forehead and other textures are jumbled up or
missing.. Please help.

Автор Mr Fancy Pants ( назад)
the bios isnt working T~T

Автор MrEmulatorGuy ( назад)
In this video, I used PCSX2 v0.9.8, there's now v1.00, you may want to
check it out, I heard it's better

Автор MrEmulatorGuy ( назад)
Sorry, I'll re-upload the BIOS again one day

Автор MrEmulatorGuy ( назад)
I don't think your graphic card will be strong enough, sorry, but you may
want to try other game that isn't too heavy, or you may can configure the
pcsx2 to run your games better, but no promises though, sorry :/

Автор Akhil Hansrajh ( назад)
You must use Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix + English Patched

Автор Akhil Hansrajh ( назад)
I know it sucks.Is my Graphics Card good enough to play the game!Please
tell me MrEmulatorGuy,I'm only eleven years old (you must be thinking I'm
joking but I'm not).I upgraded from Windows 7 Starter 32-Bit to Windows 7
Ultimate 32-Bit.I'm not sure if my dad will give me a RAM upgrade to 4GB
RAM.Anyway I'll download the ISO file and check!Thank's for your assistance!

Автор Raihanah Camilia ( назад)
playing with emulator PS2 i have

Автор MrEmulatorGuy ( назад)
At the time my VGA is GeForce GT240, 2GB RAM, Intel i3 2.9 Ghz, I do not
run every game in fullspeed (I can't play shadow the hedgehog, ratchet and
clank series, persona 4 sometimes laggy) but I can play Sonic Unleashed in
fullspeed though

Автор Akhil Hansrajh ( назад)
You can't do anything to make your games better!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Akhil Hansrajh ( назад)
He probably has a GeForce 300 Graphics Card & 8+GB of RAM ! Let me tell you
something , if your computer/laptop has better settings than this then you
can play any game at full speed and have the best graphics . Sadly for me I
have a Intel 4 Series Graphics Card and 2 GB of RAM . It sucks having these
settings !!!!!!!!!!

Автор Leorina aHi ( назад)
the bios is not avaliable :( i wanna plaaaay :(

Автор 2muchjpop ( назад)
does it work with hardware acceleration perfectly? lots of games don't but
some of my favorite ones do like the kh series

Автор Karmit Da Fruge ( назад)
which one did you download there are 9 idfferent ones which one you use ?

Автор Gonzalo Cisneros ( назад)
as you do, that the game will run so fast?

Автор The Gamer's Den ( назад)
The funny thing is you can modify the graphics plugin to add tesselation
and other advanced options!

Автор Nudillos el Equidna el Equidna ( назад)
is a multy languaje???

Автор Hassan Munir (2004 года назад)
is there a demo of this game?

Автор MrEmulatorGuy ( назад)
not sure if I can get it at full speed, cause my old VGA is broken, and my
new one is just...... suck, just suck you know....

Автор MrEmulatorGuy ( назад)
I used the default settings

Автор Sodisna ( назад)
What settings are you using? Plugins? Config for said plugins?

Автор TsukishimaShukuro2 ( назад)
Oh, okay thanks. =))))

Автор MrEmulatorGuy ( назад)
If I remember correctly, at the beginning, press circle (or square I kinda
forgot, I'm sure it's circle though) at the right time, and for boosting,
just collect enough ring to fill the bar, and press circle to boost (or
square, sorry kinda forgot, cause I'm used to play Sonic Generations now,
and the controls are a little bit different)

Автор TsukishimaShukuro2 ( назад)
Hey, can you teach me how you get the spin boost at the very beginning plus
1 to the bar at the bottom? =))

Автор Pearl. ( назад)
can someone now explain these downloads/setup?

Автор ZombieSlayer50M3 ( назад)
noo... a torrent D=

Автор dakarus ( назад)
@darksonic2173 Wow could you be anymore of a fucking loser?

Автор MrEmulatorGuy ( назад)
@darksonic2173 well duh, it's PS2 version, PS2 is a 6th generations console
while Xbox360 is a 7th generation console

Автор ninjaxxxxxxx ( назад)
do you have anymore link to other games you can download?

Автор MrEmulatorGuy ( назад)
@serence626 kay, I updated the link, check it out :D

Автор masterofallbioshocks ( назад)
@MrEmulatorGuy wow thnx i got a decent emulator that actually has a anolog
stick lol

Автор pwnageUploada55 ( назад)
@MrEmulatorGuy Agreed

Автор MrEmulatorGuy ( назад)
@pwnageUploada55 nah, PS3 and 360 can gaming while the wii can't, but that
doesn't make the wii bad, and I think the wii will be awesome in this year
with Wii U released

Автор pwnageUploada55 ( назад)
@MrEmulatorGuy Actually I've heard a rumor that the Wii could actually
handle the same hardware of this game as the PS3 and 360, but they don't
give a rat's ass about the Wii players (sorry about the swear)

Автор MrEmulatorGuy ( назад)
@giorgakisundercover1 well yeah, I think everybody knows that, cause the
PS3 got a stronger hardware than a PS2. And the PS2 and Wii version is
actually the same, which mean wii hardware is almost as equal as PS2, while
the PS3 and Xbox360 version is same, which mean Xbox360 and PS3 both have a
stronger hardware than wii.And they supposed to be in the same video game
generation lol, but wii game is still good though it got much creativity
and so innovative.

Автор MrEmulatorGuy ( назад)
@giorgakisundercover1 what;s ur spec?

Автор MrEmulatorGuy ( назад)
@giorgakisundercover1 I use the default configuration actually :D

Автор MrEmulatorGuy ( назад)
@serence626 it works fine for me.... maybe your internet connections block
torrents site? try thepiratebay ( search it on google )

Автор MrEmulatorGuy ( назад)
@owusuphilipable you can configure it in the option menu :D

Автор Phil X ( назад)
wrong language

Автор Phil X ( назад)
@SonicSuperX100 you is fake

Автор Phil X ( назад)
where do you put it

Автор theplayer178 ( назад)
i cant find one working one mabie this will work :(

Автор talagmarc ( назад)
@MrEmulatorGuy Thank You Very Much!

Автор talagmarc (113 года назад)
how do u make the sonic fonts?

Автор Anarmaa Garnett ( назад)

Автор Furquan Ahmed ( назад)
i am not getting the same play it freezes like anything plus i get only
15-20 fps which sucks any suggestions

Автор AO17 ( назад)
@MrEmulatorGuy Awesome! One last question, is PCSX2 backwards compatible
with Playstation 1 games?

Автор AO17 ( назад)
where do I place the ISO files?

Автор Sonicfreak ( назад)
What is a PCSX2 ?

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