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my battle..
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*WTF* Minecraft Mods
Views 4.9M12 days ago
The Best Update EVER!
Views 6M17 days ago
fortnite memes are back
Views 3.9MMonth ago
Club Penguin is BACK
Views 4.8MMonth ago
Views 6M2 months ago
Dont Get STRIKED Challenge
Views 5M2 months ago
i saved SEASON 10
Views 4.8M2 months ago
Views 6M2 months ago
this gun is cursed
Views 6M2 months ago
sorry ninja
Views 7M3 months ago
i beat NINJA in fortnite
Views 12M3 months ago
this weapon isnt fair
Views 5M3 months ago
Views 11M3 months ago
pretending to be THE STORM
Views 5M3 months ago
Views 4.4M4 months ago
dumb memes in SEASON 9
Views 7M5 months ago
Views 4.4M6 months ago
Views 7M6 months ago
Views 7M6 months ago
breaking the SWORD LTM
Views 7M6 months ago
fortnite with 10000 PING
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  • Deborah Cloud
    Deborah Cloud 2 minutes ago

    FUCK YOU lazarbeam

  • Deborah Cloud
    Deborah Cloud 3 minutes ago

    F*** you

  • Matthew Howard
    Matthew Howard 3 minutes ago

    look out the window dumb and you will see land

  • Roger Christopher P. Reyes

    you suck lazer fuck you

  • Sam Bray
    Sam Bray 6 minutes ago

    2027 anyone

  • Patrick Levings
    Patrick Levings 6 minutes ago

    Holden sucks

    • Patrick Levings
      Patrick Levings 4 minutes ago


  • Bivab Rai
    Bivab Rai 9 minutes ago

    Muselk is the better than lazar beam in his own game mod😁😁😁 Don't be sad lazar beam your the third best Australian after Mr.Fresh😆😆😆😆😆

  • LOLLERSdaPro
    LOLLERSdaPro 9 minutes ago

    Anyone watching chapter 2?

  • Ri_Ri_Savage
    Ri_Ri_Savage 14 minutes ago

    We had a vote on our soccer team name and we chose 'Lazars'

  • Paul Gielis
    Paul Gielis 14 minutes ago

    Refer to 5:18

  • Paul Gielis
    Paul Gielis 15 minutes ago

    That vechiles from the clone wars in starwars

  • Mr Spagz
    Mr Spagz 15 minutes ago

    I'm addicted to watching Lazerbeam

  • Snickerz
    Snickerz 16 minutes ago

    God I miss when Fortnite was this good.

  • Gabriel Rivas Estrada
    Gabriel Rivas Estrada 19 minutes ago

    Bro, chapter 2 is out, I'm gonna miss this map

  • B Gaming
    B Gaming 21 minute ago

    Lannan was incorrect because I am paralysed and I can swim, I'm currently training for the Paralympics. Like if you wish me luck.

  • Min3cr4ft G4m3r
    Min3cr4ft G4m3r 22 minutes ago

    stream lannan lachy is boring

  • Deborah Cloud
    Deborah Cloud 23 minutes ago

    Hey, give me another another whatever. Battle or he'll get a hundred seventy thousand fuse orthodontist I will unsubscribe go paint yourself

  • Arlia Marr
    Arlia Marr 24 minutes ago

    Is that guy in a Chinese restaurant

  • BaconMan
    BaconMan 25 minutes ago

    Can you start a stream with Fortnite now

  • James Douglas Younger
    James Douglas Younger 25 minutes ago

    Yep don’t shit yourself Laserbeam is gay

  • bobby Simpson-Jones
    bobby Simpson-Jones 25 minutes ago

    is it me or does lazabeam take dr*gs

  • Robbie hanak
    Robbie hanak 26 minutes ago

    What you spallt it wrong

  • Row Hart
    Row Hart 27 minutes ago

    I wonder how many people he sprayed with the drum gun accually voted for it

  • Ashlea Tullipan
    Ashlea Tullipan 28 minutes ago

    It’s a man

  • Im Stupid
    Im Stupid 30 minutes ago


  • Byron Simpson
    Byron Simpson 32 minutes ago

    well we all know new zealand is going to face aussie in the rwc final and nz will beat aussie's ass

  • Spicy Donut
    Spicy Donut 33 minutes ago

    Lazar thinks and worrying about lumps in his neck?? I believe drugs

  • Jeff Great
    Jeff Great 33 minutes ago


  • FreePower Gaming
    FreePower Gaming 36 minutes ago

    when you said about the paw petrol you were writ

  • jessie Hayes
    jessie Hayes 38 minutes ago


  • Hayden G's So Random
    Hayden G's So Random 39 minutes ago


  • Galaxy Cat
    Galaxy Cat 41 minute ago

    Lannan : you’re gonna like and sub Me: it’s Opposite Day

  • Galaxy Cat
    Galaxy Cat 43 minutes ago

    Me : hmm Ten secs Later Shing shink shing

  • sasi kala
    sasi kala 45 minutes ago

    yo flipping funny

  • sasi kala
    sasi kala 45 minutes ago


  • Rylan Walker
    Rylan Walker 46 minutes ago

    you sicick

  • Bee_Fearful 480
    Bee_Fearful 480 47 minutes ago

    I'm American and I know Australia is real whoever said it's fake then they are obviously a dumb shits.

  • Aylin Kose
    Aylin Kose 48 minutes ago

    I use code lazer

  • Aylin Kose
    Aylin Kose 48 minutes ago

    Lazerbeam can u be my uncle plss

  • Brian Jose
    Brian Jose 49 minutes ago

    On the playstation the diamond hoe and I think all the hoes does 0.0 damage and we don't have bees and I want a special thing for each console.

  • FaZe Lachy
    FaZe Lachy 50 minutes ago

    He said thaiday

  • Khai G
    Khai G 50 minutes ago


  • Shred House
    Shred House 52 minutes ago

    She is just salty because she is a default!

  • Angcos BELL
    Angcos BELL 53 minutes ago

    Who’s here cuz he hasn’t uploaded in 4 days

  • FreePower Gaming
    FreePower Gaming 53 minutes ago

    i used code lazar

  • Jowana El-Dalil
    Jowana El-Dalil 54 minutes ago

    I bet she doesn’t like it because she got killed and bullied because she was a default She lands at salty and gets killed at the start she breaks her remote and goes on the news and cry’s like a pu**y

  • coby mujaffa
    coby mujaffa 55 minutes ago

    it was rifty that destroyed your score replay

  • costco freezer
    costco freezer 55 minutes ago

    lannan saying sweetheart makes me 🤱

  • Aidan Craig
    Aidan Craig 56 minutes ago

    when your computer is that bad and this is what you had to play with (potato version), sadly i had to go through that...

  • cutie Kitten
    cutie Kitten Hour ago

    7:30 Who else heard the discord noise ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 14:14 again discord sound

  • Regard YT
    Regard YT Hour ago

    2019 October ?

  • eamon darroch
    eamon darroch Hour ago

    The first mod made me blind.

  • Benjamin Searle
    Benjamin Searle Hour ago

    Who remembers fortnite chapter 1

  • bobby Simpson-Jones

    he click bait

  • bobby Simpson-Jones

    oy lannad

  • Kerryn Bishop
    Kerryn Bishop Hour ago

    Definitely LazarBeam

  • bobby Simpson-Jones

    u pussy

  • Galaxy ninja 1
    Galaxy ninja 1 Hour ago

    Ok did you like staying in there

  • Gooday 2007
    Gooday 2007 Hour ago

    Who’s watching in 2020

  • bobby Simpson-Jones

    lazabeam gay

  • Greg Macias
    Greg Macias Hour ago

    I’m sorry lazar but there’s some hidden achievements 😭 sorry

  • Isaiah Foreman
    Isaiah Foreman Hour ago

    Plz give no youo a shout out

  • Nikola Ozola
    Nikola Ozola Hour ago

    You are the best

  • William Hadodo
    William Hadodo Hour ago

    He doesn’t realise that 75% of his views are from under 12yr olds

  • justinyeoaka
    justinyeoaka Hour ago

    Lazerbeam prime time

  • K Day Noah
    K Day Noah Hour ago


  • Rebecca Pawsey
    Rebecca Pawsey Hour ago

    I love you even more now. Anxiety is a nightmare as I have it and I know. Big hugs. Some days are better than others and some people do take the mick. I tell them I hope they never have to have it.

  • Miriam Abt
    Miriam Abt Hour ago

    I got a lazed eye too

  • SmoozyRock
    SmoozyRock Hour ago

    And here i thought you were back to random shit

  • The WATT
    The WATT Hour ago

    Start a series with muselk

  • Galaxy ninja 1
    Galaxy ninja 1 Hour ago

    Don’t say shet

  • OG Squad
    OG Squad Hour ago

    I’m subbed to Sam Dubs

  • Johan Boby
    Johan Boby Hour ago


  • sara berhe
    sara berhe Hour ago

    It’s natural

  • Injusticene ROBLOX

    i love u lazarbeam ur funny and pro and cool!!!pls subcribe me too!!thxx!!!

  • Kate Stephenson
    Kate Stephenson Hour ago

    The sweaty palms joke was not that funny but I still liked and subscribed

  • MrBiggzo777
    MrBiggzo777 Hour ago

    7:41 Fresh: God I’m getting shot at by people Me: *oh that’s Fortnite*

  • Floating -
    Floating - Hour ago

    You can do this with the lynx skin ( season 7 blue cat skin )

  • Rodeo slayer Kid

    Rip bird

  • Nick Shaw
    Nick Shaw Hour ago

    Creative Alex because he can’t get elitra

  • vontey namana
    vontey namana Hour ago

    you think your so good at minecraft because yo finished the game but your a fuckin bot just like Ilsa.

    • vontey namana
      vontey namana Hour ago

      if yo hate my comment don't even reply yo bots.

  • Nick Shaw
    Nick Shaw Hour ago

    And you can’t get a grass block but you can with silk touch but you don’t have silk touch

  • Tom Lyman
    Tom Lyman Hour ago

    Umm ok

  • Galaxy ninja 1
    Galaxy ninja 1 Hour ago

    Wow what season is it

  • Tom Lyman
    Tom Lyman Hour ago

    Umm ok

  • ChristopherC1451

    F G

  • RUPPO 2
    RUPPO 2 Hour ago

    Where r you man come back

  • Tom Lyman
    Tom Lyman Hour ago


  • Karhu B0e
    Karhu B0e Hour ago

    Lazar: Use code lazar on The fortnite itemshop Me: ok,wait...

  • Fishy_Playz
    Fishy_Playz Hour ago

    Season 1 lazarbeam: too bad I hate smgs they're so crap Season 8 lazarbeam: tac smg my favorite gun ever

  • Roberto
    Roberto Hour ago

    I just wanted to say I just got done watching half of your vlog playlist while waiting for fortnite

  • Owen Kupiec
    Owen Kupiec Hour ago

    Also the earth is round cause of gravity I'm smart

  • Tom Lyman
    Tom Lyman Hour ago

    I love goats 🐐

  • Gavin Rispy
    Gavin Rispy Hour ago

    Can we get this to 69 likes and keep it at it

  • Abbey Jane
    Abbey Jane Hour ago


  • Terminator Is gay

    1 map challenge 🤣

  • Mahsa Nassirian
    Mahsa Nassirian Hour ago

    Hi play fortnite

  • Tom Lyman
    Tom Lyman Hour ago

    Its spoopy month2019

  • Miikka Maljanen
    Miikka Maljanen Hour ago

    Who came from endigo

  • Almond Milk
    Almond Milk Hour ago

    when he has 10mil views and 400k likes