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  • This Black Dude
    This Black Dude 4 minutes ago

    Luke "Let me rock witchu" Cuckold

  • Erick Kurniawan
    Erick Kurniawan 6 minutes ago

    Khabib 💪

    PORTALS 6 minutes ago

    You are already better than Joanna coz you shows amazing respect to your opponents. Go for it Jano!

  • Erfan Shir
    Erfan Shir 11 minutes ago


  • Ruben O.
    Ruben O. 12 minutes ago

    pico paco micro macro gram?

  • thors blot
    thors blot 13 minutes ago

    bloody hell, it's like a 10yo in the ring with a grown man

  • Piotrek Loney
    Piotrek Loney 13 minutes ago

    I think Jan has opportunity stay to future champion UFC. Good luck on next fight Janek!

  • Michael Parleblue
    Michael Parleblue 14 minutes ago

    9:37 cameltoe!

  • Арсений Копылов

    2:25 Конор, увернулся от апперкота

  • zik ziki
    zik ziki 15 minutes ago

    the king alhamdullilah

  • Emilio Yap
    Emilio Yap 15 minutes ago

    Jan is a great fighter but no way he will ever beat Jones. Drop to middleweight while you still can!

  • Kyle Severin
    Kyle Severin 16 minutes ago

    It’s November everybody wants to bang bro #No🥜November

  • Takeshi Kovacs
    Takeshi Kovacs 17 minutes ago

    Stupid lose

  • MrRouge6
    MrRouge6 19 minutes ago


  • Wanrisha Kharthangmaw
    Wanrisha Kharthangmaw 21 minute ago

    Gud fight

  • Francis Martin Lim
    Francis Martin Lim 21 minute ago

    As always as how he used to be, luke always dropped his hands, leave his chin up high, and no head movement. He should hire a good mma boxing coach. But i think it is too late for his chin, his chin just can't take a shot anymore. Bisping destroyed his chin and followed by consecutive brutal KOs. It was like what happened to chuck liddel and roy jones jr.

  • footballsidekick #fcbrocks

    both fighters were pretty crap this time round, rockholds getting a bit old but well done to jan

  • zroklimattv
    zroklimattv 22 minutes ago

    Ledżederi Polisz Pałer 🇵🇱

  • Akash Mohite
    Akash Mohite 27 minutes ago

    Send me location

  • Detective Loki
    Detective Loki 31 minute ago

    Up da Poland 👍❤️🤜

  • edgelamer
    edgelamer 32 minutes ago

    Ale mu Janusz bombe wyjebał, szacun :D

  • laecio carvalho
    laecio carvalho 34 minutes ago

    vendo isso em 2019 da pra ver que era todo mundo muito ruim

  • Martin Korn
    Martin Korn 41 minute ago

    Jedziesz z nim to twoj czas Janko 👏👏

  • Martin Korn
    Martin Korn 42 minutes ago

    Polish Power Mfckers 💪💪🧨🧨

  • Imran Sardar
    Imran Sardar 44 minutes ago

    Never have I felt for a fighter then when I seen him take the title from luke with the left hook. Proud of u.

  • Grindd
    Grindd 46 minutes ago

    I am Conor fan i am waiting for a rematch with khabib low-key stay silent my friend the king will be back

  • PolsAbroad
    PolsAbroad 49 minutes ago

    Janek!! We need people like you!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👌🏼👌🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  • Dav Mkr
    Dav Mkr 50 minutes ago

    Edmen Shahbazyan is ready for the BelT 😁👍🏻

  • squadup22
    squadup22 53 minutes ago

    I think I’m going to cry, I miss this Shogun so much, fuck u Jon Jones! Iggy will get u!

  • ceccavara
    ceccavara 53 minutes ago

    Good Luck For The Fight Tomorrow

  • bohdan kokodzambo
    bohdan kokodzambo 54 minutes ago

    pięknie!!!!super walka Błachowicz ładnie żeś mu zajebał

  • Me Me
    Me Me Hour ago

    Luke is not a man

  • Edward Allen
    Edward Allen Hour ago

    Luke’s spent more time in the ring asleep then awake they should put a pillow in there for him at least

  • Shivam Singh
    Shivam Singh Hour ago

    He made ufc rich.

  • Благов Александр

    Последний удар был лишним


    brock is looking like a beast💥💥

  • The Fantum
    The Fantum Hour ago

    Swear to god that Luke gets no respect in the fighting community. So much of the disrespect coming from his fellow fighters and even from the one sided commentary. It’s such a shame

  • 김생선
    김생선 Hour ago

    luke knockhold

  • rick james
    rick james Hour ago

    Boy, Dana really dressed up for this video........ No class bum.

  • rick james
    rick james Hour ago

    Boy, Dana really dressed up for this video........ No class bum.

  • rick james
    rick james Hour ago

    Boy, Dana really dressed up for this video........ No class bum.

  • rick james
    rick james Hour ago

    Boy, Dana really dressed up for this video........ No class bum.

  • Ali Ali
    Ali Ali Hour ago


  • Daniel Ubrych
    Daniel Ubrych Hour ago

    Janek rozpierdolisz go !!!

  • No Name
    No Name Hour ago

    I liked using Shogun Rua in UFC Undisputed 3 on xbox. Damn time goes by really fast

  • Karl Heinrich Marx


  • andreavenezia
    andreavenezia Hour ago

    Colpo sotto!!!!😁👍grande guerriero!

  • Czesław Słomka

    szacunek Jano !

  • Salounii khonah
    Salounii khonah Hour ago

    Dana we want the weirdest mf in the game belt.. Put Tony on the line

  • No Name
    No Name Hour ago

    Jacare is the man but I dont see him beating Jones. It's gonna be bloody if he does go against Jones. It'll even mess up his longevity for good, might even force retirement. As much as I hate to say that

  • nD jiang
    nD jiang Hour ago


  • Iskander Elakunov

    Introducing music is perfect.

  • LION Black
    LION Black Hour ago

    Luke's career is over

  • thomas burns
    thomas burns Hour ago

    Really?! I thought he was fighting for the UK...... Duhhhh

  • Trentos
    Trentos Hour ago

    I hope whoever in the crowd boo'd him got knocked the fuck out along with his bum coaches

  • Polacheck
    Polacheck Hour ago

    7:53 to dla moich oczu miodek...

    AAASTUFF Hour ago

    Dana before he was on the HGH & Roids😅

  • ekoplor la vendetta

    In the first round he fought a lot like machida

    AAASTUFF Hour ago

    Luke 'He's out, He's out!' RockHead😅

  • FlintOfficial
    FlintOfficial Hour ago

    No doubt he DESERVES title shot after win against Jacare. True warrior and entertaining personality!

  • easily triggered

    jan jan hes our man if he cant do it noone can...

  • VK Westie 3021
    VK Westie 3021 Hour ago

    Khabib is absolute class!

  • Мамед Дж
    Мамед Дж Hour ago

    Так жалко как Альдо,мне в юфс никого не было

  • Jingmoy Debbarma

    This girl in red dress looks so damn Chili 🔥 hot

  • Ronald Hawkins
    Ronald Hawkins Hour ago

    3 pieces and a soda, he stole that from a brotha.

  • Patryk M
    Patryk M Hour ago

    #teamjanek 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

  • Amaranthine
    Amaranthine 2 hours ago

    Yes he got wrecked. But god damn he looked aesthetic as it happened.

  • Waluś Kwicoł
    Waluś Kwicoł 2 hours ago

    Slavic power! Fck usa hamburger

  • rafalwrzesinski
    rafalwrzesinski 2 hours ago

    Aż serce rośnie, wszystkiego najlepszego Panie Janie

  • Shea Briscoe
    Shea Briscoe 2 hours ago

    Nate...always full of excuses. "I was gonna come back in the 4th and 5th"..."I won that, he should have finished me". Bro your a fucking beast but a fights a fight and unfortunately for you its scored every round.

  • Rafał
    Rafał 2 hours ago

    Jestem dumny, że mam takiego rodaka, który tak godnie reprezentuje nasz kraj. Dziękuję i życzę powodzenia.

  • Seroslav
    Seroslav 2 hours ago

    Jan Blazkowicz 👊🏻

  • tobi senju
    tobi senju 2 hours ago

    McGregor master smashed of bus but noob on khabib smash 😂😂😂

  • Rain falls
    Rain falls 2 hours ago

    Fuck jacare

  • Sirius Blakk
    Sirius Blakk 2 hours ago

    Luke should retire his chin is made of flowers

  • Alex G
    Alex G 2 hours ago

    this just sounds painful!!!

  • Miding 93
    Miding 93 2 hours ago

    One of the most technical fighter in mma.

  • TheIdiotBoxProductions


  • alexxkidd33
    alexxkidd33 2 hours ago


    MMA SURGE 2 hours ago

    WHAT. A. BEAST. 🐻

  • Zjava
    Zjava 2 hours ago

    Powodzenia w kolejnych walkach Janek 👍

    MMA SURGE 2 hours ago

    Dillion Danis would submit every one of these fighters............. jk 🐶

    MMA SURGE 2 hours ago

    He's annoyingly good, No doubt the GOAT 🐐

    MMA SURGE 2 hours ago

    Hey Dana how about 25 people win some pretty good seats (MORE WINNERS)? I look forward to this event. I'll be there! 👊🍿

  • Terminator
    Terminator 2 hours ago

    This is embarrassing to human being, amongst all human of all 7 billion human how can this fat ass DC be the UFC heavyweight champion of the world?

    MMA SURGE 2 hours ago

    Luke was winning this fight. He fights with his hands down and he got caught. I wish the best for Luke, but I don't think he should come back unless he's all in. On the other hand Jon Blachowicz is DANGEROUS! 👊

  • tomek przyłoga
    tomek przyłoga 2 hours ago

    Jano 🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪👊👊👊

  • Jon Anthony
    Jon Anthony 2 hours ago

    He’s just a bad MF’er and don’t forget it.. #MAGA 🤙🏼 🇺🇸

  • Tylko Pytam
    Tylko Pytam 2 hours ago


  • mark joseph dagohoy
    mark joseph dagohoy 2 hours ago

    what a bullshit fight

  • MellowshipRighteous
    MellowshipRighteous 2 hours ago

    This made me cry.

  • Kourgan
    Kourgan 3 hours ago

    "Fight in our blood." - No. In your culture. Quite a difference.

      PORTALS 10 minutes ago

      It is in our blood. You are not Polish. Quite a difference.

    HUMAN TOILET BOWL 3 hours ago

    Some of these stare downs are creepy 😂

  • Tomasz Radwański
    Tomasz Radwański 3 hours ago


  • Tomasz Radwański
    Tomasz Radwański 3 hours ago


  • whole27
    whole27 3 hours ago

    Say what you want about Luke and i dont like the guy much either but I felt bad for him. Jan thinks of himself as such a tough guy so I wanted Luke to hurt him

  • Kani X
    Kani X 3 hours ago

    Everyone in the comments can take a real shot and eat it right...

  • Mohd Arif
    Mohd Arif 3 hours ago

    kevin lee sees a hole in Brian's korean pronounciation

  • d_avi_d 1
    d_avi_d 1 3 hours ago

    Cudowne by było zobaczyć Janka z Jonem Jones

  • Christian Hip
    Christian Hip 3 hours ago

    i would not mind watching nate diaz vs wonderboy. Both real martial artists with a lot of respect for their opponents.