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I got her pregnant...
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  • AnaLisa Rosas
    AnaLisa Rosas 3 hours ago

    Lmao he wearing the Versace glasses from the paper clip Challenge! 😂

  • Michael Peel
    Michael Peel 4 hours ago

    That’s insane and savage lol

  • Jose Robles
    Jose Robles 4 hours ago

    went are you doing the music vidoe

  • ItzRhinOツ
    ItzRhinOツ 4 hours ago

    RUG: WHY ME ghost: you chose to be here lmao

  • kody pierce
    kody pierce 4 hours ago

    "i dont think this is going to work" proceeds to cover his phone in toothpaste

  • Sammyd0008 Rocco
    Sammyd0008 Rocco 4 hours ago

    7:33 that is taco burger 😂 Toco bell

  • Lady J
    Lady J 4 hours ago

    He sucks

  • Alissa Johnson
    Alissa Johnson 4 hours ago

    I’m actually going to try the printed paper tattoo hack my moms going to be so mad before I tell her it’s a prank I might be dead

  • Andrea Gonzalez
    Andrea Gonzalez 4 hours ago

    He didn’t even look surprised that looked planned

    JASON THE GUY 4 hours ago

    You got to play with the professor now

  • Eddy Reyes
    Eddy Reyes 4 hours ago

    God bless

  • Eddy Reyes
    Eddy Reyes 4 hours ago

    Can i plzzz have your old phone i need a iPhone i have a Android and it dont work i dont even get your notifications my ig is (trippiecarmen) dm there not even the email works plzz come thru idc if the iphone is cracked ill fix it

  • Jake Hall
    Jake Hall 4 hours ago

    Your a nice guy

    STREETFAM5 4 hours ago


  • Raul Raul
    Raul Raul 4 hours ago

    The first phone is white the second is black

  • anndy braima
    anndy braima 4 hours ago

    Copied Keira Bridget but yh

  • ReZounds
    ReZounds 4 hours ago

    10:10 for those of us who were just curious and don’t actually want to watch the vlog

  • April lamboy Juntilla Montes

    Stupid game

  • Joseph Hixson
    Joseph Hixson 4 hours ago

    4 ouy of 5

  • Debora Hernandez
    Debora Hernandez 4 hours ago

    I wishhh

  • Reveal Ninja
    Reveal Ninja 4 hours ago

    Lol she just want to touch em

  • Pylon Cam
    Pylon Cam 4 hours ago

    🙏🏽 ✝️

  • Omar Carlon
    Omar Carlon 4 hours ago

    The second live hack Is not true the ice is making the drink go up more

  • Victoriagymnastics Queen

    The taco burger one only works at some places cause another you tuber did it and it worked

  • Marco Murguia
    Marco Murguia 4 hours ago

    4:30 most stupid life hack ever, one with ice and the other one is like 60% of ice wtf.

  • Curry Jacobi
    Curry Jacobi 4 hours ago

    Butt ho

  • Jake Ziegler
    Jake Ziegler 4 hours ago

    Me; yay faze gave us a shout out Everyone:he gave as all

  • Curry Jacobi
    Curry Jacobi 4 hours ago

    Butt ho

  • Erwvhenz Janine VLOGS

    Is this real that u got arrested?

  • Xienjo Terrado
    Xienjo Terrado 4 hours ago

    Bro Faze I’m a big fan pls.. heart my comment I don’t care if not I just want you to notice this

  • G7PZ
    G7PZ 4 hours ago

    Rug it’s because of the ice that makes it look full

  • Your PsN
    Your PsN 4 hours ago

    *15 seconds in* Me: that's all I needed to see

  • Vness x
    Vness x 4 hours ago

    Im not even gonna lie but I was disappointed when he told the workers bout the Starbucks hacks I bet they contacted the manager and about to charge for the ice Btw. Noah a Savage

  • Dan Cruz
    Dan Cruz 4 hours ago

    The star bucks one is just because the ice makes it Higher

  • hanley ilustre
    hanley ilustre 4 hours ago

    In the first lifehack the phone was white(the cracked one)And when the "person" whipped the phone it turns Black TADA!!

  • fRENny mOttO
    fRENny mOttO 4 hours ago


  • Haze Trencer
    Haze Trencer 4 hours ago

    The second one is because there is too much ice using the space

  • ツAyNyboiny
    ツAyNyboiny 4 hours ago

    Rugs hair though :) 0:00

  • Dino Sucic
    Dino Sucic 4 hours ago

    like who want to know where is michael

  • Victoriagymnastics Queen

    omg I cannot stress this enough. ICE TAKES UP SPACE IN DRINKS

  • Ahmed Game Over
    Ahmed Game Over 4 hours ago

    Guy: i was in mcdonald 100 days in a row Mom: am a joke to you

  • poopy socks
    poopy socks 4 hours ago

    It works but it waters it down and it dousnt taste the sam

  • Lucas Lindved
    Lucas Lindved 4 hours ago

    The Phone in the tiktok that is destroyer switch colors

  • Christian Myles Ypil

    You Become A Richest In The World

  • zeina saab
    zeina saab 4 hours ago

    I tried the tattoo a million times and it didn’t work

  • Charlie Potts
    Charlie Potts 4 hours ago

    Yes rug we did indeed knew that ice takes up liquid

  • Vinayak Sogani
    Vinayak Sogani 4 hours ago

    5:00 Which planet is closest to the sun? Its a tough one😐😐.. how can this not be a joke

  • HamzaTuber XD
    HamzaTuber XD 4 hours ago

    You are doing good so far with the vlogmas. I've been watching since vlogmas 1

  • Boukhezna Sammy
    Boukhezna Sammy 4 hours ago

    Bro on 1.10minuts you see a white phone and after it became black

  • Jocelyne Pancoe
    Jocelyne Pancoe 4 hours ago

    2019 Christmas

  • Hunter Patrick
    Hunter Patrick 4 hours ago

    Faze Rug you are so amazing at uploading amazing videos your video ideas are so amazing especially this on.

  • Dominque Lewis
    Dominque Lewis 4 hours ago

    I wish someone could do this in LYNCHBURG

  • Tayma Kheir
    Tayma Kheir 4 hours ago

    1. I wake up 2. I meet FaZe Rug 3. I win the Lottery! 4. I become Famous No, this is the real order: 3, 4, 2, 1

  • DWK !
    DWK ! 4 hours ago

    It went all the way up there... it went way higher... lol!!

  • Dominque Lewis
    Dominque Lewis 4 hours ago

    You are awesome

  • Santino Yusingco
    Santino Yusingco 4 hours ago


  • Logan PURDUE
    Logan PURDUE 4 hours ago

    The 1st on was different colour phones

  • زهرا يوسفي
    زهرا يوسفي 4 hours ago

    Rug doesn’t no what Pepsi and coke are

  • Pheonix-Crystal
    Pheonix-Crystal 4 hours ago

    Can you go back to daily vlogging please

  • Tei Zorz
    Tei Zorz 4 hours ago

    You are hard ...

  • OnXy 23
    OnXy 23 4 hours ago

    This is cringe : fbi:oh shit let’s go back and in the room and look on the top of the Self

  • Alex Chavez
    Alex Chavez 4 hours ago

    Bro today was a crazy ass day today bc there was a huge brawl fight at my high school and it was Mexicans vs blacks which made it more violent but thank God that I was not involved or in the fight bc I would've got my ass beat. But yeah it was crazy!!!!

  • YourMomsDaddy
    YourMomsDaddy 4 hours ago

    Yall are stupid asf honestly. Ice TAKES UP SPACE

  • Koubeto GR
    Koubeto GR 4 hours ago

    Santa Barbara

  • Anthony James
    Anthony James 4 hours ago


  • Fadumo. Hared
    Fadumo. Hared 4 hours ago

    Fuck you faze rug you got a big ass nose and your brother doesn’t know how to play basketball

  • Juan Romero
    Juan Romero 4 hours ago

    From a white phone to a black phone smh

  • Didan Gamer
    Didan Gamer 4 hours ago

    Rug do a hide and seek in the mall or trampoline park

  • Tim Brink
    Tim Brink 4 hours ago

    2019 anyone? Like if 2019 👇🏻

  • Zinz
    Zinz 4 hours ago

    Please do a Part 2.

  • Yousif Haitham
    Yousif Haitham 4 hours ago

    Bro I just woke up and I saw FaZe Rugs new video. Omg I got in DIRECTLY

  • Ruben Perez
    Ruben Perez 4 hours ago

    God why is this garbage always in my trending feed.

  • Ali S
    Ali S 4 hours ago

    i thot she was about to clean the floor 7:08

  • CustomReaper
    CustomReaper 4 hours ago

    Does anyone know the spray can there using? Trying to hydro dip my shoes

  • bilal yaghi
    bilal yaghi 4 hours ago

    Every day you upload i watch the video

  • Kamui Woods
    Kamui Woods 4 hours ago

    Yo rug just watched a old video of yours it was a race with tanner fox when is the next race cause u did say theres gonna be another one

  • Yuvran
    Yuvran 4 hours ago

    7:49 that guy did it as a funny skit

  • jessica wesley
    jessica wesley 4 hours ago


    TOXYY OP 4 hours ago

    Every Indian use that ice trick

  • CoolDude 37CX
    CoolDude 37CX 4 hours ago

    Life hackssss

  • Extreamspice
    Extreamspice 4 hours ago

    Shoutout exstreamespice

  • Allien-_-
    Allien-_- 4 hours ago

    that guy at the candy shot is the homie

  • Eknoor Grewal
    Eknoor Grewal 4 hours ago

    Lmao where tf did Noah get tht much money fham 😂🤙

  • Extreamspice
    Extreamspice 4 hours ago

    Subscribe to Exstream spice

  • Charlie Phillips
    Charlie Phillips 4 hours ago

    The colour changes around the edges of the phone

  • Jaya Lemay
    Jaya Lemay 4 hours ago

    Yo the outside of the phone is white then black lmao *the first part*

  • Jessica Deyzel
    Jessica Deyzel 4 hours ago

    The toothpaste on the phone... It anyone notice it was a DIFFERENT phone and color?!?!?!

  • Oli Clayton
    Oli Clayton 4 hours ago


  • kyson green
    kyson green 4 hours ago

    One like = 1 prayer for Noah not getting beat up by rug

  • Kelvin Ekhator
    Kelvin Ekhator 4 hours ago

    For the first it changed colour

  • ileanaa 23
    ileanaa 23 4 hours ago

    Tik tok is stupid.

  • youstilllikeburgers
    youstilllikeburgers 4 hours ago

    The iPhone wasn't even the same, how did it even bent back to it's original shape

  • kyson green
    kyson green 4 hours ago

    We litty like a candle

  • Andhreaz Noble-Clark

    Yes I would

  • Sanzhar
    Sanzhar 4 hours ago

    Blakpods pro. Rug: the best part is, they’re very cheap. Me: wtf.

  • Seany HMS
    Seany HMS 4 hours ago

    I think its worth a billion dolers

  • fnx aydi
    fnx aydi 4 hours ago

    The first one was white and then black

  • Rachel Lynn
    Rachel Lynn 4 hours ago

    papa rug: where’s my dallor 😂😂😂

  • Jesus Gomez
    Jesus Gomez 4 hours ago