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I Got A K-Pop Makeover
Views 7M3 months ago
Choosing My Wedding Dress
Views 14M7 months ago
I Dressed Like It Was 1977
Views 4.3M2 years ago
I Tried Period Yoga Pants
Views 3.8M2 years ago
The History of Lipstick
Views 2.5M2 years ago
I Tried Period Leggings
Views 4.4M2 years ago
The History Of Chokers
Views 4.2M2 years ago


  • its ya boy markimoo
    its ya boy markimoo 42 minutes ago

    I am obviously here for casey neistat! Thought it was funny and amazing🤩🤙🤣🕶

  • Tori Barron
    Tori Barron 58 minutes ago

    I really liked the 20s, 60s, and the 40s. Those were my favorites.

  • KittyNightmarest

    Does Ann Marie's order come with a small mixer or did you have to buy that separately?

  • spellbound_1
    spellbound_1 Hour ago

    The ASMR in this is honestly so good it took me like 5 minutes to get this typed out, I was so relaxed I couldn't concentrate

  • Zein Darmaindo
    Zein Darmaindo Hour ago

    I like the first and second style... very accurate 80's style

  • Kiterpuss
    Kiterpuss Hour ago

    So fun chemistry fact: the reason the lipsticks look dustier or darker in the tube versus when applied is that some of the filling ingredients (the stuff that evaporated when melted) were removed from the formula. Also, when they were melted and repoured, they weren't whipped or heated gently to maintain the softness that the original products had. Basically, when you remolded the lipsticks, they were harder but also denser, causing them to require more effort to apply and to appear darker than expected.

  • sugarglider5
    sugarglider5 Hour ago

    the 1940's dress had me screaming "PEGGY CARTER ??"

  • seham aga
    seham aga Hour ago

    i know you don’t really repeat video ideas but i’d love to see you do this again with a different technique or style or whatever

  • Melody Morning Star

    Tyler I’m gonna woof

  • cowplant splines

    6:30 as a current goth former punk and perpetual fashion history nerd, i think ya done good. the hair is definitely leaning a bit more tradgoth to me (read: how i do my hair), but i'll give it a pass as this is a late seventies look and post-punk would soon emerge in the coming years. overall the rest of it is pretty spot on save the lack of rips and holes in the tights.

    • cowplant splines
      cowplant splines Hour ago

      also i will say you're right in assuming hairspray is a useful tool in trying to create the illusion of height. it's very useful to me and my 5'3" frame at least. in that same line of thinking, did you know that if you wear enough eyeliner people will stop asking you if you need a kids menu at restaurants no matter how short or baby-faced you are? i personally recommend it.

  • Dena Redford
    Dena Redford Hour ago

    You have a beautiful voice . Your also pretty funny .🤣

  • R. Dexter
    R. Dexter Hour ago

    I just looked up bite lipstick and they are $26.00 lipstick????? and Safiya got like 5 colors??? I don't really wear makeup and even when I did it was all drugstore makeup so I'm not sure what counts as expensive lipstick, but that seems really expensive to me?

  • Miranda
    Miranda Hour ago

    Safiya manages to look beautiful in everything but the 40's outfit is my favorite, though minimalistic it's very elegant.

  • Renee' Winters
    Renee' Winters Hour ago

    I kind of dig the first two dresses.

  • Rebecca Dsouza
    Rebecca Dsouza Hour ago

    hurray just what I needed to take the pain awayyyyy!!!!

  • Megan Lawrence
    Megan Lawrence Hour ago

    My closet In percentages: - 70% primark clothes -3% school stuff/PE/etc -7% bags ( I have an obsession -10% jackets (my second obsession) -5% Next -5% Merch from YT Edit: I went to the biggest primark in Britain (Birmingham) and tbh it was wayyy better than any other primark, 3 floors and 1 underground floors. 1 Disney Cafe, 1 restaurant, massive Harry Potter section, massive Disney section. Security guards checking everyone before they left and arrived. And much much more! I honestly don’t know how I only spent £40 in there 😂

  • cowplant splines

    11:37 welcome to my world, tyler. thou hast entered the last of hairspray and teasing. hope you enjoyed your stay.

  • Reuben Byon
    Reuben Byon Hour ago

    The sleeping headphones can probably be moved under the fabric to fit your specific needs. I was confused at first too when I got mine. Sorry if I’m late

  • David D. Allen
    David D. Allen Hour ago

    Not so crazy about the wedding dress series.

  • NatTheNewt
    NatTheNewt Hour ago

    love your sideburns!!

  • Holly Matlock
    Holly Matlock Hour ago

    Loving the 20s style on you. This was so fun to watch!

  • Sophia Robert
    Sophia Robert 2 hours ago

    Can we get a wedding vlog tho This isn't about her it's about the veiws so Come on lets go

  • Ruby Bisby
    Ruby Bisby 2 hours ago

    I’m from the future and now in 2019/2020 you have 8million

  • Kay
    Kay 2 hours ago

    she should have put the heater on really warm so the candles would melt a little bit when she was scooping...

  • alexi brooks
    alexi brooks 2 hours ago

    Those sideburns though..🖤🤍💙 I love them! They are so uniquely Safiya! 🌚🦇

  • Myles Demastus
    Myles Demastus 2 hours ago

    I love how she calls 65 degrees “crisp.” Lmao help me I’m freezing.

  • Cass S
    Cass S 2 hours ago


  • Sister Dolphin
    Sister Dolphin 2 hours ago

    Tbh. Should have broken up and repanned the other shadow as the frankenguru was more mixed

  • Jay savage Boi Fans
    Jay savage Boi Fans 2 hours ago

    am i the only one who thought the lye was liquid

  • Katisnotaneyeball
    Katisnotaneyeball 2 hours ago

    This video made me want to go back to Vietnam so bad 😩

  • Lori Rodgers
    Lori Rodgers 2 hours ago

    1920s makeup really changed her look, but the 1940s is definitely her best style!

  • 2eternal2sunshine2
    2eternal2sunshine2 2 hours ago

    you look so good with the 30’s and 60’s style :) love the 60’s sm

  • Holly odii
    Holly odii 2 hours ago

    Love the 40's look!

  • Ramona Harris
    Ramona Harris 2 hours ago

    The girl in the hair dying video is Karina Garcia‘s twin!

  • Autumn Blair
    Autumn Blair 2 hours ago

    Oh my god your hair & makeup look SO GOOD!

  • Sophia Mendoza
    Sophia Mendoza 2 hours ago

    Franken shine

  • Mimi Bond
    Mimi Bond 3 hours ago

    Wow so awesome! I love how Saf really does research into the looks to make sure they are historically accurate. You have an amazing hair and make up team it's insane how much make up and wigs can change a look! I really loved the third dress. Do you get to keep all these because you should definitely find somewhere to wear that one to again it looked incredible!

  • m o r g s
    m o r g s 3 hours ago

    the amount of times she said “situation” in this video, girl have you been watching amberlynn

  • Wendy Ranta
    Wendy Ranta 3 hours ago

    I have a sweatshirt I got on wish, that I get so many complements on its crazy.

  • Emily B
    Emily B 3 hours ago

    I 100% would wear the 20's and the 40's and 60's look 😍😍😍

  • Isabelle Reicosky
    Isabelle Reicosky 3 hours ago

    "Speedy Bride" omg I am dyinggg

  • efaltia // XARA
    efaltia // XARA 3 hours ago

    Almost skipped the ads but then I remember it's Safiya's quality content

  • kzthryn thangjam
    kzthryn thangjam 3 hours ago

    2:26 why do i see blood there?

  • Tiffani Smart
    Tiffani Smart 3 hours ago

    Red mauver!

  • Stacey Edgette
    Stacey Edgette 3 hours ago

    I really throughly enjoyed this video. I wish I could afford or had people to do Lolita with. Since I found out about this look I have always wanted to wear one, but I have never had the funds to do so. :)

  • Kill Me Now, Or Don’t I’m just Gay

    I wish more youtubers used Celsius so I could understand. P.s. 100 f is 37.778 c so it’s a lil toasty

  • Sweetest_Sin_La
    Sweetest_Sin_La 3 hours ago

    This broke my heart to see that many lipsticks destroyed

  • R Roth
    R Roth 3 hours ago

    The first outfit is literally my aesthetic

  • Oll Korrect
    Oll Korrect 3 hours ago

    Her voice over is different in this one. A lot more... vocal range than I'm used to

  • BattyButtercup
    BattyButtercup 3 hours ago

    the heels are to encourage Crab Scuttling. BRING THE PAIN! FOR BURNING RED FEET AND AWKWARD SHUFFLING! i don't call my style "costume-y" because, pssht, COSTUME-Y IS AMATEUR: I AM "IN" COSTUME. a week of dressing as crustacean-ous as possible with mermaid/beach/ocean elements as "prop" accessories would sound fun. ...and a day of dressing as The Personification of the word "Crabby" as a fun throw-in to dress as grumpily as possible.

  • RøseShadøw
    RøseShadøw 4 hours ago

    Is it a weird that I've been literally playing with the marshmallow this whole entire video for no reason?

  • BlueEyes0682
    BlueEyes0682 4 hours ago

    Those little clear things look like those non slip shoe inserts

  • FaultyFemale
    FaultyFemale 4 hours ago

    7:50 the true inspiration for the Cheeto shade in Shane’s pallet

  • Corrine Hessel
    Corrine Hessel 4 hours ago

    I have a dress from 1897 that was gifted to me along with the picture of the bride who wore it and it’s one of the things I really love,I also have the wedding album that came with it and an original invitation and I’m looking for living descendants of the couple,I’ve done research on both sides of the family and have hit a wall

  • Adele Robinson
    Adele Robinson 4 hours ago

    I actually prefer the second shoe u put on at the end after ur feet were hurting lol it looked great with ur final outfit should have just wore those anyway babe xXx

  • you_know its_me
    you_know its_me 4 hours ago

    She should do a costume perfume now

  • Stacey Edgette
    Stacey Edgette 4 hours ago

    I am new to the channel, but I am loving the content, even if it has made me feel melancholy. :)

  • •Elijah Elmmental•


  • *Strawberry Chan*
    *Strawberry Chan* 4 hours ago

    *o k a y y y y y*

  • Yeeet Welch
    Yeeet Welch 4 hours ago

    I like makeup

  • Curious Mercy
    Curious Mercy 4 hours ago

    I have plantar fasciitis 2

  • soundsofanne
    soundsofanne 4 hours ago

    If only they'd said Bailenglaca like the shoes from the market in Hong Kong, they would have been perfect.

  • Clifford Family
    Clifford Family 4 hours ago

    15:05 Why does it remind me of JJBA

  • deysi cortes
    deysi cortes 4 hours ago

    Anyone else things the girl in 11:00 looks like safiya? 😱 she even has safiya style

  • •Elijah Elmmental•

    You should have goon to yankee candle and gotten one of each candle

  • Bella Ruby
    Bella Ruby 4 hours ago

    The teal one could have been “SPILL THE TEAL”

  • Kawaii Cotton Candy Heart

    Look at the girls in the background😂 4:08

  • Lauren Sekelsky
    Lauren Sekelsky 5 hours ago

    I am LIVING for that subtle Masters of Disguise reference! 😂

  • Melody Morning Star
    Melody Morning Star 5 hours ago

    It’s bugging me how Safiya doesn’t run a spooly thru her brows or carve them out with concealer

  • Awesomeamelia !
    Awesomeamelia ! 5 hours ago

    16:13 starts the asmr

  • Ruth Baby
    Ruth Baby 5 hours ago

    Why didn't you keep the melon baller in hot water so it was easier to get the wax out?

  • Lore Lynn
    Lore Lynn 5 hours ago

    1920s is my fav era, but not the Gatsby style... @27:42 You're Gorgeous! Makeup was amazing! You are Beautiful! Love your wedding dress!! Great video and thanks for the history lesson. I really enjoyed watching this. <3

  • Sarah GH
    Sarah GH 5 hours ago

    The '40s looks like it was made for Safiya! She looks amazing!! I kinda want a dress like that now, just for everyday wearing purposes haa

  • Cow Cow Moo
    Cow Cow Moo 5 hours ago

    I’d name it Frank-ly mauve

  • Maleah Perdue
    Maleah Perdue 5 hours ago

    hugs her what did you yes or no

  • Maris Norton
    Maris Norton 5 hours ago

    i swear at like 4:45 a background song from harry potter started playing and if it really is from harry potter... well then i guess i just need to get a life....

  • Hello Friend
    Hello Friend 5 hours ago

    DEMON PANTS *Hiss*

  • life as mia a
    life as mia a 5 hours ago


  • Nadya Ferguson
    Nadya Ferguson 5 hours ago

    I'm supposed to be planning my wedding but here I am....this is better less stressful

  • Shyanne Pego
    Shyanne Pego 6 hours ago


  • Ella Criqui
    Ella Criqui 6 hours ago

    Did anyone notice that lady at 4:09???

  • Jenny Pai
    Jenny Pai 6 hours ago

    TBH Saw looked great in all the looks

  • Bartimaeus18
    Bartimaeus18 6 hours ago

    Take a shot every time safiya says "situation."

  • Jennifer Boniewicz
    Jennifer Boniewicz 6 hours ago


  • skippy-slippy
    skippy-slippy 6 hours ago


  • Mara Weddle
    Mara Weddle 6 hours ago

    Galaxy Grey, or something like Astronauts Lip for the grey one. Also, I realize I'm here like half a year later, but I think it's a nice name.

  • Ellie Ku
    Ellie Ku 6 hours ago

    "It's not quite bad makeup science, but it might be a bad life decision." ~Safiya Nygard 2019

  • Jenny Pai
    Jenny Pai 6 hours ago

    "Well, I'm about to be rationed for life"

  • Stupidgracie
    Stupidgracie 6 hours ago

    Just got platform crocs off dolls kill for $15 during a flash sale, and finally fulfilled the dream I’ve had since this video first came out

  • Bootyduties
    Bootyduties 6 hours ago

    17:16 Best moment ever, thank you Saf 😂

  • gothic lemons
    gothic lemons 6 hours ago

    1:40 Jennifer Lawrence on the left, 1:50 Halsey on the right

  • Jessica Goreham-Penney

    I kind of hope Safiya and Tyler have a 20s themed wedding, that was a pretty look! 😙

  • Vanessa lolol
    Vanessa lolol 6 hours ago

    Been a year and she gained 3+ million subscribers 👏🏼👏🏼🤍🤍🤍🤍

  • Yamileth Gonzalez
    Yamileth Gonzalez 6 hours ago

    Safiya :the mascara is almost elastic Tyler: a little bit Safiya:it reminds me of the taquito I just ate

  • Jocelyn Ogden
    Jocelyn Ogden 6 hours ago

    "And spoopy. Do people still say that?"

  • Declutter your life
    Declutter your life 6 hours ago

    Am I the only one that loves the last outfit?🤪😅

  • Alysa Gustafson
    Alysa Gustafson 6 hours ago

    The famous jumpsuit