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G.C.F in Helsinki
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  • Sea Horse
    Sea Horse 8 seconds ago

    They are beyond adorable 🥺

  • •Park Noora•
    •Park Noora• 9 seconds ago

    الفيديو الوحيد اللي فهمتة! الارمي العربي يعرف ليش😂 ماتكلموا ابد وبيغشيت حاطين ترجمة🙂

  • *kim roxi*
    *kim roxi* 14 seconds ago

    Me alegra despertar y que ellos sean lo primero que vea 🥰❤️

  • Debbie Walker
    Debbie Walker 15 seconds ago

    Taehyung e Namjoon são ligados no 220 😂😂 B💜 BT💜 BTS💜 BT💜 B💜

  • OT7RM
    OT7RM 17 seconds ago

    Staff just don’t care about the two grown men running awkwardly and doing jumping jacks around the room

  • 방탄소년단정국
    방탄소년단정국 18 seconds ago

    ماذه تفعلون😂😂😂اتمنه تضيفو الغه العربيه ارجوكم💔😭

  • Asuka
    Asuka 25 seconds ago

    🐨🐻알앤뷔는 사랑입니다💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    ARMY•URMY 41 second ago


  • Julienne Bien
    Julienne Bien 43 seconds ago

    stan jin mga tukmol 😭😭😭

  • Kim taehyung Office
    Kim taehyung Office 48 seconds ago

    Rm v love bts 😘😍😻

  • MaeMae Asper
    MaeMae Asper Minute ago

    Cutiees 💜💜🤣🤣

  • Ереке Ерекенов


  • Abby Bryzelle
    Abby Bryzelle Minute ago

    Joonie be careful with that airpods😏

  • view 101
    view 101 Minute ago

    such a beautiful song

  • I'm yes ;3
    I'm yes ;3 Minute ago

    Im already tired just watching it

  • Angélica star
    Angélica star Minute ago

    Son tan lindos 😍😍

  • Archana Giri
    Archana Giri Minute ago

    Ha ha ....nice warmup guys ...tae and nam.....😆😆😁😁😁

  • nicole barrato
    nicole barrato Minute ago

    what a sight to watch :]

  • Unscripted
    Unscripted Minute ago

    my two brain cells tryna help me pass exams

  • view 101
    view 101 Minute ago

    The Kim brothers so cute

  • Emma Emm
    Emma Emm Minute ago

    No me voy a cansar decir : ohh subtítulos en inglés por lo menos?! Jajajajajaja

    HANEN WA Minute ago


  • Natashia Lorien
    Natashia Lorien Minute ago

    Taetae!! Joonie 💜💜

  • Sahara Bongaros
    Sahara Bongaros Minute ago

    Here goes the VMon HAHAHA😂LOVE THEM😍

  • Амина Гаджибалаева

    Ок арми вы тут😘? Если да то лайк 👇🏻

  • jjkessam
    jjkessam 2 minutes ago

    The warm up with GUSTO just got me.

  • 박옷장
    박옷장 2 minutes ago

    역시 방탄 클라스 내가 볼때 하트가 7만이었는데 지금은 20만임

  • Christya Agustina
    Christya Agustina 2 minutes ago

    Everybody says thankyou Namjoon

  • barbarar
    barbarar 2 minutes ago

    I love them!!!!!💜

  • 宮路富美子
    宮路富美子 2 minutes ago

    ジンちゃん、やっぱりスポーツ 神経いいんだなぁ。 スノーボードカッコイイよ🙆‍♀️

  • Reeme Mili
    Reeme Mili 2 minutes ago

    Omg My heart is going boom boom after seeing jimin oppa and jungkook' oppas. Dance

  • brave soul
    brave soul 2 minutes ago

    You're 1year late

  • Heloísa Leão
    Heloísa Leão 2 minutes ago

    Vcs sabiam q da p colocar esses videos no Instagram e tal recomendo usar mais vlw

  • Lily
    Lily 2 minutes ago

    Lo estaba viendo en el metro (se me olvido conectar los audífonos) y la gente se me quedo mirando raro por los sonidos. JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJ

  • Ayşegül Özcan
    Ayşegül Özcan 2 minutes ago

    Suga say J-hooooooooope 3time . ^^ SOPE ¶¶=) ❤

  • Jeon Jungkook #ArmyForever

    Namjoon und Taehyung haben vergessen das sie erwachsen sind😂💕

  • Ruth Foryou
    Ruth Foryou 3 minutes ago

    JK is so serious

  • christine salami7
    christine salami7 3 minutes ago

    That is so lovely I enjoy watching them My precious boys 💜💜💜😁😁😁

  • 김용재
    김용재 3 minutes ago

    Cool jump👍 I'm so jumped after this video👌 And who wanted to jump after the video

  • 삐꾸뀨
    삐꾸뀨 3 minutes ago

    하..너무 귀여워ㅠㅠ 무슨 둘다 댕댕이같아ㅠㅠ

  • 山本海佑
    山本海佑 3 minutes ago

    00:28 WOW…

  • ARMY de corazon BTS is love

    Que lindo 😢

  • Mariana alcantar
    Mariana alcantar 3 minutes ago

    Ay mis bebes

    ARMY BTS 3 minutes ago


  • Dewi Safitri
    Dewi Safitri 3 minutes ago

    45 detik yg sangat berarti

  • my euphoria
    my euphoria 3 minutes ago

    Que hacían jajaja

  • 박옷장
    박옷장 3 minutes ago


  • Paola C.
    Paola C. 3 minutes ago

    When namjoon raised his arms he looked like a swan 😂😂

  • Lucky sambhoj
    Lucky sambhoj 3 minutes ago

    If tae will do exercise with me like this I sware I'll exercise everyday

  • pøtatø chàn
    pøtatø chàn 4 minutes ago

    *let's all wear black and white and not tell jimin*

  • 宮路富美子
    宮路富美子 4 minutes ago

    なかなか外国語など、覚えることなど できないよ🙅‍♀️🌻🐣🇯🇵🙆‍♀️😭

    ARMY BTS 4 minutes ago

    I love you V RM 💜 love you V RM 💜

  • Høney Springs
    Høney Springs 4 minutes ago

    Try closing your eyes-

  • Mary ღHoseokღ
    Mary ღHoseokღ 4 minutes ago


  • {BlackChin Lokona}
    {BlackChin Lokona} 4 minutes ago

    So it's..😐

  • lisbeth vasquez
    lisbeth vasquez 4 minutes ago

    Wo hermoso

  • 김지원
    김지원 4 minutes ago


  • tanmayee dharbale
    tanmayee dharbale 4 minutes ago

    Bts: jumps Bighit: OmG that is some delicious content. Armys r gonna dieeeee

  • Aiya Nurul
    Aiya Nurul 5 minutes ago

    I love you oppa 😍

  • kpop life
    kpop life 5 minutes ago

    That look adorableeeeeeeeee ready to explode armys with their cuteness

  • Milagros Marcelo
    Milagros Marcelo 5 minutes ago


  • Bouchra Amira
    Bouchra Amira 5 minutes ago

    Guys ; for RUclip ...its a trend these days to recommend those old bangtan bomb episodes.

  • Neasa Donnelly
    Neasa Donnelly 5 minutes ago

    how the hell are they so coordinated

  • V Girl
    V Girl 5 minutes ago

    Me : *isn't Namjoon trying to get away from Tae actually?* Also me : *Jimin u nice keep looking cute as always*

  • Tuany Barros
    Tuany Barros 5 minutes ago

    so cute kkkkkkkkk

  • Rahaf Maamoun
    Rahaf Maamoun 5 minutes ago

    مش فهمه بتعملوا ايه بس قمرين🥺💜💜

  • Jane Walker
    Jane Walker 5 minutes ago

    😂😂😂😂😂cute 😍💜💜

  • K_pop Sope
    K_pop Sope 5 minutes ago

    #kurdisharmy #kurdishfan

  • mafe garcia
    mafe garcia 5 minutes ago

    Is soo cool jumps jsjsjsjs

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 5 minutes ago

    When I see all the bts together, one hand and a beautiful feeling .. I hope that the bts are always fine. I love you so much 💓 taehyung 😊 😚

  • Agisu Maezesha
    Agisu Maezesha 5 minutes ago


  • K_pop Sope
    K_pop Sope 5 minutes ago

    Where jungkookie ?

  • Ilda Pohan
    Ilda Pohan 5 minutes ago

    i love joon's expression.

  • xmonnie.ah.x UwU
    xmonnie.ah.x UwU 6 minutes ago

    Profesor: Hagan ejercicio Mis amigos y yo al fondo de la clase:

  • Lucy Trunk
    Lucy Trunk 6 minutes ago

    They are adorable 😍

  • kpop life
    kpop life 6 minutes ago

    Namjoon pleasedo not break or loose those airpods big hit is probably not to red of it and uses to it you know what never mind do what u wanna do Also thanks for the English subs for no one talking :)

  • kavya kavi
    kavya kavi 6 minutes ago

    Ahh.. V💜

  • fakeu love
    fakeu love 6 minutes ago


    A.R.M.Y JUNG HOSEOK 6 minutes ago


  • Gibran Wahyu
    Gibran Wahyu 6 minutes ago

    wow great taehyung coloring his hair again

  • 아야방탄소 년난 army

    ilove you bts 😭😭😢😢 forever

  • Elsa P
    Elsa P 6 minutes ago

    Tae:Black swan Joonie: White swan 0:11 :se ven como cisnes volando LOL

  • Vedavally Gurumoorthy
    Vedavally Gurumoorthy 6 minutes ago

    Bighit staffs are the luckiest Human beings in the entire universe.

  • Elsa Agustin
    Elsa Agustin 6 minutes ago

    Taehyung 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • محمد العراقي

    I love to BTS 💜 I Love to v 💜 I Love to RM💜 I Love to 💜

  • Vante Tae
    Vante Tae 6 minutes ago

    I love Kim brothers 💜

  • Aina Alexandra
    Aina Alexandra 6 minutes ago


  • Surooka Swan
    Surooka Swan 6 minutes ago


  • 宮路富美子
    宮路富美子 6 minutes ago

    BTS防弾少年弾7人は、日本語🇯🇵、 英語🇺🇸素晴らしい いつ覚えているのだろうか⁉️

  • chimmy chuchu
    chimmy chuchu 6 minutes ago

    "Is this us?" Medyo lutang tayo guys🤣

  • syhmn frz
    syhmn frz 7 minutes ago

    am i the only one who thinks bangtan bombs are just baby videos of the boys recorded by whipped staffs?

  • smeraldo
    smeraldo 7 minutes ago

    Babies 😘

  • taebaebae
    taebaebae 7 minutes ago

    I can't believe we've reached the point where we're getting official translations for Bangtan Bombs. So many years I just laughed when they laughed.

  • The Darby Family Vlog
    The Darby Family Vlog 7 minutes ago

    This is a channel i admire so much the content is so amazing and well put together and I’ve taken a lot of tips from them and recently started my own channel and would love to get some feedback and support

  • Gilvan Da Silva Araujo
    Gilvan Da Silva Araujo 7 minutes ago


  • Alexia Torres
    Alexia Torres 7 minutes ago

    No sé que está pasando pero me agrada 💜

  • Hye Kang
    Hye Kang 7 minutes ago

    And in today's episode we have, working out with the NamV traducción al español,no vaser al coreano wey: y en el episodio de hoy tenemos,eJERCITANDONOS CON EL NAMV

  • Yellow Eye Gacha
    Yellow Eye Gacha 7 minutes ago

    it makes me jealous how Hope looks at the girl -~-

  • Manik Verma
    Manik Verma 7 minutes ago

    v so cute 💘💘💜💜💜