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DDG - 13 (Offical Audio)
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DDG - Pontiac (Audio)
Views 507KYear ago
DDG - Bank (Audio)
Views 118KYear ago
DDG - Givenchy (Audio)
Views 124KYear ago
DDG - New Money (Audio)
Views 824KYear ago


  • funtime jamaica
    funtime jamaica 34 minutes ago

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  • Mr_ toxseekツ
    Mr_ toxseekツ Hour ago

    Tik tok be like:

  • 256MadeKey
    256MadeKey 2 hours ago

    Guess what I’m listening to alll December 🐒

  • Max Payne
    Max Payne 3 hours ago


  • Max Payne
    Max Payne 3 hours ago

    Fire bro.

  • rocketman jeff
    rocketman jeff 3 hours ago

    Yo this shit fire AF 🔥🔥😱🤩♥️👍NO CAPP

  • Yostinrocks Buten
    Yostinrocks Buten 4 hours ago

    I'm here at 700k this is littt🔥🔥🔥

  • Aaliyah Danielle
    Aaliyah Danielle 4 hours ago

    How does this channel have less subscribers than the chris sails page 🤔👀🙄🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Moncho17🥶
    Moncho17🥶 10 hours ago

    December 2019 still listening

  • asante aalkebulan
    asante aalkebulan 11 hours ago

    Semu listen to this

  • Cory Thomas Garcia
    Cory Thomas Garcia 12 hours ago

    I'm so happy that he ain't no mumble rapper he needa blow up

  • Keyana
    Keyana 14 hours ago


  • Alice Hill
    Alice Hill 15 hours ago

    So sad

  • marika baker
    marika baker 15 hours ago

    and now they are over again

  • Eric Lopez
    Eric Lopez 15 hours ago


  • Tea Tea
    Tea Tea 18 hours ago


  • Enrique Casas
    Enrique Casas Day ago


  • Jannay Smalling

    I'm more like Batman 😂

    AXE. MOBILE Day ago

    This is not that good

  • Fradnight Gaming

    Kennedy has left the chat again for the 5th time

  • Hot Off The Press

    This a DDG banger. How yall disliking this?? 🔥

  • Aubrey Breaux
    Aubrey Breaux Day ago

    I hate when females lock the door when trying to work things out or talk about the situation

  • Lewl ❷
    Lewl ❷ Day ago

    he left kennedy so this music video can get clout ....he smart but stupid i bet they didnt even broke up for real

  • TheGloriousRaptor

    Dang was she really pregnant

    TTAVII Day ago


    TTAVII Day ago

    Fire bro

  • Velly BlaZe - iamvellyblaze

    This shit bang for real

  • Velly BlaZe - iamvellyblaze

    My guy 💪

  • Rick Mulaa
    Rick Mulaa Day ago

    Go pay that man you lose to in pain slime real niggas don’t move like that I would of hooked off on you and robbed you for that shit

  • 10,000 subscribers wit one video Challenge

    RUclip trash rapper

    • Khi
      Khi Day ago

      10,000 subscribers wit one video Challenge who?

  • TheSlayFamilies

    Who still here in 2019

  • Bonnie Bonnie
    Bonnie Bonnie Day ago

    Ya DDG

  • Bonnie Bonnie
    Bonnie Bonnie Day ago


  • Ruelll AKA Cowboy Paris

    Did mans say “myoo bien”?

  • Sawan Patel
    Sawan Patel Day ago

    Did he mention Tiana as his girl in Spanish

  • Xylon Beats
    Xylon Beats 2 days ago

    I wanna work with you man I love your music, can I send you beats

  • _ Desii_
    _ Desii_ 2 days ago

    This shit is so fckn hard

  • raquo NAE
    raquo NAE 2 days ago


  • DaughterOf TheMostHigh

    🖕🏾Right back atcha DDG !

  • Adriana Jonas
    Adriana Jonas 2 days ago

    This has been my favorite song for about a year now!!🥺

  • Angelique Airt
    Angelique Airt 2 days ago

    Manifest all of it 🥳

  • Alfonso Lancaster
    Alfonso Lancaster 2 days ago

    I wish this was on Spotify 🌝

  • Lewl ❷
    Lewl ❷ 2 days ago

    yall dont see it ....he just get back with kennedy for this music video just to dump her again

  • Betty Williams
    Betty Williams 2 days ago


  • kathem mhanna
    kathem mhanna 2 days ago

    This fiiiiiiiire my guy 🔥 🔥

  • Domonique Bassett
    Domonique Bassett 2 days ago

    You is a lesson and a blessing in alot of peoples lives keep goin up @DDG

  • Armaj Mott
    Armaj Mott 2 days ago

    can you make more videos.

  • Bs & Cs
    Bs & Cs 2 days ago

    1:22 thats yk osiris money in that dresser😂

  • Colicinz
    Colicinz 2 days ago

    Drake wannabe

  • Theyluvser
    Theyluvser 2 days ago

    Y’all realize after arguments part 1 they broke up, then after part 2 they broke up again?

  • ChefMusty Brown
    ChefMusty Brown 2 days ago

    DDG I know y’all ain’t together but from a distance seem like y’all meant to be bro

    • Jessii Lee
      Jessii Lee 5 hours ago

      They are definitely meant to be. They probably still together

    • Meresha Simon
      Meresha Simon 11 hours ago

      True! Sometimes when you're in it, you can't see, it takes persons on the outside to actually let you know. Many a times, people are meant for each other and don't even realize until it's too late. They may have moved on in life with other people, but would have been better off if they would have stayed together. I see that happening with two persons I grew up with. After looking at their lives, I came to the conclusion that they were perfect for each other...that they would have been moving mountains if they had stayed together; now it's too late! One is married with some issues; the other is separated from spouse. Sometimes I think we are a bit too greedy and needy. We just need to be satisfied and content in our relationship, especially if we say we love someone. Maybe the love they have for each other isn't strong enough, for if it were, they definitely would have stayed together through it all.

  • Jameira Pierce
    Jameira Pierce 2 days ago

    ddg won’t that ugly 😵

    CO HUNCHO 2 days ago


  • Two Five
    Two Five 2 days ago

    Why does he open his mouth so wide when he sings lol im scared he can’t perform his singing songs live he looks just weird doing music but this song is dope

  • KDKC real
    KDKC real 2 days ago

    Respect from your favorite producer: KDKC

  • Justice DeLeo(ST)
    Justice DeLeo(ST) 2 days ago

    who still listening 2019??

  • Diane Sims
    Diane Sims 2 days ago

    My cousin is a biggest fan I'm your biggest fan to

  • Girl Gang Mafia
    Girl Gang Mafia 2 days ago

    I listen to this song over and over

  • Nate Taz
    Nate Taz 2 days ago

    🚫 🧢 this my favorite dog song

  • NYC Ayden
    NYC Ayden 2 days ago

    Best video u made

  • Laflare Montana
    Laflare Montana 2 days ago

    And Ddg This song is fireeeee I fucks with it you came along way

  • Laflare Montana
    Laflare Montana 2 days ago

    soundcloud.com/lbfchinola-111/ghostsprod99slime Follow my SoundCloud and make sure you like my track and repost it and show love I had to self promote myself I got Know Body to support me But make sure you listen to my first Track I’ll really appreciate it

  • A - Jay
    A - Jay 2 days ago

    Shit he blew up since i watched his vlogs and his first songs

  • Key_the_ Don_
    Key_the_ Don_ 3 days ago

    When the music video DDG?????

  • Good Good
    Good Good 3 days ago

    Man wth was this the music video was cool but come on you know for a fact you could have done better with the audio Darryl

  • Koan Morris
    Koan Morris 3 days ago

    kinda heat tho

  • BoogyBoyz
    BoogyBoyz 3 days ago

    SIGN ME‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • CMC - XL
    CMC - XL 3 days ago

    Hook is catchy asf


    From the yak? Keep doin ya thing pontiac stand up

  • LugoTheManHD
    LugoTheManHD 3 days ago

    This song is fire 🔥

  • A2StylerZ
    A2StylerZ 3 days ago

    Intro] TreOnTheBeat, yeah Yeah, okay, yeah, yeah I feel niggas plotting, I can feel it in my, yeah [Chorus] I feel niggas plotting, I can feel it in my soul (No) He not 'bout that action, he clout chasin', he a troll My new girl is spanish but no hablo español I lose all my morals with these females on the road I feel niggas plotting, I can feel it in my soul (No) He not 'bout that action, he clout chasin', he a troll My new girl is spanish but no hablo español I lose all my morals with these females on the road [Verse 1] I need all the profits, I don't like to do splits Niggas hatin' on me 'cause they broke and I'm lit She tried to keep me to herself but I can never commit She know I'm fuckin' hella hoes but I would never admit These niggas frauds, I don't know why they cappin' I cannot believe one word that they rappin' I got like three hoes that are stuffed in my wagon Had four cups of Henny, I don't know what happened When I come around I be making them nervous Uber to the hills where there's Bentley, no service I pop a her, I boot her, I'm closing the curtain, these girls want the clout, these girls want the birkin' [Bridge] But I'm not a come up I've been working 'til the sun up (I've been working 'til the sun up) My ex called but I hung up I'm just tryna get my funds up No time to be sprung up [Chorus] I feel niggas plotting, I can feel it in my soul (No) He not 'bout that action, he clout chasin', he a troll My new girl is spanish but no hablo español I lose all my morrowals with these females ion the rowad I feel niggas plotting, I can feel it in my soul (No) He not 'bout that action, he clout chasin', he a troll My new girl is spanish but no hablo español I lose all my morrowals with these females ion the rowad [Verse 2] Don't know you, don't dap me Duckin' these niggas, don't deaf me Freaky lil bitch said, "Slap me" I'ma pop her ass like acne Tour on the road in a sprinter We've been on the road since winter Working too hard, skip dinner Fuckin' all hoes, I'm a sinner I don't need you I got me, bitch I'm hot just like the Taki's, chant like paki, you can't stop me Niggas are crazy 'cause they not me I got the money, the fame, the hoes I got the shoes, the chains, the clothes I smell cap all in my nose Roll on my right, just the way that I go [Chorus] I feel niggas plotting, I can feel it in my soul (No) He not 'bout that action, he clout chasin', he a troll My new girl is spanish but no hablo español I lose all my morals with these females on the road I feel niggas plotting, I can feel it in my soul (No) He not 'bout that action, he clout chasin', he a troll My new girl is spanish but no hablo español I lose all my morals with these females on the road

  • Yahir
    Yahir 3 days ago

    Y can’t I listen to 13 on Spotify that’s the only platform where I listen to music can some one help?

  • AJ
    AJ 3 days ago

    1mill 👀

  • Marco-PoloAUS
    Marco-PoloAUS 3 days ago

    music getting better, was very average not so long ago. good shit!

  • All About Alisa
    All About Alisa 3 days ago

    This is Fire brooo🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Seikou Sawaneh
    Seikou Sawaneh 3 days ago

    Part 3 coming next year stay tuned 😂😂😂

  • Jordan Earl
    Jordan Earl 3 days ago

    Fuck that i just been saying clout farming And the farmers

  • Insane Jay
    Insane Jay 3 days ago


  • Andy G.P 51
    Andy G.P 51 4 days ago

    He always put a lil Spanish reference in there

  • D Boy
    D Boy 4 days ago

    No talent he wasn’t talking bout shit 😂😂😂😂😂 #TyTribe🤘🏾

  • Spaced_K
    Spaced_K 4 days ago

    Who’s here in December 💪🏽

  • Josiah
    Josiah 4 days ago

    DDG da goat fam dis mans for real for real about to blow up wit dis music stuff🐐🖤

  • Kyle Bishop
    Kyle Bishop 4 days ago

    This shit slap fr🔥🔥🔥

  • The amazing life of David

    DDG love this shit bro on god put all you mf album on my Apple Music G💯🤟🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Dcdatruth85
    Dcdatruth85 4 days ago

    DDG actually nice, unlike ahem *flight.

  • Animekazekage 2.0
    Animekazekage 2.0 4 days ago


  • Darrell Palaita
    Darrell Palaita 4 days ago

    Man it’s sad they went separate ways again... I thought they would be forever after gettn bacc together again💯🤧

  • Vayda Turnbull
    Vayda Turnbull 4 days ago

    When I first heard this song, I thought it was blueface😂💯🤝🏽

  • Elle'
    Elle' 4 days ago

    here from tik tok didn’t know THIS WAS DDGGGGGGGGGG

  • Jaziya Rainey
    Jaziya Rainey 4 days ago

    I am a fan of u

  • Larry Carr
    Larry Carr 4 days ago


  • Maddboybinnx
    Maddboybinnx 4 days ago

    SAY #DDG sign me to #ZootedENT ima a upcoming rapper/RUclipr from atl Let’s Work 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Shawanna White
    Shawanna White 4 days ago

    That sounds so slow 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • A avocado Thanks
    A avocado Thanks 4 days ago

    This is why we lock our doors kids

  • Omega Gaming
    Omega Gaming 4 days ago

    Whos in part In the Lottie hang 🤙

  • Davia Gillespie
    Davia Gillespie 4 days ago

    Well let's be on the lookout for a part 3 since they broke up again 😭💔

  • AshhSZN
    AshhSZN 4 days ago

    claim your before 1M pass 👇🏽

  • 256MadeKey
    256MadeKey 4 days ago

    This song so underrated 🤩

  • bigdaddyrick 247
    bigdaddyrick 247 4 days ago

    He snapped on dat 💯🗣🗣⚠️

  • Notorious NYC
    Notorious NYC 4 days ago