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Binging with Babish
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Brownies | Basics with Babish
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Coffee | Basics with Babish
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Donuts | Basics with Babish
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  • Tristan Rosales
    Tristan Rosales 2 seconds ago

    gonna be honest, i didn't know the man had a girlfriend. Very Happy to see he's got Jess and looks like they'd make a lot more happy memories in the future :) Congrats Babish! I love all your videos and hope for the best for you and Jess in the future! <3

  • Mason Veterum
    Mason Veterum 5 seconds ago

    Next episode break up ice cream.

  • The Mainframe
    The Mainframe 18 seconds ago

    Your book goes on sale on my birthday. Good way to celebrate turning 18

  • Joe Mama Requiem
    Joe Mama Requiem 34 seconds ago


  • RaiaSnow
    RaiaSnow 48 seconds ago

    10% of comments: milkshake related 90% of comments: Babish’s girlfriend, Jess.

  • Skull Entertainment

    Everyone talking about how Babishio got a Girlfriend whilst im here crying because I overcooked the custard and made a fucking sweet omelette.

  • 1 Battery Charge
    1 Battery Charge Minute ago

    Was I the only one thinking he and Rashid made a good couple?

  • JaracoMan
    JaracoMan Minute ago

    Now that I think about it... I don't think I've ever not seen a Babish video that doesn't have Kosher salt in it

  • Dabzy Daisy
    Dabzy Daisy Minute ago

    Sad you have a gf but happy you have a gf. Idk.

  • Dakktyrel
    Dakktyrel Minute ago

    That's not a's a sippy cylinder.

  • aight so boom
    aight so boom Minute ago

    you're deffo punching bro

  • Alex Cruz
    Alex Cruz Minute ago


  • Fookensh
    Fookensh Minute ago

    I love how he says “skyin”

  • erin theodore
    erin theodore Minute ago

    Why did I get chills when he said Jess is my girlfriend♥️♥️

  • Lacey.Jckson Lcy
    Lacey.Jckson Lcy Minute ago

    Wasn't very eco friendly of you Babish...

  • Ashley Terry
    Ashley Terry Minute ago


  • William Fulton
    William Fulton Minute ago

    Next do the garlic bread from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

  • TrilobiteTerror
    TrilobiteTerror Minute ago

    That Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac is a little over $3000/bottle

  • Jadenthebat
    Jadenthebat Minute ago

    Omg J e S s!! 😂

  • ydneah13
    ydneah13 2 minutes ago

    Well, you just made all your viewers squeal.

  • William Najjar
    William Najjar 2 minutes ago

    You said the ratio backwards

  • eric24567
    eric24567 2 minutes ago

    Shouldn't be drinking water when watch this. Some almost went up my nose when you bust out the cognac.

  • Lucas Conner
    Lucas Conner 2 minutes ago

    holy crap, and here I was slightly disappointed that you didnt make the first shake extreme show accurate, but I literally fell back into my chair in shock when I saw 6:17 lmao all is forgiven Edit: that bottle of joy is worth over 3k btw

  • Gardylou
    Gardylou 2 minutes ago

    you messed up man while writtin in 1994 it was set in the mid 1950's that means the actually price of $5 back then is around $45 now

  • Sachin Weatherburn
    Sachin Weatherburn 3 minutes ago

    Economics with babish

  • Asdayasman
    Asdayasman 3 minutes ago

    Haha having intimate feelings for another person is gay

  • friendly neighborhood milk man


  • Myeungo
    Myeungo 4 minutes ago

    Jess is flipping adorable. Anyway, lovely video.

  • Hoodie Gang
    Hoodie Gang 4 minutes ago

    So happy for you man.

  • Tiny Panda Mukbangs
    Tiny Panda Mukbangs 4 minutes ago

    This kiss on the cheek they shared is something me and my girlfriend do ❤️. Also that milkshake looked really good

  • CrossStitches
    CrossStitches 5 minutes ago

    You to are super cute! ^_^

  • Kiree Potter
    Kiree Potter 5 minutes ago

    I worked at a restaurant that had a $25 milkshake... it was honestly the best milkshake I've ever had😭 only reason why I got the chance to try it was because they were teaching me how to make it. I was 19 & there was no way I was about to pay $25 for a milkshake lmao

  • Musica
    Musica 5 minutes ago

    Man I am hungry...

  • theguynumber9
    theguynumber9 5 minutes ago

    Ay 2 chainz shoulda sampled the milk shake, nice work

  • Daniel Hakimi
    Daniel Hakimi 6 minutes ago


  • Dhara Hasan
    Dhara Hasan 6 minutes ago

    This community is so welcoming it was heartwarming to watch and some how vicariously be a part of it all thanks to you Babby. Little Ella is inspiring and I'm sure she will one day have her very own bakery. Lots and lots of love to you Ella all the way from Bangladesh.

  • Music Man
    Music Man 6 minutes ago


  • Nicole Hood
    Nicole Hood 6 minutes ago

    That might just be the cutest way to introduce someone! My heart❤️🥺

  • Madison Arnold
    Madison Arnold 6 minutes ago


  • Jonathan Abrego
    Jonathan Abrego 7 minutes ago

    Drinking a peanutbutter shake right now while watching and now to add bourbon thanks man

  • Keith Chapman
    Keith Chapman 7 minutes ago

    Ima just say it I Don't trust jess. She's not good enough Nah shes cute good job bab

  • June Christian
    June Christian 7 minutes ago

    Nicee babish has a girl 1st time on the show .

  • khyre Edwards
    khyre Edwards 7 minutes ago


  • Lara Horhor
    Lara Horhor 8 minutes ago

    I'm totally 19 years old, but when Jess came on the screen I felt like my little boy babby grew up :")

  • Jacob Jorgensen
    Jacob Jorgensen 8 minutes ago

    Congrats, she’s beautiful my guy.

  • Phillosiphy
    Phillosiphy 8 minutes ago

    his name chef

  • Seth Remo
    Seth Remo 8 minutes ago

    “Jess is my girlfriend” Andrew, please, the milkshake is already sweet enough 😆😆

  • Ethan Tinklenberg
    Ethan Tinklenberg 8 minutes ago

    Don’t forget to scrape out the 🅱️EANS

  • Angelo Tognon
    Angelo Tognon 8 minutes ago

    Corn syrup in the most expensive milkshake? It doesn't really feel right

  • Shizu
    Shizu 8 minutes ago

    That milkshake sharing moment with Jess was not called for, but a wholesome moment I now live for

  • Sevenfawm
    Sevenfawm 9 minutes ago

    Pulp fiction is actually set around the early 80s I thought. Which with inflation would make that 5$ shake closer to 15$ today...yikes

  • CT5Holy
    CT5Holy 9 minutes ago

    For a second I thought he got Uma Thurman to share the shake xD

  • Mattias Nordin
    Mattias Nordin 9 minutes ago

    hah have you seen sweden?

  • Kabry
    Kabry 9 minutes ago

    Damn babish,

  • wasaBae
    wasaBae 9 minutes ago


  • 65mustangfan4
    65mustangfan4 9 minutes ago

    Banish thanks so much for exposing me to angels envy as a kentuckian u finally gave me a bourbon I truly enjoy

  • Aidan Marinus
    Aidan Marinus 9 minutes ago

    I’ve been watching you for the longest time and seeing you grow into what you are now makes me really happy for you, you gorgeous man

  • Ethan Dunn
    Ethan Dunn 10 minutes ago

    I take more pride in having a girlfriend named Jess now

  • Amir Hendawi
    Amir Hendawi 10 minutes ago

    Make the Martini from Casino Royale!!

  • Pøitre
    Pøitre 10 minutes ago

    It's maraskino

    • Sovairu
      Sovairu 6 minutes ago

      In pronunciation, yes, but it still has an Italian spelling of "maraschino." As such, some people have historically mispronounced it as if it were German.

  • James Raynor
    James Raynor 10 minutes ago

    Why did I watch this video when I'm lactose intolerant? End me.

  • Morbusmikkel
    Morbusmikkel 10 minutes ago

    Luckyst mann in the hole world

  • ThaOddGurl
    ThaOddGurl 10 minutes ago

    Have you seen the most expensive Sundae xD

  • Benjamin Jarvis
    Benjamin Jarvis 11 minutes ago

    THIS WAS THE CUTEST EPISODE! No particular reason....but yes that ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dionamuh
    Dionamuh 11 minutes ago

    Imagine biting down on that straw. You're welcome.

  • Bobby MATTHEW
    Bobby MATTHEW 11 minutes ago


  • Taylor Rowson
    Taylor Rowson 12 minutes ago

    aaawwww....very cute

  • Anders Carlsson
    Anders Carlsson 12 minutes ago

    Waitwhat? So you're of the market? DAMN!

  • Hibiki715
    Hibiki715 12 minutes ago

    One Piece Recipes! Also, Jess is a cutie! Congrats!

  • Steel Strider
    Steel Strider 12 minutes ago

    They may not be there anymore, but I can still hear the blues a callin

  • Peyton
    Peyton 12 minutes ago

    Doing what they specifically said they didn't do, disappointed in you babish (half serious). I'd have added real vanilla.

  • Matthias Johannesson
    Matthias Johannesson 13 minutes ago

    That may have been the most perfect way to introduce your girlfriend to millions of people, that was really great

  • koryfunny
    koryfunny 13 minutes ago

    what a beatiful girlfriends for such a beautiful bearded soul as yours, you two make a perfect couple!

  • Spencer M
    Spencer M 13 minutes ago

    “Pressing the plastic wrap directly down on the surface of the custard, so it doesn’t form a SKYIEN” 4:45

  • Jakub Palata
    Jakub Palata 13 minutes ago


  • Finn O'Brien
    Finn O'Brien 13 minutes ago

    Plz read the comments with Jess plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • the_almighty_zordan
    the_almighty_zordan 14 minutes ago

    You need to do the foods from Lord of the Rings.

  • vincent deschatelts
    vincent deschatelts 14 minutes ago

    Funny how now a 5$ milkshakes is a okay price

  • lugialover09
    lugialover09 14 minutes ago

    She looks like a total sweetheart. You two make a damn cute couple. c:

  • Tyler olsen
    Tyler olsen 14 minutes ago

    Jess is the new mom of the channel

  • Gregory Whatley
    Gregory Whatley 14 minutes ago

    good 4 u bud!

  • samar pathania
    samar pathania 14 minutes ago

    3:15 scrape out the 🅱🅴🅰🅽🆂

  • armyidiot
    armyidiot 14 minutes ago

    I think the fact you spent some 200$ odd is overshadowed by the reveal of your girlfriend making an official appearance for the first time. Congratulations, you glorious bastard, you managed to make a 200$ milkshake seem unimportant.

  • Tallacus
    Tallacus 14 minutes ago

    Make Marge Simpson's desert hot dogs

  • Fritz
    Fritz 15 minutes ago

    Jess is a cute name tbh One of the only shortened names i actualy like Heres a list: Jess Gus Mel (may god bless your souls, Melvins)

  • Jonathan appling
    Jonathan appling 15 minutes ago

    I seen those luxardo cherries, kinda expensive I love em tho

  • DAmaterasa
    DAmaterasa 15 minutes ago

    Thank you, ive always wanted to know what eggs would look like if you accidently scrambled them

  • PhoenixInLove
    PhoenixInLove 15 minutes ago

    Aww what a sweet video

  • JAY T
    JAY T 15 minutes ago

    Do Edward Scissor Hands. (BBQ Scene)

  • datxECx
    datxECx 15 minutes ago

    I've never awe so much in an episode

  • Steve Southwick
    Steve Southwick 16 minutes ago

    almost every drink in this video was done incorrectly.

  • Christopher Nettles
    Christopher Nettles 16 minutes ago

    Jess? More like Babe-ish. Get it?

  • Andreas Evans-Adamecz
    Andreas Evans-Adamecz 16 minutes ago

    you are, dare I say, hands down the best cooking RUclipr

  • Nate Labine
    Nate Labine 16 minutes ago

    Good for you bro.

  • Gabby Davis
    Gabby Davis 16 minutes ago

    i feel crazy because of how happy i am for you that you have a super cute girlfriend?

  • MasterToonies
    MasterToonies 16 minutes ago

    Jess Is Cute But I Still Want To Sleep With Babbie

  • Rodney F. Scarbrough II
    Rodney F. Scarbrough II 16 minutes ago

    Jess: *exists* Me: babies with babish

  • Michael Harris
    Michael Harris 16 minutes ago

    367 people hit the dislike button on accident or dont want to accept they cant cook

  • Nathan A
    Nathan A 17 minutes ago

    That looks delicious, and I have a lot of disposable income but I don't think I would ever pay $200 for a milkshake. Your girlfriend is adorable

  • redneckgrammarcop
    redneckgrammarcop 17 minutes ago

    2 x saucep’n.