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  • Darren Bauer
    Darren Bauer Hour ago

    Where do you recharge an electric car when you're homeless and sleeping in it?

  • Michael wtf
    Michael wtf 2 hours ago

    Kobe Bryan may be dead, but his legacy lives on! 👊🏿

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 hours ago

    Hi technology vehicles break down and cost a fortune to get working again. No that’s My next vehicle will be from the 60’s.

  • Tijn Hams
    Tijn Hams 2 hours ago

    This states it, elon musk is the coolest guy in this universe we live in.

  • Mr S
    Mr S 2 hours ago

    We should never have bailed these idiots out.

  • Totie Esprit
    Totie Esprit 2 hours ago

    Many countries are swarmed with things made in China ,now every countries must cope to avoid this virus also made in China.

  • john brandenburg
    john brandenburg 2 hours ago

    Do not buy or import anything from China the virus can live on surfaces for months !

  • nosuchthing8
    nosuchthing8 2 hours ago

    R nought is 2 to 3. Yikes.

  • nosuchthing8
    nosuchthing8 2 hours ago

    Coronavirus is 30x more deadly than seasonal flu

  • Radha Krishna
    Radha Krishna 2 hours ago

    Gita Gopinath, How can I help you..... There are too many factors in the wrong direction..... Rich...... Richer.... Poor.......... Poorer.... Empower world economy with Artificial intelligence..... Human economy at present is corrupt.... It is polluting nature in great many ways..... Perhaps Gita Gopinath can gain a lot from.... Navdhanya....

  • Cornelia Purdy
    Cornelia Purdy 2 hours ago

    What tech said it was a green lit to fuck you detroit

  • river bill
    river bill 2 hours ago

    why woman has t o ALWAYS SMILE ?? specially ASIAN ! it's irritating

  • Seisems
    Seisems 2 hours ago

    Ugh, that means every time you get into an accident, you'll have to send it to the dealer to get it reset. And if you destroy the battery that means the vehicle is automatically a total loss.

  • Cornelia Purdy
    Cornelia Purdy 2 hours ago

    Not in mexicos import:(

  • John Bell
    John Bell 2 hours ago

    Terrible news. I think there should be a national US holiday on his birthday, in fact, why not start this for all celebrities who have died in the future, to show how much they mean to fans and what they have done for celebrity culture in the US?

  • DifferentialTim
    DifferentialTim 2 hours ago

    Remember all the commentators were clueless before the GFC and even the FED said all is well. THEN CRASH>>>> Now they are all doing it again YET you know what happened . So keep your eye on the debt and the QE/Repo and the insane pumped up markets NOW and think.... What happens next from history. Now take action protect yourself as i did starting 1 year ago when all the value was gone and its all artificial highs now. S&P more than twice the high before the GFC and nothing to worry about??? Boy, this is going to crash deep from such a high HIGH. SO Prey to whatever God you believe in as its one time it might really be needed!! Stay safe...

  • olestokke
    olestokke 2 hours ago

    «Volkswagen has said it wants to be carbon neutral by 2050, question is, how much will that cost you?» How much will it cost us all to NOT be carbon neutral by 2050?

  • zZz
    zZz 2 hours ago

    invest 2 billion into autonomous tech? further diminishing need for human labor. Or some spin that will be the opposite in a few months. #AmericaNeedsYang

  • J. Arias
    J. Arias 2 hours ago


    • Mr S
      Mr S 2 hours ago


  • w00dyalien
    w00dyalien 2 hours ago

    That was interesting... but honestly I don't know what to do with it

  • BlueSea
    BlueSea 2 hours ago

    Rescission caused by a virus 🦠

  • TheFlamefish
    TheFlamefish 2 hours ago

    I don’t usually stress about this stuff, but for some reason I have a feeling this is it. (Dramatic talk alert) I hope humanity survives, but our beautiful planet needs less people. If this is what it takes than so be it. I hope I’m not right. Just a gut feeling

  • sanjay patel
    sanjay patel 2 hours ago

    There is nothing to worry about australia has confirmed they have recovered 4 patients from positive to negative. Selfcare & awareness is a MUST.

  • Mike Breler
    Mike Breler 2 hours ago

    Even after confirmed cases in Seattle, Seattle's Sea-Tac airport one of the biggest direct to and from China ports in the country STILL does not scan for this killer like 7 other US airports do! That's because the decision makers don't have to take buses and breath recirculated air. Oh they'll get around to it once the city and state has reached epidemic proportion of sick and dead. The CDC is also hiding allot because the states' commerce departments don't want to hurt tourism.

  • Mike Breler
    Mike Breler 2 hours ago

    Even after confirmed cases in Seattle, Seattle's Sea-Tac airport one of the biggest direct to and from China ports in the country STILL does not scan for this killer like 7 other US airports do! That's because the decision makers don't have to take buses and breath recirculated air. Oh they'll get around to it once the city and state has reached epidemic proportion of sick and dead. The CDC is also hiding allot because the states' commerce departments don't want to hurt tourism.

  • royke ferson
    royke ferson 2 hours ago

    Kobe Bryant

  • Chris WEI
    Chris WEI 2 hours ago

    I am a Chinese,I love China,I love HK。many news about HK are fake,but this one was true,CNN and BBC delete many information,please give everyone a fair answer。👍

  • 1 Million Subscribers Without Any Content

    "The most important thing is to try and inspire people so they can be great in whatever they want to do." ~Kobe Bryant RIP Legend

  • Duke of Haphazard
    Duke of Haphazard 2 hours ago

    Make the cars affordable or else don't expect another bailout and remember to give each worker a bulletproof vest.

  • lavkush Tripathi
    lavkush Tripathi 2 hours ago

    Cumin and ginger to escape the corona virus. To Boil in water. Cool slightly after boiling, add one teaspoon of honey to it. Coronavirus can be eradicated by drinking it if it is lukewarm. Yoga Sakti ... lavkush tripathi.

  • Floyd McCarty
    Floyd McCarty 2 hours ago

    Gold is God’s money it can’t be devalued it is plentiful it has been here since the beginning! The dollar is fleeting in every way possible. Funny Mr Nixon was as temporary as he made the dollar. Biggest mistake ever made in politics. Only one impeached in our time. He slowed down the country and made the dollar WORTH LESS. BULLY FOR HIM! I would bet people would put him in office today!

  • booyaa kashaa
    booyaa kashaa 2 hours ago


  • Frances Norred
    Frances Norred 2 hours ago

    'bout, 'BOUT T-I-M-E....

  • R.I.P Kobe Bryant And Gigi Haveagreatlifeinheaven

    I keep on crying R.I.P Kobe Bryant!

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 2 hours ago

    Bloomberg propaganda

  • Sophia Vang
    Sophia Vang 2 hours ago

    China is full of hard headed and cruel people. They've been killing, burning, torturing, and crucifying those animals for years. This is what they are paying back. Not just China, the world is paying for the consequences for not doing anything to stop those terrible killings of those animals.

  • Ali Ali
    Ali Ali 2 hours ago

    china is lying. Its been lying from the beginning. My best friend is chinese and lives there. Her Aunty is a sales rep for 3 major hospitals. The doctors group received instructions from the Chinese Government inc Real death numbers. its TENS OF THOUSANDS!!!!!!!!!!!! The chinese Government has been saying its less than 100 deaths, and 2000 infected. As the reality starts to leak they will have to invent stories that the various has suddenly jumped in spreading. The Chinese are LYING!!!!!!!!!

  • Hans-Joachim Bierwirth

    And now the uh, uh, we uh, there uh, uh (uh) so that uh!

  • Jim Cain
    Jim Cain 2 hours ago

    Why the hell would they use the term "sinks" rather than invests. God forbide an American got a good job that was invested in even the employee. What the fucks wrong with the media. I guess like the government were treated like idiots

  • qjtvaddict
    qjtvaddict 2 hours ago

    Looks like China has indirectly exposed western governments for their weakness

  • Floyd McCarty
    Floyd McCarty 2 hours ago

    OH BOY!!

  • The Truth
    The Truth 3 hours ago

    Anyone who came for info from Bloomberg is a complete idiot!!!

  • Sal P
    Sal P 3 hours ago

    R.I.P. General Motors.

    • Sal P
      Sal P 3 hours ago

      $22 in 6 months.

  • Lyan Bague
    Lyan Bague 3 hours ago

    We.will miss u kobe💕

  • Orson Olson
    Orson Olson 3 hours ago

    Commenter says 3% death rate, give me a break! But this is about 10X normal seasonal flu deaths. Plus, those needing hospitalizations are running 12X normal. This is going to get real bad.

  • Dave
    Dave 3 hours ago

    Fake news... Alaska doesn't have one yet

  • TheAbortus
    TheAbortus 3 hours ago


  • Chris Behrens
    Chris Behrens 3 hours ago

    Fuck the people that try to make money off of This shit

  • Valentin Islas
    Valentin Islas 3 hours ago

    NOBODY i mean NOBODY wants to move to Michigan haha, they wont get the talent they need..... 2 Billion down the drain lmao

  • Land Lord
    Land Lord 3 hours ago

    Dude shaking...took couple of Corona's probably

  • Earthwarrior
    Earthwarrior 3 hours ago

    Telsa has a hard time building new plants because companies like this know Telsa makes better and cheaper cars. Also, Elon Musk said if he can build more plants to make the cars they will get cheaper

  • Arturas nesakysiu
    Arturas nesakysiu 3 hours ago

    spreading fast damn closer and closer to my country in eu

  • smwikipedia smwikipedia

    We may have different ideologies, different ways of living, different ways of speaking, etc. But we have the same bullets.

  • Martin J
    Martin J 3 hours ago

    This confusion is the Chinese democracy lovers’ opportunity to come to power. Come ,Lord Jesus help the people of China find freedom. Show the light of the Gospel in the dungeons of darkness. Deep in the human heart, crushed by the tempter feelings lie buried that grace can restore.

  • Land Lord
    Land Lord 3 hours ago

    CEO of Laundromat

  • Randy Furness
    Randy Furness 3 hours ago

    I think I'll stay with my Toyota Yaris. For some odd reason, most people think electric cars reduce carbon emissions. The are charged off a power grid that is primarily fossil fueled. The extra load on the power grid would create more stress on the grid , greaty increasing greenhouse and other gasses.

  • Jamin Paul
    Jamin Paul 3 hours ago

    Its not 'robot replacing jobs', its automation, its mechatronics, just a couple basic things that you can get a two year degree in and earn a good paying manufacturing job.. quit youre bitching and man/woman up

  • Rick
    Rick 3 hours ago

    Why does Mr. Drunkenmiller appear to be a “Drunken Mr. Miller?”

  • Kbs Ltd
    Kbs Ltd 3 hours ago

    Heart that guy

  • M VGA
    M VGA 3 hours ago

    The Internal combustion engine and the dumb vehicle is on its way out boys! Adapt or die. GM, Ford, and Ram know this when Tesla is now by far the most valuable car company in America.

  • stenbak88
    stenbak88 3 hours ago

    Electric cars are horrible for the environment

  • GhettoGarfield
    GhettoGarfield 3 hours ago

    I hope the virus gets me so I don't have to see these stupid ass comments anymore

  • Mike Cruise
    Mike Cruise 3 hours ago

    10 years for a vaccine

  • K Lee
    K Lee 3 hours ago

    4515 confirmed cases and 106 deaths in China now. 20 airports being screened in U.S. If it spread to even Europe and Australia, U.S. definitely will see more confirmed cases. Humongous number of people left Wuhan and fled to other countries (and cities) before Wuhan was shut down. 😨 Confirmed cases in China were increasing by 700-800 for 2days, then now by 2000. Next day, it may be 5000, then 9000, then 20,000... 1 death in Beijing

  • jesbsnrn
    jesbsnrn 3 hours ago

    GM has ket me down since the beginning. they are too late with EV. cause they are not forward thinkers.

  • jeff wolf
    jeff wolf 3 hours ago

    All the rubbish Vehicles you're now making with plastic instead of metal that breaks down in two or three years rather than 10 to 20 years. You guys are horrible I would never ever buy a GM vehicle. Other than one that came out in the 60s 70s. As they seem to be the only vehicles that can hold up to the test of time. The new ones cannot at all plastic everything I've been made of plastic cylinder head yet? I'm sure GM will be one of the first to try it out, a huge failure for sure

  • Endercraftman
    Endercraftman 3 hours ago


  • Sahand Zend
    Sahand Zend 3 hours ago

    @0:38 he states 'Remember, Most Japanese companies are budgeting for an average Dollar/Yen around 105', can someone explain?

  • Matt G
    Matt G 3 hours ago

    Lol when was the last time you saw a chevy volt, bolt or hybrid Tahoe. Now when was the last time you saw a hummer h3t? GMs bright idea: build an electric hummer truck 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 hours ago

    I feel like Bill reading the book when he is talking about reading the book.

  • Queen of the Butterflies

    I'm SO HAPPY a rapist is dead 😁 Yippee 🤸

  • Patrico Luciano
    Patrico Luciano 3 hours ago

    Why they eat shit ? Bats etc etc why?????

  • DaftPunkSwag24
    DaftPunkSwag24 3 hours ago

    Collect the dragon balls everyone... it’s time.

  • Kisha
    Kisha 4 hours ago

    Fk their economy. Fk the celebrations- these people are sicker than we are being led on to believe. Logic and rationality has been tossed aside with half the lot of you

  • Carmen C
    Carmen C 4 hours ago

    I've never gotten "excited" about getting the flu.

  • Kristi Blackwell
    Kristi Blackwell 4 hours ago

    ???????? Why the hell was millions of ppl in China even let on a fn plain and not made to stay..did China WANT IT SPREAD...MMMMMM

  • Sven Frontin-Rollet
    Sven Frontin-Rollet 4 hours ago

    energy efficiency in the plant? how green will the new facilities be when it comes to the carbon footprint of GM manufacturing..

  • Jennifer Ryder
    Jennifer Ryder 4 hours ago

    Funny how all the tributes, and the canonization by the MSM will just gloss over him raping a 19 year old hotel hostess in 2003

  • Bruno Smith
    Bruno Smith 4 hours ago

    Why does she speak like Donald Duck?

  • Sven Frontin-Rollet
    Sven Frontin-Rollet 4 hours ago

    grt news!!

  • mikael englund
    mikael englund 4 hours ago

    Miss information this virus spreads before the symptoms! 57 quarantine in China 500 000 doctors wearing diapers cause they don't have time to go to the bathroom.

  • anders damin
    anders damin 4 hours ago

    I have no idea what she just said.

  • Lorna Charles
    Lorna Charles 4 hours ago


  • Melissa Edsall
    Melissa Edsall 4 hours ago

    Just don’t get vaccines obv

  • John Clofine - 2022
    John Clofine - 2022 4 hours ago

    So this is how I die... nice

  • joe bixby
    joe bixby 4 hours ago

    Talking about building a narrative? Doesn't Robert understand that he is not helping these two shmoes to build a narrative of doom and gloom from an outstanding economy. The one guy can't drop enough names in his questioning in order to impress Schiller. Not a very good interview.

  • John Clofine - 2022
    John Clofine - 2022 4 hours ago

    Yeah I’m so “excited” about this virus. Nice choice of words and nice cover up. I’m guessing 100,000 people are already infected so once people start dropping dead near me I’m moving to a farm in the middle of nowhere.

  • David England
    David England 4 hours ago

    Fake news. This doctor is in London. Not in china. Interview China doctors for the truth.

  • Living The Dash
    Living The Dash 4 hours ago

    5 million people left Wuhan before the city was shutdown. Before the mayor of the city could take responsibility, he resigned and fled the country. A video taken down and censored by China shows doctors saying that there are at least 90,000 people infected rather than 5K or whatever they're saying now. You can house medical in schools and sports centers. Therefore a 1K bed hospital is pointless. I don't believe it's a hospital at all. Wuhan itself has around 35,000 hospital beds. We're expected to believe only 4-5K people are infected? Quite possibly a mass burial site and crematorium is what they're building. Our governments are not taking this seriously. This is population control. I also find it oddly ironic that Trump goes to China to discuss trade, leaves and a few days later there's a virus/biochemical weapon left off in Wuhan. Hospitals everywhere are going to be packed because if someone even has the slightest cough, they're going to panic and go get checked. However, on the positive side of this, all of the people outside of China who have been diagnosed are all in stable condition. Well, according to the news but we all know how well they tell the truth about things.

  • Galenda Wagen
    Galenda Wagen 4 hours ago

    In comes coronavirus

  • tagdaf tagdaf
    tagdaf tagdaf 4 hours ago

    China does not believe in God, and there is no cure for this virus. So I just wonder who will save them.

  • Chris G
    Chris G 4 hours ago

    I'm confused. Why do we need a Fed cut for rates to drop further and treasury yields to dip? Doesnt even make sense.

  • Robert Weekes
    Robert Weekes 4 hours ago

    Big win for Trump’s America first agenda. Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  • Carlos Mendoza
    Carlos Mendoza 4 hours ago

    Faa will rubber stamp This Junkers Max -737 / 777-x / 787-8/ satalights losses 17 billion And the list gos on

  • Andrew Newman
    Andrew Newman 4 hours ago

    100k infected?

  • Jeffrey Patnode
    Jeffrey Patnode 4 hours ago

    They really think we’re stupid!

  • Jordi
    Jordi 4 hours ago

    If only we had border control...Thanks EU!

  • Priska Wen
    Priska Wen 4 hours ago

    Tropical country such as indonesia seem to be more immune to virus corona, becouse the sun is hotttt🧐, not single cases is positive until now.

  • junior siway
    junior siway 4 hours ago

    Andrew yang 2020

  • iam Negan
    iam Negan 4 hours ago

    All of this happened because someone wanted to eat a damn Raccoon Dog.