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Week 11 Power Rankings!
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  • PoloNoLogo
    PoloNoLogo 2 hours ago

    Not even blood from masons head?

  • Jerry Shumaker
    Jerry Shumaker 2 hours ago

    That was Tebow’s last snap in Mile high stadium.

  • Ethan Neal
    Ethan Neal 2 hours ago

    You want to know why the Falcons won? 9:51. Dan Quinn doesn't do defense. He finally got his head out of the sand and is letting a defensive minded coach call. This would've been nice in week 5, not week 10. Oh well...

  • Kaalen
    Kaalen 2 hours ago

    The coy boys about to get eaten alive in their next few games.

  • Sean
    Sean 2 hours ago

    Only reason why they know what a noob is, is because of CHRIS SMOOOOOVVVEEEEE

  • Alysia Liwanag
    Alysia Liwanag 2 hours ago

    This guy is really above Dak Prescott?

  • JCG 3535
    JCG 3535 2 hours ago

    Literally just wanted to see the fight. NFL you guys suck ass .

  • MJ 47
    MJ 47 2 hours ago

    Boring game and boring teams! I wish Johnny Manziel was in this game, it would have been more entertaining 🤣🤣🤣

  • Thoughtsonpaper
    Thoughtsonpaper 2 hours ago

    Watching this always makes me nearly cry. There's something about it.

  • Alfonso Soto-Adame
    Alfonso Soto-Adame 2 hours ago

    He killed some neurons with the hit

  • Stephen Lawson
    Stephen Lawson 2 hours ago

    Just like the live program way to many ads, on top of that you didn't show what everyone came here for

  • ginger
    ginger 2 hours ago

    Good win Browns but you are going no where this season.

  • MARI
    MARI 2 hours ago

    Well at least Baker is improving

  • Omc 559
    Omc 559 2 hours ago

    Only interesting part of this game was the flight

  • ginger
    ginger 2 hours ago

    Only the Panthers can come up short like this ... (2004 Super Bowl)

  • cholhwa
    cholhwa 2 hours ago

    They decided not to show it but that was pretty bad. I have never seen someone using a helmet to attack somebody else in football games.

  • Ja Man
    Ja Man 2 hours ago

    this wasnt fair, the browns had a qb on offence and defence!!!

  •  2 hours ago

    Not going to they a tuff team packer's business to take care of

  • Martin A. Castillo
    Martin A. Castillo 2 hours ago

    Brady tweeted he turned off Thursday Night Football...if Patriots make the Superbowl this year, I'll have my tv turned off before the game begins.

  • L C
    L C 2 hours ago

    They cut the fight lol weak, NFL dont want to show the violence behind it lol boo

  • David  Cubero
    David Cubero 2 hours ago

    What about Rudolf, is really bad

  • Zero Hero
    Zero Hero 2 hours ago

    Troy Aikmen: yeah that’s not good... What great insight

  • Warren Triplett
    Warren Triplett 2 hours ago

    This was a rough game loved it goooo browns woof

    EULISS BENOIT 2 hours ago

    My brownies are very very disappointing this year.bad decision bad coaching bad culture.failuer expectations ever since my browns failed in the 80s

  • laitis vi
    laitis vi 2 hours ago

    Browns here playing like they are in a movie longest yard.

  • Fabio C
    Fabio C 2 hours ago

    Well here we go:

  • Kanoho
    Kanoho 2 hours ago

    The way ad got through the line on that safety is absolutely beauty. Pure technique right there

  • Erick Mack
    Erick Mack 2 hours ago

    Mason rudolph is the Ricky Rubio of the NFL.

  • ragnoss darth
    ragnoss darth 2 hours ago

    Steelers quarterback sucks so much

  • zen
    zen 2 hours ago

    It's now official people.... Mason Rudolf= Mitch trubisky....🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Handled Scandal
    Handled Scandal 2 hours ago

    Mason might as well have made more money in a boxing career with the amount of punishment he’s taking so far in the nfl.

  • Roger McNary
    Roger McNary 2 hours ago

    Get rid of Rudolph

  • taytus whole
    taytus whole 2 hours ago

    damn NFL games are long

  • city born country raised usa

    Don't understand why coach didn't try DUCK since Mason was struggling ?? 😞😞

  • ThatGuy Man
    ThatGuy Man 2 hours ago

    Censoring events like it never happened

  • G M G
    G M G 2 hours ago

    Skipped to the end wait I could of sworn I heard about this ? PS disliked because they don’t show what we are all here for

  • Fluffy Bunny
    Fluffy Bunny 2 hours ago

    You're missing the best part

  • Impeach Pelosi
    Impeach Pelosi 2 hours ago

    Mayfield is looking pretty good.

  • 12 Goner 12
    12 Goner 12 2 hours ago

    Kids got a mean helmet swing , generational swing.

  • DajuiceMain
    DajuiceMain 2 hours ago

    Thumbs Down for now showing what happened

  • RaKim E Pugh
    RaKim E Pugh 2 hours ago

    If bake jus get the ball to hunt the whole offense will open up 💯

  • Captain Cortez
    Captain Cortez 2 hours ago

    Steelers' optimism: ight, Im'ma head out!

  • Rock You
    Rock You 2 hours ago

    I'm here after the 49ers loss lol

  • Stan ezen
    Stan ezen 2 hours ago

    Nice win browns. Y’all have one of the easiest remaining schedules. Steelers again bengals twice and the dolphins included. You can beat all those teams. As a falcons fan I’d like to see y’all make the playoffs

  • Francis Fulloffrenchpeople

    Both of these teams have alot of players hurt. That's why I can't believe the league wants to go to 17 games. Players union should say no.

    D3ATH_SHADOW 2 hours ago

    Hold on to the damn ball 😭😭

  • Jeffrey.Kayla Watson

    I don't which game was more we exciting this or The Clippers vs The Pelicans ?

  • rick collins
    rick collins 2 hours ago

    Mason Rudolph was cracking cats after he threw interceptions.. he should be a linebacker instead of a quarterback

  • Taint Thinner
    Taint Thinner 2 hours ago

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Seattle wasn’t sad to see these garbage people go.

  • Sal Roman
    Sal Roman 2 hours ago

    Rudolph should be playing defense the way he made both tackles on his interceptions

  • Adventures & Survival in Thailand

    These commentators are required by their contracts to defend the crappy officiating, the only thing worse than the officiating itself. They watch slow motion replays to confirm the on field calls, like the helmet to helmet ejection.

  • Evan Judd
    Evan Judd 2 hours ago

    That Mac Miller song tho

  • Almighty Coon
    Almighty Coon 2 hours ago

    **HEY, NFL** Tell "Richard Sherman" he doesn't know "Ball"(Football), if he cannot understand why to play for a tie. Kyle Shanahan surrounded by more bad clock management brings back "Super" Memories. *Kyle would have proved he learned playing for a tie, after kicker missed late; & Sherman will NEVER BE A COACH, or a good one*

  • OneBucPerson
    OneBucPerson 2 hours ago

    Oh my goodness, UT could not ask for better material. This is gonna get it's own video and it might be the greatest thing he's ever made.

  • omieg89
    omieg89 2 hours ago

    Mason Rudolph should think before charging someone.

  • Miguel Munoz
    Miguel Munoz 2 hours ago

    This is the worse highlights video of 2 shitty teams I ever seen. I only wanted to watch this video for the fight and like always the NFL fails to deliver. 🖕🏽 NFL

  • Matt Hix
    Matt Hix 2 hours ago

    I think the NFL protects the QB just a little too much

  • Bubba
    Bubba 2 hours ago

    The censored version of the game.

  • juanito5048
    juanito5048 2 hours ago

    You forgot the real highlights

  • Raul Toquinto
    Raul Toquinto 2 hours ago

    ol sneaky Pete

  • EyeInTheSky
    EyeInTheSky 2 hours ago

    Was the video slowed down? These dudes look like they're moving in slow motion

  • MARI
    MARI 2 hours ago

    Browns season might be over but at least they somewhat turned it around before it did

  • Joseph Avila
    Joseph Avila 2 hours ago

    Football is so sad to watch these days, the nfl has turned the great sport into touch football plagued with penalties. No one wants to see this crap.

  • CompañiaMZ Zambada
    CompañiaMZ Zambada 2 hours ago

    Mayfield sucks..

    ZIG ZAGG 2 hours ago

    They forgot the biggest highlight of the whole game😂

  • Francisco Ramirez
    Francisco Ramirez 2 hours ago

    Show the fight!

  • Dzawanda Ronald
    Dzawanda Ronald 2 hours ago

    Have the Browns found their identity

  • Crusader1815
    Crusader1815 2 hours ago

    5:48 hoo hoo HAAII hoo hoo HAAII hoo hoo!

  • Isaiah Spivey
    Isaiah Spivey 2 hours ago

    Everyone: Miles should be suspended indefinitely Me: Man Miles sure got a clean hit I'm impressed

  • Madden With Epiphany

    Who else finds it cringe when Aaron Donald talks to himself knowing the mike we’ll pick it up to sound cool

  • MARI
    MARI 2 hours ago

    Baker Mayfield looked impressive like he let his game do the talking

  • Meghrajsinh Chudasama

    Come on #Vikings love you from India 🇮🇳

  • Brandon Bailey
    Brandon Bailey 2 hours ago

    Tomlin ain't talking....2 weeks left for Mayfield

  • Diego Cabrera
    Diego Cabrera 2 hours ago

    I wanted to see the fight :(

  • Biopace Man
    Biopace Man 2 hours ago

    Wow, I know these two teams have quite a rivalry, but so glad to see both teams display good sportsmanship and respect each other throughout the game. Makes me proud to be a Browns fan.

  • Mpc97
    Mpc97 2 hours ago


  • Gregorio Alvarez
    Gregorio Alvarez 2 hours ago

    This game really came down to two big mistakes by the Seahawks, they don’t give the interception and fumble and it’s a wholeeeee different game

    • Gregorio Alvarez
      Gregorio Alvarez 2 hours ago

      Especially bc the ravens aren’t a team designed to play from behind, so they don’t get that td off the interception and it’s a way different story

  • Robert M
    Robert M 2 hours ago

    Steve Smith shaking his head like these guys ain't going no where with that play against a super soft Steeler team and still had trouble lol

  • Juan David Delgado
    Juan David Delgado 2 hours ago

    15:06 For those who wondered what fear looks like

  • Bruce cooke
    Bruce cooke 3 hours ago

    Garrett shouldn’t get just a suspension. He needs to be behind bars for like 3 years.

  • Miguel Briones
    Miguel Briones 3 hours ago

    Rudolph que güey estás cabrón...

  • Dimitrios Triantopoulos

    Damarrious Randalls hit was so accidental, they guy was looking at the ball at all times

  • LentekuNFS
    LentekuNFS 3 hours ago

    Back by popular demand This week, on Daaaaays of our steelers. :D

  • Diabetes
    Diabetes 3 hours ago

    Lmao maroon 5 sucked Travis Scott did mmmmok but skipped spongebob and everyone showed up just for that and big boi at least showed up in a car and did better than both.

  • Arnold Davis
    Arnold Davis 3 hours ago

    Ugly win

  • Zeal4God
    Zeal4God 3 hours ago

    The play at 10:24 looked like the ball slipped from his grasp, a buffalo bill player got it before it touched the ground, and he ran it back for the touchdown. The officials say that was a forward pass, but the ball was going in an opposite direction from the brown player's body before the bills player got it

  • El Chino
    El Chino 3 hours ago

    Come here boiii

  • Lavish J
    Lavish J 3 hours ago

    Browns didn’t run it once this game with KAREEM HUNT this why the browns the browns 🤣

  • laura schneider
    laura schneider 3 hours ago

    as bad as rudolph may have looked today myles garrett’s hit was the most unnecessary dangerous part of the game, deserving of season-long suspension. also the helmet to helmet hits this game were horrible. poor juju, poor johnson.

  • DearxAgony
    DearxAgony 3 hours ago

    This was like watching two bad teams going at it at each other.... I haven't been able to see any Steelers or Browns games until now so I'm not sure how good these teams are lol

  • Alfred Pasly
    Alfred Pasly 3 hours ago

    The Fighting Mike Tomlins,aka Steelers limped into this game needing a W, to keep pace with Baltimore. They could only produce 1 TD.

  • Trev Mac
    Trev Mac 3 hours ago

    So they play again in 17 days,Browns need to run the table to make the playoffs and Myles Garrett only motivates the Steelers for the next game.And forget about the B.S how Garrett never started it.He body slammed the Steeler QB to the ground in garbage time *8 seconds left* reason number 1001 why the Browns have been perpetual losers since Elways *The Drive* 1000 years ago

  • TheLongDark
    TheLongDark 3 hours ago

    I'mma preface this by saying I wanted Pittsburgh to win. I jumped on the Cleveland bandwagon last year because I love to see an underdog do well, but after all the off-season over-the-top hype and Baker's off-field antics and lack of on-field success, I'm just cheering for whoever's playing Cleveland week-to-week. That being said, this whole game felt very anti-Cleveland to me. The officiating is questionable at times, if not straight up biased, and the commentators are doing nothing to hide their opinions. NFL = Never Fair League.

  • Ken Mathews
    Ken Mathews 3 hours ago

    Where were all these flags when the Saints played last season?

  • Cow Titty
    Cow Titty 3 hours ago

    I gained so much respect for Garrett tonight.

  • Lil Unde
    Lil Unde 3 hours ago

    if you think randolph started the fight you’re actually stupid he didn’t instigate anything

  • So Cal
    So Cal 3 hours ago

    Where tf is the reason we clicked on here?

  • Lubega Geofrey
    Lubega Geofrey 3 hours ago

    When the Lions of Pharaoh have met

  • Reginald Williams
    Reginald Williams 3 hours ago

    LSU in the building. #GeauxTigers💜💛💜💛

  • sgking22sg
    sgking22sg 3 hours ago

    I know what coach will be attending Kaepernick workout this Saturday lmao